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SmartPhone Articles for April of 2005

Below are the 105 SmartPhone articles for April of 2005

Handhelds Are Doomed

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief decides to come clean and admit that handhelds have no future. And rather than fighting the trend, he's decided to embrace it.

Tungsten E2 May Be Coming April 10

A retailer says that palmOne's next low-cost handheld aimed at business users will be released in just over a week.

Windows Mobile 2005 Will Offer Push Email

The upcoming versions of Microsoft Exchange and Windows Mobile will include built-in support for true push email.

PalmSource’s Most Recent Quarter Was Not a Good One

PalmSource has reported that its revenue dropped substantially during its most recent financial quarter, and it also reported a net loss.

What’s a PDA?

Recently we've been seeing headlines such as "Handheld market free fall continues", followed the next week by a headline "Smartphone sales continue to grow". Then research firm Gartner[...]

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for the N-Gage Platform Shipping Now

Nokia today announced that it has started shipping one of its most anticipated N-Gage games, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

T-Mobile Once Again Offering iPAQ h6315

After pulling this device from its shelves and web site last month, T-Mobile U.S.A. is once again offering the iPAQ h6315.

Get the X-Factor With X-Men Legends Downloadable Demo for Nokia N-Gage

N-Gage Arena members can download a free exclusive demo of the mutant action adventure RPG X-Men Legends.

Get Ready for the 100 Gigabyte SD Card

IBM recently announced it is developing a new method of storing data that will fit more than 1 terabit into a single square inch.

The Latest on the iPAQ hw6500

Apparently someone at the FCC slipped up, because all the embargoed information on HP's upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC is now available on the agency's web site.

Treo 650 Coming to Verizon Wireless

It's not really a surprise, but Verizon Wireless has committed to offering the palmOne Treo 650, the latest smartphone from palmOne.

Merits of the PDA Manual – To Read or Not to Read

I had a chance this weekend to help a friend set up her budget and also give her some training and free programs with her PDA. I went about helping[...]

Verizon Confirms Plans to Carry the palmOne Treo 650

Verizon has posted a page on their site promoting the palmOne Treo 650 on their network. It doesn't look like there are any wholesale changes, the dial-up networking is still[...]

New Smartphone Will Run Five Operating Systems — Including Cobalt

Oswin Technology intends to release versions of its latest smartphone running not only the Palm OS and Pocket PC, but also Linux, MXI, and Windows CE.

Another Possible Picture of palmOne LifeDrive

A new picture of what is supposed to be palmOne's next high-end handheld has appeared. This shows the device from several angles.

Mark/Space Announces The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile

Mark/Space, Inc. has announced The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, a substantial update to The Missing Sync for Pocket PC, synchronization software that connects Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile Smartphones[...]

The Right to Get What You Paid For

Do we really have a right to complain if a company short changes us when it comes to a product or services? Yes, we have the right to get what[...]

Hitachi Lays Groundwork for the 20 GB Microdrive

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies says it has managed to double the data density of its hard drives.

RIM Unprofitable, But With Good Reason

Research in Motion has reported its first unprofitable quarter in a very long time. However, this was caused by the settlement of its lawsuit with NTP, not because the company[...]

Could Push Email Be Delaying Windows Mobile 2005?

Although many want push email to be included in the next version of Microsoft's mobile operating system, it's possible that this feature is delaying the release of Windows Mobile 2005[...]

Sighting of a Windows Mobile Treo Reported

A web site claims one of its reporters actually got a brief glimpse of a Treo smartphone running Windows Mobile.

PDA News – 20GB microdrives, Windows Treo, Cobalt smartphone?

Hitachi says 20GB microdrives coming Orange UK rejects Treo 650; possible Windows Treo sighting Asian company touts new smartphone design

HP iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger

The first of HP’s Mobile Messenger line, this iPAQ Pocket PC Phone has a tablet shape with a QWERTY keyboard below a 240 by 240 pixel screen. It runs on[...]

SecureWord.Mobile – New Free Software for Pocket PC

SecureWord.Mobile is a new password manager for Pocket PC that uses the Advanced Encryption Standard.

PalmSource to Showcase Palm OS Applications at Upcoming Worldwide Mobile Summit & DevCon 2005

PalmSource is now accepting nominations for the 2005 US Powered Up Awards that will be given at the PalmSource Mobile Summit & DevCon.

HP iPAQ hw6515 Mobile Messenger Shows Up on Their Site

HP isn't trying to keep too many secrets about their new breed of PDA/Smartphone. They've posted a page about the hw6515 on their Dutch site. As poorly as the h6315[...]

There Won’t Be a Zire 73

Despite numerous rumors, Brighthand's Ed Hardy says that the Zire 73 is a fantasy. Instead, palmOne is going to put out a much, much better handheld.

PDA and Tech Deals for 4/8/2005 – 4/11/2005

Dell.com up to $90 off Coupon Codes (expire 4/13/05)PalmOne Tungsten T5 Handheld $330 shipped After RebateBuy.com: RIM Blackberry 7100g PDA Phone Free After RebateSony 1 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo[...]

Dell Axim X50v – User Reviews

The Dell Axim X50v is one of the most popular PDAs on the market and at the moment #1 on this site. You may have read our review and many[...]

Clickgamer Launches Free High Noon Drifter — Dead Man’s Gulch, Western-style Game for Pocket PC

High Noon Drifter - Dead Man's Gulch, a first-person "Old West Shoot 'em Up" adventure, is being offered for free in celebration of the complete redesign and re-branding of Clickgamer's[...]

Palm Tungsten E2

The Tungsten E2 is a replacment for the very popular Tungsten E. It looks essentially identical to its predecessor, but offers a brighter color screen, non-volatile memory, Bluetooth wireless networking,[...]

Sync Your iPod With Palm Desktop

Thanks to a new application from Sappenin called PalmPod, iPod owners can now sync their Palm Desktop calendar, to do items, contacts and memos directly to their iPod. PalmPod is[...]

Introducing… Bluetooth Version 2.0

Your Tablet PC, cell phone or PDA is bound to have a built-in Bluetooth radio. This short-range wireless technology has evolved into a a brand new faster variant. Read up[...]

BoxWave Releases Active Case for the Dell Axim X50/X50v

The Active Case line provides the protection of a crystal-clear hard shell, and the ability to view calendar and contacts without opening the case.

New Samsung Palm OS Smartphone Comes to China

Samsung has introduced in China the SCH-i539, a Palm OS Garnet smartphone with a clamshell design.

palmOne Cuts Treo 600, Zire 31 Prices

palmOne has dropped the prices it is charging in the United States for two of its older models.

Pendragon Forms Enables Rapid Development of Data Collection Applications

Pendragon Forms 5.0 combines powerful synchronization capabilities with an easy-to-use form designer.

Synchronize Your IE Favorites with Your Palm

Chapura's new Pocket Favorites can synchronize the list of web sites in Internet Explorer's Favorites with a Palm OS handheld.

Village Sim for Palm OS Released

Village Sim is a village simulator where the goal is to care for and nurture a displaced tribe of little people by teaching them the basics of survival.

PDA News – iPaq 6500 photos, PalmOne price drops, Verizon Treo sighted

Genuine iPaq 6500 photos surface PalmOne drops list price on Zire 31, Treo 600 Verizon ad for Treo 650 sighted Rumored release for Samsung i730

palmOne Introduces Tungsten E2

The Tungsten E2 a offers a brighter color screen, non-volatile memory, Bluetooth wireless networking, and a more powerful battery than its predecessor.

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne Tungsten E2

palmOne's latest offers a brighter screen, non-volatile memory, Bluetooth, and a faster processor than its very popular predecessor.

invivodata Is First to Deploy New Tungsten E2 Handheld from palmOne in Clinical Trials

invivodata has plans to deploy between 5,000 and 7,000 Tungsten E2 handhelds for use in worldwide clinical trials during the next 90 days.

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne Tungsten E2 — Part 2

This is Part II of this review. Part I should be read first. Software Speaking of software, I should mention that the Tungsten E2 comes with a very complete set[...]

palmOne Announces the Tungsten E2

palmOne has announced the new Tungsten E2. The Tungsten E2 improves on the world's best selling PDA over the past year by adding Bluetooth, a brighter and better display, longer[...]

palmOne Tungsten E2 Review

Best selling. Best value. Most popular with new users. Sounds more like the tag lines for the Toyota Camry than a handheld computer. But much like the[...]

palmOne’s Next Handheld Will Not Be Called the LifeDrive (Updated)

Until now, rumors of palmOne's next high-end handheld have always been called it the LifeDrive. Now, however, a source has revealed to Brighthand the correct name of this device.

iambic Launches Two New, Entry-Level Productivity Enchancement Solutions for Palm OS Devices

Easy Address is a contact list manager that simplifies the process of associating pictures and icons to contacts. Easy Notes is a memo list manager that features voice recording[...]

Toshiba Increasing Capacity of Its Very Tiny Microdrive

Toshiba says it will soon release a 4 GB version of its .85-inch hard drive.

What’s Better for Browsing? Palm OS or Windows Mobile PDAs

When one buys a PDA with wireless capabilities or Cell phone, they expect it to be able to go on the Internet to visit regular, full sized websites. This is[...]

Microsoft Proposes Two New Thumb-Driven User Interfaces

A team of Microsoft researchers have come up with AppLens and LaunchTile, two possible user interfaces that can be controlled entirely with a single thumb.

HP iPAQ hx4705 – User Reviews

Last week we profiled the Dell Axim X50v and this week we examine its main competition. The iPAQ hx4705 is one of the most full featured PDAs on the market,[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Garmin iQue M5

The M5 offers everything a regular Pocket PC does, plus it functions as a GPS receiver, helping users find not only where they are, but where[...]

Tungsten E2 Serial Cable Announced by PN Technologies

PN Technologies' serial cable for the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 also works with the Tungsten E2.

Aerodrome Software Releases AeroPlayer 5.3 with AAC Support

Included in the new version of AeroPlayer is a new AAC plug-in that allows users to play music encoded with Apple's iTunes software.

Public Beta of AvantGo for BlackBerry Now Available

iAnywhere Solutions has released a public beta of a version of AvantGo for BlackBerry cellular-wireless handhelds.

Brighthand Reviews the Garmin iQue M5 — Part II

Everything Else The iQue M5 is much more than just a GPS receiver, though. It can do anything a regular Pocket PC can do. This handheld runs Windows Mobile 2003[...]

Motorola MPx Will Never Be Widely Released

A report coming out of Asia says that Motorola has canceled all production of the MPx, what would have been a very innovative cellular-wireless Pocket PC.

BVRP Software Launches Pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro in the US with a 25% Discount

BVRP Software has announced a three day promotion offering a 25 percent discount to visitors who purchase Pocket PhoneTools software.

Prose for the PDAs of Spring

As the months of March and April bring pollen and warmth I am reminded of the technology to do I begin by cleaning out my closet and desk[...]

Hello Moto, Goodbye MPx

Motorola has reportedly killed off the MPx smartphone which sadly was more flash than substance. A Windows Mobile device with 32MB RAM is a joke really and while the dual[...]

palmOne Giving Away Dozens of Treo 650s (Updated)

To celebrate selling over a million Treo smartphones, palmOne is going to give away dozens of its latest model, the Treo 650.

Astraware Launches Lifestyle Channel

A selection of the best lifestyle applications for a wide variety of mobile devices is now available from the Astraware website.

RIM Goes for Enterprise Instant Messaging in a Big Way

Research in Motion announced today that it has made agreements with three important players in the enterprise instant messaging market.

Handango Says BlackBerry Software Sales About to Soar

One of the leading retailers of mobile software says there are a number of trends that indicate that third-party applications for BlackBerry wireless handhelds have reached the point at which[...]

PDA News – No more SD cards, Patents tossed, Treo running Cobalt?

Sprint ceases free SD card offer for new Treos Patent used in RIM suit invalidated; $495 million wasted? Supposed image of Cobalt OS on Treo 650[...]

PDA News – One Million Treos, Treo giveaway, Enterprise messaging

Treo 600 passes one million sold PalmOne gives away Treos RIM, Microsoft to push enterprise IM Intel releases WiMax chipset

HP Re-releases Audio Driver Update for iPAQ hx4700 Series

A software update that fixes a couple of small bugs in the iPAQ hx4700 series has returned to the HP web site.

HP iPAQ h6300 Series Metal Stylus by JAVOedge

JAVOedge is happy to announce the Stylograph, a new metal stylus for the HP iPAQ h6300 Series.

Nokia Push Email Beta Annouced from Consilient

Consilient Technologies has announced a beta program for Nokia cellular-wireless handhelds for the Consilient4 messaging solution.

Mobile WiMax Has the Potential to Change the Wireless World

A technology called Mobile WiMax may eventually replace Wi-Fi wireless networking for handhelds and laptops.

Axim X50 ROM Series Update Released

Dell has posted on its web site a ROM update for its Axim X50 series models. This fixes a number of bugs in this series of Pocket PCs.

Get a Grip on Online Costs with Cost Control

nova media has unveiled Cost Control for Palm OS, a tool for monitoring time spent online, as well as how much data was wirelessly transferred.

Price Cut for palmOne Wi-Fi SD Card

Almost lost on the furor surrounding the release of the Tungsten E2 was palmOne's decision to drop the official price of its Wi-Fi SD card by a significant amount.

Smartphones Gaining Steam in Western Europe

According to a report by research firm IDC, converged devices (Smartphones and telephony-enabled PDAs) are now getting top billing within corporate IT departments and their importance will continue to climb[...]

Toshiba libretto U100 Released — Notebook and PDA Collision Course Continues

Toshiba yesterday announced and released the libretto U100 mini notebook. The libretto U100 is a 2.1 lb device that runs Windows XP. So witness: Toshiba has left the[...]

The Missing Sync for T-Mobile Sidekick Released

Mark/Space has released software that allows users to synchronize a T-Mobile Sidekick with a computer running Mac OS X.

Free Yourself from the Tyranny of Email

Brighthand's Ed Hardy warns that, although mobile email is a wonderful thing, it must be used in moderation or it can take over your life.

Qool Labs Selects Intellisync as Mobility Provider for New QDA700 PalmOS Smartphone

Intellisync Corporation, a leading developer and marketer of wireless software for the worldwide mobile communications industry, today announced a licensing agreement with Qool Labs. Through the agreement, Intellisync [...]

HP hw6500 Mobile Messenger to Be Available on Cingular (Possibly T-Mobile)

According to documents found on Joe Shurman's (Microsoft MVP) blog, the HP hw6500 Mobile Messenger will likely appear on both T-Mobile and Cingular. A PowerPoint presentation shows the hw6500 with[...]

A Look into the Future of the Axim

A source familiar with Dell's plans has revealed to Brighthand this company's handheld roadmap through the end of 2006.

VITO QuickContact Rebirth

VITO QuickContact 1.0 is a phone book for Pocket PC phones that offers one-hand control.

Conduits Releases Pocket Artist 3.0

Pocket Artist is a drawing and image manipulation program for Windows powered devices, and has been awarded the Graphic Design and Drawing Application prize at the Best Pocket[...]

PDA News – Axim rumors, X50 ROM update, Pocket Freecraft

Report: Dell roadmap for 2005, early 2006 ROM update for Axim X50, X50v models Developer ports PocketPC version of Freecraft

Symbian Still Leading Mobile Device Market

According to a market research firm, the Symbian OS continues to lead the world market for both handhelds and smartphones. But a rival market research company says this is soon[...]

More Evidence iPAQ hw6500 Coming to Cingular (Updated)

Although it has been widely assumed that HP's upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC will be offered by Cingular, there's been no evidence of that. Until now.

EarthLink Wireless Will Soon Be Offering the Treo 650

EarthLink Wireless is going to start offering palmOne's Treo 650 smartphone in late May.

BoxWave Adds FlexiSkin for Blackberry 7700 Series

The BoxWave FlexiSkin protects the handheld from hard knocks while giving users access to functions.

Sales and Shopping Using Handheld Computers

Handy Service is intended for sales and shopping assistance, job management, and work log tracking using Palm OS handhelds.

Bill Gates Unveils Ultra Mobile 2007 Concept

Microsoft's chairman has revealed a prototype for an ultra-portable PC that he hopes will be the next big thing in mobile computing.

Resco Announces Release of New Version of Photo Viewer

The latest version of Resco Photo Viewer offers numerous improvements, including the conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Spb Diary — Today Screen Plug-In that Makes Using PIM Apps Easier

Because the developers at Spb Software House believe that the standard Pocket PC tools for handling PIM data are underwhelming at best, they created Spb Diary, which has three Today[...]

World Record for Mobile Typing Set on Treo 650

A former World Text Champion has used a palmOne Treo 650 to type the fastest-ever email written on the move using a QWERTY keyboard.

Nokia N70

The Nokia N70 is based on the Symbian OS and S60. It is a compact 3G smartphone that offers mobile photography, personal productivity and entertainment features.

Splash Money 4 Personal Finance Manager Review (Palm OS)

One of the best reasons to own a PDA these days is that some models have wireless internet options. Being wireless is great for the occasional email, getting directions, or[...]

Run Palm OS Applications on a Pocket PC

StyleTap has released a public beta of an application that allows software originally written for Palm OS handhelds to run on Windows Mobile devices.

Rogers Wireless and Visto Launch MyMail Push E-mail Solution in Canada

MyMail is a new wireless service for Rogers Wireless' customers that provides instantaneous, two-way push e-mail, calendar, and contacts to the user's wireless device of choice.

palmOne Zire 73 Shows Up On Accessory Sites

Time to stoke the PDA rumor fire again. PDA accessory sites JavoEdge and Boxwave have new accessories for the palmOne Zire 73. Of course no Zire 73 has been announced[...]

Will palmOne Become Another Apple?

At times, the comparisons between palmOne and Apple are almost startling. So Brighthand's Ed Hardy wants to know, will palmOne eventually end up where Apple is now?

MobilePlanet Acquired by eXpansys for 3.75 Million

The U.K.-based eXpansys Group has just announced that they have acquired MobilePlanet, a U.S.-based reseller of mobile products.

Brighthand Reviews Astraware’s Mazera

Mazera is somewhere halfway between a puzzle-solving game and a role-playing game. It offers hours of fun as you try to escape from an alien world by solving hundreds of[...]

visKeeper PPC 2.1.0 is online

visKeeper PPC protects personal data with the user's favorite picture.

PDA News – Magneto release date, Palm on PocketPC, OS war?

Reported unveiling date for next gen Windows StyleTap runs Palm OS apps on PocketPC Gartner predicts Windows/Symbian OS war

PDA Makers Boost Production by 65%

Regardless of what mainstream media tries to do to kill the PDA market, sales just won't stop. The market is far from dead, in fact it's thriving with the inclusion[...]

Camera Phone Saves Man’s Life

I've always railed against integrated cameras in phones, PDAs or any other device mostly because they're garbage. The resolution, quality of the images and usability all stink. But maybe my[...]