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SmartPhone Articles for May of 2007

Below are the 76 SmartPhone articles for May of 2007

Palm Kicks Off Treo Application Contest

As a way of encouraging more developers to create applications for the Treo 700 and 750 series, the Palm Developer Network is holding a design contest. The grand prize for[...]

Cingular 8525 Update Released

It isn't the much-anticipated upgrade to Windows Mobile 6, but AT&T has released a small system software update for the Cingular 8525. *UPDATED*

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of April 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most handhelds and smartphones readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. Continuing a trend that developed a[...]

HTC S621

The HTC S621 is a messaging-oriented smartphone with slim, compact design. It runs Windows Mobile 6.0 and features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

Stream Songs to a Pocket PC with LobsterTunes

LobsterTunes is an MP3 player that allows users to stream music from their home PC media servers to their handheld, wherever they are.

BlackBerry 8300 May Be Called the Curve

Some good but not conclusive evidence has emerged that RIM's next converged device might ship with a consumer friendly name, not just a number designation.

Myths and Truths about the Smart in Smartphones

In this week's editorial, Antoine Wright takes a look at a number of things that are often said about smartphones, checking to see whether these statements are the truth[...]

T-Mobile Announces Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for the Dash

As expected, T-Mobile has just revealed that an official Windows Mobile 6 upgrade will be released tomorrow for its Dash smartphone. This will make it the first device available in[...]

RIM Takes the Wraps Off the BlackBerry Curve

Research in Motion (RIM) has just officially announced -- but not yet released -- its latest convered device, the BlackBerry Curve.

iPhone Could Rival the RAZR in Popularity

There has been a tremendous amount of hype surrounding Apple's iPhone, so the market consulting firm Markitecture set out to get some hard numbers on what the U.S. public thinks[...]

Nokia N75

This slim S60 smartphone uses a clamshell design, and has a heavy emphasis on music. It has been created specifically for the N. American market, and offers GSM and HSDPA[...]

AT&T Once Again Offering Nokia N75

An S60 smartphone that appeared on AT&T's web site last week but was quickly pulled is once again available.

Survey Shows Businesses Need To Embrace Mobile Working

According to research sponsored by Microsoft, mobile working is on the rise and businesses need to pay attention or risk losing employees to companies with more attractive flexi-working policies.

Hot Topics – Most Active Discussion Threads of April

For those who don't have time to keep up to date on the Brighthand Forums, here are some of the threads that have attracted the most attention over the last[...]

Mobile Tech News — Photo Dialer, Animated Themes, iPhone Cases, and More

Contact-ing for Windows Mobile Smartphone Released Put Animated Themes on a Pocket PC with FlashThemes Player 2007 Line of iPhone Cases Announced Treos Debut Around[...]

i-mate JAQ3 Pocket PC Phone Review

Adama D. Brown brings us a review of the i-mate JAQ3, one of the thinnest Pocket PC phones available.

Samsung Launches Q1 Ultra UMPC

Samsung's latest Ultra Mobile PC is now available from a wide variety of retailers. It has a number of optional features not present in its predecessor, including a built-in keyboard,[...]

Samsung Q1 Ultra

Like virtually all UMPCs, the Q1 Ultra uses a tablet shape. In a slightly unusual move, though, it includes a split-QWERTY keypad located to the left and right of its[...]

DataViz Bringing Native Microsoft Office File Handling to BlackBerries

DataViz has just announced that it is bringing its Microsoft Office editing suite to a new mobile platform.

Full Vista Support Coming to the Palm Desktop… Eventually

Palm expects to have a beta of a version of the Palm Desktop with Windows Vista support out this summer.

Slim Windows Mobile Phone with VGA Screen Announced

Late last year, E-TEN unveiled the Glofiish X500, a slim Pocket PC phone. Today, the company has taken the wraps off an updated version -- the X500+ -- that adds[...]

Ubuntu Developing Open-Source Linux-Based OS for Mobile Devices

Ubuntu, which makes a free version of Linux for PCs, is developing a version of this operating system for mobile devices like UMPCs.

Spb Mobile DVD Now Available for WM Smartphones

Spb Software House has released a Windows Mobile Smartphone version of Spb Mobile DVD - a Windows application that provides a simple way to convert DVDs and video files to[...]

Sony Ericsson P1

The Sony Ericsson P1 a replacement for a device with a much higher model number, the P990. The newer model is much thinner than its predecessors and uses a new[...]

Palm Treo 755p Review

Palm has just announced that Sprint will begin offering the Treo 755p soon. Antoine Wright brings us a review of this Palm OS smartphone with 3G wireless networking.

Palm Unveils the Latest Garnet-Based Treo

Palm has just taken the wraps off a new smartphone, the Treo 755p. This device runs the Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS Garnet), and will be available soon from Sprint[...]

Sony Ericsson Announces a Slim UIQ Smartphone

Sony Ericsson has officially announced the latest entry in its popular P series of smartphones. The P1 will offer a built-in keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, and much more.

No Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for Any Current iPAQ

HP has revealed its plans for introducing Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for its current models that are running the previous version of this operating system. This can be summed up[...]

Palm Now Offering Online Service for Treo Users

Palm, Inc. has launched a public beta of a new online service for owners of some of its Palm OS and Windows Mobile smartphones.

Sprint PPC-6800 May Be Delayed Until This Fall

For some time now, rumors have indicated that Sprint intends to release later this month a new Pocket PC phone called the PPC-6800. Now, however, new but unconfirmed reports say[...]

Mobile Version of Firefox Coming… but Not Soon

The CEO of the Mozilla Foundation recently said that there will be a mobile version of the Firefox web browser released at some point, but it wouldn't be out anytime[...]

Dell May Begin Sales of Nokia Smartphones in the U.S.

According to an unconfirmed report, Dell will soon begin offering unlocked Nokia smartphones, accessories, and other products.

Smartphone and PDA Deals – 5/11/07

Hot deals this week: T-Mobile Dash - get $55 back HP iPAQ rx5915 - $20 price drop Samsung BlackJack - Only a penny Several[...]

Gartner Predicts Half a Billion Mobile Video Users by 2010

Watching TV on a mobile phone or handheld hasn't exactly taken the world by storm, but market research firm Gartner predicts that it will become a mainstream service by 2010,[...]

Palm Treo 755p

The Treo 755p is one of Palm’s first generation of smartphones with a slimmer profile and no external antenna. It runs the Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS Garnet). It was[...]

Mobile Tech Notes — Geocaching App, USB Recharger, Baby Manager, and More

VITO SmartNavigator Released 2400 mAh USB Power Backup Now Available from Brando Babble Soft Introduces Software for the Parents of Newborn Babies Palm Now Offering[...]

Beta Program Available for New Opera Mini Version

Opera Software is starting a beta program for the next version of its Opera Mini web browser. This Java application is often used by those with Palm OS-based devices, but[...]

Vista Users Run Into File Synchronization Snafu with Windows Mobile 6

Those with Windows Mobile 6 Standard are pleased that this operating system -- unlike previous versions -- lets users synchronize files. But for some reason this feature isn't available for[...]

Treo 755p Now Available from Sprint

Palm, Inc. officially unveiled the Treo 755p last week, but this smartphone didn't launch at that time. However, this device is now available from Sprint PCS.

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

What makes the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition an unusual smartphone is the fact that it offers support for both CDMA and GSM cellular-wireless networks. This means that people who use[...]

E-TEN Introduces Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades

E-TEN is now offering Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for one of its Pocket PC phones, and another will be available soon.

BlackBerries with Wi-Fi Coming This Year

Research in Motion (RIM) intends to release before the end of this year its first smartphone with Wi-Fi short-range wireless networking built in.

Next-Generation Motorola Q Nearing Release

Motorola's Mobile Experience was held today, and the company took the opportunity to say that two of its Windows Mobile smartphones it had previously announced will be on the market[...]

Microsoft Promises Fix for Windows Mobile 6 File Synchronization Snafu

Earlier this week, Brighthand reported on a complaint being made by people with a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone and Windows Vista. Microsoft has now promised to fix this problem.

RIM May Add Wi-Fi, GPS to the BlackBerry Pearl

Research In Motion recently promised that it would start integrating Wi-Fi into its products before the end of this year. An unconfirmed report indicates this will include an updated version[...]

Sun Demonstrates New Linux- and Java-Based Mobile OS

Sun Microsystems has unveiled a new Java- and Linux-based operating system and graphical interface for a variety of mobile devices, including phones.

Windows Mobile Smartphones Can View Microsoft Office 2007 Files with Documents To Go

DataViz has released Documents To Go Premium Edition 3 for Windows Mobile Smartphones. The major improvement in this version is the ability to open and view most Microsoft Office 2007[...]

Samsung Bringing Out 8 GB microSD Card

Samsung has just announced that it has developed an 8 GB microSD memory card, a milestone in increasing the capacity of this tiny data storage device.

Get Ready for a GPS Enabled World

In his latest editorial, Brighthand's Ed Hardy predicts that before too much longer you won't be able to find a handheld or smartphone without the Global Positioning System built into[...]

Apple iPhone Gets FCC Approval

Apple's iPhone has passed a major hurdle: the Federal Communications Commission has given its approval for this smartphone to be released in the United States. to Launch DRM-Free MP3 Music Download Store will launch a digital music store later this year offering millions of DRM-free songs. These will be playable on virtually any of their mobile devices -- including smartphones and[...]

Symbian OS Shipments Way Up

Symbian Limited, developer and licensor of the Symbian OS, has announced that shipments of smartphones based on its operating system were up almost 36% during the first quarter of this[...]

A Mobile Quandary: Lifestyle Devices or Communicators

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright takes smartphone makers to task for designing trying to design products that try to be all things to all people, and so end up[...]

Palm Now Offering New Bluetooth Keyboard

Palm has released a new Bluetooth wireless keyboard that can be used with a variety of this company's handhelds and smartphones.

Security Patch Released for Treo 680, 700p, 650

Palm, Inc. has just released a patch to fix a small flaw in the password protection software of several of its Garnet OS-based smartphones. *UPDATED*

TopStory Free Mobile RSS Reader Now Available

With the release of TopStory, iambic looks to make getting the news that people want via RSS much easier to do.

Treo 700p System Software Update Drawing Near

Palm is almost ready to release system software update created to deal with problems in the Treo 700p.

Pharos GPS Phone 600 Review

The Pharos GPS Phone 600 is equipped much like other Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC phones, but with GPS capabilities added. Brighthand's chief reviewer brings us this hands-on report.

T-Mobile Wing

The T-Mobile Wing is a Pocket PC phone with a touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and a blue soft-touch exterior. It runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional, and comes with support for[...]

T-Mobile Launches the Wing Pocket PC Phone

T-Mobile USA is now offering the Wing, a Pocket PC phone with a touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and a blue soft-touch exterior.

Brighthand Staff’s Predictions for the Palm “Hawk”

Jeff Hawkins has promised to reveal more details on Palm's plans to create a third product category soon, but Brighthand's editors, writers, and moderators are sharing their predictions of what[...]

Gigabyte’s U60 UMPC Officially Available

Gigabyte Technology has launched its first UMPC in its home country, and has plans to introduce this device on the world market later this year.

Mobile Tech News — Real-Time Travel Info, Photo Viewer, Treo 680, and More

New SplashTravel Pro Offers Real-time Flight, Weather, and Currency Data Resco Unveils New Version of Photo Viewer Palm Treo 680 Released in Venezuela and Uruguay[...]

Palm Releases ROM Update for Treo 680

Since the Treo 680 debuted late last year, Palm, Inc. has released several patches for its system software. This company has now combined all of these into a ROM update.[...]

T-Mobile, Vodafone on Short List to Be Exclusive iPhone Provider in Europe

T-Mobile is supposedly the current front-runner in the battle to be the only European carrier that will offer Apple's iPhone, as AT&T is in the U.S.

Worldwide Shipments of Handhelds Up Almost 40 Percent

A very strong increase in shipments of Windows Mobile devices led to a 40 percent rise in the number of handhelds shipped worldwide during the first quarter of this year.

Palm Almost Certainly Unveiling the ”Hawk” Tomorrow

Palm, Inc. has just sent journalists an invitation to a webcast scheduled for tomorrow at which the company will unveil a new class of mobile devices, neither a handheld nor[...]

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Review

Antoine Wright brings us this review of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, a device that's about the size of a smartphone or handheld but offers a lot more functionality.

An Advanced Look at the Palm Foleo AKA the “Hawk”

Palm Inc. has apparently accidentally leaked some of the details on the product Jeff Hawkins will release announce later today, the company's first Mobile Companion.

BlackBerry Curve Launching Tomorrow

AT&T will begin offering the BlackBerry Curve tomorrow, which will make it the first carrier worldwide to to sell this cellular-wireless handheld.

Palm Officially Announces Foleo Mobile Companion with 10-Inch Screen, Wi-Fi

Palm, Inc. has just formally unveiled the Foleo, the first in a class of devices it is calling Mobile Companions. This model, when available, will resemble a small laptop[...]

BlackBerry Curve 8300

The BlackBerry Curve, also called the 8300, is one of RIM’s next generation devices with multimedia capabilities, including playing music and video. It has a built-in QWERTY keyboard and a[...]

Mobile Tech News — N-Series Events, Simulated Phone Calls, microSD Reader

Nokia Holding Various N-Series Events in June Simulate Phone Calls with Call Jockey Kingston Releases Ultra-Portable microSD Reader+Card Bundles

HTC May Unveil iPhone-Type Smartphone on June 5

According to an unconfirmed report, the company behind many of the most popular Windows mobile smartphones may soon unveil a device with many of the features of the iPhone.

Companies Racing to Bring Out Flexible Displays

In the past few weeks, several companies have shown off prototypes of flexible displays, bringing closer the time when a computer's screen can be rolled up for easy transport.

Apple Will Open the iPhone to Third-Party Software

It seems that Apple is bending to pressure, and is putting together some method to allow third-party developers write applications for the iPhone.