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SmartPhone Articles for August of 2005

Below are the 102 SmartPhone articles for August of 2005

Face It, Handhelds Are Evolving Into Regular Computers

There's no point in fighting it: it's inevitable that handhelds are going to become more and more like full-sized computers.

Brighthand Reviews SharkCache

SharkCache was created to help deal with the the infamous "Lag" -- the delay that happens when the LifeDrive opens an application.

Toshiba Libretto U100 Review (pics, specs)

Sometimes I think that Japanese and Korean companies get a perverse satisfaction from seeing us lust after their gadgets. There are English language sites dedicated to showing us the shop[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Universal Wireless Keyboard

This Infrared keyboard offers support for both portrait and landscape modes, and works with all kinds of handhelds.

HanDBase Relational Database Now Available for Series 60

DDH Softwarehas released a version of its HanDBase relational database application for Series 60 smartphones.

Intel to PDA Manufacturers – Time to Upgrade

Intel is going to force the hand of several PDA manufacturers who have yet to hit the upgrade trail to the PXA270 family of processors, named Bulverde. Bulverde has been[...]

Gartner Says PDA Shipments Rise, but Appears Conflicted as to What a PDA Is

Gartner has released numbers to combat the PDA sky-is-falling reports that continue to come out. Gartner is missing the full picture though, as they don't take Smartphones into consideration. But[...]

Smart Box Design Launches Word Watch Game for Palm OS

Word Watch is a new word jumble game that pits the player against the clock in a race to unscramble words.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Allows a Single Application to Run on Both Pocket PCs and Smartphones

The next version of Windows Mobile will allow developers to create applications that run on both the handheld and smartphone versions of this operating system.

PDA News – HTC Apache, PocketPC browsers, Tungsten C clearence

HTC Apache PocketPC phone revealed PocketPC web browser comparison Tungsten C on clearence: $199 at OfficeMax

Sony Adds Web Browser to PSP – Is it a PDA Yet?

There was a ton of excitement when the PSP was released, a little more when people first found a hack in Wipeout that allowed rudimentary web browsing. In the latest[...]

PDA News – Palm rumors, WiFi world record, New i-mate JAM

Rumors: New OS testing; no Treo this year Unamplified WiFi connection at 125 miles i-mate JAM "Limited Edition" with 128 MB RAM

Spb Software House Releases a New Version of Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks

The latest version of Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks is a collection of more than 200 tips and tricks about using a Pocket PC, written by 10 different professional[...]

PDA News – Windows Mobile Treo pic, HTC Galaxy, ActiveSync security hole

Photo of Treo running Windows Mobile 5 Pic, specs of HTC Galaxy Password attack against ActiveSync

Palm Treo with Windows Mobile Video

Over the past few months plenty of images have slipped out of the Palm Treo 670, the supposed Treo running Windows Mobile. Palm flat out denied it, but at the[...]

Video of Windows Mobile Treo Appears

A new video is far and away the best evidence yet that there really will be a Treo running Windows Mobile in the near future.

Shipments of Handhelds Continue to Climb

Worldwide shipments of handhelds increased over 30 percent last quarter, and the handheld market is on track to set a new record in the number of units shipped in a[...]

Springy Communication Info Links Tap for No One

In the recently released news that Tapwave is now out of play as a Palm OS licensee (they folded shop some months ago with an eye on restructuring, but now[...]

Cingular Accidentally Confirms iPAQ hw6500 Plans

Although Cingular Wireless has not yet officially confirmed that it intends to offer HP's latest cellular-wireless Pocket PCs, it recently made it clear that it will begin doing so in[...]

Sun Microsystems Deploys Palm Treo Smartphones Through Asurion

Sun Microsystems has deployed 600 Treo smartphones to its U.S. field services organization for access to its call-management system.

What is Palm’s Secret Project?

Everyone knows Palm, Inc. is a maker of both handhelds and smartphones. Until now, though, everyone has been unaware that this company is working on a mysterious third class of[...]

PalmSource and MontaVista Software Partner to Develop Smartphones

PalmSource and MontaVista Software are teaming up to develop next-generation Linux-based mobile phones.

PDA and Tech Deals for 8/8/2005 – 8/11/2005

Palm LifeDrive $389Current Dell Home Coupons for up to $60 OffPalm Tungsten E2 Refurbished $180Dell Small Business 25% Off Axim X50 or X50V Coupon CodeAudiovox SMT 5600 Smartphone (Cingular) Free[...]

PDA News – More Treo 670 pics, iPaq 6500 on Cingular, HTC Apache on Sprint?

High resolution photos of Treo 670 Cingular to carry iPaq hw6500 Report: HTC Apache to be Sprint PPC-6700

Nokia 9300 Smartphone Review

Outside of the US, the Nokia 9300 is old hat. About a year after its global release though, the 9300 will gain fresh legs in the US. It is expected[...]

Nokia 9300 Smartphone

The Nokia 9300 combines popular voice communication features with important productivity applications in one well-appointed device. Now the tools you need to stay in touch and on top of schedules,[...]

TealPoint Brings the Sudoku Craze to Your Handheld

Sudoku Addict is a new Palm OS version of a game that is popular in Great Britain and Japan.

Opera Mini Brings the Web to Java-Based Phones

Opera Software has introduced Opera Mini, a web browser that works with virtually all mobile phones.

HP Leaks Details on the iPAQ hw6700 Series (Updated)

HP has posted the details of an unannounced series of cellular-wireless Pocket PCs on its European web site. These might be the first handhelds with built-in 802.11g support.

HP iPAQ hw6700 (hw6710 & hw6715) Series Confirmed

Before HP can even release the hw6515 in the US, they've got something new up their sleeve. The HP iPAQ hw6715 is the same form factor with several new and[...]

Windows Mobile Treo Expected Early Next Year

According to a report coming out of Taiwan, full-scale production of the first Treo running Windows Mobile will begin during the first quarter of next year.

FolderGrid — a New File Manager for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Choung Networks has released FolderGrid, a file manager for smartphones running Windows Mobile.

PDA News – iPaq PocketPC phones, Opera Mini, Not-quite ROM update

HP lists iPaq 6000 series phones on site Opera Mini browser for cell phones usable on PalmOS Abortive ROM update from Dell

HTC to Manufacture Palm’s Windows Mobile Smartphone (Treo 670)

A report has come out that indicates Palm is close to awarding HTC the contract to make their yet to be announced and frequently denied Windows Mobile Treo. HTC currently[...]

Dell, HP and Palm to Release QWERTY Microsoft Mobile Devices this Fall?

We all know about the HP 6500 and 6700 Mobile Messengers coming out this summer / early fall. And potentially a Treo 670 device running Windows Mobile 5.0. [...]

Palm Treo 700 – EVDO, 1.3 Megapixel Camera

The Palm rumors won't stop now that the faucet is turned on. A new rumor involving the Palm Treo 700 shows a more rounded deisgn and smaller antenna, with enhancements[...]

PDA News – Palm CFO talks Windows, Palm’s “third business”, Analyst says Windows Treo real

Palm CFO: Windows Mobile device has benefits Palm's mysterious "third business" Analyst: Windows Treos real, to ship by end of year

How to Speed Up Your Text Entry in One Easy Lesson

Brighthand's Ed Hardy talks about a simple way many people can significantly increase the speed at which they enter text on their handheld.

Is Dell Developing an Axim with a Keyboard?

A recent, Business Week article hinted that Dell may be working on an Axim with a built-in keyboard.

ThemeMaker X Released

ThemeMaker X is a Microsoft Windows programs that lets users create themes for all the current Pocket PC models.

Palm Exec Discusses Windows Mobile Treo

Capping a week week full of rumors about Palm's plans to release a Treo running Windows Mobile, Palm's CFO has said that doing so might be a good idea.

A Look into the Future of Mobility

For many weeks I have been looking at the mobile landscape with a refreshed eye. In some respects, I see improvements in hardware and software, making mobility less of an[...]

Google May Offer Free Wi-Fi Nationwide

Business 2.0 is speculating that Google is gearing up to offer free Wi-Fi service across the United States.

Allrecipes.Com and Avantgo Offer Wireless Food & Recipe Solutions, the world's largest online recipe site for home cooks, today announced that a mobile version of its web site is now available on AvantGo.

Survey Shows Millions of Americans Want Mobile Email

Survey results released today indicate that many Americans want to be able to access their email on their mobile phone. These are consumers who want the service for their personal[...]

Apple Newton Users – A Religous Cult?

The Apple Newton has been dead so long; most current PDA owners have no idea what it is. The ill-fated product was a pioneer in the PDA world, with a[...]

HTC Wizard May Be Coming to Cingular this Fall

The first sign has emerged that a highly-anticipated Pocket PC phone might be released in the U.S.

PDA News – WiFi smartphones, Cingular rumors, Google WiFi?

Qtek smartphones: now with 100% more WiFi Rumor: HTC Wizard to debut on Cingular October 24th Rampant speculation: Google to build nationwide WiFi net?

Meet Slyder and his Crew in the Brand New Game from Astraware

Astraware and Sandlot Games has introduced Super Slyder, a new puzzle game for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. Palyers must navigate through over 200 increasingly difficult mazes, using strategy[...]

First Glimpse of Opera for Pocket PC

Although Opera Software makes versions of its web browser for sevaral mobile platforms, it does not yet make one for Pocket PCs. However, this will soon change.

PDA News – Opera for Windows Mobile, Fossil gone, Palm Opera

Screenshots of Opera for PocketPCs Fossil exiting PDA market Opera on Palm hack works for other devices

PDAs Still a Significant Security Risk

Probably just as popular a topic as the dreaded declining sales of PDAs, is the increased attention surrounding securing PDAs and smartphones in the workplace. With more attention given to[...]

Dell is Not Releasing a PDA with Keyboard

Last week a report came out on that Dell would likely be releasing a new PDA with QWERTY keyboard. As exciting as that may be to talk about, it's[...]

Dell Releases Yet Another Axim X50 Series ROM Update

In what has become an almost monthly occurrence, Dell has posted on its web site a pair of updated ROMs for its latest Pocket PCs.

IntumiCal — a Sleek Calendar for Pocket PC

The designers of IntumiCal set out to create for the Pocket PC a calendar as simple and elegant as the standard Palm OS one.

MiTAC Preparing Another GPS-Enabled Pocket PC

The Bluetooth Qualification Program has given its approval for MiTAC to release its first Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PC with a built-in GPS receiver.

Pocket PC Magazine Renamed Smartphone & Pocket PC

Pocket PC is changing its name to Smartphone & Pocket PC starting this November.

New “Secure PDA Phone” Coming From General Dynamics

General Dynamics is creating a new PDA dubbed "Secure PDA Phone" for use in government operations. The $18 million contract to build these PDAs was awarded by the National Security[...]

PDA News – PPC Mag name change, HTC Universal “coming soon”, Samsung drops Palm?

Pocket PC Magazine changes name HTC Universal listed by Orange UK Samsung i500, i645 terminated; Palm development shut down?

HP Releases Battery Fix for iPAQ hx4700

HP has released a software update that fixes a problem that was introduced into the iPAQ hx4700 series by the last ROM update.

How Open Is Your Pocket PC to Malicious Attacks?

This month's issue of Insecure Magazine discusses essentially all the ways that a Pocket PC can be attacked, from viruses and trojan horses to DoS attacks.

Audi Drivers Can Remotely Control a Treo via Bluetooth

Palm and and Audi of America have unveiled a system that will allow owners of some high-end Audi models to control a Treo 650 smartphone without ever having to take[...]

More Information Available on Mio A201

Some new details have surfaced on MiTAC's next GPS-enabled Pocket PC.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade for iPAQ hx4700 Significantly Delayed

HP has announced that the Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade for its flagship handheld, the iPAQ hx4700, has been delayed by many months.

Palm’s LifeDrive Is NOT Discontinued (Updated)

Despite what a large online retailer says, the LifeDrive Mobile Manager has not been discontinued.

PDA News – Palm rumor, Treo 670 sighting, iPaq upgrade delayed

Amazon lists LifeDrive as discontinued Treo 670 sighted in fall catalog iPaq hx4700 denied OS upgrade until 2006 Liquid lenses may make mobile cameras better Mio[...]

The Palm LifeDrive is Not Being Retired

Amazon frequently lets the cat out of the bag early by showing new products before they're officially announced. This time, they announced the death of a product while it's still[...]

WiMax May Be Coming to a BlackBerry Near You

Reportedly, Research in Motion and Intel have come to an agreement related to WiMax wireless networking.

Let Palm OS Applications Get You Ready for Back to School

PalmSource is highlighting a number of Palm OS third-party applications that can each help enhance the learning process for students, teachers, and school administrators.

Arvale II: Ocean of Time Released for Pocket PC

Arvale II: Ocean of Time lets players engage in an epic story involving time travel, gods and goddesses, and the fate of the world.

Intel Sees Vista on PDAs in the Next 5 years

At the Intel Developer's Conference today, Intel CEO Paul Otellini disclosed plans to create a need breed of hardware that will run the latest Microsoft PC operating system, Vista. Intel[...]

Two Axim X30 Models Discontinued

Two Pocket PCs from Dell's older X30 series are no longer listed on the company's web site, signaling that these models have been discontinued.

First Glimpse of the iPAQ rx1950

The first details have leaked out on what is supposed to be an upcoming mid-range Pocket PC from HP, the iPAQ rx1950.

Intel Announces Next Generation of XScale Processors

Upcoming XScale processors will offer better performance than current ones, while using less power.

Intel Promises Handhelds Running Windows Vista

Intel CEO Paul Otellini says his company is committed to developing chips that will allow handheld devices to run a full version of Windows.

New Dell Axim Series Gets Bluetooth Approval

The Bluetooth Qualification Program has given its approval for Dell to release the Axim X51/X51v series.

Second Patent for INNOVENTIONS Enhances its RotoView ”Tilt and Scroll” Navigation Technology

With RotoView, the user tilts the unit left-right or up-down to see beyond the virtual boundaries of the handheld's or smartphone's display.

PDA and Tech Deals for 8/24/2005 – 8/26/2005

New Dell Axim 25% Off Coupon CodePalm LifeDrive $419.95Samsung i730 $ Electronics and Accessories CouponsAmazon: Targus PA765U ThumbPad Keyboard $ palmOne Tungsten E2 PDA $155 shipped After Samsung i500[...]

Dell Axim X51 and X51v Confirmed, HP rx1950 Rumored

A Dell refresh of their PDA models has been announced by the Bluetooth SIG. They posted approval for the Dell Axim X51 and X51v on their website. HP meanwhile is[...]

The Use of Microdrives in Handhelds Might Be Ending

Rumors indicate that Samsung may be willing to slash the price on its Flash memory chips to the point where they cost the same as its smaller-capacity microdrive.

Inexpensive, WiFi-Enabled Smartphone May Be Coming to T-Mobile USA

According to rumor, T-Mobile USA will soon offer the HTC Tornado, a Windows Mobile smartphone with lots of high-end features but an entry-level price.

PDA News – 1 GHz handhelds, Axim batteries, Aussie WiMax

Intel demonstrates 1+ GHz handheld processor Mugen shipping 1800 mAh Axim batteries Intel, Unwired Australia partner to deliver mobile WiMax

Palm Ramping Up for Linux-Based Devices

There is strong evidence that Palm is preparing to release at some point in the future a new generation of models based on Palm OS for Linux.

MiTAC Previews GPS-Enabled Phone

MiTAC has given the world a glimpse its first GPS-enabled cellular-wireless handheld, which it calls the Mio A701.

Smartphone Summit 2005 Coming in September

If you're interested in Smartphones, especially for business use, you'll want to check out the upcoming Smartphone Summit in San Francisco on September 26th. The event opens right before the[...]

PDA News – PalmSource buyout rumor, T-Mo Tornado, Palm Linux jobs?

Report: Palm planning buyback of PalmSource T-Mobile to get HTC Tornado in October Palm Inc lists Linux jobs

Is Palm Going to Buy PalmSource?

There's a rumor going around Wall Street that Palm, Inc. is going to re-acquire PalmSource.

CalliGrapher 8.0 Now Available

New features in the latest version of this award-winning handwriting recognition software include support for Windows Mobile 5.0, a new soft input panel, and a Statistical Analyzer.

Verizon Drops Price for Unlimited EV-DO (Updated)

Verizon Wireless has cut by 25 percent the monthly price it charges for unlimited access to its EV-DO wireless networking service.

Nokia 6682

The Nokia 6682 is full of features in a small body.

Nokia 6682 Review

A few weeks ago we brought you a review of the Nokia 9300, another Smartphone with similar goals as the 6682, but an entirely different approach. The 6682 is distinctly[...]

HP Goes Back to the Future With the New iPAQ rx1950

Well, when most of the world makes fun of your products maybe it's time to bring out an old classic. Images of the new HP iPAQ rx1950 have a very[...]

iPAQ rx1950 Series Revealed

The first pictures have emerged of an upcoming Pocket PC from HP.

Primerica Runs Customized Financial Services Application on Palm Handhelds and Smartphones

Agents of Primerica Financial Services are using 4,000 Palm handhelds and smartphones to complete insurance applications in their client's homes.

iPAQ hw6500 Series 128 MB RAM Upgrade Available

Pocket PC Techs can now upgrade an HP iPAQ hw6500 series model from 64 MB of RAM to 128 MB.

Latest Version of Resco Explorer Adds Today Plugin

Resco has released a new version of one of the most popular Pocket PC applications, Resco Explorer 2005.

PDA News – Fake Axim pic, 3 GB Smartphone, Opera Mini on Windows

Fake photo of Axim X51 Samsung i300 3 GB smartphone now FCC approved Opera Mini browser on Windows Mobile WiMax coming to Athens, Georgia [...]

T-Mobile to Offer More HTC Models (Tornado, Wizard, Universal/MDA Pro)

T-Mobile is looking to move into a better position with their Smartphone and PDA offerings. They are rumored to soon be carrying several HTC designs including the HTC Wizard, Universal[...]

FCC Approves Two GPS-Enabled Pocket PCs from ASUS

The FCC has given ASUS permission to release in the U.S. two new Pocket PCs with built-in GPS receivers.

T-Mobile Finally Launching EDGE Service Next Month

Long after its U.S. competitors, T-Mobile is finally going to deploy EDGE service in the near future.

Motorola Q May Be Coming to Verizon

If an unconfirmed report is correct, a CDMA version of a a small and light smartphone with a built-in keyboard will debut on Verizon Wireless in the first quarter[...]

Intellisync Announces Fourth Quarter Results and Record Revenue For Fiscal 2005

Intellisync's revenue for its most recent financial quarter was up 18 percent, and it was up 41 percent during its most recent financial year.