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SmartPhone Articles for August of 2002

Below are the 35 SmartPhone articles for August of 2002

UPDATE: News Bits: Danger Alert, Dell’s PDA, XDA at Voicestream (New Pictures)

Danger Hiptop is due out in 2 weeks Dell will have a PPC by Christamas Voicestream is selling the T1 PPC Phone Edition

Sony Clie N760 for $250, T415 $150

For a limited time Sony has some great deals on refurbished units. They all come with a 90 day warranty and have a history of being top-notch.

Whose Lunch Will Dell Eat Next?

We all know Dell as the giant in direct sales of configurable PCs. Two years ago Dell started reselling printers, handhelds and peripherals made by other companies and we[...]

What Ails Bluetooth?

It's hard to know where to begin with Bluetooth. So much has been written on this newly pervasive communication buzzword. Yet here is a technology that still has problems, especially[...]

REVIEW: Hot New Cases for the Sony Clie from Sena

Sena Cases produces only the highest quality leather cases. Clie owners listen up! They're designed only for the Sony Clie series. So they're full of extras and must haves.

RUMOR: Handspring Treo 300 This Week?

We are expecting to hear more about the Handspring Treo 300 smartphone as the week progresses. The Treo 300 will be the same as the colored Treo 270, but[...]

Handspring Treo 300 Released! (Pictures)

Sprint today announced that its CDMA 2000 wireless network, being touted as PCS Vision will be available starting next week. The Handspring Treo 300 will run on the new[...]

Palm OS Software Specials

Check out these software specials for the Palm OS for the month of August. Brought to you by and Specials include QuickOffice 6.0Bounty Hunter 2099 PinballBankBook

True Word Processing for Pocket PC?

It's long been a complaint among serious Pocket PC users that Microsoft's own bundled word processor, Pocket Word, is far from satisfactory. Well, here comes TextMaker.

REVIEW: Sony Ericsson P800

NetEconomie (France) has posted their first thoughts on the oh so anticipated Sony Ericsson P800. The translation is a little rough, but I think you'll get the main points.


A cool, compact handheld companion. Introducing the new PEGSJ20G CLI handheld so many unique Sony features in a new compact design! The new Palm Powered PEGSJ20G CLI handheld provides everything[...]


A cool, compact handheld companion. Introducing the new PEGSJ30G CLI handheld so many unique Sony features in a new compact design! The new Palm Powered PEGSJ30G CLI handheld provides everything[...]

New Sony SJ Series CLIES for September

It's another week and two more Clies appear to be on the release date horizon for the U.S. Today on Sony Australia the SJ20 and SJ30 Clie devices went up[...]

Road Trip with a T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone

Brighthand founder Steve Bush takes the new T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone on a 5-day trip from Atlanta, GA to Charleston, SC

Presentations from your PDA

Looking for a way to make professional presentations without lugging around your laptop computer? Here are three products that, when teamed with a Palm handheld or Pocket PC, can do[...]

Sony Clie Video Game Controller Coming Soon

Sony's Hong Kong site now has details on the Sony Clie Game Controller PEGA-GC10. Most Clie's have a high-end color screen, why not make it a little more gamer friendly?

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie SJ20

Last September Sony released the CLIÉ PEG-T415, a thin, monochrome PDA aimed at first-time handheld buyers. It was an excellent device at a good price, but it had one major[...]

Vaja releases two new PDA cases

Recently Vaja has released two new pda cases for the Sony Clie 665 and the Handspring Treo 180/270/300. Check out these high quality cases.

Palm admits to mis-speaking (read: lying) about the quality of the m130 screen

Palm made a little white lie in March when it released the popular m130. Palm claimed that the m130 could display 64,000 colors. We have learned today that in fact[...]

Fossil Wrist PDA

Is Fossil's new Wrist PDA the shape of things to come? Well, maybe not just yet.

REVIEW: Quickoffice 6 – Office File Editing for the Palm

While writing a novel on your PDA is certainly not recommended, having a great Office Suite to be able to store, read and do simple edits on those Office docs[...]

Samsung SPH-i500

The new clamshell design from Samsung, formoerly known as “Blue Chip” should be out some time early-mid 2003 and will operate on the Sprint network.

New Samsung SCH-I600 Details (Pictures) update!

No release dates on this device yet, but Samsung has decided to produce a PDA / Cell phone combo that runs on a Microsoft OS instead of their usual Palm[...]

Palm Oslo and Palm OS 5.0 (Pics) update!

Many sources are now stating that the Palm device code named "Oslo" that was rumored for release next month, will if fact not be released at all. It seems that[...]

Acer s60

Seeing information in full colour makes following and remembering it so much easier. With the vivid colour screen built into the Acer s60 Handheld, this possibility is brought to life.[...]

Acer s50

The Acer s50 Handheld is as colourful as you are – and as versatile too, since it employs the popular Palm OS operating system. This handheld’s vibrant LCD gives you[...]

RUMOR: Apple to enter Smartphone Market

In a New York Times article this week Apple CEO Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "We decided that between now and next year, the PDA is going to be[...]

Confirmation: Acer s50 and Acer s60 to hit the US market within the next month

CNet has learned that Acer plans to take their two new color PDA's to the US, fighting for the very popular and competitive mid-range color PDA market.

Sony to retire the Clie NR70 and the NR70V? Perhaps…and the Sony Clie NR90 could be next!

The Hong Kong Palm User group is suggesting that the Clie NR70 series may be nearing it's end. Stores in Tokyo are not receiving new units, although they sre still[...]

CONFIRMED: Clie SJ30 Released In Certain Stores

We are able to confirm that even though Sony has not set a release date for the Clie SJ30, it is being sold by ABT Electronics in Glenview, Illinois. [...]

Two New Palm PDA’s – It’s a High/Low Game

After appearing to shelve the Palm Oslo, it now looks that Palm has plans to release two new PDA's. One not-so-sexy entry-level PDA and one on the high-end featuring the[...]

Another New Samsung PDA? You Bet! Here Comes the Samsung i-700

In an effort to cover all possible bases in the integrated device market, it looks as if Samsung will be busy later this year. Here comes the i-700...

Brighthand reviews the Sony Clie SJ30

Despite soft sales in the handheld market, Sony continues to pump out new models, including the new Clie PEG-SJ30, the third member of its S-series.

Dell Home Savings! 15% off all Accessorries Including PDA’s and Software.

Use our special link and coupon code to get 15% off all accessories from Dell Home. Here's the latest pricing with discounts reflected. This offer also includes free shipping. Good[...]

Turn your iPAQ into a video phone

France Telecom researchers have developed an unprecedented software application that transforms PDAs equipped with a miniature camera into full-fledged mobile videophone devices. This means users can set up a wireless[...]