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SmartPhone Articles for May of 2003

Below are the 115 SmartPhone articles for May of 2003

RIM’s Blackberry Going Color

RIM’s chairman has announced that a color version of the Blackbery wireless pager will be released in a few months.

Palm Developing Tungsten W2? Nope, It’s Already Here

Updated Rumors are already circulating that Palm is about to release an updated version of the Tungsten W. This is a mistake based on an FCC filing for another[...]

Kyocera 7135 Now Available from Verizon

Verizon Wireless is now carrying this Palm OS smartphone with an MP3 player and an SD/MMC slot.

Review Toki Tori by AIM Productions

Toki Tori is actually a port to the Pocket PC by AIM Productions ( from the GameBoy system. Though most of the game is a direct port, AIM has[...]

PDA News – Toshiba e335 for $69, Color Wireless, PPC 3D Arcade

We have a tip on how you can get an e335 for $169 and maybe even $69! Color RIM Blackberry and T-Mobile Sidekick Xen Games, Producer of Gang[...]

Platform Licensing: Different Roads, Same Destination?

PalmSource and Microsoft use different approaches to licensing their handheld computing platforms. Is one better than the other?

Trade-In Your Old BlackBerry for a Discount

AT&T Wireless is offering discounts of up to $200 on new BlackBerry wireless handhelds to those who trade in their old one.

BrightBytes™: 32MB Palms, 2GB CF Card, Refurb Palms, and More

Many Palm m500 series or Sony N or T series handhelds can now be upgraded to 32 MB of RAM, Lexar has a fast 2 GB CompactFlash card on the[...]

PalmSource to Announce Two New Licensees

Two new companies will soon be making devices running the Palm OS. Whether these will be handhelds, smartphones, or some other gadget is not yet known.

Review – Medieval Heroes Version 1.1 by Arcona Magi

Brian emailed me the other day, asking if I'd kindly review a game he'd been playing for a week or so. Not realizing what I was stepping into, I quickly[...]

PDA News – Lands of Shadowgate, Lexar Ships 2GB CF Cards, Mazingo on Palms, Palm Buy One Get One Free, Two New Palm Licensees

Lands of Shadowgate will be out very soon for Pocket PCs and some Smartphones Lexar has begun shipping their new 2GB CF cards Mazingo has announced support for[...]

Early Handhelds Donated to Smithsonian

A collector has donated to the Smithsonian museum a large number of early handheld and wireless devices.

Review – Alien Treasure Quest from AFZane

Alien Treasure Hunt from is a fun, small, and well designed game. When I was first told the game was a Macromedia Flash game I had a preconceived notion[...]

RumorMill™: Pocket PC 2003 Focuses On Wireless

A somewhat more complete picture of what will be included in the next version of this operating system is starting to emerge. According to unconfirmed information, much of the[...]

Personal Server, A New Concept in Mobile Computing

An Intel research team is working on a a device that will allow people to carry their data with them everywhere and use it on any computer they come to.[...]

Details Emerge on Palm OS Gaming Machine – Tapwave Helix

Last week we brought you news that PalmSource had come to terms with two new licensees that would be niche players. Tapwave is the first of these two to come[...]

Review – Palm Zire 71

When Palm Solutions Group released the original Zire, a bargain-basement PDA for technophobes and late-adopters, practically every perpetual naysayer either screamed or laughed over it's ultra-low-end nature. As if the[...]

PDA News – Sony Clie NX60 Discontinued, Free $50 From Handango, Socket Newsletter, Passwords Plus for Mac

The Sony Clie NX60 is gone, prices cut on NX70V Get a free $50 credit with Handango, all you have to do is test drive a sportly little Lexus[...]

PalmSource Announces Second New Licensee

Aceeca is hoping to use the Palm OS to create a new class of products called Industrial Digital Assistants.

Tapwave Announces Palm Powered Handheld for Serious Gamers

People who primarily use their handheld for playing games will soon have a device designed with them in mind. Unlike other portable gaming devices, the Helix will be able[...]

Color hiptop Available Next Month

As part of a general trend, a color version of the hiptop wireless handheld will soon be released. It will also have more memory, a faster processor, and a[...]

Palm OS Developers Get Better Tools

PalmSource has made a series of announcements at its developer seminar aimed at making the process of writing Palm OS software easier and more profitable. It is hoping this[...]

Sony Drops Prices for NX Series

Sony has cut $100 from the prices of some of its high-end models. Is this a sign that replacements will be announced soon?

BrightBytes™: ActiveSync 3.7, Recharging Sled, Dell, and More

There's a new version of Microsoft’s synchronization software, Palm will soon begin offering a sled to recharge its handhelds, get the latest on pricing for the Axim, and more.

Brighthand Reports from the PalmSource Developer Seminar

According to David Nagel, CEO of PalmSource, the handheld market is “alive and kicking.” And soon it will rumbling as well, thanks to a Palm Powered handheld gaming device expected[...]

Review – Tungsten T Slipper Case by Bellagio

Don't get me wrong I love my Palm Tungsten T but finding the proper protection for my 'baby' has been my personal quest since the day[...]

PDA News – ActiveSync 3.7, Color Hiptop/Sidekick, The Other Palm OS Licensee, More PalmSource, Much More…

Microsoft has almost covertly released ActiveSync 3.7 CNet is reporting the Color Sidekick release is within the month Aceeca Limited has licensed the Palm OS to make industrial[...]

Danger Color Hiptop (T-Mobile Sidekick)

The color version of Danger’s data-centric device should be released this summer.

iPAQ and Clie Versions of Stowaway XT Coming Soon

The new version of the Stowaway folding keyboard that is even more portable than the original will soon be available for some HP and Sony models.

BrightBytes™: Mark/Space, Mio339, MMS, and More

Mark/Space has released an app that allows Palm OS users to send a receive faxes and another that gives Mac OS X users more features when synchronizing with Palm OS[...]

Palm OS 6 Not Coming Out Until Mid-2004

CNet is reporting that Palm OS 6 will not come out this year as many have expected - Albert Chu, PalmSource's vice president of business development, said in an interview[...]

PDA News – Stowaway XT For HP and Clie, CF WiFi $30, More Tapwave, Bunch of Game News

Clie and iPAQ owners are getting the best portable keyboard on the market Pick up a Netgear CF WiFi card for $30 after rebate More details on the[...]

PDA News – Tungsten T Patch, Blue Zire, iPAQ Update, Intellisync AOL Beta

Palm has released an update for the Palm Tungsten T The most popular PDA is now Blue and a Palm Store exclusive A free software update for iPAQ's[...]

BrightBytes™: Tungsten T, JotMobile, MyBible 3.0 and More

Palm posts an update for the Tungsten T; Rumor of unlimited GPRS for $25 from AT&T Wireless; JotMobile announces Digital Sales Assistant for Palm; and Laridian releases MyBible 3.0

New On The Go Charger From Palm

Palm gets a lot of crap, some of it even from me, but this new product seems like a great idea. There are many different ways to charge your PDA[...]

PDA News – Gateway PDA, NEC MobilePro P900, 20% of Vaja, Tapwave Video, AOL 2 for Pocket PC

Gateway prepping a PDA? is confirming NEC's plans to release the P900 this month Vaja has a 20% off sale The Palm OS gaming machine has[...]

So Where Are the New Axims?

Dell company executives were willing to talk last year about upcoming Axim models. Now many are wondering when these will be available.

Steve Bush’s PalmSource Trip Diary

A few days in San Francisco covering the PalmSource Developer Seminar should do anyone good, even Brighthand founder Steve Bush.

Review – VersaMail 2.5 by Palm Software Group

After spending about two weeks using VersaMail 2.5, this program has become an important part of my PDA use. I had long ago given up working with email on my[...]

PDA News – Samsung i700, Nexio Available, WiFi News

It seems the Samsung i700 is trickling into Verizon stores Can't wait for the Samsung Nexio to come to the US? You don't have to T-Mobile WiFi cheaper,[...]

BrightBytes™: Mobile Sniffer, Samsung i700, and pdaGolfPro

Sniff out wireless intruders with Mobile Sniffer; Samsung's i700 Pocket PC Phone arrives at Verizon; and Improve your golf game with pdaGolfPro

Pocket PC’s Brewing SDIO Crisis

Lack of universal drivers may seriously hamper the ability to use SDIO peripherals with all Pocket PCs. That is, unless a solution can be found soon.

Recap of the PalmSource Developer Seminar

PalmSource used its only major U.S. event for this year to make a number of important announcements, including two interesting new licensees.

Review – Palm Tungsten C

The Palm Tungsten C is the best PDA I've used in a long time. It's also the worst. Why the duplicity? For professional users who want WiFi access and an[...]

PDA News – The Ultimate Battery Charger, Replay Radio Launched, New Clickgamer Game, iPAQ Rumors

Mobility Electronics has released iGo which is a very impressive battery charger Applian has released a Tivo-like service for radio on your PC and Pocket PC Clickgamer is[...]

NEC MobilePro P900

Engineered for the enterprise, the new NEC MobilePro 900 is the fastest, easiest to use handheld PC (HP/C) solution available today. Priced at $899, the MobilePro 900 offers a nearly[...]

BrightBytes™: Replay Radio, AOL, Cryptonomicon, and More

New version of Replay Radio from Applian; AOL client for Pocket PC released; Register for the Palm Government Webinar; Get your FREE Pocket PC; Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon available as eBook;[...]

Sony: We’ll Do A Handheld Gaming Device Too

Just a week after startup Tapwave offered a sneak peek at its Palm Powered handheld for adult gamers, Sony announces that it will bring a handheld gaming device to the[...]

Review – ClearTouch Screen Protectors from Boxwave

Screen protectors are a love/hate issue for most PDA users. Either you can't live without them, or you despise and distrust them. The most common complaint I've seen about using[...]

PDA News – New Cases From Sena, PowerPoint for Treo, New PDA Processor

Sena is releasing a new Tungsten T case and has a sale on many more Mobility Electronics has released Pitch Solo for Treo MediaQ is set to release[...]

One-on-One with PalmSource CEO David Nagel

Brighthand founder Steve Bush sat down with PalmSource CEO David Nagel at the PalmSource Developer Seminar in San Mateo to discuss software developers, wireless, Palm OS 6, and what comes[...]

Brighthand more popular than Coke, Pepsi and Elvis, says Alexa

Updated According to Internet researcher Alexa and popular search engine Google's PageRank feature, Brighthand is more popular than other handheld sites, and, and too!

Review – Wireless PDA Keyboard from Belkin

With Bluetooth keyboards edging towards the category of vaporware, infrared remains the sole choice for broadly compatible mobile keyboards. Belkin's newest offering, the Wireless PDA Keyboard, is intended to make[...]

What’s up at More than a few things…

I thought it appropriate to give you all a heads up on a few things happening on the site and elsewhere...and ask for more help on our editorial team.

PDA News – Samsung i700 FAQ, WorldMate Professional, Mapopolis Bluetooth GPS Package

Pocket PC Passion has started a detailed FAQ for the i700 WorldMate now has a professional version with expanded and new features Mapopolis has a new bundle for[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Samsung SCH-i700 Pocket PC Phone

Contributing writer Steve White gets "hands-on" with Samsung's new i700 Pocket PC Phone, available from Verizon Wireless.

Future Kyocera Smartphones to use Opera

Kyocera has announced that it will include Opera's Smartphone Edition in upcoming products, bringing full Web access on a mobile device to Asia for the first time.

Gateway Eyes New Markets…including PDAs

Gateway CEO Ted Waitt looks to tranform Gateway into the next Dell, which includes a foray into the world of PDAs, specifically Pocket PCs.

T-Mobile Hangs Up Smartphone Plans…Or Does It?

Updated According to Reuters, T-Mobile has scraped its plans to release a cellphone powered by Microsoft's Smartphone software at this time. However, Microsoft insists that a T-Mobile Smartphone is[...]

Review – Ramparts from Click Gamer

Ramparts is a PocketPC game that could be mistaken for a Game Boy advanced game and has a fun sound track that will wake you up better than a grand[...]

PDA News – T-Mobile Drops Smartphone, Dell Earnings, CES Dates Set, New Screen Protectors, Pet Store Game

T-Mobile has decided not to release a Microsoft powered Smartphone Dell has produced its best first quarter ever The best Consumer Electronics show in the US has confirmed[...]

NEC Unveils MobilePro 990 Handheld PC

Just when we were convinced that there'd be no more devices based on the Handheld PC platform, NEC comes along and quietly unveils its MobilePro 990.

Review – Beyond Contacts from Dataviz

I have long used a combination of PocketMirror, DateBk5, Today, and the Palm Address Book to meet all my contact/appointment/task tracking and Outlook synchronization needs. When DataViz announced the release[...]

Palm Launches Trade-In Program

The Palm Store is offering to send $50 to anyone who buys one of its latest models and then sends in an old but still functional handheld.

Palm Cuts Tungsten T by $50

Palm has dropped the price of what was once its flagship handheld to the point where it is now a mid-range model. Is this a sign that a replacement[...]

BrightBytes™: PPC Phone Edition, Intel, RPG, and More

Legend is working on a Pocket PC Phone Edition device that looks more like a smartphone; Intel is capturing a growing share of the handheld microprocessor market; an impressive role[...]

MediaQ to Make Processors For Mobile Devices

Updated MediaQ has launched a family of processors designed to be included in multimedia-oriented handhelds and handsets.

Sharp Announces Two New Clamshell Zaurus Models

The SL-C750 and SL-C760 offer a VGA screen and a keyboard in a surprisingly small package. The new models offer a faster processor than their predecessor and more memory,[...]

Review Strategic Assault for Pocket PC

Strategic Assault is a fast paced real time strategy game for the Pocket PC. Construct bases and capture strategic buildings. Lead your army to victory commanding tanks, helicopters, gunboats, and[...]

PDA News – Pocket PC Powered Mount, Bluetooth Digital Viewer, Clickgamer Game, New Tungsten T Stylus

Akron Resources has relesed a great looking car PPC mount system This is exciting, a wireless digital viewer is in the works Clickgamer is back with another game[...]

ASUSTeK Launches MyPal A620 Pocket PC

A Taiwanese company best known for making handhelds for other companies has released its second Pocket PC under its own name.

Study: Palm’s Tungsten Models Outperform iPAQs in Some Areas

An independent testing lab has confirmed that some Palm Tungsten models are ahead of their Pocket PC competitors in battery life, wireless download speed, and a few other areas.

Achieve-It Goal Defining Software for Pocket PC

Attention procrastinators: Achieve-IT! from Pocket PC Addict promises to help you achieve all your goals, great and small. I count myself as a member of the aforementioned group,[...]

PDA News – GPS on Secure Digital, Palm vs. Pocket PC, Proporta Sale, PPC Motorcycle Game

Want GPS on SD? Details are thin, but such a device is comingA new study shows the Palm Tungsten T and C far outlast and outperform the latest iPAQ's [...]

Palm OS 6 Goes Native

The next release of the Palm operating system, Palm OS 6, promises to give developers the ability to code "close to the hardware" with its support for native ARM code.[...]

SD GPS Receiver Coming Soon

Updated It appears that Matsushita is close to releasing a GPS receiver that connects to the handheld through the SD slot.

Preview – A Pair of Linux PDAs from Sharp

Sharp just announced two additions to the Linux-based Zaurus line, based on the PXA255 XScale processor. Both the SL-C750 and SL-C760, which are initially only slated for release in Japan,[...]

PDA News – HP Financials, Palm Pet Updated, Flash Files on Pocket PC

It seems the HP iPAQ line is keeping the personal systems business unit from losing money Back in the day, I killed some serious Tamagotchi's. Now I can do[...]

PC Card Adapter for Palm Models Available Next Week

The Guyver is a sled for some Palm models that allows them to use Type II PCMCIA cards, especially ones for wireless networking.

BrightBytes™: Symbol, Mapopolis, Synclub, and More

Symbol has introduced a rugged Pocket PC that has built-in wireless VoIP; Mapopolis is now offering a Bluetooth GPS Kit; Synclub is a new Pocket PC software reseller; and more.

Dell Reduces Prices on Axim Line

The Axim X5 Basic and Advance have had their list prices permanently cut by as much as 20%. The company is also offering a 10% reduction off these new[...]

Review – MyBible from Laridian

There are things that you can live without, and then there are things that you can't part ways with. I have to have my wallet at all times. I also[...]

Dell Cuts Axim Prices For Good, Adds 10% Off Also!

For anyone waiting on the sidelines to buy an Axim, the wait is over. Not only have the prices been permanently cut, Dell has continued the 10% off sale. The[...]

PDA News: Wireless Palm Expansion Pack, Medieval Heroes, Software Awards

Hotsynco.Com.Hk has announced the release of a new expansion sled for Palm devices that will allow users to attach multiple communication devices via PCMCIA Type II Cards (pics) Medieval[...]

Is the N-Gage Doomed?

Nokia’s combination game player and mobile phone won’t be available for months but many in the gaming industry already have serious doubts about it.

Future Versions of NetFront to be Flash-Enabled

ACCESS Co. today announced an agreement to integrate Macromedia Flash support into its NetFront Web browser.

Review of tkcPlayer from The Kompany

tkcPlayer is a replacement audio player for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5x00 series. It can play MP3 and Ogg files, and includes an extensive play list editor. It is a stylish[...]

Toshiba Launches New SecureDigital Bluetooth Card

Toshiba has begun selling their second SecureDigital Bluetooth card, in Europe anyway. The card supports Pocket PC and the most versions of Windows. It is priced at a reasonable 67[...]

PDA News – Pocket PC Software Club, NetFront Getting Flash, Generals Updated

SynClub is a membership-based PPC software club, ofering big discounts NetFront has announced plans to support Flash in the near future ClickGamer's Battle of the Generals has been[...]

BrightBytes™: Software Awards, Fossil, ZiPCAD, and More

The finalists for the Handango Champion Awards have been announced; the Fossil Wrist PDA is available for a fire sale price; ZiPCAD is a new CAD program for the Palm[...]

Revolutionary Display Technologies Closer to Reality

Researchers have recently demonstrated prototypes of new types of displays that have the potential to radically change future handhelds.

Zire Sales Pass One Million Units

Palm's $99 Zire handheld, introduced in October 2002, recently passed the one million mark in units sold, making it one of the fatest selling handhelds ever.

Two New Clies Debut in Japan

Sony Japan has announced two new Clie handhelds, the PEG-NX80V and the PEG-NX73V. These are expected to be available in the U.S. in the next few months.

PDA News: Flexible Batteries, Reusable Screen Protectors, Duke Nukem

VoltaFlex claims it will be able to produce paper thin batteries with 2 - 4 times the life expectancy of todays lithium-ion batteries in our PDAs. Don't throw away[...]

Sony Releases Two New Clies – PEG-NX73V and PEG-NX80V

UPDATED - Sony Japan has released two new Clies which is a refresh of the NX70 series. Both models feature a 200 MHz processor, Palm OS 5, cameras, CF slots[...]

Samsung SPH-i500 Released on Sprint PCS – Sort Of…

The Samsung SPH-i500 is now showing up on the Sprint PCS web site. It's status is "temporarily sold out" which means it's coming soon, they just have very little or[...]

PDA News – One Billion Zire’s, Adobe 3.0 for Palm, SJ33 Hard Case, Much More…

Errr, one million Zire's that is Adobe has released v3 of their Palm reader Innopocket has released a hard case for the Clie SJ33 Much More...

Sony Cuts Prices on Clie Handhelds

Sony is offering several incentives to buy its Clie handhelds, including lower prices, free shipping and a free leather case with some models.

RIM Loses Another Round in Wireless Email Patent Dispute

According to Reuters, a U.S. District Court judge in Virginia has ordered Research In Motion (RIM) to pay NTP Software nearly $9 million in damages for infringing on NTP's wireless[...]

BrightBytes™: FoneDB, Mazingo, ThemeDream 3.0 and More

SYWARE releases first database for Smartphones; Manzingo brings short films to small devices; Palm Tip Sheet #42 available; and Applian's ThemeDream enhances your Pocket PC Today screen

Sony Offers Sneak Peek of Future Clie Handheld

At a press conference in Japan, a Sony executive offers a glimpse at a future clamshell-style Clie.

Palm Tip Sheet #42 Released

The Palm Tip Sheet #42 has just been released. This edition includes a detailed article on the rise and fall of HandEra and a great interview with Astraware s CEO[...]

Fujitsu-Siemens To Release Two New Loox Pocket PCs

The first Loox by Fujitsu was quite appealing, although it was a dificult find in the US. The first unit will feature both Bluetooth and WiFi built in, the second[...]

Wireless Pocket Loox Models Coming Soon

Fujitsu-Siemens is preparing two new handhelds in its Pocket Loox line, both of which will have wireless networking capabilities.

Palm Brings VoIP to Tungsten C

Palm partners with several technology companies to bring Wi-FI products and services, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and enhanced wireless security, to Tungsten C handheld users.

NEW Pocket PCs: HP iPaq 1930, iPaq 1940, HP iPaq 2200 (Pictures)

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has reviewed the HP iPaq 1930, HP iPaq 1940 series, and HP iPaq 2200 Pocket PC devices and placed the user manuals and pictures on[...]

New HP iPaq 2200 and 1930/1940 Pictures

IPaq 2200 Pics iPaq 1930 / 1940 Pics

Palm Announces Voice Over IP (VoIP) Support for the Tungsten C

I alluded to Voice Over IP (VoIP) this in my review, and very soon it will be reality. Palm is working with VL Inc. to bring this service to market[...]

Review – DataViewer with World Book Encyclopedia

So how much information do you need in the 'palm' of your hand? If space is not an issue and your local library and Internet are unavailable, then trying to[...]

PDA News – Future of PPC 2003, Quest of the Hero II, Astraware Gets Smart

Pocket PC 2003 should be released in June. One of the best Palm RPG games has gotten better with an expansion pack. Astraware has released some of their[...]

SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Cards Delayed Again

SanDisk says the wireless networking cards it is working on won’t be available until later than expected. Fortunately, it isn’t the only company working on these.

RumorMill™: Pocket PC 2003 Coming June 23rd

According to a source in the handheld industry, Pocket PC 2003, the upcoming version of Microsoft's operating system for handheld devices, will be launched on June 23.

BrightBytes™: Pocket Quicken, WiFinder, and Adobe Reader v3

New version of LandWare's Pocket Quicken for Pocket PC; Find Hot-Spots with WiFinder; and Abode Reader v3 for Palm OS now available.

Review – Replay Radio from Applian

Replay Radio is an application designed to capture internet streaming audio, and reprocess it into a conveniently portable form--perfect for providing music, news, and talk to mobile device users. Contest – Win A Free SynClub Membership

Synclub is a new, revolutionary subscriber based PocketPC software store that features discounts on favorite PocketPC titles. Synclub is different than traditional software stores as titles featured on Synclub are[...]