June 2008 SmartPhone Articles

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SmartPhone Articles for June of 2008

Below are the 75 SmartPhone articles for June of 2008

StyleTap Commits to Palm OS Emulator for iPhone

StyleTap Inc. has announced plans to release a version of its Palm OS emulator for the iPhone and the iPod touch, which will allow over 20,000 currently-available mobile applications to[...]

Mobile Tech News — Astraware Solitaire, Windows Live, Nokia E-Series Firmware Updates

Astraware Solitaire Comes to Symbian S60 and UIQ Windows Live Now Available for S60 New Firmware Updates Released for Nokia E51 and E61i

AT&T Expects To Complete HSUPA Upgrades by End of June

AT&T has formally announced that it expects to have all of its 3G coverage updated to use the faster HSUPA standard by the end of this month.

HTC Touch Dual

The Touch Dual is a version of HTC’s popular touchscreen-centered smartphone that — unlike the ones being offered by Sprint and Verizon — includes a sliding keypad. This Windows Mobile[...]

U.S. Version of HTC Touch Dual Released — for Real this Time

Despite premature announcements, until now the HTC Touch Dual has only been available for pre-order. However, the wait is over and this smartphone has now really gone on sale.

New TechnologyGuide Site Launched – DesktopReview.com

We have some exciting news for casual fans and loyal members of the TechnologyGuide.com family of websites: we have launched a brand new site, DesktopReview.com!

HTC Raphael Now Officially the HTC Touch Pro

After months of rumors and a semi-announcement last week, the device formerly known as the HTC Raphael has be formally unveiled as the HTC Touch Pro.

Apple WWDC Predictions for Monday

Apple's WWDC is next week and I have been thinking about what we could see...

Verizon Wireless To Buy Alltel For $28 Billion

Number two US carrier Verizon Wireless plans to buy fifth-ranked Alltel in a deal valued at $28.1 billion dollars.

Mobile Tech News – Google Maps for S60, Pocket Tunes for Windows Mobile, Missing Sync Updates

Google Maps Mobile Updated for Symbian S60 Pocket Tunes Deluxe Released for Windows Mobile Missing Sync for Windows Mobile and Palm OS Updated

HP iPAQ 210 Mugen Power Extended Battery Review

For those who just can't get enough power out of their iPAQ 210 models, relief is at hand in the form of an extended battery with double the capacity of[...]

SlingPlayer Mobile Definitely Coming to iPhone

Sling Media has confirmed earlier reports that an iPhone version of its SlingPlayer Mobile software is in development. This will give Slingbox owners the ability to watch and control their[...]

First Image of a Touchscreen BlackBerry Appears

Smartphones with touchscreens are all the rage now, and it appears even RIM isn't going to be able to buck the trend. There have been rumors about the first BlackBerry[...]

iPhone 3G Is Official, but Not Yet Here

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has just unveiled the long-awaited iPhone 3G, the second-generation of his company's smartphone. This device is not, however, being released today.

LG Secret

The LG Secret is a slim slider phone with a 5.0 megapixel camera. Following the Chocolate and Shine models in its Black Label Series, this phone allows users to access[...]

HP iPAQ 910 Coming June 30

HP announced today that its newest smartphone, the iPAQ 910 Business Messenger, will begin shipping at the end of this month.

AT&T Gives the Details on iPhone 3G Accounts

AT&T -- the exclusive carrier for Apple's second-generation smartphone in the U.S. -- has revealed that there will be a few changes for those who want to upgrade from the[...]

Images of Nokia N85 Leaked

A series of images of an unnamed Nokia model, believed to be an early prototype of the N85, have appeared on the Web.

Mobile Tech News — Mail for Exchange and Spb Backup Updated, New Astraware Game, and More

Nokia Mail for Exchange Gets New Features Spb Backup Significantly Updated Have Undersea Word Fun with Bubble Babble TreoSpot Renamed Centroid, Now Focused on the[...]

HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger Preview

The iPAQ 910 Business Messenger is HP's next smartphone. Jerry Jackson has had some "hands-on" time with this upcoming device, and brings us his first impressions.

Apple Made A Mistake

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright takes Apple to task for giving in to pressure from developers and moving away from web-based applications.

Palm Centro Coming to Verizon Tomorrow

Verizon will soon begin offering the Palm Centro, a low-cost, consumer-oriented smartphone with support for this carrier's high-speed wireless network. *UPDATE*

Mobile Tech News — Better PIM for iPhone, Intellisync Discontinued, PocketPCTechs Discount

Pocket Informant Coming to the iPhone Intellisync Being Discontinued 10% Discount from PocketPCTechs

The Latest on the Treo 800w

All signs point to the release of the Treo 800w drawing closer, and there have been a number of recent leaks about this upcoming smartphone.

Mobile Tech News — Patches for the iPAQ 210 and Alltel’s Treo 755p, Mobiola Web Camera

Battery Update Now Available for the iPAQ 210 Palm Releases Patch for Alltel's Treo 755p Get Mobiola Web Camera for $5

iPhone 3G Fast but Lacks Management Tools Mobile Enterprises Need

Apple is clearly trying to reach into the enterprise mobility market with the new iPhone, but the device still lacks the management tools enterprises need.

Motorola Unveils MC75 Rugged Enterprise Smartphone

Motorola has taken the wraps off the MC75, a smartphone developed for mobile enterprises. It will offer simultaneous voice, data, GPS navigation, and camera-based document capture.

New Details Emerge on Dell’s Upcoming Subnotebook

It has been known for some time that Dell intends to release a subnotebook, and now some new information on this upcoming device has surfaced.

More Images of the BlackBerry Kickstart Leaked

Information about the first clamshell BlackBerry has been trickling out over the previous month or so, and the latest of this is a series of pictures showing this device from[...]

Treo 700wx May Be Getting Windows Mobile 6

One of Palm's older smartphones may be getting a new lease on life. If an unconfirmed report is correct, Verizon Wireless and Palm will soon release a Windows Mobile 6[...]

Nokia Unveils Nokia E71 and E66 Business Smartphones

Nokia has just taken the wraps off its latest business-class devices, the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66. These S60 smartphones will have different form factors, but be similar internally.

HTC May Debut Windows Mobile 7 in Early 2009

According to reports, a regional manager for HTC has said that his company will likely have devices running Windows Mobile 7 on the market in the first three months of[...]

Mobile Tech News — New IM Service, BlackBerry Curve Case, Palm Results, and More

Palringo Releases Mobile Instant Messaging Service OtterBox 1935 for Redesigned for BlackBerry Curve Models Palm Gives Details for Upcoming Financial Results Conference Call Money Manager[...]

T-Mobile Sidekick Getting Significent Software Update

T-Mobile is going to start distributing this week an Over The Air (OTA) update for the system software on the Sidekick LX. This will add a number of new features[...]

Work Proceeding Nicely on SDHC Driver for Palm Handhelds

The third-party project to add support for high-capacity memory cards to Palm-brand handhelds is proceeding apace.

Analyst: Apple Will Sell 45 Million iPhones in a Year

At the launch of the original iPhone, Apple's Steve Jobs set a goal of selling 10 million of them by 2009. Some analysts are predicting that this would barely[...]

No Surprise, Android OS Will Be Strongly Tied to Google’s Online Services

The release of the first smartphones running Android is still months away, so information on this operating system is still emerging.

A Very Early Look at the BlackBerry Javelin

The BlackBerry Javelin isn't expected to debut until the middle of next year, but rumors on this upcoming smartphone are already spreading.

Sprint Launching Samsung Instinct Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sprint is going to introduce the Samsung Instinct, which isn't a smartphone by most people's definitions, but is still being viewed as a strong competitor for the iPhone.

Could This Be the Samsung BlackJack III?

AT&T is in the second generation of its BlackJack line of smartphones, and an unconfirmed report may have the identity of the next model in this series.

Access Garnet VM Review

Garnet VM is an emulator that puts a virtual Palm OS handheld on Nokia's Internet Tablets, allowing them to run Palm OS applications. Antoine Wright brings us a review of[...]

HTC Touch Diamond

This smartphone is an upgraded version of the very popular HTC Touch, and targeted at the pro-sumer class. Like its predecessor, it doesn’t have a hardware keyboard, but instead is[...]

Samsung Instinct

The Samsung Instinct isn’t a smartphone by most people’s definitions, but is still being viewed by many as a strong competitor for the iPhone. This device offers the features people[...]

Mobile Tech News — Missing Sync Beta, Free Propel for Palm OS, Palringo for BlackBerry

Beta of The Missing Sync for Symbian S60 Now Available Get Propel for Palm OS for Free with $5 Purchase in the Brighthand Store Palringo IM[...]

HTC Touch Diamond Starting to Appear in U.S. Grey-Market Stores

The HTC Touch Diamond is starting to hit store shelves in Europe. People in the United States who can't wait to get their hands on this device can purchase the[...]

Adobe Continuing to Work on Flash for the iPhone

Apple hasn't shown much interest in putting Flash on the iPhone, but Adobe is still pursuing the project.

Garmin nuvifone May Be Made by Asus

Garmin's nuvifone, its upcoming navigation device that will also act as mobile phone, will reportedly be manufactured by Asus.

Palm Centro Comes to Canada

The Palm Centro has gathered a following in the United States, and now Rogers Wireless has taken care of the Canadian launch of this Palm OS smartphone.

Apple May Get $325+ for Each iPhone 3G

AT&T is going to pay Apple $325 for each iPhone 3G that gets sold, according to an analyst's report. And it may be paying more in some situations.

Debut of All Android-Based Smartphones Pushed Back

The companies behind the Android OS had originally hoped that the first smartphone running based on this operating system would debut during the third quarter of this year, but now[...]

HTC Touch Diamond Review

The HTC Touch Diamond is loaded with high-end features, but it is targeted at people upgrading from standard mobile phones. According to Brighthand's Ed Hardy, it is "the[...]

Unlocked Palm Centro Now Available

Palm, Inc. is now offering an unlocked version of the Centro, it's most recent Palm OS-based smartphone. Unlike other versions of this device, it can be used with any wireless[...]

Symbian, S60, and UIQ Undergoing Massive Changes

The Symbian operating system and the two most popular user interfaces for it, S60 and UIQ, have always been owned and developed by separate companies, but this will soon change.[...]

Nokia Releases Internet Tablet OS Update

Nokia has released of the next iteration of its Internet Tablet operating system containing several internal enhancements to performance, wireless capabilities, and stability.

Nokia N78

The Nokia N78 is a Symbian S60 smartphone featuring Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth. It also has a GPS receiver. A 320-by-240-pixel screen dominates the front. Below this is a Navi-Wheel[...]

Mobile Tech News — AIM for Windows Mobile, Google’s My Location for Centro , and PocketMac MacThemes

AOL Instant Messenger for Windows Mobile Updated Google Maps with My Location Available for Palm Centro PocketMac MacThemes Turns a BlackBerry into a Mini Mac [...]

Nokia N78 Launched in the U.S.

At its unveiling, Nokia announced that both European and North American 3G variants of the N78 would be available, and now this has come to pass with the formal U.S.[...]

BlackBerry Bold Coming to AT&T in Late Summer

There's good news and bad news for those in the U.S. who are eager to get RIM's latest, the BlackBerry Bold. The good news is that this smartphone will be[...]

Verizon XV6900 Review

The Verizon XV6900 is a 3G Windows Mobile device with an emphasis on its touchscreen. Adama Brown brings us a review of this smartphone, which is based on the HTC[...]

LG Dare

The LG Dare is a CDMA phone featuring a 3.0 inch touch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera with face detection and scene modes, and a full HTML web browser. The minimalist[...]

BlackBerry Bold Preview

RIM recently unveiled the BlackBerry Bold, an upcoming smartphone that will offer a number of firsts for this long-running product line. Ed Hardy was able to spend some time with[...]

Samsung Omnia May Be Offered Through AT&T

AT&T will begin offering a high-end Windows Mobile smartphone from Samsung later this year, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

Moving to Symbian S60: More Third-Party Applications

Antoine Wright takes a look at some more Symbian S60 applications as he becomes more comfortable with day-to-day use of his Nokia N75.

Palm’s Smartphone Sales Keep Rising, But Revenues Down

Palm, Inc. has just reported that its most recent financial quarter followed the same pattern its last few quarters have: the number of its smartphones sold continues to increase, but[...]

Sprint’s HTC Mogul and HTC Touch May Soon Get Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrades

Strong evidence has emerged that Sprint will soon release operating system upgrades for two of its Windows Mobile-based smartphones.

Sony Reportedly Prepping PlayStation Phone

Sony has started work on a mobile phone that will be part of its popular PlayStation line, according to a new report.

Mobile Tech News — Opera Mobile 9.5, WorldMate Live, Astraware Westward

Opera Mobile 9.5 Public Beta Coming Next Month WorldMate Live Released for Windows Mobile Astraware Introduces Westward for Symbian S60 and UIQ Mobiles

Leaked AT&T Memo Mentions MMS for iPhone 3G

Support for MMS (multi-media messaging services) will finally come to Apple's smartphone line when the iPhone 3G is released, according to a memo that supposedly leaked out o AT&T.

BlackBerry Sales Once Again Push RIM’s Profits Up, Up, Up

During its most recent financial quarter, Research In Motion (RIM) once again saw its revenues and profits more than twice what they were a year ago. But that wasn't enough[...]

More Details on the Treo 800w Leak Out

A few screenshots taken from the datasheet of Palm's next smartphone have appeared on the Web, giving the world an even more complete picture of this upcoming device.

HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger

HP’s latest high-end smartphone is the iPAQ 910 Business Messenger, which includes 3G cellular-wireless connecivity; a 2.5-inch, QVGA display; and a QWERTY keyboard. This quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE device features tri-band UMTS/HSDPA,[...]

Celio Redfly

Redfly Mobile Companion is a laptop-shaped device that greatly extends the capabilities of some smartphones. It can be used to give a Windows Mobile device a larger display, full keyboard,[...]

Mobile Tech News – Five PDAmill Games, Trip Tracker for Windows Mobile, iPhone Cases, and More

PDAmill Launches Five Games for Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard Griffin's $50 Sale on iPhone Cases Trip Tracker for Windows Mobile Updated PBA Bowling Released for All[...]

Nokia N78 Preview

The Nokia N78 was launched in the United States last week, and we bring you a video overview of the features offered by this new consumer-oriented S60 smartphone.

HTC Touch Pro for Sprint/Verizon Gets FCC Approval

There's good news for people in the United States who are eager to get their hands on the HTC Touch Pro: a version this upcoming Windows Mobile smartphone has[...]