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SmartPhone Articles for June of 2007

Below are the 83 SmartPhone articles for June of 2007

Nokia N76

The Nokia N76 is a clamshell smartphone running Symbian/S60. It lets users access Internet sites and services, make video conference calls using the QVGA video camera, send and receive emails[...]

Mobile Data Services – Going Beyond Wi-Fi

Analyst Paul DeBeasi tries to make some sense out of the confusing alphabet soup of cellular-wireless date services like EV-DO and HSUPA.

Treo 700p Update Delayed

The release of a system software update for the Treo 700p has been pushed back yet again. This was scheduled to be released on May 28, but is still not[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of May 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most handhelds and smartphones readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. There was a resurgence of interest[...]

Two Nokia Smartphones Now Available in the U.S. Independent of Carriers

Nokia has seemingly taken a more direct route in offering two of its latest flip-style phones to U.S. consumers by selling them direct.

Answers to Common Questions on the Palm Foleo

Palm, Inc. took the wraps off the Foleo Mobile Companion a few days ago, but many people still have questions about this upcoming device. The answers to a few --[...]

Apple Announces iPhone’s Launch Day

When Apple announced its iPod/phone combination early this year, the company said it would debut in June. But it has never given an exact date then the iPhone will be[...]

Hawkins Opens the Door To Smaller, Keyboard-less Treos

In the wake of the announcement of its latest product, one of Palm, Inc.'s co-founders has hinted that a Treo smartphone without a built-in keyboard might be in the cards.

Palm, Inc. Will Not Be Acquired by Any Company

It is clear now that, despite persistent rumors earlier this year, Palm is not going to be bought by another company. Instead, a new investor has purchased a percentage of[...]

High Capacity SD Card Support Added to Sprint Treo 700p

Palm, Inc. has just released a long-awaited system software update for the Sprint version of the Treo 700p. This offers a long list of improvements to this smartphone, including adding[...]

HTC Touch

The HTC Touch is a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone designed around a new fingertip-oriented control system. In addition, it offers a sleek consumer-oriented design. The Touch doesn’t include a built-in[...]

Is Nokia Going to Buy RIM?

According to an unconfirmed report, smartphone giant Nokia is going to try to buy Research In Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry line.

Raon Everun UMPC Promises Long Battery Life, Low Cost

Raon Digital has announced the Everun, a Windows XP UMPC with a built-in keyboard. This device will have several features that have piqued the interest of small computer fans.

Apple May Soon Get the Ball Rolling on iPhone Apps

It was only last week that Apple CEO Steve Jobs first said that his company will allow third parties to write applications for the iPhone, and there's already word that[...]

HTC Touch — A Smartphone Designed to Compete with the iPhone

HTC Corp. has just launched the HTC Touch, a smartphone whose fingertip-oriented control system was clearly created to compete with Apple's iPhone.

Mobile Tech News — Internet Radio, Spb Games, Animated Themes

Internet Radio Added to LobsterTunes Spb Software House Now Offering Six Mini Games Netwasp Launches a New Version of FlashThemes Generator

Software Update for Sprint Treo 700p Temporarily Unavailable

Sprint Treo 700p users will have to wait even longer for a much-needed update to their system software. An update for this smartphone was released on Monday, but has since[...]

Via Unveils Reference Design for Ultra Portable Notebook

Chip maker Via Technologies has created a reference design for a laptop that it believes is small enough to compare to a handheld computer.

HTC Touch First Impressions Review

Brighthand's Editor-In-Chief brings us a review of the HTC Touch, a new Windows Mobile 6 smartphone with an innovative fingertip-oriented control system.

Moble Tech Notes — Blackberry Connect and Exchange Updates for Nokia E-Series, Plus Much More

Nokia's Mail for Exchange Updated to Version 1.6 New Version of BlackBerry Connect for Nokia E-Series Available Emoze Free Push Email Updated SKTools Standard 3.1.6[...]

The First Glimpse the Treo 800w

The first unconfirmed report has emerged of what might be Palm's next smartphone, which will supposedly be called the Treo 800w and launch in a few months.

Microsoft Releases Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

Microsoft has introduced a new version of the Windows Mobile Device Center, the software Windows Mobile smartphones and handhelds use to synchronize with PCs running Windows Vista.

Nokia N95 Review

The N95 is the flagship multimedia computer/smartphone device by Nokia. Offering a drool-worthy list of features, it's designed to do a lot in an extremely pocketable package. Antoine Wright brings[...]

Asus Developing Small, Very Inexpensive Laptop

When the Asus Eee PC debuts later this summer, this easily portable laptop will cost less than many handhelds or smartphones.

Sprint PPC-6800 May Launch This Month

Rumors and unconfirmed reports have placed the launch of the PPC-6800 as late as October, but the latest information says this Windows Mobile 6 smartphone will be released in just[...]

MIT Demos Wireless Power Transfer

A team from MIT's has experimentally demonstrated an important step toward accomplishing the goal of wireless power transfer. This brings them closer to their goal: smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, and[...]

Proporta Gadget Bag Review

Brighthand moderator headcronie brings us this review of the Proporta Gadget Bag, a multi part bag made of a scuff resistant, tear resistant, abrasion resistant, and waterproof nylon fabric.

Nintendo DS Web Browser Now Available in the U.S.

A version of Opera Software's eponymous web browser for the Nintendo DS is now available in N. America.

Treo 800w May Offer Wi-Fi

Last week, the first reports surfaced on the Treo 800w -- the next smartphone supposedly coming from Palm, Inc. -- and now some additional details are available.

Debate Swirling Around Palm ”Gandolf” Rumors

Over the weekend, news first broke of what's supposed to be an upcoming, low-cost smartphone from Palm. If this device is real, it will be a fairly significant departure from[...]

iPhone Will Support Third-Party Web 2.0 Applications

At its developer's conference today, Apple announced that its upcoming iPhone will run applications created with Web 2.0 Internet standards.

Nokia E90

The Nokia E90 communicator is geared toward the business-focused smartphone consumer. This Quad-Band GSM is at the larger and heavier end of the smartphone spectrum, with a clamshell design that[...]

NanoBook-Based Ultra Portable Laptop Coming to the U.S.

A company in the United States plans to release a device based on Via's NanoBook reference design. This will make it a small, light but still relatively inexpensive Windows laptop.

Nokia’s Ultra Low Power Wireless Networking Standard Merged into Bluetooth

Nokia and the Bluetooth SIG have agreed to merge the Wibree short-range wireless networking standard into the Bluetooth standard. Wibree was created for accessories where Bluetooth's power requirements can be[...]

RIM Might Make the BlackBerry Pearl Even Smaller

RIM's flagship smartphone, the BlackBerry Pearl, is already a very small smartphone. But if an unconfirmed report is correct, its successor could be smaller yet, even as it gains additional[...]

The iPhone’s Biggest Innovation… Mobile Apps

In his latest editorial, Brighthand's Antoine Wright takes a look at the the Apple iPhone's recently-announced support for Web 2.0 applications, and what this means for this upcoming smartphone.

Mobile Tech News — Astraware Solitaire, Live the Pirate Life, Smartphone Releases

Astraware Solitaire Offers Twelve Games in One Arrr Maties! Corsairs for Palm OS Do Be Released BlackBerry 8800 Released in Chile Palm Treo 750 Debuts[...]

UBiQUiO 701 Ultra Mobile PC Review

Brighthand's chief reviewer Adama D. Brown brings us a look at a UBiQUiO UMPC that is offered in the U.S. by Mobile Planet.

iPhone Will Require an iTunes Account

An account with Apple's iTunes music service will be a necessity when setting up this company's smartphone.

Palm Laying Off Some Employees

Palm, Inc. is in the process of laying off some of its employees. The exact number is not publicly known.

Why I Like the Mobile Companion Concept

There can be no doubt that Palm's new "Mobile Companion" category of devices has proved to be controversial, but Brighthand's Ed Hardy thinks this class of devices has a[...]

Pocket Heroes Combines a Strategy Game and an RPG into One

iO UPG has released Pocket Heroes, a step-by-step strategy game with RPG elements and a fantasy theme.

HTC Mogul (PPC-6800)

The HTC Mogul is CDMA device created for carriers like Verizon and Sprint (which also calls it the PPC-6800) It offers a number of high-end features, including support for one[...]

Sprint Announces HTC Mogul with Windows Mobile 6 Pro, EV-DO Rev. A

Sprint will soon begin offering the HTC Mogul, also called the

A RAZR-Like T-Mobile Sidekick May Be in Development

T-Mobile's Sidekick line has been popular with teens and hipsters for years now, but no one would ever accuse these smartphones of being too small or too light. However, some[...]

MotionApps Bringing a Suite of PIM Software to the Palm Foleo

MotionApps has just announced plans to release mDayscape, the first Personal Information Manager developed exclusively for Palm, Inc.'s upcoming Foleo Mobile Companion.

Microsoft Launches Redesigned MSN Mobile

Microsoft has officially launched a new version of its MSN Mobile portal, which was created to allow users to access its services while on the go.

Opera Mini 4 Beta Now Widely Available

Opera is in the process of enhancing its Java-based Opera Mini browser with more features and improved performance.

Mobile Tech News — Games for Foleo, Spb Mobile Shell, YouTube Mobile

traware Releasing Sudoku and Solitaire Games for Palm's Foleo Mobile Companion Spb Software House Releases Spb Mobile Shell 1.5 YouTube for Mobile Now Available

Apple May Be Developing iPhones with a Range of Prices

Apple will release less expensive versions of the iPhone, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

Latest Rumors on the BlackBerry Pearl 2

What is supposedly a fairly complete description of an upcoming RIM smartphone has emerged. If it's correct, the Pearl 2 will offer many features not in the original model, including[...]

More Than a Pretty Face

Although he can understand the appeal of a cutting edge design, Brighthand's Antoine Wright wants his mobile device to offer the kind of depth necessary to be truly useful.

HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger

Unlike previous cellular-wireless iPAQs, the 510 has a numberpad, not a buit-in keyboard. It also doesn’t have a touchscreen. However, its QVGA screen has a higher resolution that other cellular-wireless[...]

Samsung Introduces Highest Capacity 1.8-Inch Hard Drive

Samsung has introduced its new SpinPoint N2 series of hard drives designed for smartphones, handhelds, and UMPCs. These feature the highest capacity available in a 1.8-inch form factor -- 120[...]

AT&T No Longer Carrying Nokia E62

AT&T has stopped selling its only Symbian/S60 smartphone aimed at business users, causing some to wonder what will replace the E62 in this carrier's product portfolio.

HP Quietly Begins Offering Its First Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone

The iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger -- HP's first smartphone running Windows Mobile 6 -- has recently become available from a variety of stores, but not through any carriers.

New SlingPlayer Mobile Versions Available for Windows Mobile and Palm OS

Sling Media has just released a version of SlingPlayer Mobile that is compatible with Microsoft s new Windows Mobile 6 operating system. The company has also recently introduced a new[...]

Software Update for Sprint Treo 700p Released Yet Again

The on again/off again system software update for Sprint version of the Treo 700p is once again available, at least in a limited fashion.

BlackBerry Curve 8300 Review

The BlackBerry Curve is one of the latest devices from RIM that offers features for both consumers and business users. Jerry Jackson took a look at this cellular-wireless handheld to[...]

Nintendo Games May Be Made Available for iPhone

According to an unconfirmed report, Nintendo may be making itself into a possible content supplier for the Apple iPhone in the area of games.

Nokia E61i

The Nokia E61i is an updated version of the E61, which debuted in 2006. This model offers a full QWERTY keyboard in a slim tablet design. It includes a QVGA[...]

A Version of the HTC Touch in Development for Sprint or Verizon

HTC has revealed that it is developing a CDMA version of a smartphone whose fingertip-oriented control system invites comparison to Apple's iPhone. This will include features not in the GSM[...]

Nokia E61i and Nokia E65 Released in the United States

Two of Nokia's E Series smartphones have just become available in the U.S. These are part of this company's line of devices created for business users.

Mobility and Smartphone Deals – 6/26/07

Free Palm Treo 680 After Rebates New BlackBerry Curve - $199.99 Sony VAIO UX380N UMPC - $300 Off Samsung BlackJack - $.01 $15 Bluetooth[...]

Analysts Predict How the iPhone Will Affect the Smartphone Market

The Apple iPhone will debut later this week, and some financial analysts are weighing in on what effects they think it will have on sales of current smartphones.

HTC Developing Vista/Windows Mobile Combo UMPC

According to a roadmap of upcoming devices recently released by HTC, this company intends to make one that can run both Vista and Windows Mobile 6.

AT&T Releases Details on iPhone Service Plans

AT&T has just announced three wireless service plans for the Apple iPhone, which will debut this Friday. These start at $60 a month, and include unlimited data for email and[...]

Avvenu Bringing Remote File Access to the Palm Foleo

Avvenu has just announced a version of its Access 'n Share service for the Palm Foleo. This will allow users to remotely access digital content stored on their work or[...]

Mobile Tech News — Handy Weather, SplashNews, and Spb Traveler

Handy Weather for Palm OS Devices Now Available Free SplashNews RSS Reader Released Spb Software House Introduces Spb Traveler

VPN Support Coming to the Palm Foleo

Bluefire has announced plans to bring Palm Foleo users a VPN (Virtual Private Network) option for securely exchanging data.

iPhone Might Get Support for Exchange Push Email

One of the reasons cited by many for not being interested in the iPhone is that it lacks support for Microsoft's push email system. According to an unconfirmed report, this[...]

T-Mobile Now Offering Home VoIP Service

T-Mobile USA is launching its HotSpot @Home service today. This allows consumers to make unlimited free wireless phone calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

Nokia E61i Review

The Nokia E61i is a Symbian/S60 smartphone with an emphasis on business. It features a built-in keyboard, 3G cellular-wireless networking, and Wi-Fi. Antoine Wright has a review.

Palm May Have Fired Much Of Its Wi-Fi Development Team

According to an unconfirmed report, Palm, Inc. has given pink slips to a significant percentage of the team working on adding Wi-Fi to its Treo smartphones.

Microsoft Promises 20 New Windows Mobile 6 Models by Year’s End

A Microsoft spokesperson says that companies around the world will launch 20 more devices running Windows Mobile 6 before the end of this year.

If You Show Them, They Will Come

In his latest editorial, Brighthand's chief reviewer takes on the iHype surrounding the iLaunch of the iPhone.

Palm’s Quarterly Profits Way Down, Smartphone Shipments Way Up

Palm, Inc. has just reported that its profits during its most recent financial quarter had dropped 44% when compared to the same period of last year. This despite the company[...]

Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone combines three products — a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and an Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching —[...]

Mobile Tech News — Astraware Fireworks, CallsToJournal, SplashID 4, and More

Celebrate 4th July with Fireworks from Astraware Chapura Launches CallsToJournal for Windows Mobile SplashID Version 4 Released CO2Global for Palm OS Introduced by Handcase [...]

RIM’s Profits Up a Whopping 73%; Announces 3-for-1 Stock Split

Research in Motion (RIM) has reported the results of a very successful financial quarter. The company enjoyed tremendous growth in both revenue and profits. In addition, it is going to[...]

Sprint HTC Mogul PPC-6800 First Impressions

Brighthand's Adama Brown takes an initial look at the new Sprint version of the HTC Mogul PPC-6800 after spending 36 hours with it.

Motorola Announces Good Mobile Messaging 5

The next version of Good Mobile Messaging will add personalization features, strengthening security, and improving device management capabilities.

SanDisk Launching 8 GB microSD Card Later in the Year

SanDisk's development of 6 GB and 8 GB microSDHC cards has reached the point where it has begun giving samples of them to smartphone makers for testing and evaluation.