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SmartPhone Articles for July of 2003

Below are the 141 SmartPhone articles for July of 2003

Three More Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Handhelds

Brighthand Editor-in-Chief Ed Hardy brings us three more technologies that just may alter the way we view handheld computers and mobile devices. Can you guess what they are?

AlphaSmart Announces Dana Wireless

The next version of Dana's Palm Powered device for students will include integrated Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Fossil Wrist PDA Delayed

The release date for Fossil's Palm Powered wristwatch has been pushed back, possibly by as much as three weeks.

O2 Announces xda II Pocket PC Phone

O2 announces that a new version of its data-centric wireless handheld -- sold in the U.S. as the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone -- will be available by the end of[...]

BrightBytes™: Zire 71, PocketPCTechs, Proporta, and More

A special edition Zire 71 for students is coming; PocketPCTechs.com reduces cost of its memory upgrade; new Proporta hardcases; and more.

Review – Battle of The Generals for Pocket PC from Click Gamer

Calling all Stratego, and Chess fans This one was made for you! If you are looking for something a little more complex than shifting colorful squares or[...]

PDA News – WM2003 SDK, Applian CoolClock, TW price drop

Windows Mobile 2003 SDK free for download Applian releases CoolClock Palm lowers price on Tungsten W

Garmin iQue 3600 GPS Handheld Delayed

The release of Garmin's iQue 3600, which combines a GPS receiver and a Palm OS 5 handheld, has been delayed until mid-July.

Agenda Fusion 5.0 For Pocket PC Now Available

A new version of Developer One's popular calendar, address book, and to-do list application for Pocket PC has been released.

BrightBytes™: CoolClock, PalmSource, In-Vehicle Printing, and More

CoolClock can play MP3s as alarms; PalmSource is looking for people to help increase the visibility of Palm OS software; the POSPack is a portable printer that can connect with[...]

PDA News – New XDA 2, PocketPCs by Mitac, wireless Alphasmart Dana

O2 plans to release new XDA II Mitac plans $199 PPCs Dana to get WiFi, SDIO

Review – Samsung i700 Pocket PC Phone

I'm an early adopter. The makers of any new cool toy love me and my kind. I always pay top dollar and get the first one that comes off the[...]

PDA News – Anthelion, iNDUSTRY sale, Pumatech acquires Loudfire

First look at Anthelion iNDUTRY's Monsta and Sugatris for $10 Pumatech acquires Loudfire PalmApple?

Review – Toshiba e350 & e355 Pocket PC

With all the excitement surrounding the launch of the newest "Microsoft Mobile OS", the market is buzzing with news of the arrival of many new devices. Reports of devices[...]

Microsoft Giving Away Best Selling eBooks

To promote Pocket PCs as a good platform for reading eBooks, Microsoft is making 60 eBooks available for free this summer.

PDA News – Free ebooks, Pocket Informant 4.5, Zaurus partnership

Microsoft to offer free ebook bestsellers PocketInformant updated to 4.5 SAP partners with Sharp to sell Zaurus

Hitachi G1000 Pocket PC Phone Coming Soon to Sprint

The G1000 is the first-ever Pocket PC with an integrated keyboard as well as one of the first Pocket PCs with a built-in digital camera.

BrightBytes™: iPAQ h5400, Treo 270, Media Player 9, and More

HP has released a firmware update for its h5400 series; Amazon is offering the Treo 270 for as little as $70; there are some free skins available for the Pocket[...]

Final Version of AvantGo for Palm OS 5 Available

Though a beta has been available for months, AvantGo has just recently announced a final version of its client application that supports Palm OS 5.

PDA News – Treo 270 $69, iPaq WLAN update, Vaja for TW

New Treo 270s for $69 with activation HP has another WLAN update for iPaq 5400 Custom Vaja case for Tungsten W AvantGo for OS 5 finalized

Review – Sega Classics for Palm OS 5 PDAs

Well, I ll go ahead and be honest with you. I ve lost the skills that I worked hard to attain as a child. I had the opportunity to try[...]


In this Learning Center chapter on Storage, we take a look at how programs and data are stored on handheld computers. We cover the two main types of storage: internal[...]

HP Prepping iPAQ with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Phone

Updated Hewlett Packard is expected to release a Pocket PC with multiple forms of wireless networking, including a mobile phone.

Sony Clie PEG-NX80V Available at Circuit City

Sony’s new high-end Clie model, the PEG-NX80V, is in-stock at many Circuit City locations. Its kid brother, the PEG-NX73V, is also beginning to appear in stores.

RumorMill™: Dell Axim X3 Coming in November

A rumor has surfaced giving Dell’s timetable for releasing new Pocket PC models this fall.

HP’s On Again Off Again PDA Phone, Back On

HP's attitude when it comes to an integrated PDA phone has been hard to understand. They went so far as to produce a few test models over a year ago;[...]

Rumor: Dell Axim X3 for November

Many people have been anticipating the next round of Dell Axim PDAs to be released. The latest rumor circulating is that we can expect a new model from Dell[...]

Yopi 3700 Offers Linux on the Go

The Yopy 3700 from G.Mate runs a version of Linux and includes an integrated keyboard and a color screen.

BrightBytes™: Themes, Ringtones, GoToMyPC, and More

Microsoft has released a bunch of free Today Screen themes for Windows Mobile 2003; Palm OS users can create their own ringtones with Music Studio; there is now a Pocket[...]

HP iPAQ h1940 & h1945 Hands On Mini Review

The iPAQ 1910 with its sleek design and super-thin form factor was a huge blockbuster success for HP. Many users reported it having the most brilliant, brightest[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie NX80V

The PEG-NX80V follows the same general form as previous members of the NX series but it boasts a 1.3 megapixel camera, a unique, retractable CompactFlash slot, more RAM than any[...]

Pocket PC Summit To Focus On Windows Mobile 2003

This year’s Summit will bring together industry leaders to discuss the present and future state of Pocket PC technology, including extensive coverage of Windows Mobile 2003.

Brighthand’s First Impressions of the Sony Clie PEG-NX80V

Sony’s latest high-end handheld is just starting to hit store shelves and Brighthand’s Editor-in-Chief has a preliminary review.

Magnetoresistive RAM Coming to a Handheld Near You

Handhelds using a new type of memory that uses less power are expected to debut by the middle of next year.

BrightBytes™: Clie Updates, Pharos GPS, Tungsten C, and More

Sony has released updates for software on several of its Clie models; those buying new Toshiba Pocket PCs can get a discount on Pharos GPS receivers; the Palm Tungsten C[...]

PDA News – iPaq upgrade schedule, RealOne Mobile updated, Discount GPS with Toshiba PPCs

Details for iPaq PocketPC 2003 upgrades Real updates player for PalmOS Toshiba and Pharos offer GPS coupons Magcard reader for Palm PDAs Palm Inc expands in[...]

Review – SevenSeas! Version 2.00 from Astraware

1962 was a great year. I wasn t even born then, but it must have been a great year. Why? Because that was the year Milton Bradley came out with[...]

MiTAC’s Wireless Pocket PC Gains FCC Approval

The Mio558 runs Windows Mobile 2003 and offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless networking.

New iPAQs Now Available From Online Retailers

The iPAQ h1940, the iPAQ h5150, and the iPAQ h5550, which were all announced last month, can now be purchased from several online retailers.

BrightBytes™: Toshiba e755 deal, Spb Kiosk, and More

Amazon offers deal on Toshiba e755; Spb Kiosk 2.0 helps large corporations track of Pocket PCs; Yahoo offers email notification of new articles on Brighthand; and more.

PDA News – New Covertec cases, Top-selling Palm ebooks, NZ90 update

Covertec cases for the Zire 71, Tungsten C/W, and NZ90 Top 10 Palm Digital Media ebooks for June Software update for Sony NZ90

Review – ThemeDream 3.0 for Pocket PC from Applian

I have used animated themes on my Pocket PC for the last year. I have to admit, I like looking at something other than the regular Windows Today Page. My[...]

Tapwave Releases Details on Their Palm OS Gaming Machine

In May PalmSource announced two new licensees of their operating system. One of those two was Tapwave, who is promising to bring a gaming machine to market that will rival[...]

Dell Users Claim New OS Slows Down Axim X5

Dell handhelds running Windows Mobile 2003, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system for Pocket PCs, are noticeably slower than the same models running the older version, according to reports.

Unsecured Handhelds a Risk to Businesses and Individuals

A recent survey shows that many people store information on their handhelds that they, or their company, wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands. But less than half take[...]

Tapwave To Reveal More Details Of Upcoming Handheld

Tapwave's been awfully quiet since it offered a glimpse of its upcoming Palm Powered multimedia and gaming handheld earlier this year...until now.

PDA News – Bad Axim OS, Zayo for $199, Windows Mobile ’03 themes

Axims shipped with faulty OS Razor Zayo selling for $199 New themes for WM2003 from Microsoft

Future Cell Phones and PDAs May Include TV Tuners

It's no secret that PDA accessory manufacturers are working on ways to bring broadcast television to your handheld. iBIZ, Sony and others are all actively pursuing this technology. The quest[...]

PDA News – New Toshiba petition, Sena cases, SmartphoneThoughts giveaway

New petition for Windows Mobile 2003 on Toshiba e550 Four new Sena leather cases SmartphoneThoughts is giving away $2000 in hardware and software

BrightBytes™: Toshiba Upgrades, Low Cost Memory, and More

Get the latest on Windows Mobile 2003 upgrades for Toshiba handhelds; eCost has low prices on SD cards and Memory Sticks; there is a new magnetic stripe reader for Palm[...]

High-Speed Home Wireless Network

Seems like everyone these days is going wireless with their Pocket PC, including many who are setting up wireless local area networks to enjoy the pleasure and freedom of browsing[...]

Six Hot Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Handhelds

Brighthand Editor-in-Chief Ed Hardy brings us six hot technologies that just may alter the way we view handheld computers and mobile devices. Can you guess what they are?

New Cases for Almost Every Make and Model

Recently, several companies have announced new cases, both leather and aluminium, for a wide variety of handheld models.

Review – Little Palm Pet from LDW Software

I pretty much have enough pets. I have a black lab that takes up enough of my time at home, and I have a quarter horse that takes up most[...]

Sony to Announce New Wireless-Enabled PDA on Friday

According to a report on page A6 of Investors Business Daily, Sony will announce a new PDA likely featuring WiFi, and potentially GPRS on Friday. While there are very few[...]

Treo 600 To Support Many Types of Email

Email is an important part of a smartphone and Handspring is working to be sure customers have a wide variety of email applications to choose from.

Samsung i500 Smartphone Coming Next Month

Samsung's new Palm OS 5.2 based smartphone will offer an integrated digital camera with flash and a Secure Digital slot.

Pocket PC Headed to the Moon

The first commercial space flight to the Moon will be launched in the near future and an HP Pocket PC will be aboard. The iPAQ h5550 will be used[...]

BrightBytes™: Zire 71, Wi-Fi Hot Spots, and More

Palm has released a patch that fixes a problem the Zire 71 has with memory cards; AvantGo adds a Wi-Fi hot spot locator; Pocket PC magazine has published the list[...]

PDA News – Psion drops Epoc, iPaq 3900 upgrades, WiFi locator

Psion moves from Epoc OS to WinCE.Net iPaq 3900 series upgrades 'in the wild' Standalone WiFi detector

Fujitsu Preparing an 800 x 600 Pixel Screen for PDAs

In an attempt to make PDA displays on par with low-end laptops and PCs, Fujitsu is preparing a new screen that will feature an 800 x 600 pixel resolution.

Group Sense Announces Palm OS Smartphone

The Xplore G18 is a new smartphone for the Chinese market. It runs Palm OS 4.1 and has an integrated digital camera.

Fujitsu Working On Higher Resolution Handheld Displays

The Japanese electronics giant is developing screens that are no bigger than the ones used in today’s handhelds but have three times the number of pixels.

WiFi and a Latte: Going Wireless at Starbucks

Can an admitted coffee lover and handheld enthusiast find nirvana at the local Starbucks? Join Brighthand s founder on his journey to find Amarica s Wi-Fi enabled paradise.

BrightBytes™: Overclocker for Clies, iPAQ h2210 Case, and More

Lightspeed can overclock or underclock Sony’s Palm OS 5 handhelds; Vaja Cases is taking preorders for a leather flipcase for the iPAQ h2210; and more.

Pocket PCs Can Now Sync with Macs

Mark/Space has released a desktop application that allows Pocket PCs to synchronize with computers running Apple’s Mac OS X.

PDA News – Handmark sale, Vaja cases, iPaqs in Outer Space

25% off everything at Handmark.com Vaja cases for iPaq 2200 and 5500 series iPaqs to be used on moon mission Thunderhawk on Samsung i700 review

REVIEW: HP iPaq h1940 and iPaq h1945 Pocket PCs

The HP iPaq 1940 / iPaq 1945 PDA has been eagerly awaited almost since the release of the HP iPaq 1910 last year due to the fact the 1910 was[...]

Dell Says It’s Fixing Axim Problem

Responding to complaints from its customers, Dell has stopped shipping its Axim X5 Pocket PC until it can figure out why it is having slowdown problems and come up with[...]

Next Gen Clamshell Zaurus Models Available in U.S.

Dynamism is now offering the Zaurus SL-C750 and Zaurus SL-C760, which have VGA screens, 400 MHz processors, and run a version of the Linux operating system.

PDA News – Axim shipments halted, Zire 71 patch, PDAReviewSpot

Axim software bug halts shipments Zire 71 SD card update PDAReviewSpot.com, from the makers of bPDA New Treo browser powered by Netfront

New Clie Announced – Welcome the Sony Clie PEG-UX50 (pictures)

Sony is waiting until tomorrow to announce this device in the US, but the Clie UX-50 is showing up on their Japanese site already. The spec sheet and pictures will[...]

Sony Clie PEG-UX50

The PEG-UX50 Personal Entertainment Communicator features dual Wireless integration in a compact and light weight design. Powered by Palm OS 5, the UX50 is powerful, portable, and easy to use!With[...]

First Thoughts – Sony Clie NX80V

The NX80 is an impressive little unit--the casing is nice, the camera is sharp, and the style is a blend of the NX70 and NZ90 Clies with some newer better[...]

Sony Unveils Two New Wireless Handhelds

Sony has taken the wraps off the PEG-UX50 and PEG-UX40, which have an impressive feature set, including wireless networking, a keyboard, and a landscape-oriented screen.

RepliGo Hopes to be the PDF of Handhelds

A free version of RepliGo allows for the distribution of richly graphical documents with the assurance that everyone will be able to read them, no matter what handheld they are[...]

RumorMill™: Tungsten T3 In The Works?

A series of pictures have leaked out of China showing what appears to be a new addition to Palm’s Tungsten line. This model will be the first from Palm[...]

RumorMill™: First Picture of xda II Pocket PC Phone

A picture of O2’s upcoming wireless-enabled handheld, the xda II, has been posted on several websites..

Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 Linux PDA Pulled in Europe

According to an article in The Register, the Zaurus SL-5500 linux PDA has been discontinued in Europe, and there won't be any SL-5600s hitting the shelves in Europe. However, we[...]

In depth – Sony Clie UX50

While it won't be announced here in the North America until later today, the new Sony Clie UX50 is already making waves from it's debut in Japan. Take a look[...]

Sony Clie PEG-UX40

The PEG-UX40 Personal Entertainment Communicator features built-in Bluetooth technology in a compact and light weight design. Powered by Palm OS 5, the UX40 is powerful, portable, and easy to use!By[...]

Sony Confirms the US Release of Two UX Clies. The UX40 and UX50.

Sony continues their dominance of our news section with the official release of the UX40 and UX50. The primary differences are the UX40 features Bluetooth only and a slower processor,[...]

BrightBytes™: SPH-i500, Great Deals, and More

Sprint PCS will soon begin offering the Samsung SPH-i500 Palm OS smartphone; several webstores are running weekend specials; PDA Playground lets children play with a handheld without endangering the valuable[...]

In depth – Palm Tungsten T3

It never rains, but it pours. Hot on the heels of Sony's wireless clamshell, Palm appears to be planning the Holy Grail of Palm-powered PDAs: a single piece tablet with[...]

Orange SPV E100

The SPV E100 retains all the great features of the original SPV with some extra-special refinements. Photo Messaging, Internet browsing, an MP3 player and Microsoft software applications are just some[...]

Review – Arabian Nights and Hangman from INSIDEMind

If you haven't heard of INSIDEMind, don't feel bad, neither had I before this review. They specialize in inexpensive software for fun and work. All titles are $3, so the[...]

Pocket PC Drives Microsoft’s Mobile Revenues Up 20%

The division of Microsoft responsible for Pocket PC and Smartphone saw a substantial increase in revenue last quarter, which it partially credited to increased sales of Pocket PCs.

WANDA-based Wireless Handhelds Unveiled This Fall

At a trade show in September, several companies will reportedly demonstrate Pocket PCs based on TI’s WANDA concept design, which includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSM/GPRS.

Acer n10

The Acer n10 Handheld is a compact and stylish Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC that brings fantastic usability, flexibility, and convenience to young and on-the-go individuals. The n10 is particularly[...]

Thanks to Samsung, PDAs Will Soon Run at 533MHz

Overnight, Samsung released the S3C2440 mobile processor which runs at 533MHz, making it the fastest mobile CPU available. The S3C2440 supports a camera interface, TFT & STN LCD display support,[...]

Review – HP iPAQ 1910 Aluminum Hard Case by RhinoSkin

Size matters! Anyone who has looked at PDAs recently knows that a major feature and attraction of the iPAQ 1910, and the new 1900 series follow-on devices is their[...]

Worldwide Handheld Shipments Down 10%

IDC reports that shipments of handhelds declined yet again in the second quarter of this year. Palm remains the largest producer of handhelds, with HP and Sony well behind.

PDA News – GTS Racing on PPC, New Clie cases, Textmaker on Palm OS

Astraware releases GTS Racing Challenge for PocketPC NZ and TG cases from Vaja and Proporta Textmaker coming to Palm OS Fossil watch delayed Toshiba launches new[...]

Review – Key Suite from Chapura

When I saw that Dataviz released Beyond Contacts, I nearly jumped at the opportunity to try it. But I did not need the Today screen because I am already using[...]

Palm to Announce the Tungsten T2 Tomorrow

This is of no shock to our regular readers. The T2 secret has not been kept well, pictures have been out for a month and now we're already seeing what[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Tungsten T2

This is an updated version of Palm's Tungsten T. It offers an improved screen, 32 MB of memory, built-in Bluetooth and uses Palm's revolutionary slider design. Posted: July[...]

Gateway Pocket PC Delayed to August

The Gateway 100X Pocket PC -- a cornerstone of the company’s plans to diversify its product line -- was supposed to be released in mid- to late-July but now isn’t[...]

Americans Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Smartphones

A Jupiter Research study has found that most Americans prefer ultra-small mobile phones over larger smartphones with advanced features. It recommends that handheld makers integrate Bluetooth into their devices,[...]

BrightBytes™: Low-Cost h1910, Treo 600, and More

HP is offering a $50 instant rebate off the cost of the iPAQ h1910; Handspring has released the tools developers need to create apps optimized for the treo 600 smartphone;[...]

HP iPAQ h4100 Series Gets Bluetooth Qualification

Today the Bluetooth Qualification Program website listed the HP iPAQ h4100 series Pocket PC as a qualified product. This is the first official validation of the long-rumored iPAQ 4000 series[...]

PDA News – Dell wireless plans, Palm price drops, MS Money 2004 for PPC

Dell details plans for wireless Axims Palm drops prices with release of Tungsten T2 Microsoft Money 2004 released Handspring releases developers' kit for Treo 600

Palm Introduces Tungsten T2 Handheld, With Palm’s Sharpest Screen, More Memory and Software

Here's the official Palm release regarding the Tungsten T2. Nothing new to report, excpet price drops for the m130 and m515. While this is still a huge improvement over the[...]

Gateway 100X Pocket PC Delayed

Gateway, who will release an mid-range PDA in a few weeks, has pushed back the release of the 100X due to quality assurance issues. Initially it was scheduled for release[...]

Microsoft Relaxes Pocket PC Hardware Restrictions

People can expect to see Pocket PCs in the future with radical new designs -- including clamshells with integrated keyboards -- now that Microsoft has eased the hardware requirements its[...]

Garmin iQue 3600 Now Shipping

This highly-anticipated device that integrates a GPS receiver into a Palm OS handheld is on its way to stores now.

Hitachi G1000 PPC Phone Available Now from Sprint

Sprint PCS is now offering the Hitachi G1000 Pocket PC Phone, the first-ever Pocket PC with an integrated keyboard as well as one of the first Pocket PCs with a[...]

PDA News – Toshiba battery recall, Tungsten T2 video, Handspring earnings

Toshiba recalls high-capacity batteries CNET has video of TT2 Handspring reports net loss

First thoughts – HP iPaq 5550

I've had the iPaq 5550 for several days now, and the successor to the 5400 series has a lot of promise. My first impression of it's performance.

HP iPAQ h1930 Surfaces in France

When HP came out with their barrage of new PDAs a few weeks back, the h1930 series was almost totally ignored. We were able to get a full spec sheet[...]

UPDATE – HP iPAQ h4100 Series Pocket PCs Confirmed!

Last month we brought you live coverage of CeBit America where Andrew uncovered details of the new h4000 series PDAs from HP. There's now definite confirmation that these units are[...]

Garmin iQue 3600 Finally Shipping in Small Quantities

The Garmin iQue 3600 brought a lot of hope and excitment to the PDA world last year. Sadly Garmin has been unable to deliver on what used to be a[...]

Brighthand Reviews the SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Card

SanDisk's Wi-Fi Secure Digital card lets Pocket PC handhelds with an SDIO slot, such as the HP iPAQ h1940, connect to 802.11b wireless networks. Brighthand's founder Steve Bush took one[...]

PalmSource Unveils Expert Guides

Expert Guides are tutorials created by leading Palm OS users about interesting things that can be done with a Palm handheld or smartphone.

RumorMill™: iPAQ h4000 Series to Offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Smaller Size

HP has plans to release later this year a pair of iPAQs with most of the features of its h5550 but in the same general form-factor as its h2210. [...]

Sprint Now Offering Samsung i500 Palm OS Smartphone

The SPH-i500, a smartphone that runs Palm OS 4.1, is now available on Sprint’s nationwide CDMA 1XRTT wireless network.

PDA News – Axim OS issue resolved, BSquare founder resigns, Sprint device launches

Axim Windows Mobile 2003 issue fixed Founder of consultant co. BSquare steps down Samsung i500 and Hitachi G1000 available on Sprint Gates buys Palm - No, not[...]

Review: Covertec Toshiba e300 / e700 Series Leather Case

You know the story. You've shelled out a bunch of money for your Toshiba e740, e750/5, e310 or e330/5 PDA and now you face two issues. First, stick[...]

BrightBytes™: Bad Batteries, Good Deals, and New Software

Toshiba is doing a recall of a battery for the e740; Seidio is offering its USB Travel Kit for almost 40% off the regular cost; PalmGear has taken 15% off[...]

PDA News – SD WiFi card, Windows Mobile bug, 15% off PalmGear

SanDisk SDIO WiFi card spotted Soft-reset bug discovered in WM2003 PalmGear offers 15% off select titles

Samsung M400 Pocket PC Phone With Integrated Television on Display

I'd love to watch TV on my PDA, especially during those critical first days of the NCAA basketball tournament. Samsung has a PDA that's happy to oblige, and more, but[...]

Additional Details on Sony’s Upcoming UX50 and UX40

Though Sony took the wraps off the PEG-UX50 and PEG-UX40 over a week ago, there were still several nagging questions about these devices. However, research and the recent FCC[...]

Brighthand Named a “Best Free Site” by PC World

PC World magazine has named Brighthand is as one of the “101 Great Sites” for free expert advice.

Mini Review – Palm Tungsten T2

The Tungsten T. For awhile there - the coolest Palm ever. Then the Tungsten C and Zire 71 wowed us all. Now here comes the[...]

Fix for Dell Axims Coming Wednesday

A patch to fix a slowdown the Axim X5 models experience with Windows Mobile 2003 will be available on Wednesday.

Nokia 3300 Music Phone Available from Cingular

A new smart phone that emphasizes music is now available from Cingular. It also has an integrated keyboard.

Handspring Treo 600 Gets FCC Approval

Handspring’s FCC filing gives the first glimpse of the differences between the CDMA and GSM/GPRS versions of this upcoming smart phone.

Tapwave’s Palm OS Gaming Device Coming in September

More information is now available on Tapwave’s upcoming line of gaming handhelds, including the prices and release date.

Amazon Taking Pre-orders for JVC’s Upcoming Pocket PC

Those who are eager to get their hands on JVC’s upcoming multimedia-oriented Pocket PCs can now put in an order for them.

Is the iPAQ h1940’s display really yellow?

You've heard all of the talk about the display on the new HP iPAQ h1940 being yellow. Brighthand looks into the issue and comes up with its assessment, and[...]

BrightBytes™: New Cases, Wi-Fi, and Apps

Handango has announced the winners of its Champion Awards for outstanding software; Covertec is offering new leather cases for a variety of smart phones, and more.

PDA News – Axim fix official, Smartphone cases, Handmark Battleship

Dell announces fix Covertec cases for SPV, P800, and Danger Handmark Battleship for PPC and Palm Toshiba embeds software in SD memory

Mini Review: Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 (Pictures)

The Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 is a PDA that offers:Portrait or landscape mode where the screen resolution is 640x480 SecureDigital slot + CompactFlash slot Clamshell design with a rotating[...]

Windows Mobile 2003 May Have Problem with Alarms

Users of the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system for Pocket PCs report that their handhelds sometimes don’t properly handle alarms.

Hackers Delay Release of Fix for Dell Axim

Though Dell tried to give people a patch that would return their Axim X5 models to their normal speed, the company has withdrawn it after hackers found a way to[...]

Review: Interstellar Flames for the Pocket PC

Following on the wings of my last review, Strategic Assault, I had the opportunity to try my hand as the pilot of a nifty game by the same creator of[...]

Review: Insterstellar Flames for the Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA

A VAST HORDE OF ALIEN BATTLESHIPS IS APPROACHING OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. Well, at least the solar system on your PDA if you're playing the highly popular and affordable space[...]

PDA News – Helix becomes Zodiac, PocketPC games, JVC preorders

Tapwave Helix becomes Zodiac Handmark Tetris and PDAmill Gamebox JVC PocketPCs on preorder Treo 600 gets FCC approval

Clamshell Makes A Comeback

Did Microsoft abandon the Handheld PC form too early in favor of the Pocket PC? Brighthand's Ed Hardy thinks so.

BrightBytes™: Tungsten T, New Games, and More

The Palm Store is offering the Tungsten T at $50 below its normal cost; Handmark has a released a variety of classic games for Palm OS and Pocket PC; and[...]

Dell Releases Windows Mobile 2003 For Free…By Accident

Dell has taken one on the chin for their inability to integrate Windows Mobile 2003 properly with their new Axims. A few weeks ago distribution of new Axims came to[...]

Review – Duo stylus/pen from StylusCentral

StylusCentral.com has acquired a growing reputation as a leading provider of not only multi-function writing tools, but a variety of other PDA-related accessories. They're also known for impressive value, including[...]