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SmartPhone Articles for July of 2008

Below are the 86 SmartPhone articles for July of 2008

Sony Releases mylo 2 Software Update

Sony has released a software update for its latest mobile Internet device (MID) which brings improved performance, multimedia refinements, and other enhancements.

Verizon May Be Picking Up New Smartphones from Palm and HTC

Verizon Wireless will soon be picking up the latest Windows mobile smartphones from Palm and HTC, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

Most Popular Smartphones and Handhelds of June 2008

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

AT&T Releases Details of iPhone 3G Service Plans

The iPhone 3G is slated to be available for purchase on July 11, and now details about AT&T's service plans that will accompany this smartphone have been released. *UPDATED*

A First Glimpse of the HTC Touch Diamond for Sprint?

A spy shot supposedly of Sprint's version of the HTC Touch Diamond has appeared on the Web. This device will apparently have a slightly different shape from the version available[...]

Mobile Tech News — Treo 755p Update, Free Astraware Software, GoogleTalk for iPhone

Palm Releases System "Tune-Up" for Verizon's Treo 755p Astraware Celebrating with Free Software GoogleTalk for iPhone Updated

HTC Touch Dual Review

Adama Brown brings us a review of the latest version of the HTC Touch Dual, a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone which includes the 3G frequencies used in N. America.

iPhone vs. Android: a Study in Contrasts

Apple's iPhone OS and Google's Android OS have a great deal in common; both are Linux-based operating systems for smartphones. But Ed Hardy's latest editorial discusses the dramatic differences[...]

First N. American Carrier Commits to the HTC Touch Diamond

When HTC unveiled the Touch Diamond in May, the company promised that it would be coming to North America later this year. Now, the first carrier on this side of[...]

Former Sidekick UI Developer Working on Palm OS II

Palm, Inc. was on a hiring spree a few months ago, luring high-level employees away from other companies. One of these was Matias Duarte, who was responsible for the user[...]

Mobile Tech News — Exchange Files with Nokia’s Ovi, Voice Search in Google Maps, and More

Nokia Unveils Files on Ovi Experimental Voice Search Feature Released for BlackBerry Version of Google Maps PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone Debuts

Nokia E71

The Nokia E71 has a 320-by-240-pixel QVGA screen and QWERTY keyboard design in a body that is only 10mm thick. It comes with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and[...]

HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger Did/Didn’t Debut on Schedule

HP promised that the iPAQ 910 would be released at the end of last month, and it (may have) delivered. This smartphone appeared on the HP website several days ago.[...]

Nokia E71 Preview

The Nokia E71 has been announced but not yet released. Kevin O'Brien and Ed Hardy brings us a video previewing the features of this business-oriented S60 smartphone.

BenQ Getting Interested in MIDs

BenQ is losing most of its interest in making phones, and instead devoting its resources to making Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).

MWg Zinc II

This Windows Mobile Pro smartphone offers a sliding QWERTY keyboard that can be hidden behind its QVGA touchscreen. It includes a new finger-friendly application launcher developed by MWg. The Zinc[...]

MWg Zinc II Hits the U.S. Market

MWg America has just begun shipping the Zinc II, its latest Windows Mobile smartphone. It offers a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a new finger-friendly user interface.

A Look Ahead at Smartphones Coming this Quarter

July is the beginning of a new quarter, and there are a number of smartphones scheduled to be released in the next three months. This includes a new BlackBerry, the[...]

Verizon May Be Prepping Motorola Q9 with CDMA and GSM

Verizon may soon release a Windows Mobile smartphone that will soon release a Windows Mobile smartphone that will support both GSM and CDMA cellular-wireless standards, allowing it to be used[...]

Mobile Tech News — New Palm Centro Color, SplashMoney for BlackBerry, and More

Palm Releases Centro in Electric Blue SplashMoney Now Available for BlackBerry Bible Unleashed for BlackBerry

Survey Shows Very High Pre-Release Demand for iPhone 3G

Apple's iPhone 3G is set to launch around the world on Friday, and according to one survey there's a great deal of demand for it.

HTC Touch Diamond Coming to Sprint in Early September? *UPDATED*

It's an open secret at this point that Sprint is going to release the HTC Touch Diamond in the coming months, but exactly when this is going to happen has[...]

First Touchscreen BlackBerry Nowhere Near Ready for Release

Although rumors about the BlackBerry Thunder have been circulating for months, these have been somewhat vague on when this smartphone will be released. According the the latest information, RIM[...]

An Unlikely Nostalgia

Even a smartphone that bombed years ago has something to teach us about good product design. Adama Brown's latest editorial brings up a device that's long gone, but shouldn't be[...]

Apple’s iPhone App Store Launching Sooner than Expected

One of the major new features coming to the iPhone 3G is support for third-party software. These will be sold through an official Apple application store, which will open its[...]

New Applications Tweak the HTC Touch Diamond’s Features

Although the HTC Touch Diamond has received a great deal of praise, there has been some criticism, too. Fortunately for users of this smartphone, developers have been hard at work[...]

iPhone 2.0 Software Upgrade Makes an Early Appearance

Apple hasn't officially released the major system software upgrade for the original iPhone that it promised, but those eager to get their hands on it can do so now anyway.

Apple iPhone 3G

With a name like “iPhone 3G” some have thought this would be the third generation smartphone from Apple. Instead it’s the second generation, and the name refers to its most[...]

HTC Touch Diamond for Sprint/Verizon Gets a Nod from the FCC

Before any wireless device can be released in the U.S., it has to get the approval of the FCC. The latest product to get this is the HTC Touch Diamond.

iPhone 3G: Launch Day

As of 8:00 am, Apple's much-anticipated iPhone 3G went on sale. The new device is an enhanced version of its predecessor, not a gigantic leap forward, but it does contain[...]

AT&T Now Offering Palm Centro for $70

For a limited time, AT&T is cutting the cost of the Palm Centro by $30. This includes a new version in an "electric blue" casing which launched this week.

iPhone 2.0 Software Upgrade Now Officially Available… Sort Of

On the same day Apple launched the second generation iPhone it has also released a system software upgrade that will bring many of the features of the new model to[...]

Mobile Tech News — JoikuSpot Premium for S60, Documents to Go for UIQ, and More

JoikuSpot Premium Turns S60 Smartphones into Professional-Grade Hotspots Documents to Go Premium Edition for UIQ Updated Nokia Chat Beta IM Application Released Sony Ericsson and[...]

How I Got My iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G debuted early yesterday morning, and many people lined up in the pre-dawn hours at Apple and AT&T stores to be one of the first to get this[...]

Apple iPhone 3G User Review

The iPhone 3G is Apple's second-generation smartphone, and offers faster wireless networking than its predecessor, a GPS receiver, and an updated look. iPhone user Nick Spohnholtz brings us this review.

Palm Treo 800w

The Treo 800w runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, and is one of the first devices running Microsoft’s mobile operating system to have a 320-by-320-pixel touchscreen It is also Palm’s first[...]

Palm Treo 800w Now Available

Sprint is now offering the Treo 800w, a device that represents a significant step forward for Palm's business-class smartphones. Among its other advances, this is the first Treo with Wi-Fi[...]

Palm Treo 800w Review

The Treo 800w is Palm's latest smartphone for business users, and its first with Wi-Fi and GPS. Adama Brown brings us a review of this Windows Mobile 6.1 device.

Sprint Drops HTC Touch and Samsung Ace to $100

Sprint has lowered the price on two of its Windows Mobile smartphones to just $100. Despite their identical prices, these are very different devices. The HTC Touch is focused on[...]

Mobile Tech News — 1,000,000th iPhone 3G, 8 GB microSD, Opera Mobile 9.5

1 Million iPhone 3Gs Sold During Launch Weekend Kingston Releases 8 GB microSD Card Opera Mobile 9.5 Public Beta Coming Later this Week [...]

Samsung i760 Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade

The Samsung i760 is regarded by many as one of the best Windows Mobile smartphones available today, even though it was introduced last year. An operating system upgrade that was[...]

Samsung Instinct Review

The Samsung Instinct is a new high-end phone that comes loaded with 3G high-speed Internet access, a GPS receiver, and a finger-friendly user interface. Ed Hardy brings us a review[...]

Samsung Omnia Debuting Next Week

One of this summer's most highly-anticipated smartphones is set to launch in a few days. The Samsung Omnia is attracting attention because it will be a Windows mobile-based device with[...]

Dell’s $300 Subnotebook Expected Next Month

Competition in the subnotebook market will soon be heating up even more, as the Dell E will reportedly be released next month.

MSI Wind U100 Review

The MSI Wind U100 is a new 10-inch subnotebook that offers outstanding performance for its price: just $500. Kevin O'Brien brings us this review.

Mobile Tech News — Opera Mobile 9.5, LogMeIn for N800/N810, and More

Opera Mobile 9.5 Public Beta Now Available LogMeIn Releases Beta of Plug-In for Nokia Internet Tablets Version of HTC Touch Diamond without the Faceted Back Casing[...]

BlackBerry Bold and Thunder Now Scheduled for Fall?

If unconfirmed reports are correct, the next two BlackBerries from RIM aren't going to hit the market until this fall. This includes the BlackBerry Bold, which earlier reports said was[...]

The Three States of Cloud Computing

There has been a great deal of talk lately about "Computing in the Cloud," which is buzz word for using web servers for task that previously were handled locally, like[...]

Sony Ericsson C902

The C902 is equipped with a 5.0 MPx Cybershot camera, Bluetooth technology, and 3G HSDPA high-speed Internet. Users get access to email, text and picture messaging, a music player, and[...]

T-Mobile May Be Prepping New Sidekick

A T-Mobile document leaked on the Web has revealed the name of the next Sidekick device, and when it will be released..

Six Ways to Succesfully Compete with the iPhone

Apple's iPhone has been a phenominal success, but other manufacturers and wireless service providers are gearing up their strategies to take back the buzz and defend their market share. Here's[...]

Sprint’s HTC Touch Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade

Sprint has released an operating system upgrade for the HTC Touch, one of its Windows Mobile-based smartphones. This upgrade also brings faster wireless networking and GPS support.

Latest Version of Windows Mobile Comes to HTC Mogul

The HTC Mogul is the latest device to get an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1. This helps keep this Sprint model, which debuted last year, relevant in the smartphone market.

Samsung Omnia i900

The Samsung Omnia i900 invites comparison with Apple’s iPhone or the HTC Touch Diamond. It has a tablet shape and 3.2-inch WQVGA (240 by 400 pixel) touchscreen, and while it[...]

Nokia E71 Debuts in the U.S.

The E71 is reportedly on sale at one of Nokia's flagship stores. This version of this smartphone that's available features compatibility with AT&T's 3G network.

Beta of High Capacity Memory Card Driver for Palm Handhelds Now Available

The third-party project to add support for high-capacity memory cards to Palm-brand handhelds has reached a milestone: a beta version has been released to the public.

BlackBerry Curve 8330 Review

The BlackBerry Curve 8330 is a 3G smartphone that seeks to straddle the different needs of both business users and consumers. Antoine Wright brings us this review.

AT&T Navigator Goes Global

AT&T has launched its AT&T Navigator Global Edition mapping service for select mobile devices and across 20 countries. This is one of the first LBS implementations where a carrier has[...]

Multiple BlackJack II Colors Now Available

Following in a format that made the RAZR a fashion mobile, the Samsung BlackJack II is now available in two new colors. Romantic Pink and Ocean Blue

Palm Centro for Sprint Gets Software Update

The Palm Centro for Sprint has received a firmware (ROM) update to version 1.07. This update addresses device performance, better support for IMAP on Gmail, enhanced Google Maps features, and[...]

Brighthand Has a New Look

Brighthand has undergone its first major redesign in several years. The aim of this is to make the site better looking and easier to use.

HTC Touch Diamond Becomes a Quad-Band World Phone

When the HTC Touch Diamond debuted last month, it was not officially released in N. America and lacked support for an important cellular-wireless frequency used in this area. Thanks to[...]

Better GPS Support Coming to the iPhone 3G

Apple has begun to give developers access to the next version of the iPhone 3G system software. This will reportedly make this smartphone more useful as a navigation[...]

Use of the Mobile Web on All Types of Phones Is Growing

It shouldn't surprise most people that users of the iPhone and other high-end smartphones are surfing the Web in large numbers. But what many people might not be aware of[...]

Apple Offering Special on Refurbished iPod touches

The iPod touch is currently available from the Apple Store for as little as $200. However, there's a small catch: the units being sold at this price have been refurbished.

Treo 800w To Get Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth

A page has appeared on the Palm.com support site advertising an upcoming patch for the Treo 800w.

AT&T Wants To Block Sprint/Clearwire Merger

AT&T, the US' largest wireless provider, has asked the Federal Communications Commission to block the planned merger of Sprint's WiMAX division with Clearwire.

CellSpin Launches Palm OS Mobile Blogging Application

CellSpin has released a Palm OS version of its mobile blogging application. This allows users to post text, images, and video to several social networking services.

BlackBerry Media Sync Adds iTunes Compatability

The BlackBerry Media Sync application is now able to sync files and playlists with iTunes .

HTC Touch Pro for GSM Carriers Gets FCC Approval

HTC's next smartphone, the Touch Pro, has passed a regulatory hurdle on its path to release in the United States: the GSM version of this device has received approval from[...]

Michael Dell Talks Smartphones and MIDs

In a recent interview, Michael Dell answered questions on his company's plans for smartphones and Mobile Internet Devices.

Palm Centro Passes the 2 Million Mark

The Palm Centro has been a signifiant bright spot for Palm. While having a lower price than the Treo models that came before and after it, it has found a[...]

First And Only Access Linux Smartphone Cancelled

The PR firm for European wireless carrier Orange has confirmed that the Samsung smartphone running on the Access Linux Platform (ALP), originally planned for later this year, has been cancelled.

Treo 800w Gets New Bluetooth Feature

Palm, Inc. has released a software patch for the recently-released Treo 800w that allows users to do voice dialing over a Bluetooth connection.

The Facebook Mobile Application Roundup

Social networking is one of the most popular online activities, so it's no surprise that there are third-party applications to allow users to easily access Facebook from almost every major[...]

Palringo Unified Instant Messaging Client Comes to the iPhone

Palringo is a mobile instant messaging client that brings together IM services such as Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Windows Live Messenger, and several others. This application is now available for[...]

Jaybot’s Catchy Cadence Now Available for Windows Mobile

Jaybot's Catchy Cadence is a new suite of musical mini-games for Windows Mobile devices that is available for free.

Nokia E71 Now Widely Available in N. America

The Nokia E71 debuted in the United Sates earlier this month, but at that time was available only in Nokia flagship stores. This smartphone is now widely available from a[...]

Stanford Offering iPhone Programming Course

Stanford University (CA) will be offering an iPhone Programming Course as a part of its 2008 - 2009 course schedule.

T-Mobile Launches New Sidekick

T-Mobile and Danger have launched the latest in the Sidekick line of mobile devices, featuring improved web browsing and new platform tweaks.

TouchXperience Will Offer a New UI for Windows Mobile

TouchXperience is an upcoming application for specific Windows Mobile devices that will offer higher levels of interaction via touch and motion-sensing controls.

Garmin GPS Smartphone Delayed Until 2009

Garmin's nuvifone, a GPS-enabled quasi-smartphone, has been delayed until some time in the first half of 2009.

Windows Mobile Shipments Up Over 80%

Microsoft has just announced that the number of copies of Windows Mobile sold in the last twelve months has grown considerably, year over year.

Skyfire Browser for Symbian Devices Now In Beta Testing

Skyfire, a server-based web browser designed for mobile devices, is now in beta testing for the Symbian platform.

Samsung Instinct Gets Small Software Update

Samsung and Sprint have released a small system software update for the Instinct, their iPhone-esque featurephone.

Motorola Announces Spring Quarter Results

During the spring quarter, Motorola shipped 28.1 million handsets, and successfully maintained its market share.