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SmartPhone Articles for July of 2006

Below are the 63 SmartPhone articles for July of 2006


The TyTN is a Pocket PC phone that has a landscape orientation, with a QWERTY keyboard located on a slider so it can be hidden behind the QVGA touchscreen. One[...]

Survey: Phone Users Want Microsoft Office

A recent research study has shown that people across all age groups consider Microsoft Office to be first among the features they want to have on their next mobile phones.

System Update for Nokia 770 Now Available

Nokia has released a significant update for its Internet Tablet that bring support for Google's VoIP system.

Nokia Losing Interest in CDMA

The world's largest phone maker has announced that it is essentially getting out of the business of making phones for CDMA cellular-wireless networks.

No More Treo 650s for Europe, But a Replacement is Coming

Palm, Inc. admitted last week that the current version of the Treo 650 does not meet some new environmental rules, but its successor will be available this fall.

BlackBerries to Become More Functional

Research in Motion's Chairman has promised that, in the near future, BlackBerries will be released that offer functions well beyond the push email system they are known for.

The Latest on the Samsung i770

Some additional details have recently emerged on an upcoming Pocket PC clamshell phone from Samsung.

BlackBerry Connect Service Coming to U.S. Palms This Month

A Palm version of RIM's BlackBerry push email service is expected to debut in the U.S. in next few weeks.

Samsung SGH-i320

The i320 has an ultra-slim form factor (0.45 inches thick) and sports a QWERTY keyboard below a 320-by-240-pixel display. It uses the the Smartphone version of Windows Mobile 5.0, so[...]

Microsoft Updates ActiveSync

Microsoft has posted ActiveSync 4.2 on its web site -- a new version of its synchronization software for the latest Windows Mobile devices.

Brighthand Kicks Off Black Tie Treo Contest

Brighthand and Palm, Inc. are holding a short essay contest in which the prize is a Black Tie Treo 650.

Samsung Launching i320 Smartphone in Europe Soon

Samsung will release a device very similar to the Motorola Q in Europe before the end of this month.

Mobile Tech News — WhineHack, BlackBerry Server, and More

New Utility Removes the Screen Whine on Certain Palms RIM Announces Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server Handheld Device Reads Printed Material to the[...]

Palm’s LifeDrive May Be Out of Production * UPDATED *

While a rumor indicates that Palm has stopped production of its LifeDrive Mobile Manager, it's possible that many people are jumping to the wrong conclusion about what this means.

Two Treo 700p Cases from Fortte Reviewed

Mobile device expert Alan Grassia brings us this review of Fortte's Open Face Case with Swivel Clip and StiL Vertical Pouch with Fixed Clip, both designed for the new Treo[...]

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of June 2006

Brighthand's monthly listing of the ten most popular handhelds and smartphones.

Palm LifeDrive Still in Production

According to a statement from a Palm executive, there is no truth to the rumor that Palm has ended production of one of its high-end devices.

Apple At Least Considering an iPod Phone

Although not proof that Apple, Inc. is going to release a phone/iPod hybrid, there is some new evidence that this company is thinking along those lines.

A Small View of the State Of Mobile Computing

A trip to his local library gives Antoine Wright some insight into the ways people are -- and aren't -- using mobile computing.

Mobile Tech News – Motorola Q Case, Financial Assistant, Mini USB Port Repair, and More

Vaja Releases Classic Case for Motorola Q LandWare Offers Updated Money Magazine Financial Assistant for Palm OS PocketPCTechs Now Repairing Mini USB Ports Find the[...]

New Version of Symbian OS Announced

Symbian Limited has just announced a new version of its very widely used operating system for smartphones.

Leaked Image and Details on Upcoming European Treo *Updated*

What are supposed to be a picture and some specifications of a Treo smartphone that will debut in Europe this fall have appeared on several web sites.

Palm, Vodafone Pre-announce GSM Windows Mobile Treo

It can't exactly be called an official announcement, but Palm and Vodafone have given the first indication that a Windows Mobile-based Treo will be coming to the international giant's GSM[...]

How to Get Push Email on an Older Pocket PC… Sort Of

Step-by-step instructions on how to have email automatically delivered to a Windows Mobile 2003 handheld from an Exchange server using only the software that came on the device.

Fortte Glove Fit Leather Treo 650 Case Review

Antoine Wright was sent a Treo 650 case by Fortte, a high style and quality case maker for mobile devices, and he gives his thoughts in this review.

Mobile Tech News — Good Technology, Tiny Fuel Cell, Nokia E61 Case, and More

Good Technology Announces International Distribution Agreements with Bell Mobility and Telstra NTT DoCoMo and Aquafairy Developing Tiny Micro Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell New Piel Frama Leather[...]

LifeDrive No Longer Shipping to Europe

Because it doesn't comply with new rules regarding hazardous substances in electronic devices, Palm can no longer ship the LifeDrive Mobile Manager to Europe.

SanDisk 4 GB SDHC Card Coming Later this Month

Before the end of July, SanDisk will release a memory card using the format that will eventually replace SD cards.

Mobile Tech News — Free CABviaActiveSync, Sidekicks vs. Credit Cards, BlackBerry 8700 Case, and More

Free Version of CABviaActiveSync Released Sidekicks Can Erase Credit Cards JAVOLeatherCase for BlackBerry 8700c/8700g Now Available Kansas School District Purchases 2,300 Palm TX Handhelds [...]

Voting Begins for Brighthand’s Black Tie Treo 650 Contest

It's time the general public to submit their votes for the winner of a Black Tie Treo 650.

New UMPC Coming from Daewoo

Daewoo Lucoms has announced its first Ultra Mobile PC. This will strongly resemble the other UMPCs that have already been introduced by other companies.

RIM and Apple Collaborating on an AppleBerry?

RIM has been very up-front about its plans to add multimedia features to its BlackBerry line. What this company isn't talking about, though, is the rumor that it is collaborating[...]

Mac OS X Users Can Now Synchronize with Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices

Mark/Space has just released an update to its popular synchronization software for Mac OS X that adds support for Pocket PCs and smartphones that run Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.

Vodafone Adds Upcoming Treo Smartphone to Its Site

Almost a week after revealing plans to release a Windows Mobile Treo later this year, Vodafone has added a page devoted to this smartphone to its web site.

Mobile Tech News — ActiveSyncing UIQ Devices, German-English Dictionary, Google Toolbar , and More

Sony Ericsson Handhelds Getting Remote ActiveSync Functionality from DataViz Berlitz Compact German-English Dictionary Released for Windows Mobile Brighthand Gets Google Toolbar Button Leading Teaching Hospital[...]

RIM Blackberry 8700 Review

Research In Motion's Blackberry email devices are enjoying quite the boom these days, on par with Palm's Treo smartphones. Brighthand's chief reviewer, Adama D. Brown, took a look at RIM's[...]

High-Level Apple Executive Hints at iPod/Phone Combo

Apple's Chief Financial Officer has said something that makes it clear that his company is definitely interested in getting more involved the mobile phone market.

Palm Commits to Adding Wi-Fi to Future Treos

Palm's CEO has just announced that Wi-Fi to short-range wireless networking will be built into upcoming Treo models.

Does the Cost of Mobility Add Up?

In this editorial, Antoine Wright considers whether the advantages of having a cellular-wireless device or smartphone outweigh the disadvantages.

Mobile Tech News – Verizon Gets Faster, New RhinoSkin Treo Cases, Black Tie Treo 650 Contest, and More

Expect Faster Data Transfers from Verizon's EV-DO Service New RhinoSkin Cases Released for Treo 650 and 700 Voting in Brighthand's Black Tie Treo 650 Contest Ends[...]

It Costs Surprisingly Little to Make a Motorola Q

Despite its low price, it costs Motorola so little to make its latest smartphone that even at $200 there's room for profit.

Lindsay Lohan’s BlackBerry Gets Hacked *Updated*

The tabloids are buzzing with the news that someone recently got their hands on the password for Lindsay Lohan's BlackBerry and began sending "disgusting" messages to her friends.

Make Free International Phone Calls with a Nokia 770

SIPphone has released a version of Gizmo Project for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet that allows this device to make free telephone calls.

Would You Buy a $300,000 Windows Mobile Smartphone?

A European company is soon going to be offering a truly bleeding-edge, luxury smartphone... with a price tag to match.

Nokia Now Shipping Two New Consumer-Oriented Smartphones

Nokia has begun shipping two new smartphones in its consumer-targeted N series: the N93 and N73.

Winner Picked in Brighthand’s Black Tie Treo 650 Contest

A contest sponsored by Brighthand and Palm, Inc. has come to an end, and the winner of a new special edition Treo 650 has been picked.

Mobile Tech News — Mobile High Speed, DocsToGo for UIQ, MultiIE, and More

Mobile High Speed For Palm OS Devices Updated New Version of Pocket Internet Explorer Plug-In MultiIE Introduced Documents To Go Released for Devices Running UIQ 3.0[...]

Rundown of the Latest Rumors on the Next-Generation of Treos

There are still two more Treo smartphones coming before the end of this year, and, not surprisingly, rumors about these models are coming fast and quick.

Worldwide Shipments of Smartphones Up Significantly

The number of converged devices shipped worldwide rose 73 percent last quarter, according to market research company Canalys.

Nokia E70

At first glance, the Nokia E70 looks like a standard candybar-style phone. However, opening it up reveals a full thumb keyboard This smartphone is part of Nokia’s E series, and[...]

Nokia E60

The Nokia E60 uses the standard candybar design, and currently is the only one of the E Series to come without a built-in keyboard. Nevertheless, like all the models in[...]

PalmSource Developer Day Announced

Although it won't hold a full developer's conference this year, PalmSource is planning to have a mini-conference for developers next month.

Sony Vaio UX180P Micro PC Review

The Sony UX180P is the latest in the string of UMPC releases, or as Sony calls it, the Micro PC. Is the $1800 price tag justified though? Brian Beeler weighs[...]

Nokia E61

In shape, the Nokia E61 resembles a Treo or BlackBerry, and its designers worked hard to make it as thin as possible. This smartphone is part of Nokia’s E series,[...]

i-mate JasJar

The i-mate JasJar offers a full VGA screen, a 520 MHz Intel processor, and 128 MB of Permanent Memory, built-in Computer Associates eTrust Antivirus software, Skype Internet telephony software, an[...]

Mobile Tech News — Google Maps, HTC Wiki, Motorola Q Case, and More

Google Maps Extends Real-Time Traffic and Other Features to Mobile Phones HTC Wiki Launched Piel Frama Leather Case for Motorola Q Palm Smartphones/Handhelds Used by[...]

Microsoft Demoing Prototype of New Mobile Operating System

Microsoft has demonstrated a prototype of an operating system it is creating to run on very inexpensive computers for third-world countries.

Looking Down the Wrong End of the Barrel: How PDAs Got It All Wrong

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright discusses the real failing in handhelds and smartphones.

PalmSource Misses Deadlines; Palm’s Use of Next-Generation Palm OS in Doubt

The failure of PalmSource and Access to meet contract obligations may result in the termination of Palm Inc's involvement in the development of a future Palm OS successor.

BugMe Notepad Review

Antoine Wright, in an attempt to save himself from drowning under a heap of Post-It Notes, checks out a classic application for taking hand-written notes on a PDA.

Mobile Tech News — Mobile Gambling, End of Handheld Computing Magazine, and More

Vegas Plans Mobile Gambling Trials Handheld Computing Magazine Ends Publication Plantronics Releases New Headsets Palm Appoints Bill Coleman to Board of Directors

SanDisk Introduces 2 GB microSD Card

To address the needs of those who want to store a great many songs on their smartphones, SanDisk is introducing a 2 GB card that uses one of the tiniest[...]

Possibly Some Real Evidence of the Apple iPhone

Some new evidence has emerged to back up the rumors that Apple, Inc. is gearing up to introduce some kind of iPod/phone combination.