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SmartPhone Articles for April of 2012

Below are the 105 SmartPhone articles for April of 2012

RIM’s Freefall Continues With Declining Sales, Market Share

Research in Motion has been hit with yet more setbacks and its fifth poor quarterly showing, resulting in layoffs at the upper levels of the company and conflicting reports of[...]

Samsung Offering Free Extended-Life Battery with Purchase of Galaxy Nexus

Samsung is offering customers a free extended-life 2100mAh battery and a new back cover with the purchase of the Galaxy Nexus through Samsung Mobile.

Android OS 4.0 Coming Soon to Motorola Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX, and HTC Rezound

Version 4.0 of Google's Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, continues to proliferate, as the update will be coming to a number of prominent handsets this week.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE to be Released on April 22?

The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE is scheduled to be released on April 22, according to a leaked Walmart internal document.

iPhone 5 to Launch in June? A Foxconn Recruiter Says So

In an interview with TV Tokyo, a Foxconn recruiter mentioned that the company is hiring more workers to prep for the iPhone 5 launch "scheduled" for June.

Evernote Review: Organizing Your Life on an iPhone

Evernote can come in handy even if you aren't a true organizing enthusiast. The app doesn't always work that well, though, on older iPhones. Read the full review.

HTC Evo One Specs Possibly Leaked; First Press Image Emerges

An inside source has leaked a possible spec sheet for the upcoming HTC Evo One, a device that Sprint will be launching on its LTE network and is possibly poised[...]

Sprint Officially Announces the LG Viper 4G LTE

At an exclusive media event to celebrate the kick off of NBA Green Week, Sprint announced the pre-order date and price of an eco-friendly 4G LTE handset: the LG Viper[...]

AT&T Expanding 4G LTE Network to Three New Markets This Weekend

AT&T's 4G LTE network continues to grow, as the carrier has announced that three new markets will be receiving coverage this weekend.

Instagram for Android Hits 1 Million Downloads

Well, that was fast. The popular iPhone snapshot-taking and photo-sharing app, Instagram, was released for Android phones yesterday and hit a million downloads in less than 24 hours after it[...]

Sprint Begins Employee Training for Galaxy Nexus, Suggests Impending Release

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Sprint seems to be getting closer by the day, as word has gotten out that the carrier has begun employee training for[...]

Windows Phone Marketplace Tops 80K Apps

Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace now contains more than 80,000 apps, with new ones being added at a rate of 340 apps a day.

MetroPCS Begins Limiting 4G Data Speeds for Select Plans

Today, MetroPCS joins the like of AT&T and Verizon Wireless in limiting its 4G data speeds for select plans after adjusting its pricing structure.

Samsung Galaxy S III Rumored to Have 1280 x 720 Display

Those who plan on snatching up the Samsung Galaxy S III once it's released may be in for a visual treat, as the handset is rumored to have an eye-popping[...]

Sprint Takes the Wraps off the HTC EVO 4G LTE Android OS Phone

Announced at a press event on Wednesday night, the next model in the EVO line will be one of the first phones to support Sprint's 4G LTE network and the[...]

iFrogz Boost NearField Audio Speaker Review

With iTunes, iCloud, Google Music, Spotify, and an ever-growing number of music apps, we have access to a ton of tunes on our mobile devices. Can the iFrogz Boost speaker[...]

Google Unveils “Project Glass”

How innovative is Google? They've created a web mail service, an online chat client, a social media forum, a web browser, and even its own mobile operating service. What else[...]

U.S. Cellular Ships First LTE Handset

Today, U.S. Cellular ships its first 4G LTE smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S Aviator.

Android 4.0.4 Update Causing Problems for Galaxy Nexus Owners

Remember that Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 update that rolled out to Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S users last week? Well, it's reportedly causing problems.

Samsung Readying LTE Windows Phone?

It's not just Nokia rocking with Window Phone 7, Samsung may soon join the party.

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Can It Save Windows Phone?

The Nokia Lumia 900 could be one of the last chances for the Windows Phone platform. Does it deliver or will Microsoft's mobile OS continue to get trounced by the[...]

Most Popular Smartphones for March 2012

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. The new models that debuted in the winter[...]

HTC EVO 4G LTE Android Smartphone Hands On Preview

With the HTC EVO 4G LTE, Sprint aims to give users the best multimedia experience yet. Hands-on demos at a press event showed that Sprint's hopes could come true.

Nokia Lumia 900

This will be the flagship of Nokia’s new Windows Phone line of smartphones, packing in the largest touchscreen of any Lumia device. This is going to be ClearBlack AMOLED display.[...]

HTC Titan II

The follow-up to one of the bigger Windows Phone models released last year, this is equally epic in size, with a 4.7-inch display. The Titan II is one of the[...]

April 25 Release Likely for HTC One S on T-Mobile

The high-spec HTC One S could be on its way to T-Mobile by the end of the month, if the contents of a recently-leaked slide are indeed accurate.

Certain Nokia Lumia 900 Models Having Problems Connecting to AT&T Data Networks

Some units of the Lumia 900, the flagship Windows Phone from Nokia that was released this past weekend, appear to be having trouble connecting to AT&T's data networks. UPDATED

Can the Samsung Galaxy Note Replace Your Tablet?

We take a look at the Galaxy Note "phablet" as a potential replacement for your tablet. Can you do everything you need to do on the go with something that[...]

Amazon Appstore Adds In-App Purchasing

Amazon announced today that developers can now easily integrate in-app purchases for applications that are sold through the Amazon Appstore.

Wireless Carriers Partner With FCC To Fight Cell Phone Theft

The Federal Communications Commission announced today that it will be working with the four major mobile carriers (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) to work towards a system reducing cell[...]

Intel Considering Ivy Bridge GPU for Atom Processors

Intel might be changing the GPU in its competitor to the ARM processor, but it's not a trivial process.

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone Now Free; Nokia Apologizes for Connection Bug

After identifying connection issues with the new Lumia 900, Nokia today announced that it will give every customer who has purchased the device $100 credit toward their AT&T bill. The[...]

Verizon Joining Its Rivals by Adding an Upgrade Fee

Verizon said today that it's going to start charging its customers $30 to upgrade their phone. This is a fee all of its top rivals already charge, with some asking[...]

T-Mobile Getting Close to Introducing the HTC One S

With rumors swirling around about the release of the HTC One S supposedly slated for the end of April, we may soon find out the official release date as T-Mobile[...]

Details Start To Emerge on Verizon’s HTC Incredible 4G

Information is starting to leak out on what might be Verizon's next smartphone, the HTC Incredible 4G. The third model in this series will supposedly be the first with Android[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6

The Galaxy Player 3.6 is an Android-based handheld computer created for those who want all the features of a smartphone except the phone — and without the monthly phone bill,[...]

LG Viper 4G LTE Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

The wait is almost over for those who have been eagerly awaiting Sprint's first smartphone with LTE. But the situation isn't that clear - even though the LG Viper 4G[...]

The Best (and Worst) Video Chat Apps for Android OS Devices

Want to talk face-to-face from your phone with people elsewhere in the world? After testing six Android OS video chat apps, we tell you which are the best, and why.

Sony Launches SmartWatch: Android-Powered Wristwatch

Today, Sony launched SmartWatch MN2: a wristwatch-like device that allows owners to read text messages, social updates and emails, manage calls, as well as control music that is on an[...]

Two New Samsung Galaxy Player Models Offer Alternatives to Smartphones

Samsung has just launched the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6, an Android-based handheld computer created for those who want all the features of a smartphone except the phone. This model has[...]

Nokia CEO Says Multi-Core Processors for Smartphones Are a Waste

Stephen Elop, CEO, of Nokia, said in an interview that putting a dual-core or quad-core processor in a smartphone is an unnecessary drain on the battery. His company has recently[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Image Leaked?

A new image of what looks like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III appeared on the Web earlier today. This gives the world one of the best looks yet at[...]

Nokia Releases System Software Update for Lumia 900 to Fix Connection Bug

Shortly after AT&T introduced the Nokia Lumia 900 earlier this week, users discovered a bug that caused them to lose their cellular-wireless connection. A system software update is now available[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Will Sport a Full HD Display

Although the official announcement is still weeks away, there have been quite a number of rumors circulating about the Samsung Galaxy S III. Two of the remaining mysteries about this[...]

Sprint Now Taking Pre-Orders for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Launching on Sunday

A device likely to be one of Sprint's top sellers can now be pre-ordered: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This cutting-edge Android smartphone, one of this carrier's first with 4G LTE,[...]

HTC One X Might Launch from AT&T this Week

When AT&T committed to offering the HTC One X, the company was vague about when this will happen. According to an unconfirmed report, the U.S. launch of this Android smartphone[...]

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Review: Blazing Fast

While it may look like another rehash of the old Galaxy S, under the hood the new Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G packs blistering speed, with a 1.5 GHz dual-core[...]

Nokia Lumia Windows Phones Doing Well in the U.S., Poorly in Europe

With both the Nokia Lumia 710 and 900 selling off store shelves, mobile carriers in the U.S. are confident to say that the handsets are a success. However, this isn't[...]

How to Pick Your First Smartphone: Choosing an Operating System

Although it might seem that iPhones and Droids are everywhere these days, a majority of people are still using simpler phones. Looking at all the options, those who are ready[...]

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Sale for Just $50

Customers can purchase one of the most advanced Android smartphones in the market today for only $50 through Wirefly. That's far below its regular price.

Top Five Smartphones To Give as Gifts this Spring

With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, plus high school and college graduations, lots of people are going to be giving smartphones as gifts. To help you decide which[...]

Huawei Announces the Availability of the Ascend P1 Android Smartphone

Huawei has just announced that its Ascend P1 smartphone will start rolling out in various countries around the world next month. The P1 is a slim Android-based model that Huawei[...]

Study Reveals Who Has the Fastest 4G and 3G Service

Although there are a range of factors that can be used to compare wireless carriers, one of the more popular ones is speed. Is AT&T's LTE service faster than Verizon's?[...]

Developer’s Comments Point Toward Windows 8 Upgrades for Current Windows Phones

Though officially the truth still remains a mystery, recent claims suggest that first- and second-generation Windows Phone handsets will be receiving the upgrade to Windows 8 when it's released later[...]

AT&T To Launch the HTC One X the First Week of May

AT&T promised months ago that it will offer HTC's new flagship smartphone, but only today did it reveal the actual release date and price. Those eager to get their hands[...]

HTC One S with Android OS 4.0 Coming to T-Mobile Next Week

T-Mobile has just announced the details of its plans to release the HTC One S a week from today. This high-end model will be the carrier's first with Android OS[...]

Verizon 4G LTE Service Now Available To More Than Two-Thirds of U.S. Population

Starting today, Verizon Wireless will cover more than two-thirds of the U.S. population after introducing its 4G LTE network to 27 new markets and expanding in 44 other markets.

Three Top Verizon Smartphones Receive System Software Updates

Verizon Wireless has just released incremental updates for the Motorola Droid 4, Motorola Droid RAZR, and the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX. These should bring battery life to the Android smartphones,[...]

Nokia Struggling in Move to Windows Phone

Nokia's switch from smartphones based on Symbian to Microsoft's Windows Mobile is clearly not going as smoothly as it likely hoped. Sales in the first three months of this year[...]

HTC One X Review: A Quad-Core Superpower

The HTC One X sports Android OS 4.0, a quad-core processor, a 4.7-inch display, a MP camera, and all the features you'd expect from a new flagship smartphone. We go[...]

Verizon CEO: Shared Data Plans Are Coming this Summer

The CEO of Verizon has confirmed something that many of this company's subscribers have been hoping for for a long long time: they will soon be able to connect multiple[...]

Microsoft Evangelist Didn’t Mean to Promise Windows Phone 8 Upgrades for All

Nuno Silva, a developer evangelist for Microsoft, has issued a clarification regarding his comments about current Windows Phone models receiving upgrades to Windows 8 upon its release.

iPhone 5 Could Be Delayed, Use a New Touchscreen Technology

Shortages of LTE-enabled chips will reportedly push back the release of Apple's next iPhone until the fall. A separate report indicates that this device will use a new type of[...]

Verizon Wireless to Throw Its Support Behind Next Generation of Windows Phone

Microsoft may not be seeing much success with its Windows Phone platform, but Verizon Wireless is prepared to back Windows Phone 8 upon its release later this year, just[...]

HTC Says No to Physical Keyboards

There's bad news for fans of smartphones with physical keyboards: HTC is going to stop making devices that include them.

Study Shows Majority of Smartphone Owners Now Access Travel Information on their Devices

A recent study on mobile travel activities shows that 51% of smartphone owners accessed travel content on their devices during a three month period ending February 2012.

iPhone 4S Debuts at Five U.S. Regional Carriers

The iPhone 4S has been released by five regional carriers in the U.S., bringing Apple's latest smartphone to residents in rural areas of the country.

Nine Cool iPhone Apps for On-the-Go Movie Fans

The iPhone is a movie fan's dream come true. Here are nine apps for checking reviews, finding films in theaters and online, viewing flicks on your phone, et cetera.

HTC One X from AT&T Can Now Be Pre-ordered

Those eager to receive the highly-anticipated HTC One X can start pre-ordering the device today. AT&T is taking orders, but at least one retailer has a better price.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, LG Viper 4G LTE Launch from Sprint

Sprint's first LTE-enabled smartphones have just been introduced. Both run the Android OS, but the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a high-end model, while the LG Viper 4G LTE has more[...]

Microsoft Releases Official Skype App for Windows Phone

The official Skype app has hit the Windows Phone Marketplace this weekend, two months after a beta version was released to the public. This joins the versions already available for[...]

Teaser Video Released for ”The Next Galaxy”

Samsung is trying to build suspense for the Samsung Galaxy S III, and has put out a video teaser for this upcoming smartphone. This includes a subtle dig at Apple[...]

Verizon Accidentally Reveals the HTC Droid Incredible 4G

The HTC Droid Incredible 4G made a brief appearance on Verizon's Droid Does site, until it was pulled down because this smartphone has not yet been officially announced. Still, it[...]

iPhone Nano Rumored to Launch This Year

The semi-annual iPhone Nano rumor has surfaced yet again, this time with news claiming that Apple will release the small, entry-level device at the same time as the iPhone 5.

ZTE Working on a Pair of Phablets

With ZTE reporting that it is projected to sell up to 50 million smartphones by the end of 2012, the company is looking to introduce two hybrid phone/tablets to the[...]

Home Button Not Being Redesigned in iPhone 5

In the past year or so, there have been a number of reports that Apple plans to significantly change the Home button on its iOS devices. However, parts sellers have[...]

Samsung Accidentally Reveals the Official Name of the “Next Galaxy”

An app recently released in the Google Play store, "SAMSUNG mobile UNPACKED 2012" leaked the official name of Samsung's next flagship handset that it's been trying to keep secret over[...]

Samsung Details Which of Its U.S. Smartphones Will Get Android OS 4.0 Upgrades

Samsung announced today which of its models released in the U.S. will receive an Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) upgrade in the coming months. This is good news for[...]

Motorola Droid 4 vs. Samsung Stratosphere: Battle of the Keyboards

Despite the profusion of smartphones today, there are relatively few with real, physical keyboards. Just two are available on Verizon's 4G network: the Motorola Droid 4 and the Samsung Stratosphere.[...]

Google Now Offering Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus Directly to the Public

Although an earlier experiment failed, Google is looking to get back into hardware sales by offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus unlocked to the general public. This device can be used[...]

Apple Nearly Doubles iPhone Sales, Profits

During the first three months of this year, Apple sold over 35.1 million iPhones. This isn't an all-time record, but it's an 88% increase over the same quarter a year[...]

HTC Struggling to Meet Competition from Samsung and Apple

When HTC released the results of its most recent financial quarter, the CEO was up-front about the reason for the 70% year-over-year decline in profits: his company isn't competing well[...]

Google Drive Merges Cloud Hosting with Doc Editing

There is a wide range of online file hosting services available, but the newly-announced Google Drive adds something extra to the mix: the ability to edit the files stored on[...]


The One S sports a large touchscreen, 4G (HSPA+) capability, and was the first handset from T-Mobile to feature Android OS 4.0. It isn’t HTC’s flagship smartphone, but it is[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note Seems Headed for T-Mobile

New evidence has emerged that the super-size smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy Note is going to be released by T-Mobile. An image of this device, which sports a 5.3-inch display,[...]

HTC One S with Android OS 4.0 Launches from T-Mobile

T-Mobile launched the HTC One S, making its United States debut today. This high-end phone sports a range of features, like a large display, Android OS 4.0, 4G (HSPA+42), and[...]

Nokia Lumia 900 Delayed in the U.K.

Due to high demand, Nokia has reportedly pushed back the release date for the Lumia 900 in the United Kingdom, with this high-end Windows Phone now geared toward a mid-May[...]

Google’s Next Nexus Will Also Be Made by Samsung

On the heels of yesterday's announcement that Google is selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus directly to customers, it looks like Google will continue its partnership with the smartphone manufacturers for[...]

Microsoft to Block Users Without Windows Phone 7.5 From Downloading Apps

In a move to encourage upgrades to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, the most recent version of the mobile OS, Microsoft will soon be preventing users from purchasing or upgrading apps[...]

T-Mobile Getting $1 Billion Worth of Spectrum from AT&T

The FCC has given its approval to a huge transfer of wireless spectrum from AT&T and T-Mobile. This is costing T-Mobile nothing, but will significantly aid in its plans to[...]

Sony PlayStation Vita Vs. Nintendo 3DS: Mobile Game Consoles Go Head-to-Head

You may enjoy smartphone or tablet games but still long for something more. The Sony and Nintendo portable gaming consoles have a great deal to offer, but there are questions[...]

Samsung Unveils Exynos Quad-Core Processor Headed for Galaxy S III

Samsung has unveiled its new Exynos 4 Quad, a quad-core processor that will power the soon-to-be-revealed Galaxy S III.

Verizon’s Smartphone Plans Include Galaxy S III, New iPhone in the Fall, More

Some of the details of the smartphones coming to Verizon in the coming months has leaked out. This shows that Big Red will be offering two of the most-anticipated models[...]

First BlackBerry 10 Smartphone on Course for October Release

Reports are coming in that say that Research in Motion is preparing the release of its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone for an October release. This will be followed by a[...]

British Study Finds No Link Between Cell Phones and Cancer

A recent review of published research by a British group found that there is no clear evidence that cell phone causes cancer. This agrees with findings of a study done[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III for U.S. Will Not Have a Quad-Core Processor

Yesterday, Samsung took the wraps off the quad-core processor that will be used in the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, an executive with this company says that this chip won't[...]

Android OS 4.0 Upgrades Coming in May for Verizon’s Motorola Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX, and HTC Rezound

Those who own the Motorola Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX, or HTC Rezound smartphones from Verizon will be receiving the Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) upgrade by the end of[...]

Samsung Galaxy S II, Two HTC Smartphones from T-Mobile Getting Android OS 4.0 Upgrades

T-Mobile's version of the Samsung Galaxy S II is reportedly going to get an upgrade to the latest version of Android next month. Two models from HTC will be getting[...]

Nokia Lumia 800 Review: A Windows Phone that Stands Out from the Pack

The Lumia 800 isn't Nokia's flagship model, but according to our reviewer, this Windows Phone has some advantages over its bigger and more expensive sister model, the Lumia 900. Read[...]

Google Developer Explains the Long Wait for Android OS 4.0 Upgrades

A prominent Google engineer involved in the development of the Android OS has given an explanation on why so many people are still waiting for an upgrade to the latest[...]

LG Introduces Online Multimedia File Storage Service: LG Cloud

LG Electronics announced the beta opening of LG Cloud, an online multimedia file storage service that is geared to connect and stream all forms of digital content across various electronic[...]

LG Will Make No More Windows Phones

LG was one of the first companies to jump on the bandwagon when Microsoft unveiled its Windows Phone operating system. After weak sales, this Korean company is now out.

Apple and Samsung Are the Only Profitable Smartphone Makers

The Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II are the most popular smartphones available. These and their other mobile devices have made these two companies not just the two[...]

Verizon Wireless Announces New Prepaid Smartphone Plan

Verizon Wireless just announced a new prepaid smartphone plan that will be available starting tomorrow. This is going to provide customers access to a smartphone and Verizon's 3G network without[...]

Samsung and Apple to Discuss Settling Patent Infringement Lawsuits

The CEOs of Apple, Samsung, and their legal teams will meet in San Francisco next month to discuss patent disputes that are pending in 10 countries.