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SmartPhone Articles for August of 2003

Below are the 132 SmartPhone articles for August of 2003

RumorMill™: Palm Preparing Three Models for Fall Release

There are three unannounced handhelds from the Palm Solutions Group listed in the inventory database of a major electronics retailer. Prices for these range from the low-end to the[...]

PDA News – AOL 9 Syncs, e740 ROM update, Pumatech buys SponTec

America Online version 9 syncs to Palm and PocketPC Toshiba bugfixes for e740 Pumatech aquires Spontaneous Technology, Inc. Proporta hardcase for XDA Tapwave confirms Zodiac[...]

Review: Stinger Stylus – Universal Finger Stylus

The Stinger is an alternative stylus, which fits onto the end of your finger and is held in place using a little plastic belt. It is apparently compatible with any[...]

Additional Information on the Tapwave Zodiac

More details have emerged about this highly-anticipated games-oriented Palm OS handheld, which is expected to be released in September.

PDA News – iPaq 2200 metal case, Software updates, Palm rumors

Proporta hardcase for iPaq 2200 Updates for Skweezer and Total Remote Three new Palms rumored for Autumn

PDA News – iPaq 2200 metal case, Software updates, Palm rumors

Proporta hardcase for iPaq 2200 Updates for Skweezer and Total Remote Three new Palms rumored for Autumn

BrightBytes™: h2210, eBooks, and More

Several retailers are taking pre-orders for a hardcase for the iPAQ h2210; Microsoft has posted three more free eBooks; and more.

bargainPDA Pocket PC Today Screen Themes

Pocket PC Themes and customzied Today Screens are certainly not a new thing, but many people that use Pocket PCs do know about themes but don't know how to install[...]

Brighthand Reviews the HP iPAQ h1940

The h1940 packs a 266MHz processor, 70MB of memory, an expansion slot, and wireless networking into one of the smallest and lightest handhelds around. Posted: August 4, 2003

RumorMill™: HP May Acquire RIM

According to a Wall Street rumor, HP may be planning to buy Research in Motion -- creator of the BlackBerry line of wireless handhelds -- to get help creating[...]

Sony Cuts Prices; Drops NX60

Sony has cut the prices for the mid-range PEG-SJ33 and the entry-level PEG-SJ22. In addition, it is offering a $30 rebate off the cost of the PEG-SJ20. It[...]

PDA News – Mobile bPDA, Innopocket for iPaq 2200, PPC Caller ID

Just like here, but mobile Innopocket metal case - Really! Caller ID on PocketPC Phones

Multi-Purpose Car Cradle Coming for Some Clie Models

Sony will begin offering at the end of this month a car cradle that can show the user’s location, read email aloud, and much more.

Intel Releases Optimization Kit for XScale-Based Handhelds

A new series of optimization kits will allow developers to improve the power and performance of applications running on handhelds running Intel XScale processors.

Pocket Streets 2004 Offers Improved GPS Support

Pocket Streets 2004 allows users to download maps from Streets & Trips 2004 and then use a GPS receiver to automatically see their current location on a map.

BrightBytes™: 4 GB CF Card, T2 Tunes, and More

Lexar is now shipping a 4 GB CompactFlash card; two music apps have been updated with support for the Tungsten T2; and more.

PDA News – Top ebooks, Sony cuts prices, RIM acquisition rumor

List of top Palm Digital Media books for July Sony cuts prices on low-end Rumor: HP to acquire RIM Screenshots of Tapwave Zodiac Intel processor optimization[...]

Review – Palm Tungsten T2

Barry weighs in with his thoughts on Palm's latest effort, the Tungsten T2. He goes beyond the specs to help you decide if the T2 is worth upgrading if you[...]

M-Systems to Bring Additional Storage to Palm OS Devices

M-Systems’ DiskOnChip will bring a high-capacity, non-volatile, flash memory storage system to future Palm Powered handhelds and smartphones.

Opie Gives Linux Handhelds an Alternative

Opie 1.0 -- a Linux-based open-source graphical user environment for handhelds -- is now available free of charge. It can be run on an HP iPAQ or Sharp Zaurus.

PDA News – Clie car cradle, AMD Linux reference design, Software updates

Sony to offer high-end car cradle AMD Linux PDA reference design Software updates from SPB, Aerodrome, PocketTunes, Bitstream

Review – Links for Pocket PC from Hexacto Games

I love the game of golf. Unfortunately, I can t play it very well on a real course. The combination of variables (weather, course condition, mental and physical[...]

In Depth – AMD Demonstrates Alchemy-Based Linux PDA

AMD has chosen to showcase their Alchemy Au1100 CPU using a linux-based PDA. The device, which was demonstrated at Linux World on August 5th, runs Metrowerks' OpenPDA, an evolved version[...]

BrightBytes™: $50 Treo 270, Free Antivirus App, and More

The Treo 270 is available for only $50 from after a pair of rebates; Airscanner Mobile Antivirus 2.0 is now in a public beta program; and more

RIM Under a Death Sentence, Gets a Stay of Execution

A federal judge has issued an injunction barring Research In Motion from selling the BlackBerry line of wireless handhelds. However, this won’t take effect until after RIM has a[...]

PDA News – Handy utility, New games, SplashPhoto 4.0

A great tool, and cheap too New games from iNDUSTRY and ClickGamer Big update for SplashPhoto

Review – Krusell Handit Case for Sony Clie PEG-TG50

My search on the web for a case was initially frustrating. Offerings from Brando, Xigma and Bellagio (looks like the TG50 wearing kinky leather underpants) all failed to impress. When[...]

More Information on the Upcoming xda II Pocket PC Phone

A German web site has been able to lay hands on the next version of this wireless handheld that runs the Pocket PC Phone Edition. It has some additional[...]

Where Are the Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrades?

More than a month after the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system for Pocket PCs, most people are still waiting for their Windows Mobile upgrades.

Turn Your iPAQ into a Phone

Using the G1 GSM/GPRS CompactFlash Card from Convergent Technology, you can convert your iPAQ into a cell phone and a wireless email and Web browsing device.

PDA News – RIM injunction, Proporta tries leather cases, Medical software

RIM loses decision, may lose rights Proporta dips toes in leather with 2200 case Handheld prescription drug database

Review – Atomic Cannon Pocket by Isotope 244

Atomic Cannon Pocket is a tank combat game for PocketPCs in the tradition of the Artillery Duel style of games--on steroids.

BrightBytes™: Memory Sticks, Games, and More

Samsung will soon begin making Memory Sticks; there are new and updated games for both Palm OS and Pocket PC; and more.

Palm On Course for Handspring Acquisition

Palm has passed an important milestone in its acquisition of Handspring. The deal, along with the spinoff of PalmSource as a separate company, is expected to happen in the[...]

Sanyo Shows Off Cell Phone With Integrated Television Tuner

For the second time in almost as many weeks, a Japanese company has been showing off a handheld device with built-in television tuner. This one is a phone with TV,[...]

PDA News – Covertec for iPaq 2200, Sharp ups CGS production, New Bejeweled

Covertec leather case for iPaq 2200 Sharp increases CGS LCD production Bejeweled "Game of the year" edition CodeWarrior for Zaurus

Color BlackBerry Debuts in U.S.

Later today, T-Mobile will begin offering the BlackBerry 7230, the first model in this line of wireless handhelds to have a color screen. Like other BlackBerry models, it will[...]

What’s in a Name? Ask Palm

When it comes to names, few companies are as unlucky as Palm. Several years ago it was forced to abandon the name Pilot -- as in Palm Pilot -- when[...]

Sony’s NX70V Drops to $400

The price for what was once Sony’s flagship handheld has dropped to $400 as the company prepares to discontinue it.

HP Unveils Digital Camera for iPAQs

When it becomes available in October, the Photosmart Mobile Camera from HP will be able to take both still pictures and video.

BrightBytes™: Wi-Fi SD Card, Battery Extender, and More

The Socket Wi-Fi SD card will be available at the end of this month; the Universal Battery Extender has been updated; and more.

PDA News – iPaq fixes, XDA 2 photos, Color Blackberry

Bug fixes for iPaq 5400 WLAN, 3900 SD slot German site shows XDA 2 Color Blackberry for sale in U.S.

Review – Proporta Hard Case for the Palm Tungsten C

Proporta, known for their innovative hardware, software and cases, brings us a real let me see that thing case for the Tungsten C. Like their other hard cases,[...]

HP Releases 158 New Products, One Secure Digital Digital Camera – The HP Photosmart Mobile Camera

HP has been promoting their "Big Bang 2" massive product release for a little while now. Essentially HP wants to own everything that connects, relates to or is even remotely[...]

RumorMill™: More Details on Three Upcoming Palm Models

A new rumor gives more information about three handhelds supposedly coming this fall from Palm. One of these is the highly-anticipated Tungsten T3, while another is the first entry-level Tungsten[...]

Gateway’s Pocket PC Delayed Indefinitely

Gateway has “indefinitely delayed” its plans to release a handheld running Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC. However, it insists the device will eventually see the light of day.

SanDisk Wi-Fi SD Card Pushed Back Again

SanDisk has pushed back the release of its Wi-Fi SD card for Pocket PCs so it can be bundled with additional software.

PDA News – SD WiFi cards, Socket patents, Sony price cut

SD WiFi cards reviewed, released Socket patents memory & connectivity in one card? Sony cuts price on NX70V Bluetooth digital camera

Review Innopocket s Metal Deluxe Case for the SJ33

Ever had one of those moments when everything seems to go in slow motion or freeze? I ve had a couple once when I was in a terrible[...]

Gateway Puts the Breaks on Their 100X Pocket PC

What a terrible idea it was for Gateway to announce a PDA with the specs of the 100X. The only thing that has saved Gateway s reputation, in the PDA[...]

Three MORE Upcoming Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Handhelds

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief is back again with three more technical advancements that could have an impact on mobile computing.

Treo 300 Smart Phone Available for $99

Sprint is offering a $300 rebate off the price of the Handspring Treo 300. This comes as the company is preparing for the release of the Treo 600.

BrightBytes™: Security, Back to School, and More

Those who carry personal electronics on trips can expect more attention from baggage screeners; The Dog Ate It helps students plan their school day; and more.

PocketClassroom Brings Handhelds To School

Handheld computers are beginning to make their way into classrooms. This week eLearning Dynamics announced the launch of PocketClassroom, the first comprehensive two-way classroom communication and management application utilizing[...]

PDA News – Palm rumors, SDIO WiFi delayed, Memory/wireless combo cards

New details about rumored Palm releases Sandisk delays SDIO WiFi card - AGAIN Memory/wireless combo CF cards for sale Bluetooth drivers for Tungsten W Software updates:[...]

Review – Sony Clie NX80

Sony's new NX80 handheld sports a number of improvements over it's predecessor, the NX70. However, is it worth the money for a generational upgrade?

Sony Releases New Video of the PEG-UX50

I'm more excited for the UX50 than any other PDA in recent memory. Intgrated WiFi and Bluetooth is fantastic, the compact size is appealing, there's just so much to love[...]

Handheld Software Sales Remain Strong

Software-retailer Handango reports that sales of software for all types of handhelds are down only a tiny fraction from the previous quarter, despite a worldwide slump in handheld sales.

Tungsten T Reduced to $300

With this handheld's replacement already available, Palm is clearing out its remaining inventory by dropping the price of the Tungsten T another $50.

Enfora Soon Releasing Case with Built-In Wi-Fi

Enfora’s delayed portfolio case that includes Wi-Fi wireless networking should be on the market by the end of next week. It will work with all models that have the[...]

What’s the Difference? Windows Mobile 2003 vs. CE .NET 4.2 vs. Pocket PC 2002

With PDAs running three operating systems from Microsoft, buyers may find it daunting to figure out the core differences between the OS's. Well, no longer. Microsoft has released a comprehensive[...]

Review Zlauncher Version 3.50 from ZZTECHS

ZZTECHS, the maker of Zlauncher, claims on their website that Zlauncher is a powerful system management program that integrates the system supervisor, application/database manager and expansion card manager. It[...]

Deeper Knowledge: Displays

Desktop computers–and televisions as well–use a display technology that has been around for decades. It’s called the cathode-ray tube, or CRT, however, most people nowadays refer to CRTs simply as[...]

New Details on Sony’s UX50 and UX40

Though not expected in the U.S. until next month, Sony’s UX series is now available in Japan. Users there have been willing to share new details about these clamshell-shaped[...]

T-Mobile to Release Updated Pocket PC Phone

T-Mobile Germany has announced plans to offer a version of the xda II, which runs the Phone Edition of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC. This model will be[...]

T-Mobile Announces New Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition PDA

To follow-up on their reasonably successful MDA (same as the XDA in Europe), T-Mobile has announced the next generation device with built-in camera and a few other upgrades.

McDonald’s Offering Prizes for Use of McWiFi

McDonald's is going to give away a bunch of free laptops and Palm Tungsten C's in an effort to increase the buzz surrounding it's new Hotspots in San Fransisco, Chicago[...]

BrightBytes™: Color BlackBerry, Battery Kit, and More

The BlackBerry 7210 is available from AT&T; Pocket PC Techs has a kit that will increase the battery life of a Pocket PC Phone; and More.

Garmin iQue 3600 Shipping From Some Mass Merchants

I have eagerly been waiting to test out the Garmin iQue 3600, the first PDA with integrated GPS. Production problems have caused multiple delays, but I'm happy to report that[...]

Orange Leaks Info on Two Upcoming Smart Phones

A French wireless carrier has given an advance look at two smart phones expected to be released before the end of this year, the P810 and the SPV2.

A First Look at Smartphone 2003

The SDK for Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones is now available, giving the first hard information on this operating system. Devices running it are expected later this year.

PDA News – New Memory Sticks, e355 for $199, P810 details

Memory Stick Pro Duo Toshiba e355 for $199 shipped Details of Sony-Ericsson P810 Tungsten|T reduced to $300

Sony Launches In-Depth Site Dedicated to the New Clie UX50

Sony out of Hong Kong has launched an amazingly detailed site, in English, dedicated to the Clie UX50. It's got just about anything you would want know, including tons of[...]

Palm to Become palmOne

Palm, Inc. announced today that it plans to split into three companies later this year. This marks the latest chapter in Palm's volatile history, which has been as much a[...]

RumorMill™: The Pocket Loox 610 Revealed

Reportedly, Fujitsu-Siemens will release two Pocket PCs later this year, one of which will offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while the other will have just Bluetooth.

BrightBytes™: $200 e355, Memory Stick Duo, and More is offering the Toshiba e355 for only $200; there are higher-capacity Memory Stick Duo cards coming next month; and more.

IDC Says Smart Phones Cutting into Handheld Sales

IDC says that, in the future, sales of smart phones will increasingly cut into sales of handhelds.In response, many of the top handheld makers are developing wireless-enabled handhelds of[...]

UPDATE – Palm Solutions Group + Handspring = pa1mOne

It seems there is a lot of confusion over the new Palm name. There appears to be a 1 in the logo, but it's not carried forward to the name.[...]

Details Leak on Two New PDAs From Fujitsu – Loox 610

According to, Fujitsu will soon be releasing two new PDAs, one with 64MB RAM and Bluetooth and a second with 128MB RAM, Bluetooth and WiFi. There are a ton[...]

Introducing… The “New” Toshiba e740???

Attention e740 owners....

Toshiba Launches Trade-In Program

Toshiba has started a program that allows people to trade-in their old handhelds and other electronic devices for discounts on new products. The previously-owned items don't have to be made[...]

PDA News – Palm OS still reigns, New Smartphone, Sharp LCDs

Palm OS, Palm Inc tops in PDA market Few details on SPV2 Sharp produces brighter, low-power LCDs

Review – Chesscapade from Superscape (Pocket PC)

CHECKMATE! That sound, even in the calm, thinking individuals analytical game of chess causes severe autonomic nerve action. Do you want to take this excitement to another level? What if[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Garmin iQue 3600

The Garmin iQue 3600 handheld is one of the most unique devices available, thanks to its built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) reciever. And it has a few other surprises as[...]

BrightBytes™: Reference Works, Wi-Fi SD Card, and More

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary with Thesaurus and the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia will soon be available on MMC cards; SanDisk has posted the list of handhelds that will be able to use[...]

AlphaSmart Announces Updated Dana

The Dana is a Palm OS device that is half handheld and half laptop. A new version offers twice as much memory, SDIO support, additional fonts, and improved spell[...]

New Linux-Based Handheld Coming Next Month

The MX-7 from Softfield will be one of a growing number of handhelds using Trolltech's Qtopia user interface and built-in applications. It will have a 200 MHz processor and[...]

MyPal A620 Pocket PC Now Available

Mobile Planet is now shipping the Asus MyPal A620 in the United States. The A620 runs Windows Mobile 2003 on a 400 MHz Intel XScale processor and includes 64MB of[...]

PDA News – Asus A620, Yahtzee, iPaq 2200 reset bug

Asus MyPal A620 shipping Handmark adaptation of Yahtzee iPaq 2200 screen may blank after reset

Review – HP iPAQ 1900 Series Leather Case by RhinoSkin

If you're not enamored of the nouveau industrial look of aluminum then the classically styled lines of the RhinoSkin leather flip case may just be what you are looking for.

Windows Mobile 2003 Really Is Faster

A study shows that a handheld running Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC is faster at most tasks than the same one running older versions of that operating system.

The Latest on Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrades

Those who would like to upgrade their older iPAQ to Windows Mobile 2003 have good news today. However, those wanting to upgrade their Dell Axim X5 will have an[...]

Memory Stick’s Reach Grows

Sony has recently announced new versions of its Memory Sticks and several companies are beginning production of these removable memory cards.

Judge Says All Handhelds May Infringe on Patent

A federal appeals judge has ruled that a patent held by E-Pass Technologies covers a wide range of handhelds and the company can resume patent-infringement lawsuits against Palm, Microsoft, and[...]

BrightBytes™: Wi-Fi SD Card, eBooks, and More

SanDisk has bad news for those who would like to access Wi-Fi networks with their Palm OS 4 handheld; Microsoft has release more free ebooks.

PDA News – Loox 610 looks real, Anthelion public beta, New Linux PDA

Photos of Loox 610 direct from Fujitsu PDAmill holding public beta of Anthelion Softfield plans MX-7 Linux PDA for Sepember

I Will Not Stand For Poor Service Why I Will Never Buy From Again

On Saturday I excitedly posted about the fact that had the new Garmin iQue 3600 in stock and shipping. I went on to say that I had placed my[...]

New Handhelds Expected at DEMOmobile

DEMOmobile is a prime venue for launching new products and its organizers says new handhelds, software, and peripherals will be announced at this year's conference.

PDA News – Windows Mobile 15% faster, No SD WiFi on OS4, Restore Grafitti

Windows Mobile averages 15% faster Sandisk drops Palm OS 4 support How to replace Grafitti 2 with Grafitti 1 All handhelds infringe patent? Proporta leather case[...]

Toshiba Offers “Trade-in Program”


Palm Raises $18 Million Through Private Institutional Investor

Palm just sold 1.2 million shares to an unnamed institutional investor for $15 per share. As it stands right now, the stock price is $16.32, so whoever the buyer is,[...]

ViewSonic V37 A Quick Look:

The ViewSonic V37 - Power, SD Wi-Fi and Developer Tools!

BrightBytes™: palmOne, eVest, Wine, and More

Palm has raised $18 million by selling some common stock; the latest version of the Scott eVest 3.0 is available for purchase or pre-order; the Wine Enthusiast Guide for Pocket[...]

Review – HP iPaq 5550/5555

The most advanced model in HP's iPaq line packs and amazing array of features, but it also packs an amazing price. Is the 5550 worth the money versus cheaper alternatives?

Brighthand Reviews the Sharp Zaurus SL-C760

The Zaurus SL-C760 uses a clamshell design with a VGA color screen on one side and a keyboard on the other. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief found it to be packed with[...]

Dell Mailing Out Axim X5 Patch

Dell has decided to distribute through the mail a patch needed to fix some Axim X5 models sold with a faulty version of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.

RumorMill™: Is Palm Developing a New Bluetooth SD Card?

It appears that Palm Inc. may be working on a Bluetooth SD card that is compatible with handhelds running Palm OS 5. Apparently this will be a new model, not[...]

PDA News – Mobile Antivirus, Dell mails patches, Astraware TipTop

Symantec goes handheld Dell sends Axim patches via Postal Service Astraware port of TipTop

First Thoughts – Garmin iQue 3600

The Garmin has left me with mixed emotions thus far. I'm having a great deal of fun with the GPS, but the lack of wireless options leaves me wanting more.[...]

HP Introduces iPAQ h1935 in U.S.

Hewlett-Packard is now offering in the United States a new iPAQ model that costs less than the h1940, but also offers fewer features.

BrightBytes™: Security Patch, h2210 Case, and More

palmOne has issued a security patch for the Zire 71 and Tungsten T2; Vaja Cases is now offering a Billfold Leather Case for the iPAQ h2210; and more.

PalmSource Seeds Palm OS 5.3 to Developers

The next version of the Palm OS will include support for an API for dynamic input areas, QVGA, and Simplified Chinese.

PDA News – 4 Gig Microdrive, Palm OS 5.3, Warfare Inc.

Hitachi producing test units of 4 GB Microdrive PalmSource posts Dev information on 5.3 Warfare Incorporated, by Handmark

UPDATE – HP Finally Releases the iPAQ h1935 in the US

The HP iPAQ h1935 is now shipping from a number of merchants. We've posted the $50 rebate information too, which is good through January of 2004.

Are All Screen Protectors Created Equal?

You've decided to use a screen protector on your handheld computer's screen. Now the question is, which one? Brighthand evaluates seven popular screen protector products in an attempt to find[...]

RumorMill™: Dell Axim X3 Coming Mid-October

Supposedly, Dell will release in the middle of October a pair of slim handhelds with just a single SD/MMC slot. A model with built-in Wi-Fi is expected some time after[...]

Hitachi Announces 4 GB Microdrive

A Hitachi subsidiary will soon begin offering a hard disk drive that is the size of a matchbook but can hold 4 GB of data. Any handheld that has a[...]

Review – Gamebox Solitaire by PDA Mill (Pocket PC)

Solitaire is one of the most popular games for the desktop PC, especially since it came standard on all versions of Windows. It is also a great companion to[...]

One Day Only Specials From Palm

Palm has a few one day only specials at their web store. Here are the deals...

More Details on T-Mobile’s Upcoming Pocket PC Phone

T-Mobile has given a more detailed picture of the handheld cellular-wireless handheld it will release in Europe in a month or so. It seems likely this device will be[...]

Symantec Debuts AntiVirus for Handhelds

Symantec will soon release several applications designed to protect both Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds from viruses, worms, and other malicious code. However, there's some question about whether[...]

BrightBytes™: New Hardcases, Lots of New Software

Rhinoskin is now offering six new aluminium cases for a variety of models; Clickgamer has released another Pocket PC game; and more.

PDA News – Palm OS 5.3 details, Palm security patch, Axim X3 rumors

Features and screenshots of Palm OS 5.3 Tungsten T2 and Zire 71 password fix Rumored release schedule for Axim X3 Basic & Advanced

Review – Kasparov Chessmate from Hexacto (Pocket PC)

This is a game by Hexacto, who prides themselves in providing gamers with the best experience there is for their portable devices and PC. This game is intended for the[...]

SanDisk Introduces Faster Memory Cards

SanDisk, the world's largest supplier of flash memory data storage cards, introduced its new Ultra II line of high-speed CompactFlash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) flash memory cards yesterday. Aimed[...]

BrightBytes™: PocketRADIO, Gin Pro, and More

iBIZ is now offering the SD version of its pocketRADIO; people can play Championship Gin Pro on a wide variety of platforms; and more.

Motorola A920 Released in Europe

One of the most advanced integrated devices to date, the A920 from Motorola will finally see the light. Running the Symbian OS, the A920 brings the normal PDA functions to[...]

Microsoft Integrating Pocket PCs with XBOX Live?

DigiTimes is reporting that Microsoft has gained FCC approval to sell their new WiFi connector for XBOX Live users. While that's not a big deal, there is a paragraph at[...]

Palm, Handspring Win Patent Lawsuit

A federal court has dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit brought NCR Corp., reducing by one the large number of handheld-related lawsuits currently in U.S. courts.

PDA News – New cases, Palm infringement suit dismissed, Massive giveaway

Cases for 2210, Zire 71, iQue 3600 NCR patent infringement suit dismissed PocketPCThoughts $2600 giveaway

Omega One “Jounal Bar” Users Angry and Frustrated

Latest versions of Omega One's popular Today Screen Plug-In "Journal Bar" are causing headaches for users.

PDA News – Motorola sells Symbian stake, iQue bundle, New ebook device

Motorola sells 19% share of Symbian Seidio bundle for iQue HP develops ebook device