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SmartPhone Articles for July of 2007

Below are the 88 SmartPhone articles for July of 2007

Sony Ericsson Stops Developing Firmware for P990, W950, and M600

According to a posted email at the Sony Ericsson developer forums, this company has stopped firmware development for some of its older Symbian UIQ-based mobile devices.

“Palm OS II” Pushed Back to 2008

Earlier this year, Palm said that the first devices running its upcoming Linux-based operating system -- usually referred to as Palm OS II -- would debut late this year. Palm[...]

Half a Million iPhones Sold in Two Days

According to one analyst's estimate, Apple may have sold as many as 500,000 iPhones this weekend. This appears to have strained the system created to allow new users to activate[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of June 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. The top of May's list is dominated[...]

Palm Foleo First Thoughts

Brighthand's Ed Hardy recently spent some time with a prototype of the Palm Foleo, and shares his first impressions and a video of this upcoming clamshell device with a 10-inch[...]

Verizon, AT&T Upgrade Their Networks

Two U.S. carriers have been upgrading their cellular-wireless networks to provide faster data transfers. Verizon has completed its move to EV-DO Rev. A, while AT&T has increased the speed of[...]

Samsung IP830W

The Samsung IP830W Smartphone is Samsung’s high powered global smartphone available on Sprint. The IP830W features a slide-out design that exposes a full QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile 5 plus AKU2,[...]

Apple iPhone User Review

Apple has finally introduced the iPhone, its long-awaited combination iPod and mobile phone. Nick Spohnholtz was one of the first to pick up this device, and shares with us this[...]

Mobile Tech News — Tradewinds 2, Triples Independence Day Edition, FlashDash 2

Astraware Releases Tradewinds 2 Triples Independence Day Edition Introduced by Smart Box Design FlashDash 2 Now Available for Windows Mobile

HTC Omni Maybe Not Dead After All; Includes WVGA Screen, 3G, and GPS

HTC may be preparing to release a Windows Mobile device with many of the features of a laptop, including a clamshell design and a 4-inch, 800-by-480-pixel Widescreen-VGA display.

Sprint Now Offering the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Sprint customers can now get a BlackBerry smartphone that, because it offers support for both CDMA and GSM networks, allows its users to roam internationally.

SlingMobile Player for Palm OS Out of Beta

After a beta program that started early this year, Sling Media has released the first full version of SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS devices.

What About A Non-Connected Smartphone?

Antoine Wright uses his latest editorial to propose a new class of devices, one that's not quite a PDA but not quite a smartphone, either.

Spb Software House Releases Spb Wallet

Spb Software House's new Spb Wallet seeks help those who want a secure way to store their personal information where it will also be easily accessible.

Nokia Brings File and Folder Synchronization to PC Sync

The latest version of Nokia's application that lets its smartphones sync with Windows PCs adds support for file and folder synchronization.

A Signal From The Wilderness

When you live in the back side of nowhere, mobile technology takes on a whole new significance.

O2, Orange, T-Mobile Could All Distribute the iPhone in Europe

Apple has reportedly settled on three carriers that will be offering its iPod/phone combo in parts of Europe. Each will be the exclusive distributor in one country.

Software Update for Sony Ericsson P990i and W950i Coming in August

Responding to earlier complaints from its customers of there being no more firmware updates, Sony Ericsson has announced that a firmware update will come to the owners of two of[...]

Mobile Tech News — Virtual myPhone, Resco Audio Recorder 4, Portable Charger

MobilePet's myPhone Revives Virtual Pets Resco Audio Recorder 4.0 Now Available Proporta Offering High Capacity External Battery for UMPCs, Smartphones, Etc.

Palm Treo 700p Update for Verizon Users Available from Verizon Stores Only

Reports from various users are saying that the Palm Treo 700p Maintenance Release (MR) which is available for Sprint customers is also now available for Verizon Wireless customers, but only[...]

Prima Treo Leather Cases Review

Prima offers leather cases for a wide variety of smartphones and other types of mobile devices. Brighthand Forum Moderator Nico Holvoet brings us a review of two of these created[...]

HTC Advantage X7501

The Advantage has a unique design. This starts out in a standard enough fashion: a tablet with a touchscreen. Added to that, though, is a detachable keyboard. The main unit[...]

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet OS Update Adds Skype and SDHC Card Support

The Nokia N800 has recently received an major update to its Internet Tablet 2007 operating system, bringing several enhancements to this device.

HTC Advantage X7501 Uber Handheld Now Available

A Windows Mobile handheld with a wide array of very high-end features -- like a 5-inch screen, built-in hard drive, and a GPS receiver -- has debuted in the United[...]

RIM BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Review

The BlackBerry 8830 is nearly unique in the smartphone world by virtue of its support for both CDMA and GSM cellular-wireless networks. Jerry Jackson brings us this review. *UPDATED*

Apple May Launch Nano-ish iPhone Before Year’s End

If an unconfirmed report is correct, Apple is going to release later this year a new version of the iPhone that will be smaller and less expensive than the current[...]

FCC Approves BlackBerry with Wi-Fi

The first BlackBerry smartphone with Wi-Fi is getting closer to release. The Federal Communications Commission has given its approval to what will apparently be the initial device from RIM that[...]

Mobile Tech News — mDigger Mobile Information Browser, SplashID 4, ToySoft Updates

mDigger Mobile Internet Information Browser Released SplashID 4 for Palm OS Now Available ToySoft Announces Updates to Popular Applications

JP Morgan Steps Back from iPhone Nano Prediction

JP Morgan released a note retracting the statement from one of its analysts that Apple is going to release a version of the iPhone that will be similar to the[...]

Nokia May Be Boosting the N95 to 8 GB

In the coming months, Nokia intends to release a version of its N95 Multimedia Smartphone better able to compete with the Apple iPhone, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

Possible Release Date for the Palm Foleo Leaked

An anonymous source has leaked to Brighthand the date in August when the Palm Foleo will supposedly go on sale.

Why Mobile Tech Frustrates Me

As much as he loves living a mobile life, the things about mobile technologies that really frustrate Antoine Wright are the subject of his latest editorial.

Smartphone and PDA Deals – 7/12/07

2 GB microSD - $34 Nokia E61i GSM (unlocked) - $409.99 Nokia 770 Internet Tablet - $139.99 Samsung i607 BlackJack Smartphone - $.01 Many[...]

Mobile Tech News — Machines at War, OtterBox for BlackBerry, Treo 700wx Launched in Israel

Real-Time Strategy Game Machines at War Now Available OtterBox Releases Rugged Cases for BlackBerry 7200 Series Palm and Pelephone Launch Treo 700wx Smartphone in Israel [...]

Apple May be Prepping Phone-less iPhone

Evidence is growing that Apple will soon release a next-generation video iPod that will have a great deal in common with the new iPhone.

Verizon Releases System Software Update for Treo 700w/wx

Palm, Inc. has introduced new system software for two versions of a Windows Mobile-based Treo offered by Verizon Wireless.

Treo 700p Update Now Officially Available from Verizon Wireless

Earlier this week, some -- but not all -- Verizon Wireless retail outlets began administering a long-awaited system software update for the Palm Treo 700p. This is officially available[...]

Asus Eee PC First Thoughts

The Asus Eee PC 701 notebook was officially announced at the beginning of June. Andrew Baxter recently met with Asus to get a close-up look at this upcoming low cost[...]

Companies Working to Bring Support for Exchange Server to the iPhone

Apple designed the iPhone for consumers, but that hasn't stopped many people from wanting to use this new smartphone for business. As it stands now, though, the iPhone is not[...]

FTC Approves Palm’s Deal with Private Equity Firm

The Federal Trade Commission has approved a deal under which a private equity firm, Elevation Partners, will be buying 25% of Palm.

Fujitsu Showing Off World’s Smallest UMPC

Fujitsu's LifeBook U1010 has been the focus of much discussion since it was announced earlier this year, especially as its manufacturer is claiming it's the world's smallest Ultra Mobile PC.

Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth Review

Antoine Wright brings us a review of one of Palm's latest accessories, a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that can be used with a variety of this company's handhelds and smartphones. [...]

i-Mate Ultimate 6150 Scores FCC Approval

The Federal Communications Commission has approved the first of i-Mate's upcoming Ultimate series of high-end Windows Mobile phones for release in the United States.

T-Mobile Sidekick iD Review

The Sidekick iD is the latest entry in this line of consumer-oriented smartphones. It uses the same form-factor as the Sidekick 3, but to lower the cost many of the[...]

Microsoft Updates Windows Live Mobile Search

Microsoft has recently released version 2 of the Windows Mobile version of Mobile Search, as well as a major update to the version designed to run in mobile browsers of[...]

Details Starting to Emerge on Sidekick 4

The next model in T-Mobile's Sidekick line of smartphones has not yet been announced; nevertheless, details are starting to leak out.

HTC Kaiser May Be Offered as AT&T 8925

Rumors has it that the Cingular 8525, currently available from AT&T, will soon be replaced by a model based on the HTC Kaiser. This will have an updated operating system[...]

RIM Announces BlackBerry 8820 — Its First Smartphone with Wi-Fi

Research in Motion has just announced its first smartphone with Wi-Fi short-range wireless networking. The BlackBerry 8820 will also offer a built-in GPS receiver.

Smartphone and PDA Deals – 7/18/07

Palm Treo 755p - $200 BlackBerry Curve - Get $30 Back! 2 GB microSD Card and Reader - $25 Jabra BT350 Bluetooth Headset - $19.99[...]

The Future Is Coming To Get You

In his latest editorial, Adama Brown urges mobile device makers to show some vision in their product designs, not just blindly follow the latest trend.

HanDBase Relational Database Now Available for BlackBerry

BlackBerry owners can now use DDH Software's application that can synchronize a mobile database with a corporate one from Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and other ODBC sources.

Apple Could Use 25% of the World’s Flash Memory Supply

Apple may use a quarter of the world's supply of Flash memory chips in its iPod and iPhone products. There's currently a deficit in the supply of these, which could[...]

Verizon Getting Closer to Releasing Treo 755p

A picture of a Treo 755p bearing the Verizon Wireless logo and apparently running on this carrier's network has appeared on the Web.

Motorola Handset Shipments Down 32%

Motorola has just reported the results of its most recent financial quarter, during which the number of phones this company shipped dropped significantly and it posted a net loss.

Rumors of an iPhone Nano Still Going Strong

According to a long-standing source of Apple-related rumors, a smaller and less expensive iPhone is definitely coming soon.

Mobile Tech Notes — Tipper for Palm OS, Bowling for Burgers, Collegiate microSD Cards

iambic Now Offering Tipper for Palm OS Bowling for Burgers Released for Windows Mobile Show Your School Spirit with a Collegiate microSD Card

Palm Releases Fix for Treo 750 Audio Bug

Palm, Inc. has posted on its web page a fix for a bug that can result in users of AT&T's version of the Treo 750 missing phone calls or[...]

CDMA Version of HTC Touch Coming Next Month?

The HTC Vogue has received approval from FCC for release in the U.S., and included in this is a sign that this device -- which invites comparison to Apple's iPhone[...]

payalba MyCallLog Review

One of the missing features in the Treo 680 smartphone is a decent call log. Nico Holoetn brings us a review of MyCallLog, a free application that fills in this[...]

HTC Cavalier/S630

The HTC S630, also known by it’s code-name as the Cavalier, is the next generation version of the T-Mobile Dash and HTC Excalibur. Like its predecessor, it has a tablet[...]

HTC S630/Cavalier Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone Now Shipping

Online stores in the U.S. have begun offering the HTC S630, also known by it's code-name as the Cavalier. This smartphone is the next generation version of the T-Mobile Dash[...]

Mobile Tech News — 1600 mAh Battery for Treo 680/750, DBFixIt, Olive Tree Biographies, and More

Seido Announces 1600 mAh Battery for Treo 680/750 Pimlico Software Releases DBFixtIt for Palm OS Devices Olive Tree Bible Software Announces Five New Ebook Biographies [...]

Google May Become a Wireless Service Provider

Google has announced that it is going to participate in an upcoming auction for wireless spectrum. It is doing so because it thinks the wireless spectrum for mobile phones and[...]

Palm Foleo Can Use Six Apart’s Blogging Software and Services

Palm, Inc. has announced that the Foloe will support Six Apart's wide range of blogging-related services. With these, users will be able keep blog and journal entries up to date[...]

TealPoint Bringing a Suite of New Applications to the Foleo

TealPoint Software has just announced it will offer a suite of new security, entertainment and productivity applications for the upcoming Palm Foleo.

Microsoft Reports Sales of Windows Mobile Licenses Climbing Sharply

Microsoft has announced the results of its most recent fiscal year. The whole company did well, and so did the group responsible for developing and licensing Windows Mobile.

AT&T Gives First Report on iPhone Subscriptions

AT&T has revealed the first details on how many people have signed up to use Apple's iPhone. The number given has disappointed some investors, and Apple's share price is down.

New Details Emerge on the Palm Foleo

Last week, Palm, Inc. held a series of "sneak peeks" for its upcoming Foleo Mobile Companion. As a result, additional information on this device has become available. However, much of[...]

Beta of Palm Desktop for Vista Now Available

Palm has posted on its web site a public beta of the first version of the Palm Desktop to earn Microsoft's "Works with Windows Vista" designation.

Motorola Developing Projector Small Enough to Fit in a Phone

Motorola has signed an agreement that could lead to it releasing products that include what are being called pico projectors -- devices that can be built into a phone[...]

PDA and Smartphone Deals – 7/25/07

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition - $200 HTC Mogul (PPC-6800) Sprint - $299 BlackBerry Curve (ATT Wireless) Get $5 back! HTC Touch - $474.99 and[...]

Initial iPhone Sales Good, But Not as Good as Some Thought

Apple has announced how many iPhones it sold on the first two days this smartphone was available. And while this number is high, it doesn't seem likely sales met the[...]

First MP3 Player for the Palm Foleo Announced

NormSoft is the first company to announce it will release audio software for the Foleo. Specifically, it plans to introduce a version of Pocket Tunes for this upcoming device.

HTC Kaiser Approved by FCC

A highly-anticipated Windows Mobile smartphone has passed an important milestone. But there's bad news for those who are interested in this device -- which will supposedly be released as the[...]

Murder Most Foul

In his latest editorial, Brighthand's Adama Brown makes the case that one of the biggest technological flops in recent years didn't die of natural causes; it was pushed.

Mobile Tech News — NewsGator Mobile for iPhone, iPhoneRingToneMaker, Kingston 4 GB miniSD Card

NewsGator Mobile RSS Reader for iPhone Released Efiko Software Introduces iPhoneRingToneMaker Kingston Now Offering 4 GB miniSD Card

Common Access Card System Released for WM Treos

Trust Digital has introduced a Common Access Card (CAC) solution for Palm's Treo models running Windows Mobile 5.0. It for those who need to comply with a presidential requirement related[...]

Replacement CompactFlash Card Greatly Improves the LifeDrive

The Palm LifeDrive was discontinued early this year, but a new upgrade service can breathe new life into this handheld.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

There has been an unusual amount of debate -- often somewhat acrimonious -- in the Brighthand forums lately, and Ed Hardy uses his latest editorial to try and calm[...]

JAVOEdge Portable Battery Charger Review

Antoine Wright brings us a review of the JAVOEdge Extended Battery and Essentials Pack, a collection of accessories that can serve as a source of emergency power for your device[...]

Mobile Tech News — QuickOffice 4.5 for Symbian, Free Zagat To Go, iambic Updates

QuickOffice 4.5 for Symbian Released Free Zagat To Go Subscriptions Now Available iambic Updates Several Applications

Palm Releases Updated Java Virtual Manager Application

Palm, Inc. and IBM have quietly released a new version of the application that allows Palm OS devices to run applications written in the Java code language, like KMaps and[...]

Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for Treo 750 Getting Closer

Early this spring, Palm, Inc. announced that a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade will be released for the Treo 750. The company has not revealed when this will debut, but the[...]

iFuntastic Makes Modifying the iPhone Easier

The goal of a new OS X application is to let iPhone owners easily change some of the aspects of their smartphone without needing any programming skills.

Beta of Mozilla-Based Browser Released for the Nokia N800

Maemo is developing a new web browser for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet that will be based on the Gekko rendering engine, which is based on the same core as[...]

Palm Kicks Off Treo Film Festival

Palm, Inc. is now accepting applications for the Treo Mobile Comedy Film Festival, which is being held to celebrate the emerging art form of made-for-mobile films.

RIM Introduces New Version of BlackBerry Curve with GPS

Early this summer, Research in Motion (RIM) launched the BlackBerry Curve. Today it is introducing a new version of this device with a built-in GPS receiver.

HTC Touch Review

Brighthand's Editor-In-Chief brings us a review of the HTC Touch, a new Windows Mobile 6 smartphone with an innovative fingertip-oriented control system.