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SmartPhone Articles for June of 2004

Below are the 122 SmartPhone articles for June of 2004

Texas School District Purchases 1,000 New palmOne Handhelds

Rio Grande school district purchases handhelds to help students prepare for the Texas State Assessment Exam.

ASUS A730 Now Available for Pre-order

It is now possible to pre-order the second Pocket PC model with a VGA screen.

Sony Exits U.S. Handheld Market

Sony announces that it will no longer market Clie handhelds in United States, at least for the foreseeable future.

Sony Exits the PDA Market For Now

Sony has informed us that they will not release any new Clie PDAs this year in the US. The Clie line will continue in Japan though. This move is of[...]

Abidia adds eBay support for Pocket PCs

Today Abidia added support for Pocket PC devices to its Abidia Wireless product. Abida Wireless provides access to eBay from wireless mobile devices, including mobile phones and PDA?s based upon[...]

NoviiMedia Releases NoviiRemote Version 2.5 for Sony Clie OS 5

Today NoviiMedia released version 2.5 of its NoviiRemote remote control software. NoviiRemote 2.5 is now compatible with Sony Clie OS 5 handheld computers making it the only remote control software[...]

SOFTAVA Releases PicturePassword

PicturePassword is a new software product aimed at providing PDA users with an easy-to-use security solution.

PDA and Tech Deals 6/2/2004 – 6/3/2004

Dell.com 10% Off PDAs + $30 Off Coupon Code, today only!Viking 128MB Compact Flash Card $10 Palm Zire 21 + Sumdex Universal Bag Open Box Special, $70eCost: Kingston 32MB Secure[...]

BlackBerry and Washington DC Waste — They’re Using it for Sex and Dating not Work

Having a BlackBerry device has become as much a status symbol as it is a truly useful business tool. So don't be too impressed by the guy or gal[...]

JAVOedge Creates Leather Cases for Sony TH55, TJ27/37

JAVOedge has released two new leather cases for Sony CLIE handhelds, one for the TH55, and the other for the TJ27/37.

Then there were two

Brighthand takes a look at the traditional PDA market and why HP and palmOne will likely be the last two standing.

PDA News – Asus pre-orders, 2 GB MultiMedia Card, BSquare ‘Power Handheld’

Asus A730 available for pre-order from PROportable 2 GB high-speed MultiMedia Card NEC to produce BSquare "Power Handheld"

With Sony Gone, Is the Palm OS Dead? Not Even Close

Sure, losing Sony as a licensee outside of Japan is going to hurt the Palm OS. But given the relative stagnation in the PDA market, PalmSource has positioned itself very[...]

PDA and Tech Deals 6/4/2004 – 6/5/2004

Dell 400MHz Axim X3 Handheld w/ 1-year Advanced Exchange Service $239.20 Shipped Dell Axim X30 312MHz 802.11b BlueTooth $249 Dell $20 Off Coupon Code, 10% - 20%[...]

Product Update – Asus A730 Pocket PC

Asus has given us an update of their highly anticipated A730 which features a 3.7" VGA display, Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It's on schedule to be released in[...]

PDA News – New cases, PDAs create stress, Handheld market down to two?

New TH55 and Zire 72 metal cases Handhelds, laptops, and phones 'create stress', study says Brighthand: Handheld market down to two?

Weekly Gaming Roundup

New games this week include Trick Soccer Championship, Burgerama, Volley Balley, and more.

PDA and Tech Deals 6/6/2004 – 6/7/2004

Staples.com Coupon code $25 Off $200Dell 400MHz Axim X3 Handheld w/ 1-year $239.20 Shipped LAST DAY!Garmin iQue 3600 GPS PDA on sale for $423.99 + Free ShippingAmazon.com SanDisk 256MB Cruzer[...]

Microsoft Granted Patent for Multiple Button Pushing on a PDA

Microsoft has been granted a patent for the concept of having a hardware button on a handheld perform different functions when it is pressed multiple times or held down for[...]

Think Outside Launches Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard

Think Outside is now taking pre-orders for the Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard, the world's first portable Bluetooth keyboard.

Research in Motion Begins a Fight for its Life

A court case started today that will decide whether the BlackBerry line of wireless handhelds will continue to thrive or will pass into the history books.

Asus P505 Windows Mobile Smartphone Wins “Best Of” at Computex Taipei 2004

Computex is one of the largest IT trade shows in the world. This year they had over 1,300 exhibitors, up 16% from last year. They've just handed out their best[...]

Steve Jobs Happy to Not be in PDA Business

At the "All Things Digital" conference in California this afternoon, Jobs frankly answered a number of questions, some conerning PDAs. Jobs said he was happy Apple hadn't ventured into the[...]

Steve Jobs Says There’ll Be No Apple PDA

Yesterday, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs said once again that his company isn't going to release a handheld or smartphone.

Sprint Releases Treo 600 without a Camera

Many businesses want smartphones but don't allow any devices to be brought into their facilities that have a camera. In response, Sprint is now offering a version of the Treo[...]

Pocket Loox with VGA Screen Due in August (Updated)

According to rumor, the Pocket Loox 700 will also include dual slots, two kinds of wireless networking, and a camera.

Upgrade an ASUS A620BT to 128 MB of RAM

Pocket PC Techs has just begun offering to upgrade the ASUS MyPal A620BT to 128 MB of RAM. This model currently offers 64 MB of RAM.

PDA News – Hawkins talks phones, MPx220 photos & specs, New games

PalmOne's Jeff Hawkins talks about mobile phones Photos and specifications of MPx220 from MobilMania New games from PDAmill, Ballshooter

PDA and Tech Deals for 6/8/2004 – 6/9/2004

Staples.com Coupon code $25 Off $200 for 6/6 - 6/12 palmOne Treo 600 $600 - $230 rebate = $370 total at Amazon.com T-Mobile Color Sidekick $60 After RebateGarmin[...]

palmOne Announces Treo 600 Without Camera for the Sprint PCS Network

The palmOne Treo 600, arguably the most full featured Smartphone on the market, now has a sister without the camera. Listening to security concerns from many of its enterprise customers,[...]

HP Confirms the End of Sleeves and the iPAQ h5500

It is now certain that HP had decided to stop releasing devices that can use the expansion packs that were a hallmark of the iPAQ line since its inception.

Pocket MSN Arrives on Windows Mobile 2003 Devices

The Pocket MSN Trial Program is now available, offering popular MSN and Hotmail features for Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Bluetooth Kicking into High Speed

The Bluetooth SIG has proposed a new version of this wireless networking standard that will offer up to three times faster data transfer speeds while using less power.

PDA News – Asus A730 pics, Loox 700 with pics, Faster Bluetooth

High res pics of Asus A730 Pocket Loox 700 series info, photos CSR builds faster Bluetooth chips

Mini Review of the HP iPAQ h6310 Posted

A member at pdaPhoneHome.com has obtained a pre-production HP iPAQ h6310 and has posted his first thoughts which are largely favorable. The most exciting news is the price point is[...]

Sony Gains Approval to Sell Bluetooth GPS Unit for Clies

Even though Sony won't release new Clies outside of Japan, they may still release a few accessories they planned long before their decision to pull the cord. Sony is expected[...]

PlanMaker for Pocket PC Out of Beta and Now Available

SoftMaker has released PlanMaker for Pocket PC 1.0, a full-featured Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet application.

Don’t Look to Market Leaders for Real Innovation

When the world got a sneak peak at HP's upcoming iPAQ models, many complained that they were short on cutting-edge features. Well, maybe this is just the way the market[...]

Motorola MPx220 Now Expected in Q3

A leaked version of the press release for this model has appeared on the Web, confirming some details about this smartphone and indicating an approximate release time.

Seagate Getting into Mini Hard Drives

Seagate Technology is going to release a pair of 1-inch hard drives.

Apple AirPort Express With AirTunes

The Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes will be available starting in July. However, we have detailed pictures, specifications and setup instructions for the AirPort Express so you can be[...]

Motorola MPx220 Due in Q3 2004

The MPx220 has been rumored for quite a while now. Thanks to a leaked press release, we now know for sure what the MPx220 is all about and that it[...]

Medion MDPPC250 PocketPC

Medion is a German company who prices itself on high value by cutting product costs and keeping slim budgets on things like advertising. The PPC250 is an inexpensive PDA with[...]

Motorola MPx220

Motorola will be releasing an upgrade to its MPx200 Smartphone device at the end of March that contains a built-in camera and Bluetooth wireless. It will be released on the[...]

Motorola MPx220

The MPx220 has been rumored for quite a while now. Thanks to a leaked press release, we now know for sure what the MPx220 is all about and that it[...]

PalmSource Bringing Bluetooth 1.2 to the Palm OS

PalmSource has licensed the software necessary to allow future handhelds running the Palm OS to support a new version of Bluetooth that offers better performance when used at the same[...]

Fate of Psion’s Shares in Symbian Still Up in the Air

Although Psion now has permission from various European regulatory bodies to go ahead with the sale of its stake in Symbian Limited, it still hasn't been determined exactly who these[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 6/11/2004 – 6/12/2004

Dell Home: Dell 400MHz Axim X3 64MB Pocket PC $224 shippediPaq 4355 Wireless PDA $39 price drop, $440 total Shipped FreeAmazon.com PDA Targus PDA Case Deals, $3.67 for Trifold PDA[...]

PDA News – New T-Mobile MDA III, Doubling battery life, Symbian buy moves ahead

Rumor: New T-Mobile MDA III revealed New technology intended to double battery capacity Nokia closer to Symbian grab 128 MB upgrade for Asus A620

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Significant gaming news this week includes Astraware releasing Tantric, Pocket Slurpy for Pocket PC, and more.

U.S. Debut of N-Gage QD Delayed

Nokia announced in a brief statement yesterday that the release of the updated version of its gaming-oriented smartphone has been pushed back a month.

PDA and Tech Deals for 6/13/2004 – 6/14/2004

Palm.com Zire 31 Handheld + Leather Case $133 ShippedAmazon.com PDA Sale - All PDAs on Sale up to 20% OffDell.com 10% Off Palm OS PDA Sale!Bestbuy Printable 10% off Printable[...]

Re-Branded Mitac Mio 168 Appears at COMPUSA

One of things that pleased me when looking at the Mitac Mio 168, was to see that a company, virtually unknown in comparison to mainstream manufacturers such as HP or[...]

Nokia Adds Significant New Features to Series 60

Nokia has just added a number of important new features to its Series 60 platform. These include multi-radio support, higher resolution displays, and enhanced enterprise support.

Bluetooth Keyboard Coming from Nokia

Nokia has just announced plans to introduce later this year a Bluetooth keyboard for Series 60 smartphones.

Nokia Announces Two High-End Smartphones

Nokia has taken the wraps off two high-end Series 60 smartphones today, one of which will be a "twist-and-flip" clamshell.

Brighthand Reviews the Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us a hands-on review of the world's first portable keyboard to use Bluetooth. Because it uses this short-range wireless networking technology, a single keyboard can be[...]

Check Out the Backside of the palmOneTreo 600 Sans Camera

For the curious, we've obtained a picture showing the back of the new cameraless Treo 600. The casing is exactly the same, with a pirate-esque patch over the camera lens.[...]

Two Upcoming iPAQ Models Get Bluetooth Approval

The Bluetooth Qualification Program has given its approval to a pair of iPAQs, neither of which has been announced by HP.

iPAQ h6300 Gets FCC Approval

The FCC has given HP permission to release in the U.S. the first iPAQ to offer built-in GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

HP iPAQ RX3400 and RX3700 Gain Bluetooth Certification

The yet to be announced, but soon to be released HP iPAQ RX3400 and RX3700 have both earned the Bluetooth stamp of approval. The likely next step includes FCC approval,[...]

HP iPaq 6300 Appears on FCC Site — Release Upcoming (Pics)

The iPaq 6300 upcoming PDA release from HP should be very soon, likely next month. The internal photos, test setup photos and users manual have appeared on the FCC[...]

PDA News – Palm Bluetooth, PetFrogs, Bluetooth Virus

PalmSource licenses Bluetooth SDK 'Pet Frog' concept device Proof-of-concept worm replicates via Bluetooth Games from Astraware, PDAmill

PDA and Tech Deals 6/16/2004 – 6/17/2004

Dell $25 Off any $350 Purchase for PDA, Digital Cameras and Accessories On Top of 10% Off Already, TODAY (6/16) ONLY! $100 Off Coupon for Dell Axim X3 400MHz,[...]

Treo 600 Users Offer Big Bucks for Bluetooth

TreoCentral is tired of waiting for someone to create a Treo 600 driver for one of the Bluetooth SDIO cards on the market, so it is organizing a pledge drive[...]

First Worm Targeting Smartphones Discovered

A Russian anti-virus firm believes it has found the first computer worm that infects Symbian devices, including ones running Nokia's Series 60 user interface.

Former Handspring CEO Named President of palmOne

palmOne has just announced it has promoted Ed Colligan to the position of president. Mr. Colligan had been CEO at Handspring before that company was a acquired last year.

Review – Krusell Dynamic Multidapt case for Sony Ericsson P900

One day you will drop your Sony Ericsson P900 and you'll regret not buying a case for it. I chose the Krussel Dynamic Multidapt from the Swedish company www.krusell.se. The[...]

Why Sony’s PDAs Failed in the U.S., but Not in Japan

According to contributing writer Larry Becker, there's a lot more to the Sony story than just a major electronics player exiting the PDA market.

Study Shows Handhelds Improve Students’ Grades

A study was recently performed at a high school in South Dakota to see if using PDAs has any effect on student performance. At the end of the school year,[...]

PDA News – Treo 600 Bluetooth bounty, Colligan wins Presidency, PocketTunes 3.0

TreoCentral offers bounty for Bluetooth card drivers Ed Colligan appointed President of PalmOne PocketTunes 3.0 released

SanDisk Bringing out Wi-Fi SD Card for Zire 71

SanDisk has revealed to Brighthand its plans to release a Wi-Fi SD card for the Zire 71. This company also gives an explanation why this card can't be used with[...]

Audiovox Giving Up Making Wireless Devices

Audiovox, which had created a number of handhelds running the Pocket PC Phone Edition, is selling the wireless portion of its business to UTStarcom.

Popular Printing Application Now Available for Series 60 Smartphones

Bachmann Software has ported its popular printing application, PrintBoy, to Series 60 Smartphones.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is now available, as well as a free Pocket PC game from Clickgamer.

PDA and Tech Deals for Weekend 6/19/2004 – 6/20/2004

Handspring Visor PDA $22! Viking 1GB Compact Flash Card $106 Office Depot.com Palm Zire 21 $10 rebate and Palm Tungsten T3 $40 rebateAmazon.com PDA Sale - All PDAs on[...]

Brighthand Reviews the SanDisk Wi-Fi SD Card for the Zire 71

Those who would like to add Wi-Fi to their Zire 71 have a new option, an SD card from SanDisk. Brighthand's Ed Hardy brings us this hands-on review.

Sendo X Now Shipping in Europe

Sendo today announced that it has begun shipping its first multimedia smartphone, the Sendo X, to several European countries, with a full rollout continuing over the summer months.

Aussies Go for Mobile Devices in a Big Way

Shipments of handhelds and smartphones increased dramatically in Australia during the first quarter of this year.

Use a Palm as a Webcam

Palm Webcam 1.0 from Clievideo lets users turn a camera-equipped Palm OS handheld into a Webcam.

palmOne’s Last Quarter Was Quite Profitable

palmOne has just reported that its most recent financial quarter was a profitable one. Revenues were up considerably over the same quarter a year ago.

“Little Black Book” to Encourage Setting up PDA Secuirty

For the first time in a long time I had to the chance to hit the movies this weekend. Of all the pre-feature trailers, one stuck out for it's heavy[...]

New Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Coming for iPAQs

The FCC has approved the U.S. release of a portable Bluetooth keyboard for the iPAQ line of Pocket PCs.

FCC Spills the Beans on the iPAQ rx3000 Series

The FCC has given HP permission to release in the U.S. a series of new Pocket PCs targeted at consumers.

Linksys Preparing 802.11g CompactFlash Card

Linksys has revealed plans to market an 802.11g CompactFlash card, making it the first company to announce such a product.

SplashID Now for All Leading PDAs and Smartphones

SplashData has just announced that its application for securely storing personal information is now available for Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS.

PDA and Tech Deals 6/22/2004 – 6/23/2004

$20 Off $100 Coupon Code at OfficeDepot.comViking 1GB Compact Flash Card $106 15% Off Handango Software when Registering at GeekzoneAmazon.com PDA Sale - All PDAs on Sale up to 20%[...]

HP iPAQ rx3000 Series Revealed

As is customary, the FCC has presented pictures and the user manual for the HP iPAQ rx3700, rx3417 and rx3415 PDAs. Perhaps the most interesting part of this data though[...]

HP Releases ROM Update for iPAQ h4100

HP has posted on its web site a ROM update for the iPAQ h4100. This adds some enhancements and fixes a number of bugs.

hiptop II Revealed to the World

The FCC has approved an updated version of Danger Inc.'s wireless handheld. This is expected to hit the market late this summer.

PC World Picks its Top 10 PDAs

For its July issue, PC World has listed its choices for the ten best handhelds.

PDA News – WiFi for Zire, PalmOne profits, iPaq Bluetooth keyboard

SanDisk WiFi SDIO card for PalmOne Zire 71 PalmOne reports profitable fourth quarter; stock jumps 36% HP to market iPaq branded Bluetooth keyboard

Danger Hiptop II Revealed

Once again this summer, the FCC is the bearer of good news as Danger fans have a chance now to get in on some good news. According to an FCC[...]

iPAQ hx4700 Mentioned on HP’s Site

On a page listing available drivers and other support materials, HP's web site has a reference to the "HP iPAQ hx4700 TV Pocket PC." This is one of the models[...]

Zodiac Starting to Appear in CompUSA Stores

CompUSA stores are beginning to fulfil the promise made last month and are starting to carry the Tapwave Zodiac. This will, for the first time, allow potential customers to try[...]

Toshiba Shows Tiny Fuel Cell Prototype

Toshiba has a prototype of a Methanol Fuel Cell that is small enough to fit in a portable device.

A Real Picture of the Next Generation Treo Starts to Emerge (Updated)

An image of the next generation of the Treo has been leaked from a wireless carrier. In addition to showing the device itself, it includes a description of this smartphone.

PalmSource Revenues Up Slightly, Loss Narrows

PalmSource has just reported that its revenues went up a bit during its most recent financial quarter, but not enough to make the company profitable.

PDA and Tech Deals for 6/24/04 – 6/25/04

$15 off $150 or $50 off $500 Coupon Code for Staples.comRefurb HP iPaq 1910 $143.99Refurb HP iPaq 2216 $269.99$20 Off $100 Coupon Code at OfficeDepot.comViking 1GB Compact Flash Card $106[...]

Review – Mail Courier Syncs Entourage with Palm

Mail Courier 1.1 for Mac OS X by Ligature Technologies LLC is a simple program that synchronizes Entourage for Mac OS X with the Palm OS 4.0 and higher. While[...]

More News of the palmOne Treo 610 (next generation Treo) Surface

Thanks to a camera phone/PDA, more details are now known about the next high-end Treo. A slide from a presentation of the device was sent to use which contains a[...]

The Death of Style

Ed Hardy challenges HP to develop more iPAQs using the sleek design that debuted with the iPAQ h1900 series.

Virtual Laser Keyboard in Legal Limbo

The fate of a highly-anticipated peripheral has become very uncertain, as iBIZ announced earlier this week that it is bringing legal action against several companies and individuals related to this[...]

iPAQ hx4700 “TV Pocket PC” Shows Up on HP Website

It seems that along with the HP rx series, the introduction of an hx "TV Pocket PC" is on the way. HP has already listed ...

PDA News – T4 rumors, PalmOne freaks out, iPaq Bluetooth patch

New rumors of PalmOne Tungsten|T4 PalmOne issues Cease & Desist orders over Treo 610 Bluetooth patch for iPaq 1940, 2210 Microsoft patents use of human skin

HP Posts Bluetooth Security Update for Two iPAQs

HP has posted on its web site an update for the iPAQ h1940 and h2200 that brings to these Pocket PCs support for Bluetooth authentication via combination keys.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Clickgamer is now offering a Travel Collection and Tap Tap Revolution; Traffic Jam is now available for Palm OS.

JAVOSkin Case Available for iPAQ 4150

JAVOedge has released a new plastic "skin" case for the HP iPAQ 4150.

Mark/Space Unveils Missing Sync 4.0 for Palm OS

Mark/Space has announced version 4.0 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS, offering new features for users and developers.

Rival Tungsten T4 Rumors in Circulation

Two very different sets of possible specifications for palmOne's next high-end device are circulating on the Web. The first says this model will have two SD slots, while the second[...]

T-Mobile Germany Announces MDA III Pocket PC Phone

A new cellular-wireless handheld that includes a keyboard and Wi-Fi has been announced by T-Mobile Germany. A version of this device is also expected to be released by Sprint PCS.

Windows CE 5.0 Coming in July

It was announced today at the Microsoft Windows Embedded Developers' Conference that Windows CE 5.0 will be released to licensees on July 9.

AT&T Takes iPAQ Users to the EDGE

Starting today, AT&T Wireless has begun offering a package that allows iPAQ Pocket PCs to access AT&T's high-speed EDGE wireless data network.

AT&T Wireless to Support HP iPAQs on EDGE Network

AT&T Wireless has announced it will immediately begin selling a bundle for HP iPAQ Bluetooth PDAs that includes a Nokia 6820. The EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment) network promises average[...]

Nokia May Be Considering a New Line of Handhelds

According to an unconfirmed report, a source at Nokia has revealed that his company is contemplating releasing a new line of PDAs that will use Series 60.

MPx220 Smartphone Officially Unveiled by Motorola

Today, Motorola finally ended its long silence and announced the successor to its MPx200. Unlike the original model, the MPx220 will have Bluetooth and a 1.2 megapixel camera.

palmOne May Have PDAs Produced in Russia

A palmOne VP has expressed an interest in having his company's handhelds manufactured by a Russian company.

PDA and Tech Deals for 6/29/2004 – 6/30/2004

Dell Home: 30% coupon on Axim X30 624MHz Pocket PC w/ Wireless + 3yr warrantyRefurb HP iPaq 1935 $179.99Refurb HP iPaq 2215 $269.99$20 Off $100 Coupon Code at OfficeDepot.comViking 1GB[...]

RIM Continues String of Profitable Quarters

The maker of the BlackBerry line of wireless handhelds has reported yet another profitable quarter, and is predicting its current quarter will also be in the black.

Motorola Shows Off First Smartphone for Nextel

Motorola has given the world a sneak peek of what will be the first smartphone available from Nextel.

iPAQ h6300 May Get a Name Change

Recently, a couple of announced iPAQ models were listed on HP's web site. Now, one of these has been changed, possibly indicating that this model's name will not be what[...]

Software Updates Available for All Treo 600 Versions

palmOne announced today that a version of a software update for the Treo 600 is now available for all its customers worldwide.