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SmartPhone Articles for June of 2005

Below are the 112 SmartPhone articles for June of 2005

Will the NicePalm Be the Next Mobile Manager? (Updated)

Just a few weeks after launching its first mobile manager, there is already a hint that palmOne plans to release another model in this category.

COMPUTEX: Asus A636 GPS PDA (lots of pics)

We flew to the other side of the world to take pictures of the new ASUS MyPal A636 built-in GPS PDA. Why? For your benefit and because we[...]

COMPUTEX: Asus P505 Pocket PC Phone Pics (and more Taipei pics)

Asus also had their new Pocket PC Phone, the Asus P505, on display at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. This device should be available in Europe soon. Asus does[...]

COMPUTEX: Acer Prepping Smartphones for 2006

Acer doesn't sell their PDAs in the US, though they do quite well here with their notebooks. Hopefully Acer's foray into Smartphones will make them think hard about supporting North[...]

ATP Announces 4GB SD Card

ATP will begin offering a 4GB SD card later this year.

Nokia Developing Internet Tablet

Nokia has announced plans to release this fall a Linux-based device dedicated to accessing the Internet.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades for iPAQs Coming in Late Summer

HP has said that iPAQ owners shouldn't expect to be able to upgrade their handhelds for another couple of months.

PDA News – Cobalt phone demo, 4 GB SD cards, Samsung PPC phone

Oswin demos smartphone running Cobalt ATP announces 2 GB and 4 GB SD cards Samsung shows off landscape PPC phone Lawsuit settlement for owners of[...]

COMPUTEX: ETen M600 (pics)

E-Ten is showing off their upcoming Pocket PC Phone, the M600, at Computex in Taipei this week. The M600 is an update to company's previous M500 device. The[...]

Handhelds vs. Laptops — How to Lighten Your Load in One Easy Lesson

Brighthand staff writer Larry Becker talks about all the ways that handhelds are better than laptops.

Cingular Offers Push Email System from Good Technology

Cingular Wireless is the first wireless service provider in North America to offer GoodLink to its business customers.

COMPUTEX: Tatung V620 (pics)

The Tatung V620 was on display at the Microsoft Windows Mobile floor space at Computex this week. The device is a Windows CE 5.0 based personal video player that[...]

COMPUTEX: Gigabyte Technology Einstein Pocket PC Phone (pics)

When you think of the company Gigabyte (assuming you've heard of them!) you think motherboards, notebooks and some basic wireless and router products. But SmartPhone devices? Well, apparently[...]

Microsoft Unveils Push Email for Windows Mobile 5.0

Microsoft has announced a software upgrade for Exchange Server 2003 that will allow it to wirelessly push email, calendar, contacts, and Tasks out to Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

LearningToGo Opens Summer Sale 2005

Two of LearningToGo's most popular game apps, ChessToGo and Pixionary for Palm, are on sale at 32 percent markdown.

SharkCache Speeds Up the LifeDrive (Updated)

SharkCache is a new application designed specifically to increase the speed at which the palmOne LifeDrive opens applications.

Cingular Now Offering Two iPAQ h6300 Models

Cingular Wireless announced today that it is now offering two new versions of a cellular-wireless iPAQ from HP.

iAnywhere Announces Support For Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

iAnywhere Solutions, the company responsible for the AvantGo service, announced today it will support the new Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software platform.

COMPUTEX: Windows CE and Linux Wi-Fi Mobile Phones (pics)

While at Computex I came across a couple of interesting pure Wi-Fi phones, one of which is Windows CE based and the other uses an embedded Linux OS. A[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager

Brighthand staffer Shawn Barnett takes palmOne's latest model for a test drive. He finds a lot to like, including a 4 GB hard drive and Wi-Fi, but this model has[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager — Part IV

This is Part IV of this review. Part I should be read first. Wireless email and Internet access LifeDrive comes with VersaMail and the Blazer browser. Both work well, though[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager — Part V

This is Part V of this review. Part I should be read first. HotSync The basic HotSync interface begins just as it did with the Palm Pilot. A little icon[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager — Part II

This is Part II of this review. Part I should be read first. Audio player Though I said we should compare this device to other PDAs, other PDAs do serve[...]

Brighthand Reviews the palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager — Part III

This is Part III of this review. Part I should be read first. LifeDrive as storage In my preview I mentioned that the LifeDrive appeared to sync LifeDrive Manager data[...]

Astraware’s Fun In The Sun Promotion

Each day for 14 days a different Astraware game will be available at a big discount.

Seattle Tops Chart of Most Un-Wired Cities

Intel has just released their list of most Un-wired cities in America and Seattle has taken the top spot away from San Francisco, last year's winner. Intel credits the continued[...]

Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA Continues to Live with New SL-C3100

The Sharp Zaurus line gets an update refresh with the release off the SL-C3100, an update to the SL-C3000 (Zaurus SL-C3000 Review) that has a built-in 4GB hard drive (aka,[...]

Seagate Shipping 8 GB Microdrive

Seagate has announced an 8 GB 1-inch hard drive designed for use in mobile devices and CompactFlash cards.

Socket Enhances Mobile Power Pack Capabilities and Adds Support for Additional Devices

Socket Communications has made several enhancements to its Mobile Power Pack, a hi-capacity lithium-ion Battery that provides a portable charging source for a variety of mobile devices.

OfficeMax Offers the New EarthLink Wireless Treo 650 Smartphone from palmOne

OfficeMax has signed an agreement with EarthLink Wireless to distribute, market, and sell the Treo 650 smartphone.

TiVoToGo Brings TV Shows to Your Windows Mobile Device

A nationwide upgrade to the TiVoToGo service will, for the first time, let people play TiVo content on certain Windows Mobile-based devices.

Sierra Wireless Pulls the Plug on the Voq Smartphone

Because of poor sales, Sierra Wireless plans to stop production of its Voq Windows Mobile smartphone.

PDA News – iPaq 6300 on Cingular, Mobile Antivirus, Windows Push email

iPaq h6320 released on Cingular i-mate to bundle anti-virus software Microsoft unveils 'push' email system for WM5 Lag-reduction hack for LifeDrive

Sierra Wireless Cancels Their Voq Smartphones

Sierra Wireless has announced plans to cut the Voq Smartphone from their product lineup. Sierra didn't disclose a reason, but perhaps the design being terrible, no distribution network and that[...]

Microsoft Showing Off Pocket PC-Powered BattleBot

At a conference, Microsoft is using a BattleBot to demonstrate that the .NET Compact Framework can communicate with and power machinery.

Sharp Updates Its Clamshell Zaurus

Last fall, Sharp introduced the Zaurus SL-C3000, which was one of the very first handhelds to have a built-in hard drive. Now, the company has announced a slightly updated version[...]

The Finalizer – PDA Powered BattleBot

Getting tired of regular PDAs? How about this one that powers a $28,000 BattleBot called "The Finalizer." The tank-like bot, complete with lifting arm, 8000 RPM rotary saw, and battle-axe,[...]

Computex: Mitac Mio 169 and Mio 269 (pics, specs)

Last week at Computex in Taipei Mitac had it's two new GPS devices, the Mio 169 Pocket PC and GPS integrated device and the Mio Digiwalker 269 pure GPS device.[...]

PDA News – iPaq hw6500 review, RIM vs. NTP, 8 GB Microdrives

Infosync review of iPaq hw6500 RIM, NTP restart court battle Seagate touts 8 GB microdrive

Windows Mobile’s Upcoming Email System Isn’t Exactly Push

Although the email system Microsoft has developed doesn't exactly match the dictionary definition of push email, it's very close.

RIM, NTP Settlement in Jeopardy

The settlement of the long-running patent infringement lawsuit between Research in Motion (RIM) and NTP appears to be coming apart.

AlwaysOnGPS Makes GPS Systems More Accurate

AlwaysOnGPS is a new Windows Mobile application that lets those who have a GPS system determine their location in places where GPS signals are not available.

CalliGrapher 8.0 Public Beta Released

PhatWare has released a public beta of CalliGrapher 8.0, the next version of its handwriting recognition software for Pocket PCs.

Super Wild Wild Words Review

Saturday night and nothing is on TV but some old Westerns. So what do you do? Call up some friends and play a game of Hangman? Nah, good game but[...]

Cowboy 1.0 – Become the Champion Rope Thrower

Cowboy 1.0 is a new Palm OS game in which players have to use a lasso to catch different kinds of animals and prizes.

Gartner Says Microsoft’s New Mobile Email System Is Not Secure

A pair of analysts who work for market research firm Gartner say that the email system for Windows Mobile 5.0 that was unveiled last week isn't secure enough to be[...]

Don’t Expect Another ”Summer of Pocket PC”

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief warns that, unlike the last two years, a lot of new Pocket PCs aren't going to debut this summer.

Computex: Unication Linux PDA / SmartPhone (pics, specs)

Unication was showing off a Linux OS PDA at Computex Taipei that had some very interesting features. Built-in VoIP phone capabilities (via 802.11b), an FM radio transmitter (for broadcasting[...]

Former PalmOne CEO, Todd Bradley, Joins HPs Personal Systems Group

Bradley will join HPs personal systems group, as an executive vice president. The PSG oversees PDAs, notebooks, desktops and other related products and services. Beyond his experience with PalmOne, Bradley[...]

Former palmOne CEO Now in Charge of the iPAQ Line

Todd Bradley, the former CEO of palmOne, has been made the head of the division of HP that makes the iPAQ line of handhelds.

InnoPocket Announces Hard Case for palmOne LifeDrive

InnoPocket plans to release next month a protective metal case for the new palmOne LifeDrive mobile manager.

EarthLink Wireless and OfficeMax Offering $300 Off a Treo 650 and a Free Bluetooth Headset

EarthLink Wireless has joined forces with OfficeMax to offer a special Father's Day Promotion on the Treo 650 smartphone.

HTC Universal on Track for Q3 Release

HTC is expected to begin volume production soon of one of the most highly anticipated Pocket PCs of this year.

PDA Manufacturers Need to Clam Up

The mainstream PDA is a slate form factor. But just because that's what most of them are, doesn't mean it's right. Sony brought some great clamshell models to market; in[...]

Nokia Developing New Series 60 Web Browser with Help from Apple

Nokia is using open source software as the basis of a new web browser for Series 60.

visNotes for Pocket PC 2.0 — the Encrypted Memo for Everyone

visNotes allows users to encrypt a memo and unlock it by simply tapping in the correct way on a picture.

PDA News – Pocket CardExport, i730 rumors, Insecure messaging?

Use your PocketPC as a USB drive Reports: Samsung i730 to launch June 23rd Gartner: Windows Mobile 5.0 messaging not enterprise-secure Linux on the Axim X50

Samsung SGH-D55 Smartphone at CommunicAsia

Samsung is set to dominate the Smartphone market. It seems they're the only manufacturer really pushing the limits with hardware design. Well, they're at it again with the SGH-D55 which[...]

SanDisk SD/USB Card Now Available

The 1 GB SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus card announced earlier this year is now in stores.

NewsMob Adds RSS and ATOM Tutorials

NewsMob.com now has available a series of step-by-step tutorials for reading RSS or ATOM newsfeeds on a Palm or Pocket PC.

PDA News – Sprint EVDO, PalmOne GPS cradle, Nokia 770

Sprint's rollout plans for EVDO PalmOne-branded GPS cradle Preview of Nokia 770 micro-tablet PDA phones on show at CommunicAsia

Palm Releases Several Treo 650 Updates

Palm has released updates for both the unlocked and Sprint PCS versions of the Treo 650. There are big changes on the Sprint PCS front; Bluetooth dial-up networking has been[...]

Study Says Future Workers Will Have More Flexibility, More Hours at Work

In the future, workers will have more flexibility to do their jobs from wherever they want, but, at the same time, jobs will increasingly encroach into people's private lives.

Significant System Updates Released for Treo 650

palmOne has released a software update for Sprint's version of the Treo 650, and another update for the version of this smartphone that isn't locked to any specific carrier.

Small System Patch Released for LifeDrive

palmOne has posted on its web site a small patch that fixes intermittent connectivity problems the LifeDrive Mobile Manager has with a pair of Wi-Fi routers.

Google Enhances Mobile Search

Google has added a new element to their industry leading search tool for portable computing. The new option allows users to search only pages that are designed for the smaller[...]

PDA News – 10 GB Microdrive, No imate upgrades, Palm rumors

Prototype 10 GB microdrive developed No OS upgrades for imate PPC phones Rumors: Zire 72 to be discontinued; No Treo this year?

Dell Releases Updated ROM for Axim X30 Series

Dell has posted on its web site an updated ROM for its Axim X30 series. Most of the changes made in this ROM are wireless-related.

Google Improves Mobile Search Site

Goggle now allows users of handhelds and smartphones to specify that the sites that result from their searches must be mobile device-friendly.

The Drawbacks of Cellular-Wireless Handhelds

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief has realized there are more drawbacks to handhelds with built-in cellular-wireless functionality than he had first thought.

Years Later the Palm Pilot is Still Strong

PalmOne, soon to be Palm, abandoned the Palm Pilot brand name for their PDAs years ago. But just like Kleenex, the product came to be known as the brand name.[...]

Bubble Buster Advanced 2.0 Released

In the latest version of Bubble Buster Advanced, players through the clouds and bust as many bubbles as possible within a given time limit.

Intellisync Promises Fast and Easy Push Email

Intellisync Wireless Email Express is a new service that offers true push email to those who don't want to go through the hassle of maintaining an in-house system.

Traditional PDAs to See End of Life by 2009, Chicken Little Unavailable for Comment

According to a new report by Research and Markets, the traditional PDA should begin funeral preparations soon. The market will see a negative growth of 21.5% through 2009, leaving only[...]

palmOne Releases Major System Update for Tungsten T5

palmOne has released an updated ROM for the Tungsten T5. This fixes a number of bugs, and improves the way this model handles memory.

iPAQ hw6500 Now Available in Germany

T-Mobile Germany is now offering the iPAQ hw6510, making it the first company to sell a model from this series of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs.

Dell Gives Details on Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades

Dell has just released the details on how Axim X50 series owners can upgrade their handhelds to Windows Mobile 5.0.

PalmOne Tungsten T5 Updater 1.1 Released

PalmOne has posted Version 1.1 of the Tungsten T5 Updater. People have been waiting for this update for some time now and will be relieved it is now here. [...]

PDA News – Unlocking the Treo 650, Pocket XM radio, Axim Upgrades

How to unlock the Cingular Treo 650 XM Satellite radio for the PocketPC Pricing, release timetable for Axim X50 OS upgrade

NTP’s Lawsuit Against RIM Continues to Unravel

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has effectively struck down two more of the patents that are at the heart of the lawsuit NTP is bringing against RIM.

Sprint Now Offering BlackBerry with Bluetooth

The BlackBerry 7250 is now available from Sprint PCS. This is the first Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry to be offered by this carrier.

Verizon Launches Samsung i730

Verizon Wireless is now offering the Samsung i730 to its largest customers, and it will go on sale to the general public next month. This cellular-wireless Pocket PC offers Wi-Fi,[...]

HP Releases ROM Update for iPAQ hx2000 Series

HP has posted on its web site a ROM update for all the models in its iPAQ hx2000 series. This fixes a large number of bugs, plus updates some of[...]

palmOne Planning Handheld with 6 GB Microdrive

Just a month after palmOne launched the LifeDrive, its first handheld with a built-in hard drive, word has already leaked out that the company is planning one with a higher[...]

NoviiRemote Now Compatible with Top palmOne PDAs, Including LifeDrive Mobile Manager

NoviiRemote Deluxe and NoviiRemote Classic software is now compatible with the latest palmOne handhelds.

Samsung SCH-i730 Officially Announced and Available on Verizon

The Samsung SCH-i730 is Samsung's first Pocket PC phone with EV-DO high-speed data access, built-in keyboard and also 802.11b wi-fi included. There have been rumors Verizon would be rolling[...]

Samsung SCH-i730 Pocket PC Phone

The Samsung SCH-i730 is Samsung’s first Pocket PC phone with EV-DO high-speed data access, built-in sliding keyboard and 802.11b wi-fi + Bluetooth included.

New 6GB PalmOne LifeDrive Coming?

Another month, another blown cover on a PalmOne device. According to Hitachi documents touting their new 6GB mini hard drive, PalmOne will be using this drive in an upcoming[...]

palmOne Appoints D. Scott Mercer to Board of Directors, Succeeding Susan Swenson

MILPITAS, Calif. — palmOne, Inc. today announced the election of D. Scott Mercer, interim chief executive officer of Adaptec, Inc., to its board of directors. Mercer has served in a[...]

New Versions of Two Pocket PC Web Browsers Released

Two of the best known third-party web browsers have been updated: NetFront and ThunderHawk. These updates bring significant new features to these Pocket PC browsers, especially in the area of[...]

Rumor – PalmOne Tungsten XX – Tungsten T5 With WiFi

Multiple sources have started posting images and details of a new PalmOne device, known at the moment as the Tungsten XX. It appears to be a follow-up to the Tungsten[...]

Motorola Franklin – RAZR-type Windows Mobile PDA Coming

Motorola has scrapped as many Smartphone designs as they've released, but if the Franklin comes through, it could be the biggest, or thinnest, of them all. A PowerPoint presentation is[...]

Details Leak Out on RAZR-Thin Windows Mobile Phones

A PowerPoint presentation that describes a series of upcoming Motorola smartphones very similar to the RAZR has been found on a Microsoft web site.

palmOne Launching Two GPS Receivers

Responding to the growing interest in handheld-based GPS solutions, palmOne is going to add a pair of new GPS receivers to its list of accessories.

Rumors Surface of the Tungsten XX

According to rumor, the Tungsten XX have will supposedly be somewhat similar to the Tungsten T5, but with better wireless networking capabilities.

PDA News – ROM updates, Mossberg on Samsung, Microsoft domination?

ROM updates for iPaq hx2000, Axim X30 WSJ's Mossberg looks at i730 Flashback: Microsoft market domination?

The PalmOS Effect Part 1: Simplicity and No Maturity

This article is Part 1 of a two part series. In this article we discuss the benefit gained through the simple usability of the Palm OS, but also look[...]

palmOne Launches Web Site to Help Educators Get Grants

palmOne has just unveiled a new section on its web site dedicated to helping educators get funding grants to use handhelds in the classroom.

Handango Announces Champion Award Winners

Handango has announced the winners of the Fifth Annual Champion Awards, which are given to outstanding software for handhelds and smartphones.

Samsung i730 Widely Available Sooner Than Expected (Updated)

Verizon wireless is now offering the Samsung i730 to the general public, more than a week before it said this cellular-wireless Pocket PC would be available to anyone but its[...]

Securely Store Sensitive Information on a Pocket PC with Data Armor

Data Armor lets users lock and protect important data, and helps protect them from identity and information thieves.

Astraware Celebrates July 4th with Fireworks! Independence Day Edition & Rocket Mania

To help celebrate the U.S. Independence Day, Astraware has created a special version of its free Fireworks! screensaver, plus it is offering a discounted price on Rocket Mania.

Samsung SCH-i730 Available Now

Verizon started selling the Samsung i730 through business channels last week, but the i730 is now available to consumers via Verizon's website. This availability comes less than a week after[...]

The PalmOS Effect Part Two: The Developer’s Perspective

In part one, I looked at how the simplicity of the PalmOS has merited into a platform that is not as mature as the users that it wants to attract.[...]

PalmSource Announces New “Tier 1” Licensee Coming

As part of their fiscal fourth quarter conference call today, PalmSource announced a 16% reduction in staff, a smaller loss than the same period a year ago, and a brand[...]

Dell Releases Small ROM Update for Axim X50 Series

The latest ROM update for Dell's Axim X50 series makes only a couple of small changes.

PalmSource Reports Profitable Quarter, Job Cuts

PalmSource has released the results for its most recent financial quarter. Although the company turned a profit, this was primarily the result of it selling its rights to the "Palm"[...]

palmOne Announces Very Profitable Quarter

During its most recent financial quarter, palmOne earned a much higher profit than many had been expecting.

palmOne’s Name Change Coming Next Month

palmOne will officially change its name to Palm, Inc. in two weeks. Its stock symbol will change at the same time.

PalmSource Has a Mysterious New Licensee

PalmSource has announced that a large company has agreed to make Palm OS devices, but exactly which company this is has not yet been revealed.

PDA News – WiFi MiniSD card, RIM disappoints, Tungsten C discontinued?

Spectec WiFi MiniSD card RIM doubles earnings; stock slides Reports: Tungsten C discontinued Garmin iQue 3600 on clearence

PalmOne Announces Good Quarter, Change to Palm July 14th

PalmOne today announced good financials for the quarter and for their fiscal year, fueled mainly by the Treo 650, Tungsten E/E2 and the introduction of the LifeDrive. The official name[...]