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SmartPhone Articles for May of 2005

Below are the 111 SmartPhone articles for May of 2005

Treo 650 Coming to Verizon Wireless Later this Month

According to rumor, the latest smartphone from palmOne will be available in just a week or so from the second largest wireless service provider in the U.S.

Express News Maps and More Information Suite Now Available For Sprint PCS Vision Handsets

With Express, Sprint PCS users with a JAVA-compatible phone can access real-time news, sports, movie times, maps, local city information and more, up to 30 times faster and with 80[...]

Windows Mobile 2005 Expected Next Week

After months of anticipation from eager Pocket PC users, Microsoft is expected to officially unveil next week the latest version of its operating system for handhelds and smartphones, code-named Magneto.[...]

Socket Wi-Fi Companion Simplifies Wireless Networking

The Socket Wi-Fi Companion provides a graphical user interface for managing the wireless functions of a Pocket PC, along with tools to improve the user's experience with wireless connectivity.

Diary of A PDA Journalist

Probably one of the most misunderstood pieces of technology these days are PDAs. The proof: there are models that can be phones; many that can play music; some that can[...]

Rough Guides Launches Interactive Digital Map Series

Rough Guides' new Interactive Digital Map series for handhelds and smartphones was created for travelers who want an electronic alternative to fold-out maps.

palmOne’s Next Handheld WILL Be Called the LifeDrive

Despite last month's report, palmOne's next high-end handheld won't be called the Tungsten X. Re-launches with Brand New Look, a ”Feminine Touch”,a web site that offers news and reviews of mobile technology devices and software, has been re-launched with an entirely new look, format and expanded content.

Where’s the Nokia 9300 Smartphone?

The Smartphone has been a tough place to make money. We all know that any PDA company worth anything either has a Smartphone, or otherwise data oriented device, or is[...]

Andre Dahan Joins PalmSource Board of Directors

Andre Dahan, who has more than 30 years of leadership experience in the information technology industry, is now a member of the PalmSource Board of Directors.

BenQ P50 Delayed to This Fall

What was at one time a highly-anticipated cellular-wireless Pocket PC is now perilously close to being labeled "vaporware."

palmOne’s Treo 650 Smartphone Now Available in Venezuela Through Digitel TIM

palmOne has launched the Treo 650 smartphone in Venezuela with Digitel TIM, where it will be able to take advantage of this carrier's EDGE network.

PDA Sales Growth the Highest Ever

Gartner Research has just released some very good news for the PDA industry. According to their count, PDA shipments totaled 3.4 million units in the first quarter of 2005, a[...]

What Mac OS X Tiger Means for Handheld Users

Apple recently released Mac OS X 10.4, which includes significant changes to iSync. This affects users of The Missing Sync, Mark/Space's synchronization software for various types of handhelds.

World’s Smallest Windows Mobile Smartphone Comes to Cingular

The Audiovox SMT5600, which was once offered by AT&T Wireless, is now officially available from Cingular.

HP Preparing Significant ROM Update for iPAQ hx4700

There is strong evidence that a major ROM update for the iPAQ hx4700 series will be available soon.

Worldwide Handheld Shipments Up 25 Percent

Surging sales of Research in Motion's BlackBerry models pushed the handheld market to the best first quarter it has ever had.

Are PDAs Bad For Your Health?

We've all heard about repetitive action injuries and things like Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome. But now doctors are warning that devices like PDAs could be causing similar health problems.

PDA News – BenQ P50 slips, iPaq hw6500, Tapwave DOA

BenQ P50 slips to Q3, outlook not good iPaq hw6500 shows up on HP site Tapwave giving up on direct market [...]

Tapwave Responds to Reports of the End of the Zodiac

Brighthand talks with one of Tapwave's founders about his recent comments that seemed to say that the Zodiac line of handhelds is being phased out.

Amazon Leaks Release Date for the LifeDrive

A major online retailer has jumped the gun and posted a page on palmOne's next high-end handheld before it has been officially announced.

HP Posts iPAQ hw6500 Information in the U.K.

HP's next line-up of cellular-wireless handhelds, the iPAQ hw6500 series, is now listed on two of the company's United Kingdom web sites.

Pocket Quicken 2.5 for Palm OS Now Available

The latest version of LandWare's Pocket Quicken for Palm OS offers a number of significant improvements.

Abidia Announces Third Generation Wireless eBay Access Solution

Abidia Wireless 3.0 is the latest version of this application that gives real-time access to eBay accounts.

BoxWave ‘s New AC Adapter for Car Chargers

The new AC Adapter for Car Chargers allows users to use you car charger with any standard wall outlet

Review – JAVOedge Bluetooth Keyboard

Practically every handheld accessory brand name under the sun has a Bluetooth keyboard available. But the model from JAVOedge may stand a bit out from the crowd.

Treo 650 Serial HotSync Cable Announced by PN Technologies

PN Technologies has released a cable that allows Treo 650 users to Serial HotSync with Windows, Windows NT, and Citrix.

BEIKS Introduces Woman Calendar, Ovulation Tracker for Natural Family Planning

Woman Calendar aims to help women and families practicing Natural Family Planning by enabling them to accurately predict fertility and period cycles.

Universal Bluetooth Gamepad Released

Chainpus announced the BGP100, a Bluetooth gamepad that works with a wide variety of handhelds and smartphones.

palmOne Trying to Create New Category of Mobile-Computing Products

palmOne has long been known as a maker of handhelds and smartphones. Now it also wants to be known as a maker of a new class of portable electronics: the[...]

Concise Columbia Encyclopedia for Pocket PC Version 2.0 Now Available

The latest version Concise Columbia Encyclopedia for Pocket PC has been updated to version 2.0 with significant searching improvements and support for all the latest Pocket PC displays. [...]

Itzkitz Announces their New Lineup of Products for the palmOne Treo

Each Treokitz contains a hard-shell leather case, a screen protector, a retractable sync/charge cable, and a headphone adapter that converts the Treo's 2.5mm jack to a standard 3.5mm jack.

DataViz Documents To Go Now Available for Sony Ericsson P800, P900, and P910

DataViz has just released a version of its very popular mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, for Sony Ericsson's line of cellular-wireless handhelds.

Zire 73 Not Coming Soon

There have been rumors of a Zire 73 for months. Some retailers are even listing products for it. But a new Zire model won't be released this season.

PDA News – Weekend Software Edition

New software: The Core Pocket Media Player for PalmOS, by Picard MHT Viewer, by Qusnetsoft Super Wild Wild Words, by Astraware Spb Diary, by Spb Software[...]

palmOne Announces the New “Mobile Manager” Category of Handheld Devices

It's little secret that palmOne has a new device cooking. As a prelude to any mobile manager hardware announcement, palmOne is making it clear this new breed of PDA belongs[...]

BlackBerry Subscribers Now Over Three Million

More than three million people are now using BlackBerry cellular-wireless handhelds. One million new subscribers joined in just the last six months.

Gomadic Corp. Expands Popular PDA Auto Mount Products

In addition to improvements in its mounting mechanisms, Gomadic also announced it now offers support for over 400 handheld models.

Traffic Mania for Palm OS 5 Has Been Released

Traffic Mania is a challenging, sliding-piece action puzzle game.

Concise Columbia Encyclopedia for Smartphone Version 2.0 Now Available

The latest version of the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia for Windows Mobile smartphones offers significant searching improvements.

How to Watch Bill Gates’ Keynote Address Today

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect will make a speech today in which he's expected formally introduce the new version of his company's operating system for handhelds and smartphones.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Officially Unveiled

Bill Gates has made a formal announcement of the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for handhelds and smartphones.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade Coming to the Axim X50 Series

Dell has just announced that it will offer a Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade for the Dell Axim X50 series later this year.

HP Will Offer Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades for Some iPAQs

HP has just announced an upgrade program to Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 for some, but not all, recent iPAQ models.

Dell Will Offer Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades For the Axim X50

Dell has promised it will offer an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.0 for the Axim X50 family when the new operating system is released this fall. The new software is[...]

HP Will Also Offer a Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade

HP will offer the Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade for the following units: hx2100, hx2400, hx2700 and the hx4700 series of iPAQ PDAs. It's curious that they're promoting the upgrade as[...]

BargainPDA’s Fast Guide to Windows Mobile 5.0

Today Microsoft unveiled its next generation Windows Mobile operating system for handheld and smartphone devices. Called Windows Mobile 5.0, it brings new improvements in networking, interface, and office applications.

Most Wireless ActiveSyncing Going Away

Many Windows Mobile users were unhappy to discover that what was for them an important feature of the current version of ActiveSync will no longer be available in the upcoming[...]

HTC First to Announce Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

HTC has confirmed that Windows Mobile 5.0 will be the operating system used on its upcoming cutting-edge cellular-wireless handheld.

LifeDrive Appears in Laptop Magazine

A print magazine has jumped the gun a bit and included an article on palmOne's upcoming high-end handheld in its current issue.

Samsung SGH-i300 Smartphone Will Run Windows Mobile 5.0

One of the devices used to demonstrate the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for mobile devices was an upcoming model that will be one of the first smartphones with[...]

Handango Ships New Version of InHand for Windows Mobile

With the new version, licensees can deploy their own branded versions of InHand quickly and easily, while creating a dedicated download catalog on their customers' mobile devices.

HTC Univeral – The First 3G Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA

HTC has announced plans to release the much anticipated Universal model, complete with 3G, built in keyboard, dual cameras, rotating screen and dual seakers. The HTC Universal will run the[...]

Verizon palmOne Treo 650 Available

Business customers of Verizon have already received their Treo 650 Verizon network phones and it seems non-business customers can now place orders on the 650 and have it in the[...]

Treo 650 Launching in Spain

The largest mobile carrier in the Spanish market will soon be offering palmOne's latest smartphone.

Survey Says Windows Mobile Customers Are Tops in Loyalty and Satisfaction

Handango's Annual Customer Survey shows that users of Windows Mobile devices are tops in brand loyalty and device satisfaction.

Next-Generation Clio Delayed a Month or So

Data Evolution recently admitted that the Clio NXT -- the updated version of its cutting-edge device that skirts the line between handheld, laptop, and tablet PC -- will come out[...]

Preliminary Version of ActiveSync 4.0 Now Available

A beta of the new version of the Windows Mobile synchronization software has been posted on Microsoft's web site.

Vegas Betting on PDAs

Nevada is close to passing legislation that would give casinos the go-ahead to test wireless gambling on PDAs and other handheld devices. When the law passes, gamblers would no longer[...]

Tungsten E2 Now Supports palmOne Wi-Fi Card

palmOne has fullfilled its promise to release the software necessary to allow the Tungsten E2 to use its Wi-Fi SD card.

Pocket Loox 700 Series Will Get Windows Mobile Upgrade

Fujitsu-Siemens has joined the list of handheld makers that will offer Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrades for some of their Pocket PCs.

Why Some Models Can Get Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades… and Some Can’t

Brighthand's Ed Hardy talks about why some handhelds can't be upgraded to the latest version of Windows Mobile.

Dell to Push Wireless Cell Communications for Computer Devices, No SmartPhone Plans…Yet

There is no mention of PDAs or SmartPhones in a recent interview a French newspaper had with Dell, but the quote that Dell makes saying "Yes, we will propose (wireless)[...]

PDA News – No Dell Phones, LifeDrive on Amazon, iPaq 6500 delayed?

Dell: No plans to enter phone market Amazon posts page for PalmOne LifeDrive Report: iPaq hw6500 delayed to November; will include WiFi, WinMobile 5 Chainpus announces Bluetooth[...]

palmOne Supports Tungsten E2 with WiFi Card

palmOne has released a new driver for their WiFi card. The only change is support has been added for the Tungsten E2. The card now supports the Tungsten E2, Tungsten[...]

iPAQ hw6500 Coming in September

HP's upcoming series of cellular-wireless handhelds won't be released in the U.S. as quickly as some hope, but it will be out sooner than some reports have indicated.

Software Companies Announce Support for Windows Mobile 5.0

Many software developers have moved quickly to say that their applications will support the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for handhelds and smartphones.

Verizon Wireless Version of Treo 650 Now Available

Users of the second-largest wireless service provider in the U.S. can now order palmOne's latest smartphone.

Verizon Wireless Dropping Prices on Wireless Data Service (Updated)

Verizon Wireless is lowering the amount it charges users of the data services on its wireless networks.

Samsung i730 Coming to Verizon this Summer

Verizon Wireless has committed to offering the Samsung i730 cellular-wireless Pocket PC at some point in the next few months.

PDA News – T5 deals, Win Mobile 5 upgrades, Windows customer satisfaction

PalmOne offers $50 rebate, free WiFi card with purchase of T5 Windows Mobile 5 upgrade policies for Fujitsu, Garmin, PPC phones Handango: Windows Mobile customers tops in satisfaction[...]

Ed Colligan Now Officially palmOne’s CEO

After serving as palmOne's interim CEO for several months, Ed Colligan now has the job on a permanent basis.

iPAQ h6300 Series Coming Soon to Cingular

HP has accidentally let slip that a new cellular-wireless iPAQ will be available from Cingular in the near future.

HP Releases Significant ROM Update for iPAQ hx4700

HP has posted on its web site a long-awaited major ROM update for its flagship Pocket PC.

palmOne LifeDrive With Free Shipping

palmOne is doing a horrible job protecting the "secret" that is the LifeDrive. While we're under NDA and can't discuss what we know, palmOne is doing us no favors by[...]

Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager

With a 4GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless support, the LifeDrive mobile manager from palmOne lets you easily carry all the essentials of your busy life. Files[...]

palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager Debuts

palmOne's first model with a built-in 4 GB hard drive has just been released. It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a high-res+ screen.

N-Gage Technology to Expand to Other Nokia Smartphones

Rather than creating a third gaming-oriented smartphone, Nokia will use N-Gage technology to make a wide variety of smartphones better at playing games.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager

Brighthand staffer Shawn Barnett takes palmOne's latest model for a test drive. He finds a lot to like, including a 4 GB hard drive and Wi-Fi, but this model has[...]

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager — Part II

This is Part II of this review. Part I should be read first. What it includes, what it does not Due to a shipping error, I’ve only had 12 hours[...]

New Boxwave Product: Armor Case for Dell Axim X50 & X50v

Boxwave is now offering a form-fitting aluminum case for the Dell Axim X50 and X50v.

Longtime Palm OS Software Developer Supports New Generation of palmOne Customers

Chapura has announced that its popular productivity software is immediately compatible with the new LifeDrive mobile manager from palmOne.

The palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager is Here

Venturing beyond its well-known focus on the handheld and smartphone markets, palmOne today introduced the LifeDrive mobile manager, an innovative product that fuses business productivity tools and entertainment applications. Designed[...]

PalmOne LifeDrive Review

It's no secret that PalmOne has been readying a new model, and that leaks have been coming like rain in Seattle. But now, the hat is off, the non-disclosure agreement[...]

Instant Text Mobile Offers Much Faster Text-Entry on a Palm

A new text entry system makes allows Palm OS users to enter just a few letters and whole words and phases can be added to a document.

What does Windows Mobile 5 Mean for the PalmOS?

Last week, I had a chance to take in the keynote by Bill Gates as he introduced Microsoft's next stage in mobile computing, Windows Mobile 5. He talked a lot[...]

How to Choose a Smartphone (May Edition)

The last time we looked at smartphones, the Treo 650 was just getting out of the gates, and a number of Windows Mobile models were yet to be released. Since[...]

Mama Mio! Mio 169 Uncovered

Mitac is close to releasing a follow-up to their integrated GPS Windows Mobile PDA. The Mio 169 is close in name to the Mio 168. Turns out, it's close in[...]

Hands High Software Releases WiFile Pro 2.0 for Palm OS

WiFile Pro lets users transfer all kinds of files back and forth between their Palm OS handheld and personal computers, corporate servers, school computers, or the Internet.

Laplink Everywhere 4 Brings Remote PC Access to Windows Mobile 5.0

Laplink Software has announced that its application for remote PC access is compatible with the latest version of Windows Mobile.

PalmSource CEO Resigns

PalmSource has announced that its CEO, David Nagel, has resigned, and the company has named an interim replacement.

David Nagel, PalmSource CEO, Resigns

With the PalmSource developer's conference about to kick off in San Jose, David Nagel has called it quits at PalmSource. The timing couldn't be much worse and no reason was[...]

palmOne Will Once Again Be Palm, Inc.

palmOne has just announced that it has acquired full rights to the brand name "Palm," and will change its name to Palm, Inc. later this year.

palmOne Renews Its Palm OS License

palmOne has signed an agreement that will allow it to keep making Palm OS handhelds and smartphones through 2009.

Kinoma Demonstrates Industry-Standard Streaming Video for Palm OS

Kinoma has demonstrated RTSP streaming playback to a Palm OS handheld and smartphone.

palmOne Changing Name to Palm

Almost two years after the merger with Handspring and a name change from Palm Solutions Group to palmOne; change is again on the horizon. palmOne has agreed to pay PalmSource[...]

PalmSource Launches Geographic Developer Partner Program

PalmSource has launched a program designed to provide Palm OS developers all over the world with access to additional local resources to make the development of localized Palm OS applications[...]

PalmSource Developer’s Conference Day 1

The first day (Tuesday) at PalmSource Dev Con started with a keynote address by the outgoing David Nagel and the news that PalmSource had sold its interest to the Palm[...]

PalmSource DevCon Gets All Blogged Up

Multiple blogs are covering PalmSource's developer convention, including a photoblog created by the attendees themselves.

PalmSource Developer’s Conference Day 2

The second day of the PalmSource Dev Con certainly didn't have the excitement of the first day as the convention focused more on the business of assisting the development community[...]

The Latest on Palm OS for Linux

PalmSource gave a few more details on its upcoming operating system for handhelds and smartphones at this week's developer conference.

Brighthand’s Coverage of PalmSource DevCon 2005

The focus of the Palm OS world this week was on PalmSource's annual developer's conference, which was held in San Jose.

Bluetooth Shipments Climb to Five Million per Week

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced that Bluetooth wireless networking has passed a significant milestone.

Avantgo’s New Travel Service Debuts

iAnywhere, the parent company of AvantGo, has launched a beta of its new Travel Service, built into the current AvantGo browser.

PalmSource Developer’s Conference Day 3

The third day of PalmSource's Dev Con was for the diehards. There were more sessions on the main themes of this conference: 3G networks, planning for the new[...]

PDA Deals for Memorial Day Weekend (5/27 – 5/30)

Dell Home Coupons for up to $90 Off, Valid on Axim Pocket PCspalmOne Zire 31 $90palmOne Tungsten T5 with WiFi Card $290New T5 From CircuitCity for $280BestBuy In Store 10%[...]

Creating eBooks Isn’t So Hard After All

I don't know about many people, but when I got my first PDA (back in August of 2000); I decided to run with the paperless lifestyle mantra. And for the[...]

HTC Wizard Coming to Market

Several rumors have been reported surrounding the latest Windows Mobile Smartphone from HTC. The Wizard replaces the popular HTC Magician, aka T-Mobile MDA Compact, i-mate JAM, etc. The Wizard is[...]

Handy Entertainment Presents Psycho Path Ver. 2

Psycho Path 2.0, a pedestrian-crushing Carmageddon parody, is now available for Palm OS 5 and Pocket PC.

Softeq Developing Rugged Pocket PC

The DURATEQ 3100 will be more durable than standard handhelds, but not as bulky as typical rugged models.

ASUS Wins Award for Unannounced Pocket PC (Updated)

ASUS has won a Best Choice of Computex award for the MyPal A636, a Pocket PC that it has not yet officially announced.