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SmartPhone Articles for July of 2005

Below are the 70 SmartPhone articles for July of 2005

How to Listen to Podcasts on a Handheld

An iPod isn't necessary for listening to podcasts; there are applications that can download these online audio programs directly to a Palm or Pocket PC.

Brighthand Reviews Quick News

If you're a Palm OS user interested in listening to podcasts, there's only one name you need to know, no matter what type of handheld you have: Quick News.

Brighthand Reviews FeederReader

The best Pocket PC application Brighthand's staff was able to find for downloading podcasts is FeederReader.

Flashback – July at BargainPDA.com

With little PDA related excitement coming into the holiday, we thought it might be fun to dust off the archives and bring you some of the old PDA news from[...]

PDA News – Palm Gets Props, Dell Axim X50v Wins Design Award, T-Mobile For Sale?

PalmOne gets a good report from The Motley Fool The Dell Axim X50v has won a Red Dot Product Design Excellence Award T-Mobile USA may be put up[...]

Opera’s Web Browser Now Available for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Opera Software has released a version of its web browser for smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003.

SOFTAVA Releases PicturePassword PPC 2.0 with VGA Support

PicturePassword allows users to unlock their Pocket PC by tapping a picture at the points have been set as the password.

TrafficEdge Displays Critical Traffic Information in Real-time

TrafficEdge, which is available for many different types of cellular-wireless devices, gives users access to real-time traffic information.

PDA News – Handheld gambling, Mobile Opera, PalmSource “focusing”

Nevada legalizes handheld gambling Opera web browser available for Windows Smartphone PalmSource puts all eggs in Linux basket

LG Electronics is the Next Palm OS Licensee

Korean electronics super-manufacturer LG Electronics has signed up to license the Palm Operating System. Under the terms of the deal, LG has committed to bring smartphones to market.

palmOne Must Not Lose Its Focus Again

It's very important that the biggest Palm OS licensee remember that it's in business to make handhelds and smartphones, and not be distracted by merging with PalmSource.

LG Electronics Is the Latest Palm OS Licensee

PalmSource has announced that its newest licensee is LG Electronics, and that this company will make smartphones that run the Palm OS.

Samsung i730 Available to the General Public

Samsung's latest cellular-wireless Pocket PC is now on sale on the Verizon Wireless web site.

PDA News – Micro Fuel Cells, Pocket Tablet, Qool does Windows

Fujitsu triples fuel cell density Extra-small Tablet PC by Motion Computing Qool Labs to introduce PocketPC phone

Weekend PDA and Tech Deals

PalmOne Zire 31 for $90PalmOne Tungsten T5 for $278PalmOne Zire 21 $49.99Geeks.com: Belkin Bluetooth CompactFlash Type II PDA adapter $18Apple IPod Shuffle 1GB + $15 ITunes For $130 Dell Home[...]

PDA News – Sprint launches EVDO, Man arrested for WiFi use, Palm dead?

Sprint activates EVDO network Man arrested for using open WiFi Editorial: PalmSource dead, platform next?

Release of Clio NXT and Cathena Pushed Back

Data Evolution has announced that the release date for a pair of Windows CE devices has been moved back several months.

Astraware Offers Mythic Mosaic Magic with Pixelus

Players of Pixelus must recreate mosaic floors by replacing missing tiles.

PDAs Help Clubbers be More Efficient

Forget this garbage about PDAs helping doctors write perscriptions, organize professionals and handle other mundane productivity tasks. Now we're finaly making progress with mobile computing. A new software called geMuse[...]

Review – Chapura Pocket Mirror Pro for Windows Mobile

Pocket Mirror has been a popular Outlook synchronization tool for some time on the PalmOS, but now it's become available on Windows Mobile devices. We take an in-depth look.

Krome Spy Launched – World’s Smallest Windows Mobile PDA

Krome, an Australian company, has launched a new Windows Mobile PDA, dubbed Spy. Ruling out Smartphones, the Spy is the smallest PDA running the Windows Mobile operating system. While we[...]

The Power Equation

If a PDA dies in the forest, does anyone hear it? That is one of the questions that have been boggling the hearts of users everywhere of mobile technology. If[...]

PDA News – Electronic paper, Mobile domains approved, Palm not dead

Fujitsu claims flexible, low-power electronic paper ICANN approves ".mobi" domains Editorial: Palm OS just fine

DataViz Launches Palm OS Version of RoadSync

DataViz has released a Palm OS version of RoadSync. This offers access to corporate Outlook e-mail, complete with attachments.

Spb Software House Releases Spb Finance 2.0

Spb Software House has introduced a new version of its personal finance tracking application, Spb Finance 2.0.

Series 60 Version of Opera Browser Released

Opera 8 for Series 60 is based on the same engine as the newly released versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and offers support for JavaScript and DOM.

Treo 650 Continues Slow Worldwide Roll-Out

Since it was first introduced last fall, the pace at which palmOne's latest smartphone had debuted in countries around the world has remained slow but steady.

PDA News – MicroSD approved, Global Contact Access, Xplore M68 review

SD Association approves MicroSD, aka Transflash Microsoft debuts Global Contact Access Nexave reviews GSPDA Xplore M68 smartphone

Synchronize More Outlook Info with PocketMirror Professional 1.0

Chapura, a long-time Palm OS developer, has released its first Outlook synchronization application for Windows Mobile users.

palmOne Is Once Again Palm, Inc.

palmOne has officially changed its name to Palm, Inc. It has also unveiled a new logo, stock symbol, and headquarters.

Palm Introduces New Website, Logo, Stock Ticker Symbol and Headquarters

Today marks the first day that Palm Inc., formerly palmOne Inc., which was formerly Palm Inc., is now Palm Inc. again and trades under PALM and not PLMO on the[...]

Wirelessly Access Files on a PC from a Pocket PC with FilePoint Exchange

A new version of FilePoint Exchange lets Pocket PC and Smartphone users wirelessly connect to a PC and browse its folders and mapped network drives.

Garmin Announces Less Expensive GPS-Enabled Pocket PC

Garmin will release later this month its second Pocket PC with a built-in GPS receiver. This will cost somewhat less than its predecessor.

TransFlash Transformed into microSD

SanDisk's TransFlash memory card format has been officially adopted by the SD Card Association. As part of this, the format has been renamed "microSD."

PDA News – WiMax testing, WiMax threatens monopolies, Satellite WiMax?

WiMax now undergoing certification testing Editorial: WiMax threatens monopolies PanAmSat promises WiMax via satellite

Microsoft Explains the Advantages of Persistent Storage

A discussion on the advantages of Persistent Storage has been added to the Windows Mobile Team Blog. The advantages include a greatly increased battery life and the ability for[...]

Palm Drops Prices on Three Handhelds

Palm, Inc. has cut $50 from the price of two of its handhelds, and is offering a $50 rebate on one of its newest models.

Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200

The WayPoint 200 is our newest and very powerful GPS PDA. It comes in a sleek Blue finish and a complete car kit designed to look good in your car.[...]

Palm Cuts PDA Prices

Palm has reduced pricing on several of their PDAs. The Tungsten T5 and Zire 72 have been cut by $50 to $349 and $249 respectively. The Tungsten E2 has also[...]

PDA News – Treo rumors, New Garmin PocketPC, If I were Palm’s CEO

Rumor: Autumn Treo to have Cobalt, WiFi, 64 MB Garmin debuts cheaper PocketPC Editorial: If I were Palm's CEO

Crazy Athletics 2 Review

With the summer now in full swing, and reruns making sure that we spend every waking moment in a car towards another destination, BargainPDA is proud to bring you the[...]

Enhance Your Pocket PC with Spb Pocket Plus 3.0

Spb Software House is now offering Pocket Plus 3.0, a new version of this very popular application that addresses the shortcomings in Windows Mobile through enhancements to the existing system.[...]

Another Day, Another Round of Treo Rumors

Although Palm itself is keeping quiet about its plans for the next Treo, rumors are flying. Some of these might have a basis in fact, while other are just hoaxes.

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/21/2005 – 7/24/2005

Dell.com Coupon Codes valid on Axims and Other Electronics and AccessoriesPalm LifeDrive $418Palm Tungsten E2 $209Buy.com: palmOne Treo 650 PDA Phone (Verizon Wireless) $175 shipped ARPalm Tungsten E2 PDA $170[...]

Palm Releases Small ROM Update for Verizon Treo 650

Palm, Inc. has released a system software update that makes a couple of improvements to Verizon Wireless' version of the Treo 650.

Sony Rumored to Be Developing New Ultra-Portable PC

Sony is supposedly working on a tiny new laptop that will include a keyboard but will also be able to be used as a tablet.

PDA News – PalmSource stock, Verizon Treo update, Smartphone as mouse

PalmSource stock hits record low Verizon Treo update Turn Windows Smartphone into PC mouse

HP Blocks eXpansys from Importing Non-European iPAQs into Europe

A court in the United Kingdom has forbidden eXpansys from importing and then selling non-European iPAQs in Europe.

HP iPAQ hw6510 Now Available in U.S.

eXpansys is now offering in the United States the latest cellular-wireless iPAQ, but it is doing so without HP's permission.

PDAs Are Closing the Gap

One of the things that I like best about the different PDA platforms is the arguments that each of the camps have about why their PDA is better than another's[...]

PDA News – HP blocks Expansys, Sprint PocketPC rumors, MMCmicro

HP to Expansys: No non-European iPaqs Rumor: Sprint to relaunch HTC Harrier with EVDO support MMCmicro: Yet another memory format

Analysts Say Nokia Might Drop Symbian OS

A European market research and consulting firm says that Nokia might be considering dropping the Symbian OS in favor of Linux.

Motorola Q Announced (pictures)

Rumors have been rampant about a Motorola Smartphone in the RAZR form factor designed to take on the Treo 650 and BlackBerry devices head on. Well it's official now, the[...]

Motorola Unveils Thin, Light Smartphone with Keyboard

The Motorola Q is a Windows Mobile device clearly intended to take sales away from the Treo and BlackBerry.

Palm Fixes Memory Problem on Cingular Treo 650

Palm has released a significant system software update for the Cingular Wireless version of the Treo 650. After this ROM update has been installed, the smartphone will be able to[...]

PDA News – HTC Wizard, MiniSD WiFi, New Axim batteries

Report: HTC Wizard to debut soon User tests Spectec MiniSD WiFi card Mugen prepping high-capacity slim battery for Axim X50 series

PDA and Tech Deals for 7/27/2005 – 7/30/2005

Dell Home: Dell Axim X50v 624MHz + Bluetooth GPS $397 shippedDell Axim X50v 624MHz VGA Pocket PC $297Buy.com: palmOne Treo 650 PDA Phone (Verizon Wireless) $175 shipped ARSharp Zaurus SL-5500[...]

Pretec Announces 4 GB SD Card

Pretec Electronics revealed today that it will soon begin offering an SD card that can hold 4 gigabytes (GB) of data.

SanDisk Chooses Treo Smartphones with GoodLink for Select Employees Worldwide

SanDisk will give select employees in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Israel either a Treo 600 or Treo 650 running GoodLink so they can wirelessly access their email,[...]

Samsung SGH-D720

With the Samsung SGH-D720, you can use Bluetooth wireless technology to send your holiday pics straight to your laptop. Send your friends a snapshot or one of your favourite ringtones[...]

PDA News – Treo update, Motorola Q photos, Windows revenue grows

Update for Cingular Treo Photos of Motorola Q Windows Mobile revenue grows; still not profitable

Palm Releases Traffic for Treo Smartphones

In the past the Treo was a perfect companion for traffic problems. That time was perfect for catching up on calls or neglected emails. But now Palm wants your Treo[...]

Tapwave is Done

Tapwave has officially ended their business of selling PDAs. While the hardware always held a ton of promise, they could never figure out how to distribute and market the product,[...]

Palm Helps Commuters with Traffic Info

Traffic for Treo Smartphones is a new application that helps users make commuting decisions by giving them interactive maps and incident information.

Tapwave Discontinues the Zodiac

Tapwave has just announced that it has given up making and selling the Zodiac line of Palm OS handhelds.

Topkey 2.5 Released by PDAmill

Topkey 2.5 is the latest version of this alternate input method for Pocket PCs.

Garmin iQue M3

The iQue M3 is a user-friendly automotive GPS navigator in a sleek, lightweight Pocket PC design. The attractively priced iQue M3 features larger, more-intuitive icons that make it easier for[...]

Review – Chainpus BGP-100 Bluetooth Gamepad

At first glance, the BGP-100 doesn't look like a gamepad so much as--well, at first, it doesn't really resemble anything at all. In its collapsed shape, it's a simple bar[...]

Spb Software House Releases The Free Plug-Ins and Icon Set for Spb Pocket Plus

Spb Software House has released an additional icon set and two new Tab plug-ins for its popular Pocket PC application Spb Pocket Plus.

PDA News – Handheld sales numbers, 4 GB SD card, HTC Wizard pics and specs

Handheld sales: Palm even, HP down, Dell up Pretec shipping 4 GB SD card Pics, specs of HTC Wizard models