May 2002 SmartPhone Articles

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SmartPhone Articles for May of 2002

Below are the 31 SmartPhone articles for May of 2002

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New SmartPhone from Swedish Spectronics

Swedish Spectronics was pushing its Sidetouch Multimedia Telephone TS 2200 at CeBIT 2002. Odds of making it to America any time soon seem slim, but here are a few pictures[...]

GPRS wireless PDA due out from Palm 4Q 2002

Daren Ng, Palm sales director of South Asia/Australia and New Zealand, said last week that Palm plans on releasing a GPRS wireless PDA late this year. It's not going to[...]

REVIEW: iPaq 3800 Series Folding Keyboard

If you want to use your iPaq to take notes in a meeting or class, or compose a long email response, or maybe write a memo then you will need[...]

First Thoughts: Sony Clie PEG-NR70V/U

Wow. This Clie is going to be huge. We all knew it, even before it hit store shelves. Mix in a larger version of the 760 screen, the entertainment functions[...]

New HP Jornada 575! Specs and Pics – UPDATE

Apparantly the details are becoming more firm on this release. HP's reseller site has posted this pic, with word of two units the Jornada 574 and 575. It's no shock[...]

HP and Compaq dust settles, the result, an HP iPAQ

Earlier this week, HP and Compaq began trading as one on the NYSE. The stock symbol merger came with few answers to the fate of the multiple product lines for[...]

Handspring ‘Treo Trade Up’ Program

Handspring is looking to fuel sales of the Treo, or at least kickstart it from the rather sluggish current sales. That means a nice bargain of $100 if you[...]

Toshiba Pocket PC e740

Astonishing performance right in your hand, the Toshiba Pocket PC e740 includes built-in Secure Digital and CompactFlash II expansion slots, perfect for adding additional memory, Bluetooth connectivity and GPS capabilities,[...]

New Toshiba Pocket PC e740 due out in 1-2 weeks!

Toshiba may have hit one out of the park. With HPaq in somewhat dissaray, Toshiba is running through the door with new handhelds. The e310 that came out a few[...] Contest Winners

It was stiff competition in the contest for the Palm m130 and once again it came down to who could refer the most friends, read on to see the[...]

Palm OS is Hot Again

Forget what you've heard about Pocket PC taking over the handheld market, Palm OS's marketshare is growing

Tel.Me. Telecom & Media Products T919 combined phone (pictures)

This Tel.Me. PDA/Camera/Phone is similar to the Sony Ericsson unit due in the US this Fall.

What’s Next for the iPAQ?

HP has officially dumped the Jornada. Now the only question that remains is, what's next for the iPAQ? We just may have a few answers.

Pocket PC Films to distribute movies from Lions Gate on PDA’s

This should be interesting. Pocket PC Films has been around for a while, but most people have never heard of them until now, myself included. Apparently they distribute movies on[...]

Seinfeld on your Pocket PC – TV *Anywhere*!

Most of us have heard or read about, and probably drooled over, TiVo, ReplayTV and other expensive Personal Video Recorders (PVRs), also known as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). And most[...] Memorial Sale on PDAs & Wireless

Amazon is cranking up the sales for Memorial Day today. For the next 6 days, get $30 gift certificate towards books, DVDs, Music or Videos whey you buy Palm[...]

Handspring’s new PDA is a Treo 90 – UPDATE

As expected the Treo was pulled from the CompuSmart site. It had claimed availability May 29th. Handspring has confirmed a new device to be released prior to the end of[...]

Palm OS watch from Fossil released

Fossil released their first PDA enabled watch earlier this week, designed to compliment the Palm OS. With PDA's getting larger in many cases (see Clie NR70) Fossil is trying to[...]

News Bits

New SD presenter card from Margi Wireless kyeyboard now shipping

New PDA from Sony, slips onto Amazon’s “shelves”

In a slip-up that only lasted minutes, Amazon posted a mysterious product on their site, the Sony Clie PEG-C20. Just what is this device and more importantly what are its[...]

PDA + Electronics Deals this Week

Check out coupon codes, deals and sales from online stores leading up to this Memorial Day weekend. $15 at, $10 at, $75 off a PC or 10%[...]

Handspring Treo 90

Forget compromise. Handspring’s Treo 90 gives you everything you want in an organizer: 16MB of memory enough space to hold thousands of records, all kinds of Palm OS applications, even[...]

Handspring Treos due out next week

Details of the mid-level color Treo 90 slipped out last week. It looks like the Treo 90 will join the expected Treo 270 as they are both due to be[...]

Kyocera announces two new PDA’s

One model is a SmartPhone, based on the old 6035 design. The latest effort integrates color and a hip new design. The second is a color PDA running its own[...]

New HP iPAQ 3935 and 3970 on the way – UPDATE – HP will release a 2000 and 5000 series PDA too

In a surprising twist, details have been leaked onto our discussion baords regarding these new iPAQ devices. This rumor comes only weeks after HP shelved almost all of their announced[...]

Palm m130 Deal — $50 Discount! update! has a super deal on the Palm m130 right now, use this link to get $50 off a $250 order.

REVIEW: Monopoly 1.0 For Palm

Ever wanted to take the most classic board game of all time along on the road without having to carry the bulky board? Well, Handmark has produced Monopoly for[...]

It’s official, Sony confirms the release of the Clie 650

Sony has added the Clie 650 to their Japanese Web site, with more details. Here are a few more pictures to keep you busy until the release (hoping) in the[...]

Nokia releses the 9290 Communicator

This is perhaps the most anticipated PDA release in the past few months. After many delays, the US is proud to have the Nokia 9290 Communicator in the integrated PDA[...]

A chat with iambic CEO Vidal Graupera

In this exclusive interview, Iambic CEO Vidal Graupera talks about Action Names, Palm OS 5, wireless and several other interesting topics