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SmartPhone Articles for May of 2011

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App Stores Matter in Buying a Smartphone

Anyone can use a smartphone for phone calling, texting, and browsing the Web. Yet, what sets smartphones apart from usually cheaper featurephones is in their ability to run apps that[...]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 To Sport Touchscreens, Keyboards, BlackBerry OS 7

RIM has just taken the wraps off the BlackBerry Bold 9900 series, which will be the first in this series to have both a keyboard and a touchscreen. These slim[...]

BlackBerry OS 7 Seeks to Balance Our Work and Personal Lives

RIM has just announced BlackBerry OS 7 at BlackBerry World 2011. It will offer faster web browsing and other enhancements, and is a direct update to BlackBerry 6, not [...]

Apple Prepping iOS 4.3.3 to Fix iPhone Tracking ‘Bug’

In the wake of Apple's iPhone location tracking controversy, Apple is working on iOS 4.3.3, a new version of its operating system that will directly address the public's concerns with[...]

T-Mobile G2x Available for Half Price

The regular price for the new T-Mobile G2x is $200, but the retailer Radio Shack has this cutting-edge Android smartphone for half that. This device offers a very large display,[...]

RIM’s Enterprise Solution Will Let Companies Manage BlackBerry, Android and iOS Devices

One of the things that makes the BlackBerry platform popular with businesses is RIM's software that gives companies the ability to remotely manage their employees' smartphones. Today, RIM announced a[...]

HTC ThunderBolt Gets a Small System Software Update

Verizon is releasing a "bug fix" update for the system software on the HTC ThunderBolt. This will give the device better 3G service, and make a number of other small[...]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 from AT&T Finally Gets BlackBerry OS 6.0 Upgrade

Users of the AT&T's version of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 can upgrade this business-oriented smartphone to BlackBerry OS 6. However, this is no longer the latest version of RIM's operating[...]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Headed for T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA is the first wireless carrier to commit to offering the BlackBerry Bold 9900, a high-end model that was unveiled yesterday. This will be one of the first BlackBerrys[...]

Most Popular Smartphones for April 2011

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. Five new models appeared on this month's list[...]

AT&T Launching HP Veer 4G webOS Smartphone in Two Weeks

AT&T has just made it official: it is going to be the first carrier in the U.S. to offer the HP Veer, the latest smartphone running the webOS. This device[...]

AT&T Customer Service Rep Says No iPhone 5 Before Late Summer

A customer service representative from AT&T has told a subscriber that the next-generation iPhone won't be out in early summer. This fits in with a number of earlier reports that[...]

HTC Droid Incredible 2 First-Look Review

The HTC Droid Incredible 2 is the replacement for one of Verizon's most popular models of last year. Will it live up to its predecessor? Jen Edwards brings us a[...]

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.3, Ends iPhone Tracking Controversy

Apple has just introduced a new version of its mobile operating system. This update removes a bug that caused Apple's smartphones and tablets to build a database of the areas[...]

Rugged Motorola Titanium to Offer Sprint Direct Connect

If you're a fan of push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities and are in the market for a rugged smartphone, we have some good news for you: Sprint has officially unveiled its Motorola[...]

Sprint’s Motorola XPRT, an Android Smartphone Aimed at BlackBerry Users

Sprint has announced plans to launch the Motorola XPRT, a device that will run Google's Android OS but has clearly been designed to lure business users away from their BlackBerrys[...]

Casio G’zOne Commando First-Look Review

The Casio Gz'One is Verizon's first smartphone that can take just about whatever its users can dish out. Andama Brown brings us his first impressions of this Android device designed[...]

AT&T’s Samsung Infuse 4G To Sport a 4.5-inch Display in a Slim Design

AT&T has just announced a launch date for the Samsung Infuse, a cutting-edge Android model that's going to offer a larger screen than virtually all of its rivals, a 1.2GHz[...]

Apple, HTC, Samsung Lead the Charge of Q1 Smartphone Market Growth

The smartphone market has been growing unabatedly, and this trend has strongly continued during the first quarter of 2011 with analysts from IDC calculating nearly 80% year-over-year growth in the[...]

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone Now Available to AT&T Customers

AT&T customers can now purchase a version of the Dell Venue Pro that fully supports their carrier. This high-end device running Microsoft Windows Phone 7 includes a large screen and[...]

Qualify to Win an Apple iPad 2 for Sharing Your iPinions

Brighthand and all the TechnologyGuide sites are holding a survey to find out our readers' opinions on the messages, offers and solicitations they receive from technology companies.

HP Veer 4G First-Look Review

The HP Veer 4G will be the next smartphone running the webOS. This device is going to be small, but still have a physical keyboard and a touchscreen. Jen Edwards[...]

Samsung Nexus S 4G

The Samsung Nexus S 4G is Sprint’s version of the Samsung Nexus S, a high-end smartphone that was first launched in 2010 by T-Mobile. The more recent version is very[...]

Samsung Nexus S 4G Debuts from Sprint

Sprint has just introduced a version of the Samsung Nexus S with support for this carrier's 4G WiMAX network. This smartphone is one of the few with Android OS 2.3[...]

Release of All BlackBerry OS 7 Devices Could Be Delayed

According to information leaking out of RIM, none of this company's next-generation BlackBerry smartphones are going to be on the market for many months. The reason can be summed up[...]

Microsoft Adding Free Voice-Guided Navigation to Windows Phone

Microsoft has revealed that the next update to Windows Phone will add voice-guided navigation and new Bing search integration, among other new features. The company has already announced that this[...]

Everything You Want To Know About Verizon’s Motorola Droid X2

Information on the Motorola Droid X2 has been trickling out over the past few weeks, but it has now reached the flood stage. All the specs for this upcoming cutting-edge[...]

LG Optimus 2X Review

The highlight of the LG Optimus 2X is a powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with dual 1GHz cores. This Android smartphone also sports a 4-inch touchscreen, plus front- and rear-facing[...]

Apple Might Integrate Voice Recognition into iOS 5

Voice recognition will supposedly be built into Apple's next mobile operating system. This means that, in the near future, users of the iPhone and iPad will be able to use[...]

Microsoft Buying Video Chat Pioneer Skype

An agreement has just been announced under which Microsoft will acquire Skype, the company that has brought free video chatting to millions of consumers. This will bring a version of[...]

HTC Droid Incredible 2 on Sale for Just $80

Even though the HTC Droid Incredible 2 debuted recently from Verizon at $200 with a two-year contract, is already having a sale that drops this high-end Android smartphone to[...]

Google Reuniting Android’s Smartphone and Tablet Versions

The next major version of the Android operating system was officially announced at the Google I/O tradeshow today. It's still months away, but smartphone users should be happy to learn[...]

Google Brings Cloud-Based Music, Video Rentals to Android

Some major announcements were made at the Google I/O conference today. The announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich is the major headline, but surrounding it were some important smaller reveals of[...]

Verizon’s HP Pre 3 Will Be A Worldphone

The FCC has approved a device that, with a bit of reading between the lines, appears to be Verizon's version of the HP Pre 3. If so, then this carrier's[...]

Nokia Astound Review

The Nokia Astound is the T-Mobile USA version of Nokia's C7 touchscreen-based smartphone. Here's our full review of this Symbian model, that packs a good range of features for a[...]

HTC ThunderBolt Available for as Little as $130 has been offering some serious deals on the most recent smartphones lately, and now has the HTC ThunderBolt for about half its regular price. This Android device sports cutting-edge[...]

Google Reorganizing Android Market, Wants To Make Good Apps Easier to Find

Now that there are over 200,000 apps in the Android Market, sifting through the chaff to find the best apps can be a challenge. In order to make this process[...]

Samsung Droid Charge Now Two Weeks Late

Verizon said it was going to launch the Samsung Droid Charge on April 28 -- two weeks later, it is still not available. This smartphone will be the second with[...]

Casio G’zOne Commando Review

Verizon's Casio G'zOne has been designed to take whatever punishment its users can dish out, while also keeping them in touch with the Web and email. Check out our review[...]

Samsung Nexus S Headed for AT&T

Samsung has accidentally let slip that a version of the Samsung Nexus S is coming to a third U.S. carrier, AT&T. This model is one of the few running the[...]

Motorola Droid X2 Might Debut Next Week

Although Verizon has yet to acknowledge its existence, virtually all the details on the Motorola Droid X2 have leaked out. The only data point still missing about this cutting-edge Android[...]

Samsung Droid Charge To Launch Tomorrow… Finally

Verizon has just announced that the Samsung Droid Charge is going to hit store shelves tomorrow. This Android model -- which will be the second with support for this carrier's[...]

Samsung Droid Charge

The Samsung Droid Charge was only the second smartphone to debut with support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Another of this model’s more notable features is a 4.3-inch WVGA (800[...]

Analyst Says the Apple iPhone 4S Is Heading for Sprint, T-Mobile

The next smartphone from Apple will be called the iPhone 4S, according to one industry analyst. This model will supposedly be offered by not just AT&T and Verizon, but also[...]

HP Veer 4G

The HP Veer is very small — just about the size of a credit card — but still has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen. Despite its diminutive size,[...]

Samsung Infuse 4G

The Samsung Infuse 4G is an Android OS smartphone available from AT&T. It has a number of cutting-edge features, starting with with a 4.5-inch touchscreen. This device also has a[...]

HTC Merge Coming to Verizon, But Indirectly

Reports that the HTC Merge was on the way to Verizon began surfacing last fall, but this model is still MIA. That's going to change soon, but this Android smartphone[...]

HP Veer 4G webOS Smartphone Launches from AT&T

AT&T has just become the first wireless carrier in the world to offer the HP Veer 4G, a powerful smartphone that's smaller than a credit card. It runs the latest[...]

Samsung Infuse 4G Super Big but Super Slim Smartphone Now Available

An Android OS smartphone with a 4.5-inch touchscreen has just launched from AT&T. Despite its unusually large display and other cutting-edge features, the Samsung Infuse 4G is quite slim.

Palm Pre 2 Review

Verizon is offering the Palm Pre 2, which runs HP's webOS and includes a 3.1-inch touchscreen and a sliding keyboard. Is it worth getting or should customers wait for the[...]

HTC Sensation 4G Price and Release Date Leak Out

T-Mobile has been vague about when the HTC Sensation 4G is going to be released, but information leaking out of this carrier indicates that this cutting-edge Android smartphone will be[...]

New Business-Related Features Coming to Windows Phone 7 in ”Mango” Update

Paul Bryan, a Windows Phone senior director, revealed a litany of Mango's new features in a blog post today, many of which are "designed to help you stay productive on[...]

Nokia Dropping Its ”Ovi” Brand

Nokia has announced that it will be re-branding its line of Ovi services, drawing them back under the Nokia fold. As a result, the Ovi brand will be gradually discontinued.

Samsung Captivate, Epic 4G, Fascinate, Vibrant Getting Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) Upgrade

Samsung has announced plans to release an operating system upgrade for its Galaxy S, bringing it up to the latest version of the Android OS for smartphones. This apparently means[...]

Verizon To Launch Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone Later this Month

Verizon has just announced the release date and price for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, a Android smartphone that will also be a portable gaming console. The games that will[...]

HTC EVO 3D Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

Those who are itching to get their hands on Sprint's HTC EVO 3D can now head down to their local Radio Shack to put in a pre-order for this cutting-edge[...]

Splashtop Brings Remote Desktop Access to webOS Phones

A new remote desktop app is bound for the market, courtesy of Splashtop. Splashtop Remote for webOS gives HP Palm Pre 2 and HP Palm Pre Plus owners full mobile[...]

Samsung Exhibit 4G Coming on June 8

While June 8 is already seeing a release of two Android smartphones for T-Mobile customers, one more handset has been thrown into the mix of devices being released that day:[...]

HTC Droid Incredible 2 Review

The HTC Droid Incredible 2 isn't the most advanced smartphone on the market, but it still has a lot to offer, like a 4-inch screen and an 8-megapixel camera. But[...]

Motorola Droid X2

The Motorola Droid X2 resembles its predecessor, the popular Motorola Droid X, but has been upgraded in several ways. It will have a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a qHD (960 x[...]

Verizon Launching Motorola Droid X2 Tomorrow

As had been rumored, the Motorola Droid X2 is going to debut from Verizon Wireless on Thursday, May 19. This cutting-edge Android smartphone will be Verizon's first with a dual-core[...]

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide 3D Smartphone Could Debut in July

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide, also known as the HTC Doubleshot, is rumored to be coming sometime in July, according to a leaked T-Mobile report. It could be this carrier's[...]

LG Revolution with Verizon 4G Might Launch Next Week

The long-awaited debut of the LG Revolution is reportedly scheduled for next Thursday. This Android smartphone will support Verizon's 4G LTE wireless network. It will also feature an unusually large[...]

Motorola Droid X2 from Verizon Now Available Online

The launch of the Motorola Droid X2 has gone as expected and the follow up to the original Droid X is currently available in the Verizon Wireless online store.

Q1 Mobile Device Sales Up Nearly 20 Percent From 2010

Gartner, Inc. has reported that sales of mobile communication devices to end users came in at 427.8 million units in the first quarter of 2011, a 19 percent increase from[...]

Verizon Announces Launch Date for HTC Trophy

A hard and fast date has been set for the official release of Verizon Wireless' first Windows Phone 7 device: the HTC Trophy. Verizon's announcement provides surprisingly short notice, as[...]

PrivacyStar for Android Fends Off Text Messaging Abuse

With the annoying phenomenon of text messaging harassment continuing to plague cell phone users, PrivacyStar has rolled out a new feature that beefs up protection against unwanted SMS texts on[...]

Android Most Popular Mobile OS, Bane of BlackBerry and Symbian

A recent Gartner study on the mobile market during the first quarter of 2011 reveals that Google's Android has become far and away the most popular mobile operating system, at[...]

AT&T Introducing the HTC HD7S Early in June

AT&T has announced the release date and price for the HTC HD7S, its next model based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. If that name sounds familiar, it's because T-Mobile introduced[...]

T-Mobile Offering Smartphone Trade-In Program

T-Mobile has announced that it is beginning a trade-in program for old (but functional) smartphones and handsets, and that in exchange for old devices, the carrier will cut customers a[...]

Email Is Shifting to Mobile Devices

A recent study has found that more and more people are reading their email on their smartphones and other mobile devices -- just another sign of the increasing role these[...]

HTC ThunderBolt vs. HTC EVO 4G: Battle of the Flagship Android Smartphones

For those who are in the market for the best smartphone available, regardless of carrier, we bring you a head-to-head comparison of Verizon's and Sprint's flagship smartphones: the HTC ThunderBolt[...]

HTC Holiday Might Sport a 4.5-Inch qHD Touchscreen

The size of the largest smartphones screens keeps creeping up, and HTC has been leading the charge. This company is now apparently working on a handset with its biggest display[...]

Future iPhone Could Have a Curved Screen

Apple has reportedly purchased a number of glass-cutting machines that will be used to produce a curved screen on an upcoming smartphone. This might not be a feature of the[...]

T-Mobile Unleashes New Wireless Service Plans

T-Mobile has revamped its smartphone plan configurations, with new pricing on a variety of options for voice, messaging, and data allotments, and a headlining "Truly Unlimited" (but kind of limited)[...]

Rumors About Motorola Droid 3 Specs Begin to Swirl

Although leaked images of the device have been floating around the Web for a little while now, some alleged details about what's under the hood of Verizon's Motorola Droid 3[...]

Microsoft Officially Unveils Details of Windows Phone “Mango”

Microsoft has officially unveiled the details about its upcoming Mango update for its smartphone operating system, revealing a number of features about the new and improved Windows Phone. These will[...]

Opera Mini 6 Browser Released for iPhone

Opera has announced and released the newest iteration of its mobile web browser for iOS, Opera Mini 6, which offers improvements to speed and security and new social networking functionality.

Samsung Infuse 4G First-Look Review

Despite its unusually large display and other cutting-edge features, the Samsung Infuse 4G is quite slim. It's one of the first models with a Super AMOLED Plus display, which is[...]

LG Revolution with Verizon 4G Launching Tomorrow

Verizon is going to introduce its third smartphone with support for its 4G LTE network this Thursday. The LG Revolution is also going to feature an unusually large touchscreen and[...]

Quickoffice Releases New iPhone Version with PowerPoint Editing Support

Popular mobile Microsoft Office suite Quickoffice has announced an update to the iOS version of its software. And the most notable new feature among the list of improvements included in[...]

AT&T To Launch LTE Service in Five Cities this Summer

AT&T is getting ready to launch its LTE service, which will be significantly faster than its current HSPA service. This will debut in five large cities scattered across the[...]

HTC Trophy

The HTC Trophy was the first Windows Phone 7 device available on the Verizon network. As such, it is compatible with Xbox Live, and has access to the Windows Phone[...]

LG Revolution

This Android smartphone supports Verizon’s 4G wireless network, so it was one of the first models available with LTE. It also features an unusually large touchscreen and a front-facing camera.[...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

The Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY is an Android OS smartphone that features a set of dedicated gaming controls, as well as the ability to play PlayStation games. It has the[...]

HTC Merge Android Slider Headed for US Cellular Next Week

The long-delayed HTC Merge is going to be released by US Cellular. This mid-range smartphone is going to run Google's Android OS and will come equipped with a sliding keyboard.

Verizon Launches Xperia Play, Revolution, Trophy, and Droid X2 Today

Verizon Wireless simultaneously released four major smartphone on its network today -- the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the LG Revolution, the HTC Trophy, and the Motorola Droid X2 -- giving[...]

Google Turning Your Smartphone into Your Wallet

Google has just announced that it's working on an app that will enable users to pay for items with their Android smartphone. Google Wallet will also take the place of[...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY First-Look Review

The long-awaited "PlayStation Phone" is finally here. Verizon launched the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY today, a device that combines a portable gaming console with an Android smartphone. Check out this[...]

HTC Making It Easier to Customize Its Smartphones

Responding to requests from users who want to install custom versions of the Android OS on their smartphones, HTC has decided to start shipping its devices with open bootloaders.

Can Nokia Win the Smartphone War?

Nokia has been the king of the world handset market for almost as long as anyone can remember, but recently its crown has begun to slip. In his latest column,[...]

Kingston Delivers 32 GB Class 10 microSD Card

Kingston has upped the ante on its super-fast Class 10 line of microSD cards, releasing a new card that features not only 10 MB/s data transfer rates, but can also[...]

Memorial Day Sales Bring Low Prices for Smartphones and Accessories

Memorial Day sales are long tradition, and a number of retailers are offering special prices this weekend on a range of smartphones and accessories. This includes some of the latest[...]

Mango To Sweeten Microsoft’s Smartphone Chances: 10 Reasons Why

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 still faces a long catch-up game against the Android OS and Apple's iOS, but a future update code-named "Mango" with 500 new features now gives Microsoft[...]

Nokia Says Its First Windows Phone Really Might Debut This Fall

Nokia has released some guidance on how it expects to perform over the rest of this year, and the most interesting bit is a mention that the company is making[...]

Steve Jobs To Unveil Apple iOS 5 and iCloud Next Monday

Apple has just given an early glimpse of what's going to be announced at next week's Worldwide Developers Conference. CEO Steve Jobs is going to take the stage and give[...]

ASUS Reveals Padfone Tablet/ Smartphone Combo at Computex

One of ASUS' big announcements at the Computex 2011 tradeshow this week came in the form of the Padfone, a hybrid concept device that will fuse smartphones and tablets in[...]

Samsung Droid Charge First-Look Review

The Samsung Droid Charge is the next smartphone in the steadily-growing line of Verizon's 4G LTE devices. We got our hands on it and took it for a spin, so[...]

HTC Merge Android Slider Now Available from US Cellular

The HTC Merge has just launched from US Cellular, making it the first carrier in the United States to offer this mid-range Android smartphone. It comes with a 3.8-inch display,[...]