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SmartPhone Articles for June of 2002

Below are the 45 SmartPhone articles for June of 2002

Sony slashing prices on their Clie 615 and Clie 360

Sony has cut thier prices on the popular 615 and 320 Clie models. The 615 has been dropped $100 and the 320, $20.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony NR70V

Sony's top of the line handheld, the clamshell-shaped Clie NR70V, combines a fast processor, large display, keyboard, and even a digital camera.

REVIEW: Scrabble for Palm OS

Last week we reviewed the classic board game Monopoly by Handmark, this week Brad puts the equally classic Scrabble for Palm OS under the lens. Check out this review[...]

Acer n20 Handheld

A compact and stylish Windows Powered handheld that features the fastest processing strength available today, along with a variety of expansion options that make it the ultimate multitasking device for[...]

Acer n20w Handheld

Especially suitable for enterprise-level functionality, with built-in 802.11b wireless capabilities that boost productivity whether in the office or on the road. A handsome and easy-to-carry Windows Powered handheld that features[...]

Acer to release two new PDA’s, one with integrated WiFi (Pictures)

Acer has announced they will release two new PDA's, one with WiFi integrated, one without. There is no word on pricing or distribution in the US or Europe, but they[...]

Dell.com 10% Off PDA Sale

Dell is running a 10% Off all PDAs in stock sale and we have the sale price list here for you to browse!

News Bits: Case for the NR70, new goodies for the Palm m500 series and smaller memory sticks (pictures)

NR70 Case from Vaja Smaller memory sticks from Sony Magellan GPS available for the Palm m500 series Palm releases the mini keyboard for the Palm m500 series

QuickOffice 6.0 Released

Building on the success of earlier versions, Cutting Edge Software has released QuickOffice 6.0 for those Palm OS users who need access to documents on the go (pardon my play[...]

Audiovox Thera Pocket PC

Audiovox has quietly released their Thera Pocket PC, the first integrated wireless/cell phone PPC on the market. Complete with and SD slot and a great screen, this one might be[...]

Audiovox releases the first wireless Pocket PC device and forgets to tell anyone about it! Enter the Audiovox Thera

In what is perhaps the worst PR for a new product ever, Audiovox has now made their integrated wireless Pocket PC, named Thera, available for $799.99 through Verizon.

Toshiba Pocket PC e740 with Integrated Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b)

With integrated Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.1lb) wireless connectivity, the Toshiba Pocket PC e740 powered by Microsoft Windows offers the flexibility you need to easily check e-mail, view files from the company[...]

Toshiba Pocket PC e740 with Bluetooth

For sale soon, according to Amazon, this latest effort from Toshiba has everything you might want, short of cell phone. A little large looking, but with two expansion slots and[...]

Palm Offering m105 Free with m500 Purchase

Palm is offering a free m105 device via rebate if you purchase the m500 before July 8.

RUMOR: HandEra to release a new color PDA (pictures)

We're heard this rumor before, but now it has more weight, as pictures are slipping onto the Web. It's very difficult for small players to compete in this market, but[...]

Sony Releases a Compact Flash Expansion Sled for the Clie NR70 series (picture)

A new sled has popped up on Sony's Japanese site that will allow the Clie NR70 series to expand quite a bit more than the single memory stick will allow.

UPDATE: Details leaking on the Toshiba e740 Pocket PC (pictures)

It sounds as if Toshiba plans to support thier new PDA with a bunch of optional equipment. The first piece we're hearing about is a larger battery pack that will[...]

Compaq Releases Advisory for iPaq 3800 Backlight

Doing things the right way, HP/Compaq has started a replacement program for certain 3800 series iPaqs to replace a faulty backlight. Check here to see the advisory and if[...]

Handspring ditches the Springboard slot, could graffiti be next?

Handspring's Chief Operating Officer Ed Colligan, speaking at a CIBC World Markets investor conference, said they have been shocked by the number of people that prefer entering data into their[...]

RUMOR: Three new Palm devices this fall

A new rumor is circulating that Palm will introduce three new handhelds this fall, one of the devices will reportedly be under $100.

REVIEW: Mobile Tools Palm OS Utilities by Handmark

Handmark recently released the Mobile Tools software package for the Palm OS. This package includes every essential utility that Palm owners should have. Check out Brad's review and[...]

SyChip Preparing a WiFi (802.11b) Solution for Secure Digital Slots

Palm owners rejoice, fabless semiconductor manufacturer SyChip, of Plano, TX, today announced that they're getting into the 802.11b chip set space with a reference design for a secure digital (SD)[...]

Free 32MB Memory Stick with Clie Purchase

Through June 30, 2002, get a free 32 MB memory card when you buy any Sony Cli Handheld at Amazon.com.

Dell.com Offers PPPDA

Dell is offering a PPPDA (Perfectly Priced PDA) meaning 10% off all PDAs. A price list of the PDAs on sale can be viewed in this article.

Why I love my TV more than my PDA

It never crosses my mind when I'm watching my TV that there are newer models with better technology available. It's not that I'm not aware of things like flat-screen technology[...]

Toshiba e740 Hits the Shelf (Officially!)

The Toshiba e740 officially hit the virtual shelves of the web today. The e740 marks the first PDA available with integrated Wi-Fi (Bluetooth in Europe) and the Intel X-Scale[...]

HP iPAQ H3950

Brilliant Performance Dazzling transflective display delivers high contrast and optimal color saturation for crisper images and clearer text. 400MHz Intel XScale processor accelerates multimedia and security applications. Expanded versatility Integrated[...]

HP iPAQ H3970

Dazzling transflective display delivers high contrast and optimal color saturation for crisper images and clearer text. 400MHz Intel XScale processor accelerates multimedia and security applications. Integrated universal remote control for[...]

OfficeDepot.com 15% Off Coupon – PDA Savings!

15% Off Everything and Free shipping at OfficeDepot.com means some great savings on PDAs, such as the Toshiba e310 for $339 with free shipping, check out what they have and[...]

Gooooooooooooal! World Cup PDA Cases Are Here!

Soccer fans have had the four year itch for a while now, and PDA owners can share in the fun with World Cup cases from PDAsia.

Details of the new HP iPAQ PDA’s slipping out Update!

We've added two new HP iPAQ's to the system, the iPAQ 3950 and the iPAQ 3970. The main difference is a bit more memory in the 3970 and integrated Bluetooth[...]

Samsung showing off another new PDA, this one’s a clamshell (pics)

Word is Samsung is showing off their new Smarthphone at CommunicAsia2002 in Singapore this week. They've also been promoting the M330, the replacement to the I300 that was due out[...]

Dude – A Dell PDA?

Can it be true? Dell has recently been agressive in the server market competing with HP, but will they now also look to jumping into the PDA arena to[...]

What’s Up With XScale?

New Pocket PC handhelds sporting 300MHz and 400MHz XScale processors seem no faster than their 200MHz StrongARM predecessors. So what's the problem? We look for answers.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie T665C

Sony's high-end color handheld is thin and lightweight, and comes with a fast processor, plenty of memory, and a MemoryStick slot for expansion.

Samsung Receives FCC Approval For Their New i-330 Smartphone

As the flurry of news surrounding Samsung and their new PDA/phones continues, the FCC has given Samsung approval to sell the i-330 in the US.

Kyocera 7135 Smartphone

The large, bright screen of the Kyocera 7135 smartphone displays over 65,000 different colors. Download and view pictures and videos, play games, color code all those spreadsheets – things are[...]

Kyocera confirms the release of the 7135 Smartphone

This comes as no shock to regular bargainPDA.com visitors. Our piece in May highlighted this new product, however pictures were quickly supressed by Kyocera's attorneys.

HP iPaq 3900 Series Released

HP has released it's first iPaq following the merger with Compaq. The design is exactly the same, but you will get the XScale processor, a better screen and a[...]

Sony Clie PEG-T665C

The new Palm-Powered PEG-T665C handheld features a high-resolution color screen for superb picture quality and a built-in MP3 audio player* for your personal entertainment. Super-slim aluminum body is durable and[...]

But wait, there’s more…Sony makes the Clie PEG-T665 official

In a day where news was abound, Sony would not be denied their time in the spotlight. Enter the expected Clie T665, a blend of what is good from the[...]

REVIEW: Toshiba e740 Initial thoughts (Pics, Specs)

I'm not one to say that any particular Pocket PC device has a huge advantage over any other, but my initial reaction to the Toshiba e740 is that it has[...]

REVIEW: Pocket Money 2.6

One use of the Palm handheld that just makes sense is as a tool for tracking your expenses. Many of us have Quicken or Microsoft Money and enter in[...]

TechXNY Roundup: PDAs are the in thing

TechXNY will soon be wrapping up in New York after featuring the latest and greatest in consumer technology. The irony is, this show formerly known as PC Expo has[...]

REVIEW: Fossil Wrist PDA

I've been using this little gadget for a few weeks now and like what I've seen. Want to keep your data mobile? This might just fit the bill.