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SmartPhone Articles for July of 2004

Below are the 137 SmartPhone articles for July of 2004

Securely Store PINs with TurboPasswords

TurboPasswords offers a new feature designed to automatically enter passwords and PINs into web pages.

New Tool Makes Switching Handhelds Easier

PocketCopy helps users to more easily get their information out of Palm Desktop and into Microsoft Outlook.

HP Adds Wi-Fi Roaming to iPAQ h4100 Series

A new Wi-Fi driver adds support for seamless roaming when moving across access points within the same subnet.

Motorola A630 Smartphone Sports Keyboard, Camera (Updated)

Motorola's latest smartphone has a clamshell design with a QWERTY keyboard and a screen that supports both landscape and portrait modes.

The Laws of Technology

Postulates such as Moore's Law, Gene's Law and Metcalfe's Law appear to apply to handhelds too

Belkin Preparing Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

It appears that Belkin is close to releasing the keyboard for Bluetooth-enabled handhelds it first promised last year.

The Pocket Loox 700 Series Revealed

The Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 700 series has just received Bluetooth certification. Initially, this series is expected to include two models, one of which will have a VGA screen and a[...]

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Duke Nukem for the Tapwave Zodiac debuted this week, and so did Aeon of Discovery for Pocket PC, as well as several other games.

Three More Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Mobile Devices

Scientists and engineers are working on a number of products that could have a significant impact on future handhelds and smartphones.

Windows Mobile 2005 Smartphones Not Expected for Over a Year

Those waiting for the first smartphones running Windows Mobile 2005 will have a long wait, according to an unconfirmed report.

HP Considering Making Subnotebooks Again

After a long hiatus, HP is looking into the idea of releasing a new line devices that are larger than handhelds but smaller than laptops.

Spb Software House Adds Windows Mobile SE Support to Seven Apps

Spb Software House has released updates for all of its top products. These bring support for the latest version of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC. All these applications now support[...]

Sierra Wireless Names Voq Distributors

Sierra Wireless has announced which distributors will be the first to handle its Voq smartphone in North America.

Details Leaked on Rumored Nokia Handheld

Some additional information has surfaced on what is supposed to be the first model in an upcoming line of handhelds from Nokia.

Navman Launches GPS-Enabled Pocket PC

Navman is now offering a rebranded version of the MiTAC Mio 168, a Pocket PC with a built-in GPS receiver.

Nokia Will Not Take Control of Symbian

One of the most important questions of this year, whether the Symbian OS would remain independent, has now been answered.

New Japanese Pocket PC Raises Questions about Pocket Loox 720

A new Pocket PC from Fujitsu raises the possibility that the upcoming Pocket Loox 720 will simply be a rebranded version of a model ASUS announced months ago.

palmOne Opens Online Ebook Store

Thanks to a partnership with the world's largest electronic bookstore, the palmOne eBook Store is now open for business.

Treo 600 May Finally Be Coming to Verizon

What appears to be an internal Verizon document describing this wireless service providers' plans for palmOne's smartphone has leaked out.

More Evidence Toshiba Exiting Handheld Market

New signs now indicate that Toshiba will stop offering its handhelds in Europe. There were strong signs earlier this year that Toshiba appears be pulling out of the U.S. market.

palmOne Reaches Out to Mac Users

palmOne has introduced an area on its web site for Apple Macintosh users who want to get the most out of their palmOne handhelds and smartphones. However, many Mac users[...]

Upgrade a MPx200 to Windows Mobile 2003 (Updated)

When Motorola and AT&T introduced the MPx200 last year, it ran Microsoft's Smartphone 2002. Now an unofficial upgrade to the latest version of this operating system is available.

EFF Attacks Handheld-Related Patents

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has started a campaign to get a number of what it regards as bad patents off the books. Three of these are directly related to handhelds[...]

Metal Deluxe Case For Zire 72 Now Available

Innopocket is now offering a Metal Deluxe case for the palmOne Zire 72.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

New games this week include Baseball Today, Darts Deluxe, and more.

RIM Bringing Bluetooth to BlackBerries

A RIM executive has said that his company is going to add Bluetooth to future versions of its wireless handhelds.

Sony Ericsson P900 Replacement Expected this Week

What are supposed to be some pictures of Sony Ericsson's upcoming top-of-the-line smartphone appeared on the Web this week.

PowerByHand Kicks Off Summer Software Sale

PowerByHand has started a handheld software sale and contest across all its sites, including eReader.com, PalmGear.com, and PocketGear.com.

Fujitsu-Siemens to Release Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC

A Fujitsu-Siemens executive has revealed that her company is developing a Pocket Loox model that can connect to cellular-wireless networks.

HP iPaq rz1715

The HP iPAQ rz1715 Mobile Media Companion handheld PDA, powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile software, makes it easy to view and share your memories with friends and family. With the[...]

HP Readies New iPAQs (Updated)

Hewlett-Packard is preparing to unveil several new iPAQ Pocket PCs. Some of the features in these models include built-in 1.3 megapixel cameras, GSM/GPRS, and 4-inch VGA displays.

Treo 600 Now Available from Verizon

palmOne's Treo 600 smartphone can now be purchased from Verizon Wireless through business channels.

Dell Releases Axim X30 ROM Update

A new ROM update for Dell's latest Pocket PC's makes a few minor changes.

HP iPaq rx3715

The HP iPAQ rx3715 Mobile Media Companion PDA handheld provides far bigger 152MB memory compared to the 56MB on sister Ipaq model RX3415. Like the RX3415, HP RX3715 is powered[...]

HP iPaq hx4705

The HP Ipaq HX4705 Pocket PC handheld is a serious business tool with a brilliant 4 inch high resolution display, outstanding performance, and versatile functionality in a sophisticated design. The[...]

HP iPaq rx3415

The HP iPAQ rx3415 Mobile Media Companion PDA handheld, powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile software, helps you enjoy your music, photos and video wherever you go. With your HP iPAQ[...]

FIC Pocket PC Gets FCC Approval

A Taiwanese OEM has just received permission from the FCC to release a new wireless Pocket PC. However, this company won't be putting this model out under its own name.

No Windows Mobile SE Upgrades for Older iPAQs or Axims

In a pair of announcements that will surely disappoint many, both HP and Dell have made it clear that they will not release Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Second[...]

Microsoft Reader Gets Windows Mobile SE Support

Microsoft has released a new version of its ebook reader for Pocket PCs. The most significant change is it adds support for the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for[...]

Create Extended Themes For Pocket PC Handhelds

A freeware tool from Spb Software House enables users to create extended themes for Pocket PC handhelds running Spb Pocket Plus.

SyChip Could Bring More Wi-Fi Palm OS Handhelds

SyChip has joined the Palm OS Ready Program as a way of getting its Wi-Fi solutions integrated into future Palm OS models.

Sony Ericsson Unveils P910

Sony Ericsson has taken the wraps off the P910. This new model has both external and internal improvements over its predecessor, the P900.

palmOne Launches Movie Sweepstakes

palmOne has just introduced a sweepstakes to highlight the use of one of its products in the upcoming movie, "Little Black Book."

Sharp Developing its First Symbian OS Smartphones

A senior executive at Sharp has revealed that his company plans to release smart phones running the Symbian operating system next year.

Pocket Loox 700 Series Now Official… Sort Of

Fujitsu-Siemens has made its first official acknowledgment of a pair of upcoming Pocket PCs. One of these will be a high-end model with a VGA, two types of wireless networking,[...]

Motorola MPx100 Smartphone May Never Be Released

It now it appears that this low-cost Windows Mobile smartphone may not ever hit the market.

Bachmann Mobile Backup Brings Networking Into the Equation

Bachmann Software has released Mobile Backup, a Palm OS application that allows handheld users to backup their critical data on either a network or a memory expansion card.

Tactile Digital Assistant Announced

The upcoming Jackito has been designed to be controlled entirely with its users' thumbs, not with a stylus or hardware buttons.

SanDisk SanDisk 256MB Wi-Fi SD Combination Card

The SanDisk 256MB Wi-Fi SD card offers both a wireless 802.11b receiver and memory storage in one. Get two SD cards in one small package and one lower price!

First Pocket PC Virus Found

A group of virus writers has written a piece of malicious code that can infect Pocket PCs. However, it was created as a "proof of concept" and hasn't been released[...]

Sony Cuts Memory Stick Prices

Sony has lowered the suggested retail price of Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick PRO Duo cards.

Verizon Now Offering Treo 600 to Everyone

palmOne's Treo 600 smartphone can now be purchased by anyone from Verizon Wireless. Until now this wireless service provider was only offering it through business channels.

Garmin iQue 3200 May Be Coming Next Month

Evidence emerged today that Garmin is preparing to release a new version of its Palm OS handheld with a built-in GPS receiver.

Verizon Offering Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrade for i600

A free upgrade to Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones is now available for the Samsung SCH-i600.

New Book Shows Palm Users How to Lose the Laptop

A new book, Lose The Laptop, takes on the emerging trend of replacing a laptop with a smartphone or handheld.

Commercial Production of Handheld-Sized OLED Displays Delayed

Sony had set itself an ambitious goal of beginning commercial production of handheld-sized OLED displays by this fall, but it now appears it won't meet this self-imposed deadline.

Dell Introduces Bluetooth GPS Receiver and Keyboard (Updated)

Dell today announced two new accessories designed for its Axim X30: a GPS receiver and a folding keyboard. Both of these communicate with the handheld via Bluetooth, so no wires[...]

European Handheld Shipments Continue to Climb

During the second quarter of this year, handheld shipments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa increased by 43 percent, while smartphone shipments increased 57 percent.

First Glimpse of the T-Mobile MDA IV

What is supposedly a description of the MDA IV has emerged. This handheld may be the first cellular-wireless Pocket PC with a VGA screen.

Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrade Released for Samsung i700

A Window Mobile 2003 upgrade has finally been released for the Verizon Wireless version of Samsung's SCH-i700 cellular-wireless Pocket PC.

No Windows Mobile SE Upgrades? No Big Deal

Thanks to several third-party products, the lack of upgrades for current iPAQ and Axim models isn't such a big deal.

ASUS A730 Approved for Sale in the U.S.

The FCC has given ASUS permission to release in the U.S. the MyPal A730. This Pocket PCs includes a VGA display, dual slots, a built-in camera, and multiple forms of[...]

StylusCentral Introduces Two Zire 72 Accessories

StylusCentral.com is now offering a 3-in-1 stylus pen and an aluminum case for the palmOne Zire 72.

Upgrade an ASUS A716 to 128 MB of RAM

Pocket PC Techs has developed a way to give the ASUS MyPal A716 Pocket PC 128 MB of RAM. The standard model has 64 MB of RAM.

iPAQs Venture to the North Pole

A recent expedition took mobile technology to a place most handhelds fear to tread: the North Pole.

JAVOSkin Case Released for Treo 600

JAVOedge has added a JAVOSkin form-fitting case for palmOne's Treo 600 smartphone to its product lineup.

Sony Ericsson P910 Gets FCC Approval

The P910, a cellular-wireless handheld that uses Symbian's UIQ platform, can now legally be released in the U.S. It is expected to be available before the end of September.

palmOne Posts New ROM Update for Tungsten C

palmOne has released Tungsten C Update 3.0. Most of the changes are related to the device's Wi-Fi functionality.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Several games for Palm OS or Pocket PC handhelds have debuted this week, including Nine Hole Golf, Orbz, and more. In addition, Crimson Fire is giving away some Palm OS[...]

Microsoft Mobile Group Reports Increased Revenues

Revenues increased for the segment of Microsoft responsible for its handheld and smartphone operating systems during its most recent financial quarter, but not enough to make it profitable.

Garmin Officially Unveils iQue 3200

Garmin has announced the iQue 3200, a less-expensive version of its Palm OS handheld with a built-in GPS receiver.

New Accessories Coming from Pocket PC Techs

Pocket PC Techs has updated two of its accessories: the Lil' Sync Pro and the WriteShield line of screen protectors.

Windows Mobile 2003 SE Updates Released for Toshiba e800, e400 Users in U.S.

Toshiba has now released U.S. versions of the upgrade to Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for both of its most recent Pocket PCs.

An Overview of the HP iPAQ rz1715

The iPaq rz1715 is HP’s new entry-level model, though it is priced above many other company’s least expensive handhelds. Surprisingly, the rz1715 runs the original version of Windows Mobile 2003[...]

An Overview of the HP iPAQ rx3000 Series

The three iPAQ rx3000 series models are high-end Pocket PCs with a focus on multimedia. They come with software that allows them to easily play music and video streamed from[...]

HP Unveils New iPAQ Pocket PCs

HP has taken the wraps off no less than six new iPAQs at once, from the "no-frills" rz1715 to the "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" hx4705.

An Overview of the HP iPAQ h6315

The iPAQ h6315 will be the first HP handheld to offer built-in GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

An Overview of the HP iPAQ hx4705

The iPAQ hx4705 is the first handheld from HP ever to include a VGA display. It also has multiple kinds of wireless networking and dual memory card slots.

HP iPaq rx3115

The HP iPAQ rx3115 Mobile Media Companion PDA handheld, powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile software, helps you enjoy your music, photos and video wherever you go. This HP iPaq lets[...]

Sharp to Make Future Hiptop Devices

Danger has announced an agreement that will finally allow it to focus most of its attention on writing the operating system and software for its hiptop devices.

iPAQ Users Start Windows Mobile SE Petitions

People who are unhappy about HP's decision to forgo all Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition upgrades have found several ways to express their displeasure.

MPx220 Officially Unveiled by Motorola… Again

Motorola has officially announced the MPx220 for a second time. The new announcement indicates that this smartphone will possibly the first to run Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones Second Edition.

Nokia N-Gage QD Launched in U.S.

Although Nokia released the updated version of its gaming-oriented smartphone in much of the rest of the world back in May, it is only becoming available in America today.

Tissot Review

Tissot has been making watches for over 150 years. In that time they ve broken a lot of boundaries and have built a reputation of quality and innovation. They ve[...]

Future Motorola Smartphones to Include iTunes

Motorola and Apple have formed a partnership that will bring the iTunes music service to future Motorola smartphones.

Handhelds Used for Security at Democratic Convention

Handhelds running PocketCop are being used in Boston as part of the security arrangements for this week's National Convention.

MPx and MPx220 Will Have BlackBerry Email Service

Two Motorola cellular-wireless devices expected later this year will be able to use the BlackBerry email service.

Pocket Loox 700 Series Approved for Sale in U.S.

Both models in Fujitsu-Siemens' upcoming Pocket Loox 700 series have received approval from the FCC.

Is your handheld your little black book?

In the new movie Little Black Book, Stacy Holt (played by Brittany Murphy) delves into her boyfriend's handheld to learn about his past (or not-so-past) girlfriends. Has this happened to[...]

SanDisk Wi-Fi + 256MB SD Card Review

You have to love two for one specials, especially when it's wi-fi and memory storage all in the same tiny package. This July SanDisk Corporation brings to the[...]

Sony Vaio U50 Review

Sony's newest entry into their line of ultra-small PCs blurs the line between laptop and handheld computing, packing desktop processors and 20 GB of storage into a device the size[...]

Motorola May Be Cancelling the MPx100

DigiTimes is reporting that Motorola has suspended their order for the MPx100 smartphone with Compal Communications. While this doesn't mean the smartphone is dead, it's not a good sign either.[...]

Sony Ericsson Announces The P910 Smartphone

Sony Ericsson has announced the P910, a progressive follow-up to their P900 smartphone. The P910 features a new thumb keyboard, improved screen, 64MB RAM (up from 16MB) and a more[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/15/04 – 7/16/04

OfficeDepot.com $20 Off Coupon Code Viking 512MB Secure Digital Card $99 - $25 Rebate = $7550% Off on Belkin Products at Belkin.com With Coupon CodeAmazon.com drops price on HP iPaq[...]

FCC Approves New Pocket PC From First International Computer

First International Computer has received approval to sell a new Pocket PC in the US. It's unclear who's name it will be sold under, if it's actually sold at all.[...]

PDA News – X30 ROM update, P910 ‘Layla’ pics, No WM2003 SE upgrades

ROM update for Dell Axim X30 New Sony-Ericsson P910 pics Report: No WM2003 SE upgrades from Dell, HP Cross Matrix stylus price slashed Extend your battery,[...]

CDW.com Spills the Beans on New iPAQ Units and Pricing

Not that HP's new iPAQs were much of a secret, but CDW.com has committed the ultimate act of treason by publishing five of the new units to their site. HP[...]

Review – SanDisk Secure Digital WiFi Card for the palmOne Zire 71

Introducing the once Pocket PC 2002/Windows Mobile 2003 only, now Palm Zire71 enabled SD WiFi card from SanDisk. Sure, they told the PalmOS community that the driver and card would[...]

BargainPDA.com Launches New Clearance Section

We strive to bring our visitors not just news, reviews and editorials, but continuous updates on great deals! To aid in this effort, we ve launched a new clearance section[...]

New Microsoft Portable Media Center, Why Not Just Use a Pocket PC?

Microsoft last week announced that its new consumer targeted device, the Windows CE OS based Portable Media Center (PMC), will become available in August and can be preordered exclusively through[...]

Motorola MPx220 International Release in October for $693

Thanks to Motorola's Swiss site, we now know that the Motorola MPx220 will be released in October at 848 Swiss Francs which converts to $694 at today's rates. This is[...]

PDA News – HP considers palmtops, Zire 21 problems, Toshiba to exit market?

HP considers reintroducing palmtop models Zire 21 memory loss issue Rumor: Toshiba to exit handheld market New Fujitsu Loox model for Asia

palmOne Trying to Be More Mac Friendly

In an effort to help Mac users get more out of their palmOne PDAs, palmOne has announced a number of new resources in a new Mac area of their site.[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/7/2004 – 7/8/2004

Amazon.com $50 Gift Certificate Offer with Electronics Purchase over $250 Viking 512MB Secure Digital Card $99 - $25 Rebate = $75 Dell.com 10% Off Palm PDAs and Digital[...]

Voq Professional Phone From Sierra Wireless Released in the Netherlands

Sierra Wireless has launched their first Smratphone, the Voq Professional Phone, on the KPN network. The Voq is powered by Microsoft's Smartphone 2003 and features a unique flip-open QWERTY keypad[...]

PDA News – Bluetooth headphones, PocketPC overclocking, SPOT watch giveaway

Possible Bluetooth headphones from Toshiba PocketPC overclocking app now supports 750 MHz SPOTStop.com giving away Suunto N3 SPOT watch

Mini PDA Form Factor to Dominate the Smartphone Landscape

As PDAs start to take on phone properties and phones the opposite, it s clear to many that the Smartphone will become the mobile phone and PDA market leader in[...]

Weekend PDA and Tech Deals 7/3/04 – 7/5/04

Dell Axim X30 624MHz Handheld $289 Amazon.com $50 Gift Certificate Offer with Electronics Purchase over $250Refurb HP iPaq 1935 $179.99Refurb HP iPaq 2215 $269.99Get $50 Gift Certificate from[...]

Microsoft Smartphone 2006 Release Date

msmobiles.com is reporting that they've obtained the release date of Microsoft's next phone operating system. While not officially referred to as Smartphone 2006, the naming convention would match prior releases[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/1/2004 – 7/2/2004

Dell.com 10% Off Palm OS PDA Sale, and $30 Off $400 Coupon!Dell Home: 10% Off Digital Camera Deals and $30 off Last DayAmazon.com $22 Price Drop on palmOne Zire[...]

PDA News – Virtual keyboard debacle, iPaq patch, PSP may slip

iBiz laser keyboard turns from vapor to smoke iPaq 4150 WiFi patch Sony PSP may miss planned launch

PDA News – Treo Watch, Nokia rumors, MDA III confirmed

Treo Watch: Removal request may have come from Sprint Rumor: Nokia considering non-connected Series 60 PDA T-Mobile officially confirms MDA III Exploding cell phone batteries

Motorola Finally Announces MPx220 (pics)

The Motorola MPx220 has been rumored since before last Christmas. Well, finally Motorola has published some information to their website about this follow-up device to the popular MPx200.

iPaq rz1715, iPaq rx3415, iPaq rx3715, iPaq h6315, iPaq hx4705 Revealed!

The new HP iPaq model specs and pictures are fully revealed and to be available next week: HP iPaq rz1715 - $279.85 HP iPaq rx3415 - $399.85 [...]

Wireless Japan: Cool Palm-sized and Wireless Products on Display

This week the Wireless Japan tech show is taking place in, well, Japan of course. Cool services and handheld products that you can't get in the U.S. or Europe[...]

Asus A730 Receives FCC Approval

The FCC has given approval to Asus to sell their much anticipated A730 in the US. While this is fine news, an FCC approval generally comes with a number of[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/22/2004 – 7/23/2004

Dell 624 MHz Axim X30 Handheld + 256MB SD $301 After Rebate, Last DayDell.com $35 Off $400 Coupon expires Midnight Thursday (7/22/2004)Viking 128MB SD $17.99 Dell Axim X5 400MHz 64MB[...]

Garmin iQue 3200 Leaked by Amazon

Garmin has told us they were pleased with the success of the Garmin iQue 3600. Amazon has now spilled the beans on the iQue 3200 and we're hearing there is[...]

First Windows CE Virus, WinCE4.Dust, Released

Anti Virus software for PDAs and other mobile devices started to show up last year, but most device owners were asking the same question, "Are there even viruses on these[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/20/2004 – 7/21/2004

Amazon.com drops price on HP iPaq PDAs in anticipation of new iPaqs and gives away $50 Gift Card 1GB SanDisk Cruzer Mini $99.94 at Staples until 7/24OfficeDepot.com $20 Off Coupon[...]

PDA News – MDA rumors, Verizon Treo, New GPS PocketPC

Rumors of MDA 4 Verizon officially launches Treo 600 Compal to sell own brand PocketPCs; Toshiba out?

PDA News – Verizon Bluetooth, Palm giveaway, iPaq price jump?

Verizon announces v710 Bluetooth phone available in August PalmOne giving away trip package, Zire 72s Report: iPaq hx4700 price increased

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/25/2004 – 7/26/2004

Kingston 256MB Secure Digital Card $23 NEW Garmin iQue 3200 PDA/GPS Handheld System $429.99 and $50 Gift CertificateSanDisk 256MB Memory Stick Pro $45 6 in 1 Card Reader / TV[...]

Garmin iQue 3200 Officially Announced

A few days after Amazon slipped, letting out the news regarding the released of the Garmin iQue 3200, it's official. The iQue 3200 is expected to be available in early[...]

First Thoughts – HP iPaq rz1715

We've gotten ahold of HP's new entry level PocketPC. After playing with it I have a few first thoughts, complete with pictures.

HP iPaq Devices Announced, iPaq rz1715 and hx4705 Available for Pre-Order

Six new HP iPaq models have been officially announced and some are available for pre-order from various web retailers. Following is an overview of the specs, release dates and[...]

Motorola Announces A780 Linux SmartPhone and MPx220 Pocket PC SmartPhone

Motorola yesterday hosted a press event dubbed "Seamless Mobility". Motorola announced their new ultra-thin RAZR V3 clamshell phone, iTunes Alliance -- a strategic alliance to between Apple and[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/28/2004 – 7/30/2004

New iPaq rz1715 Available from Amazon with Free Shipping + $50 Gift CertificatepalmOne Treo 600 $150 on AT&T NetworkBlackBerry 7230 $100 on T-Mobile NetworkT-Mobile Color Sidekick $70 with Free ShippingOverstock:[...]

BSQUARE Leaving the Handheld Market

BSQUARE Corporation has announced that it has ceased manufacturing its cellular-wireless Power Handheld.

iBIZ Virtual Keyboard Returns from the Grave

After almost disappearing into a morass of lawsuits, the iBIZ Virtual Keyboard appears to be back on track for eventual release.

World Handheld Market Up 12 Percent Last Quarter

The number of handhelds shipped worldwide increased substantially during the April-to-June quarter. This snaps a string of quarterly year-on-year declines in shipments that has persisted for over two years.

Garmin iQue 3200 PDA/GPS

With the power of Palm OS 5.2 and the dependability of Garmin GPS technology, this super PDA redefines multitasking. Its integrated software not only allows you to look up appointments[...]

Asus MyPal A730 Launched in Asia, Delayed until Q4 for Western Hemisphere

Asus said today that is has officially launched its new MyPal A730 Pocket PC in Taiwan, it's home country. Launch is kind of a relative word here though, because[...]

HP’s End of Life Plans for Their Current iPAQ Models

With all of the new iPAQ PDAs from HP rolling out over the next several weeks, buyers who are on the fence might want to know when the current models[...]

palmOne’s Share Price Continues to Climb

PalmOne's share price has more than tripled in the last few months. This has been brought about by strong sales of the Treo 600 smart phone.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

There are new games being tested at PDA Mill; Gagarin's Mission is a new Palm OS game; and more.

Rumor – Toshiba To Announce the e830 September 15th

The FCC has given approval to Toshiba to sell the e830 Pocket PC in the US. The e830 will feature a VGA screen, with both Bluetooth and WiFi and likely[...]