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SmartPhone Articles for August of 2004

Below are the 101 SmartPhone articles for August of 2004

PDA News – Palm WiFi, Handheld shipments up, New VGA utility

Enfora makes WiFi attachment for Tungsten|E Worldwide handheld shipments up in second quarter "True VGA" in WM2003 Second Edition Review of SPOT watch from Tissot

Toshiba: In or Out?

For several months now, Brighthand is reported that Toshiba will soon be exiting the U.S. handheld market. It now appears that it plans to release one final Pocket PC before[...]

ASUS Bumps Back Release of VGA Pocket PC

Although the ASUS A730 was expected to be available this summer, it now appears that the version of this device with built-in Wi-Fi won't be available until early fall.

Enfora Releases Wi-Fi Portfolio for Tungsten E

A Tungsten E version of Enfora's carrying case with built-in Wi-Fi is now available.

New Palm OS Licensee Targets India, Latin America

QTech intends to develop Palm Powered smartphones for two of the fastest-growing cellular markets in the world.

HP iPaq rz1715 Review

Admittedly, when I first saw the specs on the HP iPAQ rz1715, I wasn't impressed. Now that I've had a chance to play with it for a few days, I've[...]

d-Media Systems to Release “In-View” Pocket PC N-911 GPS Pocket PC

d-Media Systems is an ODM based in Taiwan. Their core business is mobile technology, including Smartphones and PDAs. The "In-View" Pocket PC N-911 will feature not only integrated GPS, but[...]

Handhelds vs. Laptops — How to Lighten Your Load in One Easy Lesson

Brighthand staff writer Larry Becker talks about all the ways that handhelds are better than laptops.

Epocrates Launches New Medical Essentials Clinical Suite

Mobile physicians have a new Palm OS software tool designed to provide up-to-date information and reduce clinical errors: ePocrates Essentials.

PDA and Tech Deals 8/4/2004 – 8/6/2004

Toshiba e400 Pocket PC with 64MB of Memory on sale for $192 HP iPAQ 4155 Pocket PC Price Drop, Final Price of $360 + Free Shipping HP iPAQ[...]

T-Mobile Announces Danger Sidekick II

T-Mobile has annoucned the Danger Sidekick II, along with a party to kick off the device. Both are clearly geared toward the younger crowd, as most professionals won't be very[...]

Pocket PC Trojan Backdoor Detected

Kaspersky Labs has detected Backdoor.WinCE.Brador.a, the first backdoor for PDAs running under Pocket PC (based on Windows CE).

Franklin Covey Celebrates palmOne Handheld Month With Free Keyboard or Case

Retailer Franklin Covey is celebrating palmOne Handheld Month by giving away a free wireless keyboard or leather case with the purchase of a Zire or Tungsten handheld.

Attend Orange Code Camp and Win a Segway

Orange is holding a 3-day "Code Camp" for mobile application developers in France and one lucky attendee will walk (or should we say "ride") away with a new Segway.

MPx May Be Delayed Until 2005

Motorola's innovative cellular-wireless handheld may not hit the market until next year.

Motorola Cancels MPx100 Smartphone

Motorola has reportedly decided to not release a low-end smartphone it announced earlier this year.

Danger Officially Unveils hiptop II

Danger, Inc. has taken the wraps off an updated version of its wireless handheld. The hiptop II will be available sometime this fall.

Review Proporta’s Alu-Leather TM PDA Cases for the Tungsten T3

Upon opening the shipping box from Proporta I noticed two PDA review cases, as expected, plus a small package of Whoppers candy. I recognize a small bribe when I see[...]

HP Brings Wi-Fi Protected Access to iPAQ h4100 Series

HP has released a ROM update for the h4100 series that includes support for a more secure form of Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

New games this week include Crazy Athletics II and GameBox Gems for Palm OS, Plant Tycoon and Space Treker 3 for Pocket PC, and more.

PDAs at War — Introducing the Commander’s Digital Assistant (CDA)

Ever since President Bush declared an end to the hostilities in Iraq and all is peaceful (cough, cough) it's time for the military to start experimenting with new toys and[...]

PDA News – MPx release date, PocketPC trojan horse, HP ‘evangelist’ program

Reported Motorola MPx release date First Pocket PC trojan horse discovered HP rule changes draw fire SPOT watch giveaway

Toshiba Giving Up Consumer Handhelds

Some Toshiba executives say their company is going to stop creating handhelds for the general public.

Sony May Be Considering Pocket PCs

An unconfirmed report indicates that Sony may be considering releasing more handhelds in the future, but with a different operating system.

palmOne Announces Cancellation of Palm.Net Wireless Service

Users of the palmOne VII and i705 will be without the Palm.Net service starting August 31st. Palm.Net was the most aggressive program to bring wireless connectivity to PDAs, long[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 8/9/2004 – 8/11/2004

Viking 128MB CompactFlash Card $9 Kingston 1GB CompactFlash Card $100 Palm Tungsten T2 Handheld + 64MB Card $205 Shipped iPaq rz1715 Available from Amazon for[...]

Danger Hiptop 2 (T-Mobile Sidekick II)

The new hiptop2 device is designed to take our technology platform to the next level in providing users with a compelling data and voice experience on the best converged device[...]

Dell Dell Bluetooth GPS

The complete receiver package, priced at $249, includes the following: 1 Dell Bluetooth GPS receiver 2 software and map data CDs1 flexible suction cup mounting arm1 5 volt car power[...]

PDA News – Verizon XDA, Wistron drops PDAs, Sony rumors

FCC approves Verizon-branded XDA 3 Wistron to suspend PDA manufacturing Rumors of Sony return to market likely false

Sierra Wireless Voq Professional Phone

The Voq Professional Phone is a new class of mobile phone that offers a flip-open QWERTY thumbpad and easy-to-use software solutions for business users, including applications for personal and corporate[...]

FCC Reveals CDMA Version of the XDA III

Thanks to pictures and a user manual excerpt from the FCC, we now have a pretty good idead of what the XDA III will look like. One picture even carries[...]

HP and palmOne Better Watch Out for RIM

Sales of Research in Motion's BlackBerry line of cellular-wireless handhelds have surged over the last few quarters. Its competitors better be on their toes if they don't want to get[...]

A Glimpse of RIM’s First Smartphone

Some pictures have emerged of what is supposed to be Research in Motion's first smartphone.

RepliGo PDF Mobilizer Converts PDFs for a Variety of Mobile Platforms

Cerience has released RepliGo PDF Mobilizer, a desktop PDF conversion application for enterprise customers.

Dell Bluetooth GPS Review

Hot on the heels of their successful Bluetooth-enabled Axim X30 line, Dell is launching a set of Bluetooth peripherals aimed at the Pocket PC market, starting with a Bluetooth GPS[...]

Palm.Net Coming to an End

palmOne is going to shut down the Internet service used by some of its earliest wireless models.

PDA and Tech Deals for 8/12/04 – 8/14/04

Lexar 256MB Secure Digital Card $30 Shipped SanDisk Wi-Fi SD Card + Memory $113 at McAfee VirusScan 2004 Version 8.0 Free at Amazon.comHP iPaq 2215 Price Drop at[...]

PalmSource Continues to Push the Smartphone Platform

DigiTimes has posted a nice interview with David Nagel, president of PalmSource. Nagel continues to reinforce their commitment to Smartphone and comments on topics including; GPS, Cobalt enhancements, the spike[...]

SoftMaker Releases Windows Mobile SE Updates for TextMaker, PlanMaker

SoftMaker has released updates for two of its popular Pocket PC applications, making them fully compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

PDA News – HP defector, Loox 720 review, Prize giveaway

HP handheld chief defects to Dell FirstLoox reviews Loox 720 VGA Pocket PC FirstLoox celebratory giveaway

Roadtrip with a Dell GPS Navigation System

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief takes one of Dell's latest accessories for a real "road test."

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Gaming news this week includes an Olympic sale at ClickGamer, Allure Reversal, and a QuizMaster update.

ROM Update Brings WPA to iPAQ h4350

HP has released a ROM Update for the iPAQ h4350 and h4355 that, among other improvements, brings Wi-Fi Protected Access to these Pocket PCs.

PalmSource Chairman Resigning this Fall

Eric Benhamou says he is going to resign as chairman of the PalmSource board of directors immediately following the company's annual stockholders' meeting this fall.

Head of iPAQ Development at HP Leaving for Dell

Alex Gruzen, the man at HP responsible for the iPAQ line, has been hired by Dell.

Verizon Now Offering Bluetooth-Enabled Phone

The Motorola V710 is the first phone with Bluetooth short-range wireless networking to be available from Verizon Wireless.

Documents To Go Now Supports All Native MS Office File Formats

Documents To Go Premium Edition Version 7 offers native file support for all the core Microsoft Office document file types: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

PROPortable Taking Pre-orders for ASUS A730 with Wi-Fi

One of the most highly anticipated Pocket PCs of this year, the ASUS MyPal A730w, can now be pre-ordered. This model will have a VGA screen, two kinds of wireless[...]

Editorial: Developers, Portals, and Commission Missteps

Most of us have at some point or another have looked at the software on our handhelds and wondered if there were better versions of what we use most. Maybe[...]

Release Date for iPAQ hx4705 Pushed Back

The release date for HP's first Pocket PC with a VGA screen has slipped back by two weeks.

palmOne Wi-Fi SD Card Coming Next Month

palmOne has announced its first Wi-FI SD card. At least at this point, it is only compatible with the Tungsten T3 and Zire 72.

HP iPAQ hx4700 Revealed

At this point the specs of the HP iPAQ hx4700 aren't much of a secret, but the FCC approval means the release can't be too far away. A full pictoral[...]

More Rumors Point to Second HP Phone, the iPAQ rw6100

When Andrew was in Germany for CeBIT, LG representatives told him that HP had contracted to bring their SC8000 Pocket PC phone to market. At first the information was muddled,[...]

PDA News – PalmOne SDIO WiFi card, iPaq ROM update, Verizon Bluetooth

PalmOne officially releases SDIO WiFi card iPaq 4300 gets ROM update Motorola v710 Bluetooth update Further FCC documentation of Toshiba e830

FCC Releases Toshiba e830 Pictures and User Manual

If the Toshiba e830 actually gets released and is made better than prior models, it has a lot of potential. Aside from good looks, the e830 feaures a 4" VGA[...]

Beta of RealPlayer for Pocket PC 1.1 Now Available

Real Networks has posted on its web site a Preview Release of RealPlayer for Pocket PC 1.1.

FCC Spills the Beans on the Toshiba e830

Someone at the FCC accidentally released the e830's information a month early, which gave the world a fairly complete picture of this upcoming high-end Pocket PC.

Rumors Surface of CDMA-Compatible iPAQ (Updated)

HP may be planning to release a cellular-wireless Pocket PC developed by LG as the iPAQ rw6100.

HP iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC Phone to Ship September 8th

HP's small business store has begun taking pre-orders for the iPAQ h6315. Orders placed as of now are promised a ship date of 9/8, roughly two weeks away.

Some Developers Say Software Portals Charge Them Too Much

A group of developers has come together to form ESD-Union. They are hoping to reduce the commissions they have to pay to have their applications listed on handheld software portals,[...]

BlackBerry Users Can Now Sync Data with Mac OS X

PocketMac BlackBerry Edition is the first tool to allow Mac users to synchronize data with RIM BlackBerry handhelds.

Samsung i550 Palm OS Smartphone Coming Soon?

According to a report from infoSync World, the Samsung i550 is still on track for a release on a CDMA network, most likely Sprint. Samsung says the i550 is still[...]

Tapwave Zodiac Coming to Europe this Fall

A Tapwave VP made several announcements at a PUG meeting this week, including that his company's flagship product will be expanding into the European market in the coming months.

Samsung Confirms SPH-i550’s Existence

Samsung recently acknowledged the existence of an upcoming Palm OS smartphone for CDMA networks. This device is expected to be available from Sprint PCS later this year.

PDA News – iPaq 6315 in stock, New games, iPaq delay?

iPaq 6315 in stock at some CompUSA stores New games from PDAmill, Handy Entertainment iPaq 4700 delayed? Agendus email client

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Gaming news this week includes new games from PDAMill, Handy Entertainment, and more.

Toshiba e830 Gets Bluetooth Certification

The Bluetooth Qualification Program has given its approval to both versions of Toshiba's upcoming e830. This series of Pocket PCs will use the latest version of this wireless networking standard.

Toshiba e830 Gains Bluetooth Qualification

Just days after FCC approval to sell the e830 in the US, the Bluetooth Qualification Program has certified the e830. On the Bluetooth site, the PDA is referred to as[...]

Samsung i530 Makes an Appearance at the Olympics

Samsung has distributed the SGH-i530 Palm OS smartphone to thousands of officials and VIPs at the Olympic games. It has also posted a description of this device on its web[...]

When Will the iPAQ hx4705 Hit the Market?

HP appears to have run into some kind of problem with the iPAQ hx4705, because the release date for this model keeps being pushed back.

Agendus Mail 4 Adds IMAP Support

The latest version of iambic's email application includes a number of new features, most notably IMAP support.

1 GB Sony Memory Stick Duo Coming this Fall

Sony has announced the first 1 GB Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo and a high-speed 2 GB Sony Memory Stick PRO card.

How Slow is the HP iPAQ h6315?

To help keep battery life long and costs down (stop laughing), HP opted for a 168 MHz TI processor. The slow CPU has been a concern for many, who wonder[...]

iPAQ hx2000 Series Mentioned on HP Site

Once again, the page on HP's site for downloading drivers for various iPAQs has listed an upcoming series of handhelds, despite the fact that HP has yet to officially announce[...]

iPAQ h6315 Now Available

HP's first handheld to offer built-in GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth can now be purchased from a variety of sources.

Sony Ericsson P910 Gets Bluetooth Certification

The Bluetooth Qualification Program has given the P910 its approval, so there's now nothing to stand it the way of this cellular-wireless handheld being released.

HP Confirms iPAQ hx2100, hx2400 and hx2700 Pocket PCs

On their drivers and download site, HP has now listed three more PDAs in the hx2000 series, presumably to take over for the h2210 and h5550 models. These three will[...]

SnapperMail 2.0 Offers Features Large Companies Need

The Enterprise Edition of SnapperMail 2.0 includes support for retrieving and synchronizing e-mail with standard enterprise groupware e-mail servers, as well as other features needed by large companies.

iPAQ rw6100 Coming to South Korea

Later this fall, HP will release in South Korea a cellular-wireless Pocket PC that is compatible with CDMA networks. It's possible the iPAQ rw6100 will eventually be released in the[...]

Nokia Planning New Cellular-Wireless Handheld

The 9300 Communicator will be a scaled-down version of the company's already-announced 9500 Communicator.

palmOne Needs to Get on the Wi-Fi Bandwagon

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief warns the leading maker of Palm OS handhelds that it must fully commit to Wi-Fi wireless networking if it wants to keep up with its competitors.

PDA and Tech Deals for 8/26/2004 – 8/29/2004 steals the show for PDA deals this week with its $50 and $25 rebate offerings and PDA price drops: HP iPaq h2215 Pocket PC $310 With Free Shipping[...]

palmOne Treo 650 Revealed (pics, specs)

We initially called it the Treo 610, well add 40 to that number and what do you get?  The Treo 650 and that's the name we're sticking with for the[...]

More Details Leaked on Next-Generation Treo

Several pictures and some additional details of palmOne's next smartphone have been leaked. These confirm many of the earlier rumors about this device.

palmOne’s Next Handheld May Be Called the Tungsten T5

A German web site has a source who claims that palmOne's next high-end model won't have the name many have been expecting.

Weekly Gaming Roundup

Acky's XP Breakout and Nine Hole Golf are now available for Pocket PC handhelds.

PDA News – iPaq 4700 release date, Resco for Palm, iPaq rw6100

Possible iPaq 4700 release date Resco Explorer ports to Palm iPaq rw6100 released in South Korea

PDA News – Axim X50 rumors, Tungsten T5 pics & specs, Tungsten OS upgrade?

Rumor: Dell Axim X50 Reported Tungsten T5 pics and specs Tungsten T3 to get Cobalt upgrade?

Axim X50 May Be Coming in October

It has been clear since this spring that Dell is putting together its first Pocket PC with a VGA screen. Now, a rumor gives some additional details about this model.

Palm Tungsten T5

It s a whole new way to carry your files and put them to work. With 256MB of storage,1 the Tungsten T5 handheld from palmOne lets you carry more and[...]

New Details Leaked on Tungsten T5

An anonymous source has leaked some details on palmOne's next high-end handheld, including the first credible picture.

First Glimpse of the Tungsten E2

An anonymous source has leaked a brief description of what will supposedly be the replacement for palmOne's mid-range handheld designed for business users.

palmOne May Release OS Upgrades

According to an anonymous source, palmOne plans to release Palm OS Cobalt upgrades for two of its high-end models.

A Glimpse Into palmOne’s Future

A look at what recent rumors say about two upcoming palmOne handhelds and a smartphone.

PDA and Tech Deals for 8/30/2004 – 9/2/2004

Navman PiN GPS Pocket PC Device $430 With Free Shipping (same as Mitac Mio 168 device) SmarterCase Coupon Code $5 Off any PurchaseSanDisk 512MB Secure Digital Card $58 [...]

Windows Mobile SE Petition Passes 10,000 Signatures

The number of people who have signed a petition urging HP to Mobile 2003 Second Edition upgrades for current iPAQ models has reached 10,000.

Opera Browser Coming to Windows Mobile Smartphones

Opera Software today announced that a version of its web browser will soon become available for smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.

More Complete Picture of Axim X50 Emerges

Some additional details on Dell's upcoming Pocket PC with a VGA screen have been posted in the forums of a Chinese web site.

Battle of the Tungsten T5 Rumors

Rumors about palmOne's next high-end model have been flying fast and furious in the last few days. Unfortunately, the different sources of information have presented different pictures of this device.

Dell Axim X50 Gets FCC Approval (Updated)

The FCC has given its approval for what will be Dell's first Pocket PC with a VGA screen. It is now certain that at least one version of this device[...]

Dell Axim X50 Release Date – September 24th

While Dell has asked for details of the new X50 to be hidden until it's released, the FCC released very primitive information, including a picture, about the X50 late Friday[...]