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SmartPhone Articles for May of 2004

Below are the 123 SmartPhone articles for May of 2004

Microsoft Reorganizes Mobile Devices Division

Microsoft has combined its division that creates Windows Mobile with the one that creates Windows CE.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

New game releases this week include HellFire, MicroQuad, Apache vs. Hind, Bubble Shooter, and SeaWar Multiplayer.

Microsoft Adding New Gaming Capabilities to Windows Mobile

Microsoft is going to build Direct 3D Mobile into the next version of Windows Mobile to encourage game developers to create titles for Windows powered handhelds and smart phones.

Review Playskool Magic Screen Palm Size Learner

If you thought palmOne owned the entry-level PDA market with their Zire line watch out for this latest effort from Playskool. While not the most functional PDA on the market,[...]

Abidia Wireless Brings eBay to RIM BlackBerry

Abidia 2.5 adds support for the RIM BlackBerry handheld. This eBay auction tracking application already supported the Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS.

Is Toshiba Exiting the Handheld Market?

Despite denials from Toshiba, rumors persist that it has quietly pulled out of the U.S. market.

Virtual Laser Keyboard Now Available (Updated)

The iBiz Virtual Keyboard attaches to handhelds and uses a laser to project the image of a full-size keyboard onto the surface of the desk where the handheld is placed,[...]

PDA and Tech Deals 5/3/04 – 5/4/04

Toshiba e405 Handheld Pocket PC $200 Free Shipping on new Palms from Palm.comHP iPAQ 2215 Pocket PC $314 shipped Viking 128MB CompactFlash Card for $17 With Free ShippingNavman GPS[...]

Sony Ericsson Preparing “Layla” the P900 Replacement

Word is starting to leak out that Sony Ericsson is prepping a new Smartphone, dubbed Layla, to replace the P900 as early as 3Q this year. The early images look[...]

Popular Science Predicts Handhelds, Laptops Will Merge

Popular Science has published a description of the handheld of the future, a wireless device that will perform the duties of PDA, videophone, and laptop.

RumorMill™: Sony Ericsson Developing P900 Replacement

The first details have leaked out about the successor to Sony Ericsson's P900 smartphone.

Garmin Unveils cf Que Module for Pocket PC

Garmin has announced the cf Que 1620, a Compact Flash peripheral that adds GPS functionality to Pocket PC devices. It offers a flip-up antenna and 64 MB of built-in memory[...]

PDA News – CompactFlash on TH55, ‘Alu-leather’, iPaq 5550 discontinued?

Hack a Sony CF sled for the TH55 Aluminum/leather hybrid cases from Proporta Rumor: iPaq 5550 reclassified as 'end of life' NavMan rebadges Mio 168 for sale[...]

Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 Linux PDA Review

The new Zaurus SL-6000 from Sharp is a versatile, linux-based PDA incorporating an Intel XScale (PXA255) CPU at 400 MHz. In some respects it is a hybrid of the Zaurus[...]

Motorola MPx Will Have an Unusual Memory Arrangement

Additional details have come to light about Motorola's upcoming cellular-wireless handheld. It uses a new memory arrangement that might be the model for future Pocket PCs.

Brighthand Reviews the Veo Photo Traveler 130S Camera

If you would like to add a camera to your Pocket PC, one possibility is the Veo Photo Traveler 130S.

Study Says Bluetooth Entering the Mainstream

Market research firm In-Stat/MDR says Bluetooth-enabled devices are poised to enter the mainstream.

PDA and Tech Deals 5/5/04 – 5/6/04

Zire 72 and Zire 31 on Sale at and and Free Shipping 15% Off Dell Axim X3i with Free Shipping and Free Retro Atari Game Card updateViking[...]

Dell Axims Getting Windows Mobile SE Updates

A moderator on Dell's official forums has announced that the company will release Windows Mobile SE updates for some existing Axim models.

Some Users Unhappy with Latest Version of Palm Desktop

Some users have reported synchronization problems with the latest version of Palm Desktop from palmOne.

palmOne Shares Soar on Dell Acquisition Rumor

Shares of palmOne rose more than 12% yesterday based on rumors that Dell is interested in acquiring the Milpitas, CA handheld device maker.

PDA News – Laser keyboard, Bluetooth again, Dell to offer 2003SE upgrade?

iBIZ starts shipping laser projection keyboard Bluetooth poised to go mainstream--yeah, right Report: Dell to offer Axims upgrade to Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Garmin produces CF[...]

Dell to Buy palmOne?

A report that alluded to anecdotal evidence that Dell may be interested in buying palmOne, has the PDA world in quite a stir.

Symbian OS Shows Dramatic Growth

Symbian Limited says that, during the first three months of this year, its licensees shipped more than double the number of Symbian devices they had in the same quarter last[...]

Vaja Case for Sony TH55 Coming Soon

Vaja has announced a new leather case for the Sony Clie TH55 handheld.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Fish Tycoon and 6th Gear were released this week; Astraware ported some of its classic games to to Windows Mobile Smartphone; and more.

Will The Handheld Market Soon Be A Two-Horse Race?

According to marketing guru Al Ries, in the long run, every market becomes a two-horse race. Coke and Pepsi. Hertz and Avis. Gerber and Beechnut. Will the same soon be[...]

iPAQs Launched into Orbit

HP has announced that some of its iPAQ Pocket PCs are being used in space aboard the International Space Station.

PDA and Tech Deals for Weekend 5/7/04 – 5/9/04

Belkin Bluetooth GPS Receiver $100 Price drop to $174.99 After RebateDell Biz 20% Off Software and Accessories Offer 10% Off Coupon CodeZire 72 and Zire 31 on Sale[...]

Daxian Telecom CU928

Daxian Telecom has announced CU928 CDMA device based on Microsoft’s Windows Pocket PC Phone edition for sale in China. The CU928 is powered by an Intel PAX265 400MHz processor and[...]

JVC Talks About Their PDA Again

JVC recently announced a new ultra portable notebook for the US market. While that doesn't impact PDA users a whole lot, as an afterthought, they commented on the future of[...]

JVC Still Thinking Over its Pocket PC Plans

Although JVC said in 2003 it was going to release a line of Pocket PCs in the first half of this year, a JVC spokesperson said recently that his company[...]

Inside the palmOne Zire 72

As with all PDAs that have wireless radios, the palmOne Zire 72 had to receive FCC approval prior to any units being sold in the US. Part of that documentation[...]

Web Stores Offer Good Prices on Memory Cards

Removable memory cards provide much needed room for additional applications and files. These can be usually be found online for less than what they sell for in retail stores.

Sony Preparing Ultra Small Portable PC (Updated)

Sony is going to release in Japan a PC small enough that it can almost be used as a handheld.

RumorMill™: Treo 610 Coming this Fall

According to new information, palmOne won't release an updated version of its popular Treo 600 smartphone for several months.

PDA and Tech Deals for 5/10/04 – 5/11/04

512MB Secure Digital Card $100.00 With Free ShippingBelkin Bluetooth GPS Receiver $100 Price drop to $174.99 After RebateCompUSA has up to 25% off With Coupon + Penny Shipping on $150[...]

New palmOne Treo Units in September?

According to a report from DigiTimes, High Tech Computer (HTC) is close to winning an award to produce the upgrade of the Treo 600. Whether or not this unit turns[...]

PDA News – Palm DOS, iPaqs in Space, Upcoming Treo update

MS-DOS emulation on Palm iPaqs in space Treo 600 to get 'major' software overhaul this week BSquare Power Handheld review

New Windows Mobile SE Handhelds Expected Soon

The next generation of Pocket PCs is about to hit the market. Many of these will take advantage of Windows Mobile's new capabilities, including offering VGA screens.

palmOne Unifying Bundled Software

palmOne plans to have the same software sets on its handhelds and smartphones by the end of this year.

Tapwave Zodiac Coming to a Store Near You

Today, Tapwave announced that the Zodiac and some of its most popular game titles will be sold in stores nationwide.

Review – Crystal Clear Cases by Proporta

How many of you have suffered the heart-sickening experience of watching your PDA slip out of your hand, or your purse, or your brief case to bounce from a nearby[...]

Spb Software House Updates Pocket Plus

Pocket Plus 2.0 addresses the shortcomings of the Windows Mobile operating system through enhancements to the existing system, including the ability to easily close running applications and improvements to Pocket[...]

FCC Approves Audiovox Pocket PC Phone

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put its stamp of approval on the Audiovox PPC4100, a new cellular-wireless Pocket PC.

PDA and Tech Deals 5/12/04 – 5/13/04 $35 Off Coupon Code for $250+ Orders and 10% - 15% Off PDAs + Digital Cameras -- Zire 72 for $234.10! Free Shipping.$20 Off Coupon Code at OfficeDepot.comKingston[...]

Review – LexSpell: A Hit-or-Miss Spell Checker for Palm

Spell-checking on a Palm OS device would be a great program to have in this day of fast and faster emails, documents, and messages written with Graffiti or similar programs,[...]

Number of Portable Gamers Set to Almost Double by 2009

According to a report from Jupiter Research, the number of handheld gamers is projected to almost double over the next five years.

Data Evolution Developing New Windows CE Laptop

Data Evolution Corporation has announced plans to release the Cathena, a laptop that will run the latest Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system.

ASUS Releases Wi-Fi Update for A716

ASUS has posted on its support site an update for the MyPal A716 which fixes a small problem with its Wi-Fi software.

palmOne Struggling to Meet Demand for Treo 600

palmOne has one significant problem with its flagship smartphone: it can't get enough parts to meet customer demand.

PDA News – Laser keyboard not shipping, Tapwave gets retail, Warfare Inc

iBIZ backpedals; laser keyboard not shipping Tapwave gets retail presence Warfare Inc. gets new features New SPOT watch content

palmOne Releases Treo 600 Updater

palmOne has released a software update for the Treo 600's on the Sprint PCS network. Fixes include a better web and email experience, improved audio capabilities and other enhancements designed[...]

PowerPlay Grip Enhances the Zodiac Gaming Experience

The PowerPlay for Tapwave Zodiac is an upcoming accessory that will turn the handheld into a full-size video game controller.

Say Goodbye to Sleeves and Hello to a New Generation of iPAQs

According to information leaked to Brighthand, HP is giving up on the expansion sleeve concept and is committed to producing smaller handhelds in 2004.

palmOne Updates Treo 600 for Sprint Users

palmOne has released an update for the Sprint PCS version of the Treo 600. This makes a number of improvements to the functioning of this smartphone. palmOne is expected to[...]

PDA News – New Loox models, Asus WiFi patch, Handango finalists

New Fujitsu Loox 410 and 420 to have Bluetooth, optional WiFi Asus issues WiFi patch for A716 Handango Champion award finalists

PDA and Tech Deals for Weekend 5/14/04 – 5/16/04

Sony CLIE UX40 $299 with Free Shipping updateToshiba e405 Color Pocket PC Handheld $199.99 Netgear Wireless 802.11g Router + Card $59.74 with Free Shipping at AmazonKingston 256MB CompactFlash Card $28.99[...]

PDA News – Smartpad, Axim deals, New iPaqs?

WinCE based tablet/phone by Zupera Up to 25% off Axim X3, X3i Report: New iPaq models?

Dell Releases Details of Upcoming Axim X30

Dell's Australia Business site has committed the ultimate sin. They've spilled the beans on the new Axim X30 most likely before they should have. The Axim X30 looks just like[...]

Weekly Gaming Roundup

DOOM II for Tapwave Zodiac was released this week. In addition, there's a new emulator from Code Jedi, new games from Astraware, an update to Pocket Commodore 64, and[...]

Missing Sync Updated to Support Additional Pocket PCs

The new version of Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Pocket PC features support for new Pocket PC devices such as the Toshiba e400 and e800, along with other new features.

Asus MyPal A730

It’s time to leave behind your notebook, digital camera, MP3 player and voice recorder The ASUS MyPal A730 is one device to replace all. A professional yet stylish design and[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Latest Sony Clies

Sony’s recently released two new handhelds. These show a new commitment from the company to offer wireless networking at lower prices. The company has also built cameras into these models.[...]

New Details on the iPAQ hx4700

According to unconfirmed information, the iPAQ hx4700 will be the first HP handheld with a VGA screen. It will also include two types of wireless networking and dual memory card[...]

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Will Hit the Market Next Month (Updated)

A keyboard that will be usable with most Bluetooth equiped handhelds and smartphones will be coming next month from Think Outside.

PDA and Tech Deals 5/17/04 – 5/18/04

Dell Axim 25% Off coupon code, $87.25 off Dell Axim X3i = $261.75 totalSony CLIE UX40 $299 with Free ShippingApple iPod Mini $15 Price Drop at Amazon.comHP PhotoSmart 7960 Printer[...]

HP iPAQ Hx4700 Details Leaked

More details about the HP iPAQ Hx4700 have been released thanks to iPAQabilities, including a small picture. If this report is accurate, not only will the Hx4700 feature a 4"[...]

Dell Axim X30 (312MHz)

Expanding Dell s Award winning Axim line with the new Axim X30 handheld for corporate customers and consumers focused on a small form factor and wireless connectivity at a terrific[...]

Dell Axim X30 Wireless (312MHz)

Expanding Dell s Award winning Axim line with the new Axim X30 handheld for corporate customers and consumers focused on a small form factor and wireless connectivity at a terrific[...]

Dell Axim X30 Wireless (624MHz)

Expanding Dell s Award winning Axim line with the new Axim X30 handheld for corporate customers and consumers focused on a small form factor and wireless connectivity at a terrific[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Dell Axim X30

The Axim X30 is an updated version of one of Dell's earlier models, the X3i. Like its predecessor, the new model offers Wi-Fi and a good amount of memory in[...]

Brighthand Reviews Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

The first Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 is out, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us his impressions of the new version of Microsoft's handheld operating system.

Dell Introduces the First Windows Mobile SE Pocket PCs

Dell today introduced three new Axim Pocket PCs with the latest Intel Xscale processors and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. Two of these models offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth[...]

Yahoo! Messenger Now for the Danger hiptop

Danger, Inc. and Yahoo! have developed a mobile instant messaging client for Danger's hiptop wireless handheld.

GoodLink for Microsoft Windows Mobile Phone Edition Released

Good Technology has officially released GoodLink for Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition.

PalmSource and RIM Demo BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS

PalmSource CEO David Nagel demonstrated BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS during his keynote presentation at a wireless tradeshow this morning.

Dell Releases not One, But Three Flavors of the Axim X30

Today Dell announced three new Axim X30 PDAs. They look identical to the X3 series, but don't let that fool you. The high end unit features a 624 MHz processor[...]

Dell Axim X30 Review

The Dell Axim X30, Dell's newest Pocket PC and successor to the X3i, packs a 624 MHz PXA270 processor, dual wireless, and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition into a single[...]

Roundup of Seven Upcoming iPAQ Pocket PCs

Word has leaked out of HP on all the new iPAQ models expected later this year. These range from the first VGA iPAQ to low-cost consumer models.

PDA and Tech Deals 5/19/04 – 5/20/04

Office Depot: PalmOne Zire 72 Bluetooth PDA $249 and Shipped FreeOffice Depot: PalmOne Tungsten E $155 and Shipped FreeSony CLIE UX40 $299 with Free ShippingKingston 256MB SD Card $38 after[...]

HP iPaq New Devices Revealed

Dell was able to keep the Axim X30 under wraps until the week of the release without any leaks, HP is apparently not so good at covering things up as[...]

NetFront Browser for Series 60 Updated

ACCESS has released an updated version of the NetFront browser for Nokia Series 60 devices.

Spb Software Kicks off Extended Theme Design Contest

Spb Software House has started a contest to reward the maker of the best Extended Theme. Prizes total up to $1,000.

Toshiba e800 to Gain Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 2003

Toshiba France has announced plans to refresh the current e800 with Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. They have also promised to give the WM SE update to current[...]

palmOne Needs a Low-Cost Treo

Although palmOne has had a great deal of success in the U.S. with its Treo 600, Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief believes it needs to quickly broaden its smartphone line with an entry-level[...]

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Top gaming news this week includes Battle Dwarves for Pocket PC, Solitaire Studio, and a version of Legacy for Symbian UIQ.

Will There Be a Killer App for the Wireless Internet?

IDC says it is too early to predict whether one single application will drive the success of the wireless Internet.

palmOne Wins Graffiti Lawsuit

palmOne has just announced that Xerox's lawsuit claiming Graffiti infringes on Unicode has been dismissed.

PDA and Tech Deals 5/21/04 – 5/22/04

Office Depot: PalmOne Zire 72 Bluetooth PDA $249 and Shipped FreeOffice Depot: PalmOne Tungsten E $155 and Shipped FreeNetgear 802.11b Cable/DSL Wireless Router $10 After RebateMotorola MPx200 Windows Mobile SmartPhone[...]

Think Outside To Release Portable Bluetooth Keyboard in June

Come June, promises and prayers will finally come to fruition. Think Outside, widely regarded as the best portable keyboard manufacturer, will release a Bluetooth keyboard in June for $150. So[...]

Palm Reader Renamed eReader

The popular ebook application Palm Reader has been renamed eReader. A new web site has been launched for it, as well.

PDA News – PPC Tools hacked, PalmOne wins Grafitti suit, Palm Digital Media name change

PocketPC Tools site hacked PalmOne wins suit; Xerox patent invalid Palm Digital Media to become eReader

AT&T to Carry New Audiovox Wireless Pocket PC

The Audiovox PPC 4100 will be available from AT&T Wireless next month.

JAVOedge Offers New Accessories for the Zire 31

JAVOedge has released a mini sync cable and screen protector for the palmOne Zire 31.

Wi-Fi SD Card with 256 MB of Storage Coming Next Month

The very first SD card to include both memory and Wi-Fi will hit the market soon.

PDA News – e800 upgrades, PC on PocketPC, Danger in Austria

e800 2003SE upgrade schedule? PC emulator for PocketPC; capable of running Win98 Danger Hiptop in Austria

Audiovox Announces PPC4100 for AT&T Wireless

Audiovox has finally confirmed that AT&T Wireless will be the first carrier to support the PPC4100. AT&T has been lagging far behind other wireless carriers in support of integrated devices[...]

palmOne and TomTom Team Up for Bluetooth GPS

palmOne has just announced plans to begin offering a Bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver in June.

The Legal Wars

Legal wranglings are threatening to destroy several key handheld technologies. Can we learn to get along?

HP Brings Wi-Fi Protected Access to iPAQ h5550

HP has released a pair of software updates for some of its older Wi-Fi enabled iPAQ models.

PDA and Tech deals for 5/24/04 – 5/25/04

Dell Axim X30 312MHz Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Pocket PC $30 off + Free ShippingZire 72 and Zire 31 on Sale at and + Free Shipping $25[...]

palmOne and TomTom Join to Provide Bluetooth GPS Navigator (pics)

palmOne is turning handhelds into personal and vehicle navigation solutions using a Bluetooth technology-enabled navigator paired easily with the Tungsten T3 and Zire 72 handhelds.  Using software from TomTom, a[...]

PDA News – SD combo card, Renaissance stylus, Mini memory cards

SDIO WiFi/memory card makes long-awaited debut Stylus/pen with multiple personalities SanDisk launches new, tiny memory cards Software updates for KeySuite, PalmBible+

Rumors of the palmOne Treo 660 are False

The palmOne Treo 600 is quite popular and people are begging for the improvements promised by the oft-rumored Treo 610. Well someone got tired of waiting and created a completely[...]

palmOne Readying Wi-Fi SD Card for Two Recent Models

Although details are still sketchy, it is now clear that palmOne is preparing to release a Wi-SD card for the Tungsten T3 and Zire 72.

Second Company Preparing 802.11g Solution for Handhelds

Agere Systems has announced a small 802.11g Wi-Fi module specifically designed for handhelds and other portable electronics.

Windows Mobile 2003 SE Update Now Available for Toshiba e800

Toshiba Europe has posted on its web site a Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition update for its e800/e805.

PDA and Tech Deals for 5/26/04 – 5/27/04

$20 Off Coupon Code at, One Day Only Get Free Shipping and -$20 on Dell 624MHz Axim X30Dell Axim X30 312MHz Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Pocket PC $30 off +[...]

Toshiba e800 and e805 Get Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 2003 SE Updates

Toshiba has released the new e800 BT in many European countries which includes Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (in most cases). They have also subtly made available for[...]

Sketchy Details Emerge Regarding a Possible palmOne Secure Digital WiFi Card

A picture has been posted at PDA 24/7 that shows a "palmOne Wi-Fi Card." There are no other details like pricing or potential release date and any other evidence surrounding[...]

Handheld Screen That’s Also a Scanner Being Shown to the World

On display at a tradeshow this week are several innovative screens. This includes a prototype screen that not only acts as a color display, it can also capture images. Also[...]

Sena Announces Several New Clie, Toshiba Cases

Sena Cases is taking pre-orders for new carrying cases for several handhelds, including the Sony Clie TJ27, TJ37, TH55, and the Toshiba e800 Series.

SmartMovie Now Available For Palm OS 5 Devices

SmartMovie is a video player for handheld devices. A desktop PC conversion program is also included.

Web Founder Against Mobile-Only Domain

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the technology behind the World Wide Web, is opposed to a plan to create a Top Level Domain for web sites that are intended solely[...]

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PDA News – Mobile 802.11g, iPaq updates, Berners-Lee says ‘no’ to mobile TLD

Agere produces faster, lower-power handheld WiFi iPaq 5450, 5550 WLAN update Berners-Lee says 'no' to mobile TLD

OQO Model 01 – PDA and Notebook Computer Hybrid Device (Pics)

OQO is a San Francisco based company started by former employees from both Apple and IBM. In January at the CES show in Las Vegas OQO unveiled a working[...]

Weekly Gaming Roundup

New Games for Palm OS and Pocket PC include TetriBox, Snake, Gamebox Solitaire II, and more.

PDA News – Cameraless Treo, Larger backups, Bluetooth keyboard

Camera-less Treo 600 launching on Sprint? 128 MB backup card from Proporta Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard, finally

Dell Axim X30 624MHz Units Shipping Next Week

If you re anxiously anticipating the arrival of your new Axim X30, the wait shouldn t be too much longer. The 312MHz units started shipping last week, but the 624MHz[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for Memorial Day Weekend

Sony CLIE TJ27 With Digital Camera $159 After Rebate and Free Shipping Toshiba e405 Color Pocket PC Handheld $199.99, No Rebate needed!Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator for HP iPAQ $78[...]

Review – Facer 2.02 by PocketCraft

A lot of times, when sequels arrive, they are met with a bit of disdain and some been there, done that kind of feeling. Most times, sequels are[...]