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SmartPhone Articles for April of 2007

Below are the 67 SmartPhone articles for April of 2007

Details Leaked on Hawkins’ Mysterious Project

After more than a year of only the sketchiest information, an anonymous source has leaked to Brighthand many of the specifications of an upcoming product from Palm that has been[...]

Proporta USB Mobile Charger Review

Proporta is offering a portable battery recharger that works with a wide variety of handhelds, smartphones, and other portable electronics. Brighthand Forum moderator holvoetn brings us a review of this[...]

LG Prada

The LG Prada isn’t a smartphone, but it’s sleek styling and unique touchscreen user interface have led to this phone being regularly compared to the Apple iPhone. It’s recommended for[...]

Stream iTunes Songs to a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone with Avvenu Music Player

Avvenu, Inc.has started a semi-open beta program of its Avvenu Music Player for Windows Mobile 5, which allows users to listen to their iTunes library wherever they are by[...]

Missing Sync for BlackBerry Now Available

Several weeks after releasing a public beta, Mark/Space, Inc. is now offering the full version of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 1.0. This application allows handhelds and smartphones from Research[...]

Sidekick iD Launching in Two Weeks?

Thanks to a slip-up at T-Mobile USA, it now appears likely that an entry-level Sidekick smartphone will debut later this month.

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of March 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. There was a strong interest in upcoming models in March, as three of the top ten products[...]

Pantech PN-820 Smartphone Review

The Pantech PN-820 is the first clamshell Windows Mobile Smartphone that Verizon has carried since the demise of Samsung's i600 line. Adama D. Brown brings us this review.

iTunes Offering All EMI Music without DRM Protection

EMI Music has announced that it will offer all of its music without the digital rights management (DRM) restrictions that have proved to be unpopular. This will allow these songs[...]

Documents To Go Adds Office 2007 Support… Sort Of

DataViz, Inc. has just released Documents To Go Premium Edition 10, the first version to allow users to view Microsoft Word and Excel 2007 files in their native formats on[...]

PDA and Smartphone Deals – Updated 4/3/07

T-Mobile Dash - get $25 back New Discounts - Palm Treo 700p - $94.90 HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion - $499 no rebates Many more...[...]

FCC Continues Ban on Phone Calls in Flight

The Federal Communications Commission has decided to not lift its ban on cell phones being used on airplanes.

Samsung i760 Gets FCC Approval

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given Samsung its approval to release its latest Windows Mobile smartphone in the United States.

Hot Topics – zLauncher Help, Corrupt Database Identification, In-flight Treo Picture

For those who don't have time to keep up to date on the Brighthand forums, here are the most active new threads from the past week.

FlipStart Micro Laptop Finally Available

After many years in development, FlipStart Labs' has begun selling its computer small enough warrant interest from those who want something far less bulky than a typical laptop.

Mobile Tech News — PSP Price Cut, More Games for BlackBerries, Treo 680 for Doctors

Sony Cuts Playstation Portable's Price Gameloft Making Games for Latest BlackBerries Palm Treo 680 Used As A Point of Care Tool Palm and Claro Launch[...]

New BlackBerries May Be Coming to Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile

If a report from a stock market analyst is correct, May 7 is going to be a very big day for Research in Motion (RIM), as that's when three carriers[...]

Yes, You CAN Live Without a Touchscreen

In this editorial, Ed Hardy shows that people can have the slim and light smartphone they want, if they'll only give up some of their pre-conceived notions.

Opera Coming to Palm-Branded Devices

Palm has reportedly signed an agreement with Opera Software to use its versatile browser in upcoming Palm devices.

Kinoma Player 4 EX and Kinoma Producer 4 Review

Kinoma Player 4 EX and its companion Windows application Kinoma Producer are the latest video converter and player produced by Kinoma for the Palm OS. Brighthand Forum moderator Magellan has[...]

iPhone Still on Target for June Release

Those who are eagerly waiting for the iPhone will be happy to hear that Apple is confident that this device will be available when promised.

Dell No Longer Offering Any Axim Models

With absolutely no fanfare, Dell has stopped offering the Axim X51 series. This means the company has discontinued the last of its much applauded Pocket PCs. *UPDATED*

Nokia N95 Has a Limited U.S. Launch

As it promised last month, Nokia is now offering its N95 multimedia smartphone in the United States. However, this model is only available in a few stores and not through[...]

T-Mobile May Start Offering BlackBerry 8800 this Month

According to an unconfirmed report, T-Mobile USA is getting ready to launch RIM's latest cellular-wireless handheld in just a couple of weeks.

HTC MTeoR Windows Mobile Smartphone Review

HTC MTeoR aims to capture the minds of those who want a Windows Mobile smartphone, but not compromise on phone size and usability. Antoine Wright has a review.

Palm Developing Its Own Linux-Based Operating System

Palm, Inc. revealed today that it is developing its own operating system that will be based on Linux. This will be completely separate from the similar operating system being developed[...]

Mobile Tech News — Twitter for Treos, SplashNotes Debuts, Treo 750 Launched in Italy

TreoTwit Brings Twitter to Palm Smartphones SplashData Releases SplashNotes Palm Treo 750 Now Available in Italy from 3 Italia

emoze Launches Free Push Email Service Without PC Redirector

emoze is a free service that allows users of smartphones to receive push email, as well as sync calendars, tasks, and contacts. *UPDATED*

Samsung’s Latest SpinPoint Drive Offers More Storage Capacity, Uses Less Power

Samsung Electronics has announced it will soon begin production of a 160 GB, 2.5-inch hard drive that uses less power than similar drives from its competitors.

Treo 680s Can Use SDHC Cards, Despite What Palm’s Support Documents Say

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright shows that Palm's latest smartphone really can use 8 GB SDHC memory cards.

Mobile Tech News — Opera for Windows Mobile, New UMPC Processor, Free Games

New Version of Opera for Windows Mobile Released as Beta Intel Expected to Announce New Processors for UMPCs Inscenic Releases Two Windows Mobile Games as[...]

RIM’s Revenue and Subscribers Keep Climbing

Research In Motion's revenue and subscriber base were up substantially during its most recent financial quarter.

Palm Launches an Official Company Blog

Following in the wake of many other companies, Palm has launched its own corporate blog.

T-Mobile Announces the Entry-Level Sidekick iD

As had been expected, T-Mobile USA has taken the wraps off the Sidekick iD, the first of this series to debut below $100.

Energizer Energi To Go Cell Phone Charger Review

Tiffany Boggs brings us a review of the Energizer Energi To Go cell phone charger, a little gadget that comes in handy when traveling, especially at airports where there are[...]

iPhone Delays the Release of the Next OS X Version

The iPhone is still on schedule to be released in June, but Apple now says that work on its upcoming combination phone and iPod is delaying the introduction of the[...]

Strong Evidence Emerges That Dell Will Release a Smartphone This Fall

Just about a week after Dell quietly stopped selling its last Axim handheld, there is word that this company will begin offering a smartphone before the end of this year.

Palm Keeping Very Quiet on Details of Its Upcoming Operating System

A week after Palm, Inc. announced that it is developing its own Linux-based operating system for mobile devices, the company refuses to answer many questions about it. Still, carefully going[...]

BlackBerry Service Having Problems

Over the past few hours, many of RIM's customers have experienced delays sending and receiving messages.

Palm Bringing Out Wireless Backup Service

Palm, Inc. is in the process of bringing out a service that can wirelessly back up much of the data stored on one of its Palm OS-based smartphones.

Intel Announces Upcoming Mobile Processor and Device Push

At a speech today, Anand Chandrasekher, Intel's senior vice president, outlined processor platforms and new UMPC and Mobile Internet Devices that will be coming from his company in the next[...]

Nokia Reaches Out to Mac Users

A free software plug-in from Nokia makes it easier for those with Mac OS X to use this company's smartphones.

Treo 700p System Software Update Scheduled for Next Month

Users of the Treo 700p have complained about problems with Bluetooth wireless networking, and for months Palm has been promising a system software update to deal with these. This is[...]

T-Mobile Will Begin Offering the BlackBerry 8800 on Monday

As expected, T-Mobile USA has just announced that it will start offering RIM's latest the BlackBerry next week.

RIM Explains Its Email System Outage

Research in Motion (RIM) has issued an official statement that seeks to explain why there was a significant problem with its wireless email system earlier this week.

Mobile Tech News — Games on Sale, Spb Diary, Treo 680

Astraware's Spring Sale and PayPal Support Spb Software House Releases Spb Diary 2.5 Palm Releases Treo 680s in Central America

RIM Bringing Out BlackBerry Application Suite for Windows Mobile

Research In Motion (RIM) has just announced plans to release a suite of applications that will let a Windows Mobile-based smartphone act as if it was a BlackBerry in many[...]

Samsung Q1b UMPC Review

Brighthand's Antoine Wright brings us his thoughts after spending some time with Samsung's second try at an Ultra Mobile PC.

BlackBerry 8800 Now Available from T-Mobile

As promised, T-Mobile USA has begun offering RIM's latest BlackBerry model.

The Latest on the Treo 755p

Some new information has emerged on the device that's supposed to be the next CDMA smartphone from Palm, Inc.

Add Profile Support and More to a Windows Mobile Phone

Spb Phone Suite is a new application that adds features that are not built into Windows Mobile phones. This includes profile switching, automatically send an SMS message when rejecting a[...]

The Middle Man in the Mobile Picture

In the complicated process of taking digital pictures, moving them onto a PC, resizing and editing them, then emailing them out, Antoine Wright wonders if there is a step or[...]

T-Mobile Sidekick iD

The latest entry in the Sidekick line uses the same form-factor as its predecessors, but to lower the cost many of the features of the current Sidekick model have been[...]

Mobile Tech News — Spb Insight, Travel Agent Treos, Crystal Cases

Spb Software House Releases Spb Insight 1.5 Travel Company Deploys Treos New Crystal Cases and Other Items at Brando

Sprint and Verizon Announce CDMA/GSM BlackBerry

Both Sprint and Verizon plan to offer the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, a smartphone that will allow its users to roam internationally.

AT&T To Push iPhone at Corporate Users

Despite the fact that Apple's iPhone is a strongly consumer oriented device, AT&T apparently intends to market it to business users as well.

Entry-Level Sidekick Hits Store Shelves

After announcing it two weeks ago, T-Mobile USA is now offering the Sidekick iD, the first of this series to debut below $100... sort of.

PPC-6800 Coming Soon to Sprint

Evidence is mounting that Sprint will begin offering a new Pocket PC phone in the near future. This will supposedly offer a built-in keyboard, Wi-Fi b/g, and be upgradable to[...]

RIM Blackberry 8800 Review

Brighthand's chief reviewer, Adama D. Brown, has a review of RIM's latest cellular-wireless smartphone. This is the first model from this company to offer both a full QWERTY keyboard and[...]

There Might Not Be a Zune Phone After All

Microsoft's CEO recently threw cold water on the idea of a combination Zune and mobile phone. Instead, he expressed support for Windows Mobile.

Nokia’s N75 Clamshell Smartphone Finally Available

Although Nokia first announced the N75 early last fall, this slim S60 smartphone has only now gone on sale.

It’s Time for Palm to Stop Dragging Its Heels on Wi-Fi Treos

In this editorial, Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief points out that there's a glaring hole in the feature set of Palm's smartphones.

More Details Emerge on Fujitsu’s Upcoming UMPC

Some of the specifications are now available of an upcoming very small portable PC from Fujitsu.

AT&T Quickly Pulls the Nokia N75

Without fanfare, the Nokia N75 quietly appeared on AT&T's web site yesterday. This seems this may have been a mistake, as this carrier is no longer offering this S60 smartphone.

Brando Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Brando has just the thing for those who want a very small add-on keyboard to work with their handheld or smartphone. Ed Hardy brings us this review.

Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for T-Mobile Dash Leaked

What's supposed to be the final, non-beta version of the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash has appeared on the Web, several days before the official launch.

Makayama Launches Video Streaming Service

Pocket Live TV 1.0 is a new service that allows users to watch TV channels on a Pocket PC phone. Unlike many of its competitors, it doesn't require users to[...]