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SmartPhone Articles for June of 2003

Below are the 131 SmartPhone articles for June of 2003

BrightBytes™: Metainstaller, Kyle’s Quest Dungeons and More

Loris Limited's Metainstaller aids software installations; PalmGear teams with Cellmania for wireless software distribution; and Kyles Quest Dungeons is now in beta.

New iPAQ Models Coming Soon

Updated Several new iPAQs are less than a month away, according to sources. HP has been showing them in corporate previews and they've even made an appearance on the[...]

Jennifer Shelamer Joins Brighthand as News Editor

Longtime moderator Jennifer Shelamer has joined the Brighthand editorial staff as its new News Editor.

RIM Unveils Color BlackBerry

Research in Motion debuted its first color handheld today. It’s initially available in just a couple of European countries but should be released in the U.S. soon.

Fossil’s Palm OS Wrist PDA Available June 30

Updated Small enough to be worn on your wrist, Fossil's new Palm OS 4.1 device will offer the capabilities of much larger handhelds.

Wi-Fi: Will It Fly or Will It Die?

Some say Wi-Fi has the wings of an eagle, others say 3G cellular is the future of public wireless networks. Brighthand founder Steve Bush weighs in with his thoughts.

Palm OS Watch from Fossil Available for Pre-Order

UPDATE - Fossil's first PDA/watch came out last year to mixed reviews. While it could sync with either Palm or Pocket PC PDAs, it was huge and had a big[...]

HP iPaq 1930, 1940, 2200, 5500 Update

Amazon has started offering pre-orders on three new iPaq devices: iPaq 5555, iPaq 1945, and iPaq 2215 (with a ship weight of 8.0 lbs, amusing screen shot included) Release[...]

HP iPAQ h5550 h5555

Gain competitive advantage through increased mobile productivity that allows you to communicate, access, and manage information when you want. A broad range of applications, integrated wireless capabilities, enhanced security and[...]

Missing Sync for Pocket PC Coming this Summer

An upcoming application will give OS X users the ability to synchronize their Pocket PC with their Mac.

BrightBytes™: NesEm, iPAQ Keyboard, RealOne

NesEm is a new Nintendo emulator for the Palm OS; HP will soon release a keyboard that’s an Expansion Pack; and the RealOne Mobile Player is now available for the[...]

Apple Is Not Going to Make a Handheld

Steve Jobs has hopefully laid to rest a very persistent rumor by clearly stating that his company won’t be making a handheld.

First Glimpse of the Treo 600

Updated Jeff Hawkins offered a quick demo of Handspring’s next smartphone at a Sprint conference yesterday. It's significantly different from current Treo models and we've[...]

Review – Psycho Path from Handy Entertainment

I don't know why, but it seems that simple games tend to be more popular than those that are more complex. Look at just about any Top 10 PDA game[...]

Preview – ViewSonic V37 Pocket PC

ViewSonic turned a lot of heads when they announced their V35 Pocket PC last year. The next in line is the V37 which will be out very soon. ViewSonic has[...]

HP iPAQ h1930 h1935 h1937

The slim, affordable hp iPAQ Pocket PC h1930 with integrated Secure Digital (SD) expansion slot has great features and functionality at an incredible value to meet your handheld computing needs.[...]

Handspring Treo Communicator 600

The follow-up to the CDMA Treo 300 should see the light of day on the Sprint PCS network in the Fall. Following are specs based on speculation and a few[...]

PDA News – MP3 on Tungsten C, Beyond Contacts Updated, NC State Picks Tungsten C’s, Color BlackBerry

RealOne Mobile Player now supports the Tungsten C Beyond Contacts has been updated with a number of fixes The NC State Vet school will issue a Tungsten C[...]

Palm Acquires Handspring

Palm Solutions Group, the unit of Palm Inc. that makes hardware, will merge with Handspring this fall, while PalmSource will finally be spun out as a separate company.

Palm Founders To Return Home

Author Thomas Wolfe said that you can't go home again. Well, it seems Mr. Wolfe was wrong -- at least when it comes to Palm's founders, Jeff Hawkins and Donna[...]

HP and Sprint SPC Developing Wireless iPAQ

HP’s on-again off-again wireless handheld is apparently on again according to reports coming out of Sprint's Users Forum held in Dallas this week.

BrightBytes™: Presenter-To-Go, HD Mail Page, and More

Make presentations via Wi-Fi with Wireless Presenter-To-Go; the Pocket PC Developer Network Web site has been updated; HD Mail Page solves many of the shortcomings of Microsoft’s built-in Inbox application;[...]

Palm Buys Handspring

Palm Buys Handspring: In a shocking announcement this morning, Palm has acquired Handspring. Handspring has been fighting for survival and Palm has been trying to keep a step ahead of[...]

UPDATE – Details Emerge on New Handspring Treo 600

When Palm announced the acquisition of Handspring this morning, they published a photo of the core team. The interesting note is that the new Treo 600 can easily been seen.[...]

PDA News – SD FM Radio, Sena Cases, Astraware Updates

iBIZ is very close to releasing their SD FM radio Sena has announced new leather cases for the iPAQ h1910 and Clie NZ90 Astraware is updating a few[...]

Color hiptop Available Through T-Mobile

Updated T-Mobile has begun offering the color version of the Danger hiptop wireless handheld, which it calls the Sidekick.

HP iPAQ h2215 To Ship Earlier Than Expected

While HP is yet to officially recognize the iPAQ h2215 or any of the other new models, the h2215 was expected to be available on Monday the 16th. However, it[...]

Hands-On With The Hitachi G1000 and News on the Delay of Samsung s i700

For a brief while this afternoon, I had the pleasure of using the Hitachi G1000 and discussed the future of the Samsung i700 with a well placed Sprint employee. Bad[...]

PDA News – Palm Name Change, TC WiFi Hunter, HandEra OS Upgrade

Palm-Handspring to change name Wardriving with a Tungsten C Palm OS 4.1 on the Handera 330?

Encrypted data managers for the Zaurus SL-5×00 PDAs: Part I

As soon as your data goes digital it becomes trivially easy to copy and trivially easy to encrypt - if your software allows it. I personally think that encryption should[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Samsung i330

Brighthand's Ed Hardy recently took Samsung's i330 smart phone with him on vacation. Combining the features of a phone and a PDA, the i330 let Ed get email and browse[...]

Palm Handheld Summits Everest As Part of Research Study

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary's historic climb to the summit of the world's tallest mountain. And this year Palm handhelds made history too, making the[...]

BrightBytes™: h5400 ROM Update, New Cases, eWallet, and More

HP has posted on its support site a ROM Update for the iPAQ h5400 series; Sena has new leather cases for the h1910 and NZ90; and there are new[...]

Symbol Shows Pocket PC 2003 Handheld at Tech Ed

According to enthusiast site Pocket PC Passion, Symbol is showing its upcoming ruggedized Pocket PC based on Pocket PC 2003 at the Microsoft Tech Ed conference.

PDA News – iPaq 5400 ROM update, Iambic updates Agendus, TomTom Navigator to come to U.S.

HP has released a new ROM update to the iPaq 5400 series Iambic has updated Agendus TomTom Navigator is being released in the USA HP site reveals[...]

RumorMill™: Palm Preparing Tungsten T2?

Rumors are circulating that Palm intends to release an updated version of its Tungsten T. If true, the T2 will offer twice as much memory and a better screen.

Review – AllTime from iambic

AllTime is time management software for Palm OS PDAs targeted to anyone in need of tracking hours for clients, projects, and related tasks. Its primary function for tracking chargeable hours[...]

Everything You Need To Know About The New iPAQs

To tide you over until the new iPAQS finally hit store shelves, we've gathered up everything you need to know about them -- from detailed specifications, to pictures, to when[...]

BrightBytes™: Wi-Fi & 128MB CF Card, iSync, Smartphone, and More

SanDisk will soon release a CompactFlash card that offers both 128 MB of memory and Wi-Fi; Apple has updated its synchronization software; Microsoft’s Smartphone OS will soon be available on[...]

Refurb Axims for $134, Rumored Tungsten T2, HP becomes market leader in Asia

CompGeeks is selling refurbished bare Axims for $134 Rumors and a possible photgraph of a new Tungsten T upgrade are circulating HP has become the market-share leader in[...]

Pocket PC 2003 SDK Now Available

In a sure sign that the official release of the next version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system is close, the software development kit needed to write applications for it can[...]

PDA News – New Sony prototype Clie, PocketPC 2003 screenshots, Combo Sync/Charge/Card reader

Sony has a new prototype Clie New PocketPC 2003 screenshots have been released Innopocket SyncGear offers sync, charge, and card reading for Palm handhelds RW[...]

Review – Covertec Screen Protectors

Covertec, long known for their high-quality leather flip-cases for PDAs going back to the original days of the Palm series, has decided to enter a new market--premium screen protectors. While[...]

PDA News – iPaq 5400 128 MB upgrade, Palm brings IBM’s Java to Tungsten line, Innopocket releases new metal cases

PocketPCTechs.com has a 128 MB upgrade for the iPaq 5400 Palm has licensed IBM's Websphere Java implementation Innopocket has aluminum cases for the Zire[...]

Review – Fishy Fish by AFZANE

AFZANE's latest game is a life or death matter: It starts out gently enough, but when there are four or more fish flying and you have to decide which hits[...]

PDA News – New IR keyboard, Bluetooth serial adapter, TG50 leather case, New PPC phone, Metal Zire71 case

Targus markets new infrared universal keyboard Socket's new hardware connects any serial port to Bluetooth wireless Xigma Style Japan releases new TG50 leather case[...]

Gateway to Release Pocket PC PDA on June 23rd

June 23rd will be like New Year's day for Pocket PC fans. Not only will the new Pocket PC 2003 operating system be released, but new PDAs from HP and[...]

Review – 2-in-1 Stylus & Pen for the Palm Tungsten T from StylusCentral

The spring-activated standard stylus that ships with the Palm Tungsten T is one of the nicest styli I have ever used. With its nice chrome finish and weighty feel, what[...]

HP iPAQ h1940

The thin, light, and affordable hp iPAQ Pocket PC h1940 has great features and integrated Bluetooth at an incredible value to meet your handheld computing needs. The slim and sleek[...]

First Glimpse of Pocket PC 2004

While it looks like the latest version of this operating system, expected later this month, won?t have everything people hope for, the next version might include some of the interface[...]

Palm’s Tungsten T2 is for Real – New Pictures and Specs

Asian site Pumb Powered has obtained a new Palm Tungsten T2 and has posted a number of pictures in their mini-overview. The memory upgrade is nice, but the transflective screen[...]

Palm Tungsten T2

Breeze through tough tasks with one of the most compact Palm handhelds available. The perfect balance of power and size, the new Tungsten T2 handheld is built to last and[...]

Tactile Touch Panels Coming to Sony Handhelds

Sony engineers have developed a touch panel that can feel like the user is pressing a button or writing on paper.

Review: Rhinoskin Hard Case for Dell Axim

Protect your investment keep it covered. I ve had my Dell Axim for about six months now, and I take it with me wherever I go. [...]

Sony Clie PEG-NX73V

Sony Japan has released two new Clies which is a refresh of the NX70 series. Both models feature a 200 MHz processor, Palm OS 5, cameras, CF slots and high[...]

Sony Clie PEG-NX80V

The PEG-NX80V redefines the popular NX-Series CLI handhelds with a new design, improved hardware features, and upgraded application software. Palm OS 51 and ARM-compliant 200 MHz CPU, provide enhanced overall[...]

New iPaqs listed, Solitaire by PDAmill, Innopocket case for e740

iPaq 1940 and 5550 filter into retailers' systems Gamebox Solitaire by PDAmill Innopocket aluminum case for e740 released

bargainPDA Visits New York City for CeBIT America

Next week bargainPDA will be bringing you coverage of CeBIT America taking place in New York City. CeBIT is arriving in America for the first time. The show[...]

BrightBytes™: Good Deals, RepliGo, PDAPortal.us, and More

Retailers are offering some low prices on handhelds and accessories; a new version of RepliGo for Pocket PCs has been released; PDAPortal.us lists PDA-friendly web sites; the upcoming VoIP app[...]

For AOL, Sidekick is in, RIM is out

AOL is discontinuing the wireless device developed for it by RIM in favor of the new color Sidekick designed by Danger Inc.

PDA News – Sony ‘tactile panel’ technology, Vaja for TC, 50% off Monsta

Sony to produce tactile response system for touchscreens Vaja releases leather case for Tungsten CiNDUSTRY Entertainment offers limited time 50% off Monsta for Palm OS

REVIEW: Seidio Multi-Function Charging Mount Kit (Palm or Pocket PC Device)

When Seidio sent me the Multi-Function Charging Mount Kit, a product designed to allow you to hold and charge your PDA and output to a louder speaker while in the[...]

Sony Taking Pre-Orders for NX80V and NX73V

The two newest members of the NX series can now be ordered from Sony, though they aren't expected to be released for several weeks.

More Information on the HP h2215 and Toshiba e355

More details are available on two Pocket PC 2003 models expected to be released next week.

Review – Tungsten T Case by Surplus PDA

So which PDA case is right for you? I think it all depends on how you actually use your PDA. Every case has its strengths and weaknesses the[...]

Summer’s Coming…and so are the New Handhelds

A Brighthand guide to all the handhelds expected to be released before the end of the summer.

BrightBytes™: PhoneMagic, HanDBase, Adapter, and More

PhoneMagic is a new Address Book replacement for the Palm OS; users of HanDBase can now create standalone applications; there’s a new stereo adapter for Pocket PC phones and the[...]

Socket Wi-Fi SD Card Delayed to August

This highly-anticipated Wi-Fi SD card for Pocket PCs won’t be available as soon as Socket had hoped. It’s running into the same problems SanDisk is getting out a similar[...]

Toshiba e355 and iPaq 2215 First PDAs with Pocket PC 2003

Starting next week the Pocket PC world will get a major refresh. The Toshiba e355 and HP iPaq 2215 will be the first PDAs released with the Pocket PC[...]

Axim X3 rumors, Clie pre-orders, AOL ditches RIM for Sidekick

Dell's Axim X3 based on Samsung chip, sub-$150? Clie NX-73 and NX-80 available for pre-order AOL severs ties to RIM, offers rebate on Sidekick[...]

Review – Knight Lite by ClickGamer

The plot is simple, an evil Viking Warrior comes and takes your best girl. Your response: Go forth and rescue This is a fun somewhat addictive and challenging memory[...]

Handspring Unveils Treo 600

After giving a sneak peak of the device last week, Handspring has taken the wraps off its next-generation smartphone with Palm OS 5, a digital camera, and an SD slot.[...]

Consumer Reports Rates The PDAs

In its July 2003 issue, Consumer Reports rates twenty PDAs, including eleven Palm OS models, seven Pocket PC models, and two handhelds running proprietary operating systems.

Gateway Reveals More About Its Pocket PC

At the CeBIT conference in New York, Gateway revealed more information about its upcoming Pocket PC, expected in July. Updated Additional information is now available about this model.

PDA News – New Clies feature handwriting recognition, Proporta TC and TW cases, iNDUSTRY releases Sugatris

Sony's new NX73 and NX80 will feature handwriting recognition Proporta has cases for the Tungsten C and W models iNDUSTRY Entertainment releases Sugatris New Bluetooth/WiFi[...]

Palm Treo 600

Now you can use just one device instead of many to get it all done. The Treo 600 seamlessly combines a full-featured mobile phone and Palm OS organizer with wireless[...]

Palm Treo 650 (CDMA and GSM)

The Treo 650 smartphone from palmOne makes it easier than ever to stay connected. It simplifies your life by combining a compact mobile phone with email, an organizer, messaging, and[...]

Preview – Handspring Treo 600

Instead of hiding the Treo 600 while we all await the release of FCC documents, Handspring has decided to put the new Treo 600 on display willingly. For the first[...]

CeBit America 2003 – HP Confirms Plans to Release new iPAQ PDAs: h2210, h2215

HP made an announcement today at the first ever CeBit America show that they have plans to release a number of new mobility products including the iPAQ h2210 and the[...]

RumorMill™: Palm OS 6 Coming in October

Updated Reportedly, the next generation of the Palm OS will be provided to licensees in about four months. Palm OS 6 will offer a long list of significant[...]

RumorMill™: Two Palm OS 6 Models Expected in November

The Palm SG is reportedly going to introduce new Tungsten and Zire models running the next generation of the Palm OS in time for the holiday shopping season.

Live From CeBit America – Treo 600 Pictures

This morning we got invited to a personal showing of the Handspring Treo 600 to be released this fall. Following are pictures and all the details ....

Live From CeBit – HP to Release the iPAQ h4000 Series and More

Reports are coming in that HP is going to release a new iPAQ this Fall. The iPAQ h4000 series will be on the high-end of the scale and will feature[...]

Gateway 100X

The 100X will only come in a single flavor initially, featuring a 400MHx Intel XScale processor, 64MB RAM, 32MB ROM, transflective color screen and both SD and CF slots and[...]

HP iPAQ h4150 h4155

The sleek, less-than-5-oz. HP iPAQ h4155 Pocket PC offers optimized performance that will keep you productive, both while you’re on the move and when you’ve reached your destinations. Integrated WLAN[...]

BrightBytes™: 512MB SD Card, TextMaker, ViewSonic, and More

There will soon be 512MB SD cards on the market made by Toshiba; an updated version of the Pocket PC word processor TextMaker has been released; ViewSonic is working on[...]

Live From CeBit – Palm Source Interview and New Palm Tungsten and Zire

Today I talked with Michael Higashi, Director of OS Marketing for Palm Source, Michael offered some interesting insights into where Palm Source is going, what we have to look forward[...]

PDA News – Clie NX73/NX80 leather cases, CompactFlash 2.0, ‘Push’ email on wireless Palms

Xigma Style Japan already has new NX cases CompactFlash Association unveils new specs Infowave to support 'push' email to Tungsten W and Kyocera 7135[...]

Live From CeBit – Fossil Palm OS Watch Update

Last night Fossil had a rollout party for their new Palm OS watch. I was invited to a little shin dig Fossil had organized in their New York headquarters.[...]

PalmSource Reaches Out to the Enterprise

PalmSource has made agreements with IBM, Novell, and Visto to develop software needed by large businesses.

Future Versions of Palm OS to Include Full Email Client

There will soon be an email app bundled with the Palm OS that will be able to access Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino as well as POP3 and IMAP mail[...]

Mini Review – Toshiba e350/e355 Pocket PC

While the new units from Toshiba are not due out until Monday, a few have slipped onto store shelves. Active forum member Lavalamp has picked up the new e355 and[...]

Handmark acquires PDABookstore, Handheld navigation article, UTrackSys update

Handmark has bought out PDABookstore.com Business 2.0 has an article converning the future of handheld navigation UTrackSys.com updates software

Encrypted Data Managers for the Zaurus SL-5X00 PDAs Part II

ZSafe and Passkeyper A short while ago in Part I of this article I explained how important I think encryption is (I think it's pretty important). I reviewed SafeDee[...]

JVC to Release Two Pocket PC’s Running Windows Mobile 2003

So it seems that Pocket PC 2003 is really Windows Mobile 2003 so it can be more broadly applied to devices other than PDAs. It's June 23rd in some parts[...]

HP iPAQ h5150

The h5150 is similar to the h5550 with a few less bells and whistles. It subtracts the integrated WiFi and fingerprint reader amogst a few other changes.

HP Releases Broadest Range of iPaq PDAs Ever

Hewlett Packard (HP) has officially announced its largest range of iPaq PDAs ever. Each HP iPaq announced today, the iPaq 2210, iPaq 1940, iPaq 5150, iPaq 5550 includes Pocket[...]

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ h2210

The iPAQ h2210 runs Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC on a 400 MHz Intel XScale processor. It offers 64 MB of RAM and built-in Bluetooth wireless networking. Posted:[...]

An Overview of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC

Microsoft today unveiled Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, the latest version of its software for handheld computers.

Pocket PC 2003 Is Finally Here!

Microsoft unveils Pocket PC 2003, renamed Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.

HP Announces iPAQ h1940, h5150, and h5550

Hewlett Packard is going to offer three new Pocket PC 2003 handhelds that will be available later this summer. All of them offer Bluetooth, transflective screens, and SDIO-compatible expansion[...]

JVC Preparing Multimedia-Oriented Pocket PCs

JVC has announced two new handhelds running Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC. These will be able to play audio and video in a wide variety of formats. [...]

ViewSonic Announces Pocket PC with Digital Camera

The ViewSonic V36 will be the first device running Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC that includes an integrated digital camera.

Gateway Previews 100X Pocket PC

Additional information is now available about Gateway’s upcoming handheld, including its dimensions and, for the first time, a picture.

Toshiba e755 Gets an OS Upgrade, Price Cut

Toshiba is now shipping its Wi-Fi enabled handheld with the latest version of the operating system for Pocket PCs. It has also dropped the price for this model by[...]

The Upgrades Are Coming! The Upgrades Are Coming!

Several companies have announced their plans to offer upgrades from the older Pocket PC 2002 to the just-announced Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.

Brighthand Reviews the Toshiba e355

The ultra-thin e355 runs Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC on a 300MHz Intel XScale processor and comes with 64MB of RAM.

Preview – ViewSonic V36 Running Windows Mobile 2003 – UPDATED PICTURES

HP stole the thunder by posting their press release last night, but there are many more players with PDAs running the latest Microsoft OS. This latest effort from ViewSonic features[...]

ViewSonic V36

Somewhere between the V35 and the .NET powered V37 comes the V36. Building on the ultra-thin design, the V36 features an XScale 300 MHZ processor, transflective display, 32MB ROM and[...]

Preview – Gateway 100X Featuring Windows Mobile 2003 (picture)

Not to be outdone by everyone else, Gateway has released limited information about their upcoming 100X PDA. CNet is reporting that it will sell for $349 in July, with a[...]

Details on the Missing iPAQ, the h1930

It will take a few days to figure out everything that has happened with the release of Windows Mobile 2003 and the associated devices. Although, one glaring omission from HP's[...]

BrightBytes™: 256MB SD Card, Socket, XI-ART, and More

Several companies are offering 256 MB SD cards as low as $50; Socket is offering a $40 rebate on its Wi-Fi CF card; XI-ART has released five games for the[...]

Palm Trounces Analysts’ Expectations

While Palm lost money last quarter, it lost far less than analysts had predicted. Revenues were much higher than expected, as well.

Short Review of HP iPaq 2215

Today I got my hands on the new HP iPaq 2215, with a new design for the iPaq line and the new Microsoft Mobile 2003 OS loaded I was rather[...]

bPDA’s Fast Guide to Windows Mobile 2003

June 23rd has come and gone, and Microsoft has released their new operating system. Previously referred to as PocketPC 2003, the new OS has been dubbed 'Windows Mobile 2003'. We'll[...]

Review – Kinoma Producer and Player

Kinoma Producer and Kinoma Player are a set of tools that allow you to convert and view video, pictures or listen to audio on any Palm OS compatible device.[...]

KeySuite Gives Full Access to Outlook on the Go

KeySuite from Chapura allows users to put as much, or as little, of their Microsoft Outlook information on their Palm OS handheld as they wish.

BrightBytes™: Tungsten C, Webcast, Treo 270, and More

Palm has released a ROM update that fixes some of the problems with its Tungsten C, there’ll be a Webcast today on connecting a Pocket PC to the Internet; the[...]

PDA News – Palm losses narrow, Proporta e740 case, Vaja P800 case

Palm losses narrow, revenues exceed expectations Proporta has a metal case for the e740 Leather case for Sony-Ericsson P800 from Vaja

PDA News – Palm Tungsten C patch, Chapura KeySuite, RIM reports earnings

Software patch for Tungsten C Chapura releases KeySuite sync software Research in Motion reports profit/loss, earnings Paragon Software solitaire collection

More Pictures Surface of the Gateway 100X

A French site has been able to gather four more pictures of the new Gateway 100X Pocket PC in action. It still looks like they tried really hard to make[...]

Mobile Word 2003 Offers Spell Checker, Image Support

Mobile Word 2003 is a new word processor for the Palm OS that includes almost all the features of the desktop one -- and it synchronizes with Microsoft Word.

Users Petition for OS Upgrades

Pocket PC users are starting grassroots campaigns to pressure handheld companies to release upgrades to Windows Mobile.

Sony Ericsson Prepping the P810 – New PDA/Phone Combo Unit (pictures)

When Sony Ericsson announced the P800 last year, there was a ton of excitement and promise. The P800 never gained sponsorship by a wireless provider in the US though, after[...]

BrightBytes™: iPAQ h3800 Upgrade, RIM, Spb Benchmark, and More

Updated HP offers an OS upgrade for the h3800 series but not the h1910; RIM announces its quarterly earnings; Spb Software House releases its Pocket PC benchmarking tool; and more.[...]

Upcoming Axim to Offer Multiple Wireless Options

Dell is developing a Pocket PC that will include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the ability to connect to 2.5G wireless networks.

Review Sena Leather Case for Dell Axim

I recently had the opportunity to try the Sena leather case designed for the Dell Axim. I was anxious to test a leather case following my previous experience with the[...]

PDA News – Wireless Axim in ’04, Golf on PPC, Zire wins award

New Axim to debut in 2004 with WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA, GSM/GPRS? Hexacto's Links golf game available on PocketPC Palm Zire wins IDEA2003 Gold award[...]

REVIEW: HP iPaq h2215 (h2210) Review

This article serves as an HP iPaq 2210 and iPaq 2215 Review. The iPaq 2215 is the latest PDA offering from Hewlett Packard, it's a mid-range offering and targeted[...]

Brighthand Unveils New Comparison Shopping Service

The Brighthand Comparison Shopper, in conjunction with CNET Networks' Shopper.com service, provides Brighthand members and guests with access to the lowest prices on handheld computers and accessories from quality online[...]

Palm Drops Price of Tungsten W

The price of the wireless Palm Tungsten W has been cut by over $100. Plus, AT&T is offering up to $120 more off to new subscribers of its wireless[...]