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SmartPhone Articles for July of 2001

Below are the 56 SmartPhone articles for July of 2001

After a year, has Pocket PC been a success?

Everex, Philips, Uniden. Remember those names? It's difficult to believe that less than three years ago each was making its mark in the world of handheld computers.

PC Expo Features Less Excitement, Smaller Crowd

For the second year in a row, it was handheld devices and that sparkled in the forefront. ``If there's been innovation it's been on the Palms and Handsprings,'' said Stimac.

Tons of Staples.com Coupons Available!

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Mobile and DVD make PC Expo

PC Expo wasn't exactly a snooze. While not as exciting as previous years, the show did have its share of cool products.

Report shows lack of faith in Bluetooth

SINGAPORE--The majority of businesses polled by consulting company Frost & Sullivan say they have no plans to purchase products using the Bluetooth wireless data-transfer standard.

Help for jet-lagged PDAs

Let's teach handhelds to handle multiple time zones! I recently took a cross-continent jaunt to spend a week talking with people about display technology. On just one of those[...]

Win a PDA from OCLC.org

Online Computer Library Center, Inc. of Columbus, OH is giving away a Handspring device to a randomly selected winner of those that participate in their career survey.

Microsoft taking dual approach to handhelds

Although Microsoft touts its Pocket PC as the best software package for handhelds, it is offering another option for computer makers that think they can do better.

NEC to launch 1st PDA in Japan this year

TOKYO, July 9 (Reuters) - NEC Corp, Japan's biggest personal computer maker, said on Monday it will launch its first personal digital assistant (PDA) by the end of this year[...]

RIM claims partial victory in court

Research In Motion said Monday it has won a partial victory in its legal battle with Glenayre Technologies over dueling claims of patent infringement.

Casio Invests $5 Million in Sybase Wireless Subsidiary

Casio will invest $5 million into Sybase within the next 30 days, Sybase said in a statement. Sybase hopes the move will allow iAnywhere to increase its development of mobile[...]

Psion exits consumer handheld market

LONDON--Shares in Psion hit a three-year low on Wednesday after Europe's biggest handheld-computer maker said it would shun the consumer market to focus on corporate and education sales and intellectual[...]

Price of SD cards drops

Panasonic on Tuesday slashed the price of its Secure Digital Memory Cards and plans this fall to more than double its output of the cards, which are postage-stamp-sized pieces of[...]

Intel looks at leap in handheld memory

Intel is betting that consumers want handheld computers stuffed with 500MB of memory.

Disney Continues Wireless Push With AvantGo Partnership

Walt Disney Internet Group recently partnered with San Mateo, CA-based AvantGo's mobile Internet service to provide ABCNews.com and ESPN.com channels on AvantGo's network. AvantGo allows businesses to deliver their content[...]

Psion backtracks on consumer plans

Despite initial reports, Psion is denying it will completely abandon the consumer handheld market.

Checking Out E-Books

The nation's public libraries are struggling to deliver e-books. But do cardholders even want books online?

California Launches Wireless Warning System for Blackouts

The new service issues real-time alerts over e-mail and mobile devices. And it also provides traffic reports and lottery results.

Handspring to slash price of VisorPhone

Handspring plans to make a major price cut on the attachment that turns its Visor handhelds into a cell phone.

Toshiba entering PDA market

TOKYO--Japanese electronics conglomerate Toshiba unveiled Monday its first personal digital assistant, due for launch in Japan next month and in the United States this autumn, and aimed at high-end corporate[...]

Toshiba Genio e570

The Toshiba e570 uses a 206MHz Intel StrongARM Processor, the fastest available for Pocket PC applications, and the newest version of Microsoft’s powerful and popular Pocket PC operating system. The[...]

Linux In The Palm Of Your Hand

Playing the underdog is familiar territory for Linux, but now the open-source community prepares to go up against PDA leaders Palm and Microsoft. To make inroads in the market, Linux[...]

DoCoMo’s European Plans Hit A Snag

The Japanese wireless operator is delaying the launch of its popular I-mode service because of infrastructure problems.

The Blue Nomad Interview

In this interview, Blue Nomad founder Dr. Alexander Hinds discusses WordSmith and BackupBuddy with PalmGoddess Jen Edwards

REVIEW: Handspring Visor Deluxe

This is a comprehensive look at the Handspring Visor Deluxe-8MB, 12,000 entry capable, AAA powered, infinitely expandable, make-it-want-you-want to be handheld of personal choice for yours truly.

Analysis: Can Handhelds Improve Support?

Handhelds have become an indispensable part of business, but their use is mostly limited to personal information management. What if you could use wireless handhelds to improve customer support while[...]

Handspring sales meet lowered expectations

Handheld maker Handspring on Wednesday reported a loss that narrowly beat estimates, while its sales met lowered expectations.

Company starts selling Linux for Palms

Empower Technologies, a start-up in Redmond, Wash., has released a version of the Linux operating system that will run on Palm IIIx, IIIxe and Vx handheld computers.

REVIEW: HandEra 330

The first time I saw the specs for the HandEra 330, I thought it looked like the perfect writer's PDA.

REVIEW: Palm m505

Users new to the Palm family of products will enjoy its impressive array of features and capabilities, and seasoned Palm users will enjoy the same things along with a comfortably[...]

REVIEW: iPAQ Pocket PC H3670 with 64 MB of SDRAM

With the introduction of the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC H3670, pocket-size PDA computers are finally beginning to become less like pocket organizers and more like computers.

PC Expo

On site coverage of PC Expo 2001 from New York, NY

OS 4.0 Upgrade Coming Soon to A Palm Near You

In late Spring, Palm Inc. began shipping the first handhelds with OS 4.0, the m500 series. Since then, many users have asked when an upgrade would be available for older[...]

Palm names new executives

Handheld computing leader Palm announced three new executive appointments to its Solutions Group.

Microsoft releases Windows CE code

Microsoft has made the source code of its Windows CE 3.0 embedded operating system available to developers in a bid to compete with the "open source" software development model that[...]

Microsoft hopes to create buzz for Stinger

Microsoft is moving into the handset-making business, hoping to give more bite to its Stinger operating system for "smart phones."

RIM stock falls on BellSouth results

Shares of Research In Motion fell as much as 16 percent Monday after telephone company BellSouth results showed declining subscriber growth for what investors extrapolated was the BlackBerry two-way e-mail[...]

Palm to announce steps to ARM transition

Palm will announce on Tuesday its initial steps to adapt its operating system to run on ARM-based processors, CNET News.com has learned.

Palm Launches New Initiative to Silicon Solution Providers Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments and ARM to Kick-start ARM Powered(R) Innovation

Consistent with its strategy to fuel innovation and broaden the market for Palm Powered(R) devices, Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM) today announced that key suppliers of ARM(R) core-based[...]

PDAs Helping Workers Do Their Jobs Better

Every time someone plunks 50 cents into one of its 35,000 snack vending machines, Aramark refreshment services wants to know about it. The snack supply company keeps track of sales,[...]

Smart Phone Shipments Set to Grow Faster than Palm Shipments in Next Two Years

Shipments of non-wireless handheld computers, such as Palm devices, are expected to slow sharply in Western Europe over the next two years, according to research company Canalys. The report indicates[...]

Software takes Palm programs to Pocket PC

When is a Palm not a Palm? When the Palm operating system runs on Pocket PC devices.

UPS to Deploy Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Network

United Parcel Service plans to deploy the world's largest wireless LAN and short-range wireless Bluetooth network throughout its worldwide distribution hubs. The project, which will cost slightly more than $100[...]

Compaq prepares for new Pocket PC

Looking to boost sales of its iPaq handheld computers, Compaq is touting that its Pocket PC models are the only ones that will be ready to upgrade to a new[...]


It’s Simple! Portable, Compact and easy to use. No need for a PC when you use its built in modem. It’s Flexible! Use the touch screen to access your latest[...]

OmniSky falls closer to Earth

OmniSky has laid off nearly 100 employees, mostly from closing several European offices, as the company consolidates its business to try to save money.

Palm to separate OS business

Handheld giant Palm announced on Friday its plans to create a separate subsidiary for the part of its business that develops and licenses the Palm operating system.

Speed up your Palm PDA with QuickBits……

QuickBits (http://www.2bitsoftware.com) to the Rescue!

Surveys Suggest Bluetooth Is Finally Ready for Deployment

Two separate reports -- from mobile consultancy Mobile Lifestreams and research consultancy Frost & Sullivan -- indicate that the time has now arrived for Bluetooth technology to be deployed, after[...]

REVIEW: Agenda VR3 Linux PDA

The Agenda VR3 is the first PDA to come with Linux, the Open Source operating system geeks love, pre-installed. Originally released in the form of "Developers[...]

ARM hands latest chip design to Intel, TI

Chip designer ARM Holdings announced Monday that it has licensed the next version of its processor architecture to Intel and Texas Instruments.

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Dell.com 10% off ALL PDA’s (including Sony Clie)

Want a Sony Clie N710C for $450.00? Buy a PDA online through Dell.com and you will receive 10% off of the device. Click here now (click[...]

Bluetooth still teething

Consulting company Frost & Sullivan has downgraded its previous short-term forecasts for Bluetooth technology, blaming technical- and market-related issues for slow progress.

Research In Motion Will Launch BlackBerry in Italy

RIM Europe, through Wireless Solutions Dada's Mobile Technology subsidiary, intends to release BlackBerry in Italy by early 2002, and develop customized, vertical applications.

Linux handheld device holds 10GB

A Singapore company has unveiled a handheld device that stores up to 10GB of data and multimedia files. The device, dubbed the Terapin Mine, measures 7[...]