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SmartPhone Articles for August of 2006

Below are the 84 SmartPhone articles for August of 2006

HTC May Be Prepping Windows Mobile Smartphone with Keyboard

According to some leaked information, HTC is prepping a slim smartphone with a keyboard that will directly compete with the Motorola Q and Samsung i320.

Most Popular PDAs and Smartphones of July 2006

Brighthand's monthly listing of the ten most popular handhelds and smartphones.

Apple Should Develop an iLife Mobile

In this editorial, Ed Hardy urges Apple to release software that would let smartphones access its online services.

Mobile Tech News — Draw on a Smartphone, BackupBuddyVFS and NoviiRemote Updates, and More

PhatWare Announces the Release of PhatSketch Game for Smartphones BackupBuddyVFS 4 Public Beta Now Available BackupBuddy for Windows Maintenance Release NoviiMedia Updates NoviiRemote Deluxe for[...]

Expect Cingular to Offer Two New Windows Mobile Devices Soon

Thanks to a small slip-up by Cingular, word has leaked out that this wireless carrier will soon begin offering a pair of highly-anticipated Windows Mobile models.

TabletKiosk Announces New UMPCs

A few months after introducing one of the first Ultra Mobile PCs to hit the market, TabletKiosk is following up with two more that offer features not found on their[...]

Does Dell Have Long-Term Plans for the Axim?

A new report raises serious questions about whether there will be any more Windows Mobile devices coming from Dell.

Access Has Big Goals for the Palm OS

In a recent interview, one of the co-founders of Access said his company intends to make the Palm OS a major player in the world smartphone market.

The Latest on the HTC Excalibur

Some new information has emerged on an upcoming Windows Mobile smartphone from HTC.

Is It Sayonara for the HTC Muse?

If a new report is true, HTC has decided to not offer the first Pocket PC phone with 4 GB of Flash memory built in.

Mobile Tech News — Faster Sprint EV-DO, Windows Mobile RPG, PocketTunes Update, and More

Sprint Accelerates EV-DO Revision A Upgrade Astraware Releases Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars for Windows Mobile NornSoft Releases a PocketTunes Update Vodafone and RIM[...]

Motorola Q Coming to Sprint

Sprint's CEO has promised that his company will begin offering a popular Windows Mobile Smartphone in a few months.

Do We Really Want a Wireless Future?

Although people now have the option to be constantly connected to the world through smartphones and PDAs, Antoine Wright wonders if this is really a good thing.

Insider Throws Cold Water on Apple iPhone Rumors

According to a source who is supposedly an Apple employee, there's no truth to the rumor that Apple is going to put out a combination phone and iPod... at least[...]

Motorola RAZRwire Bluetooth Headset Review

Ed Hardy tried out an innovative wireless headset from Motorola and found it to be impractical in real-world use.

New Information on Upcoming Palm OS Treo

A Chinese web site has published several pictures of what is supposed to be one of Palm, Inc.'s next smartphones.

Pictures Leaked of a BlackBerry with Camera, Music, and Video Support

Although it has not yet been announced by RIM, numerous pictures are now available of the first BlackBerry with support for multimedia.

Treo 700p May Be Having Production Problems… but Probably Not

According to an unconfirmed report, the company manufacturing Palm, Inc.'s latest smartphone is having problems, but the facts don't seem to be backing this up.

Samsung’s 8 GB Smartphone Gets FCC Approval

FCC has given its approval to the first Windows Mobile Smartphone with a built-in 8 GB hard drive.

Sony Announces mylo Personal Communicator

Sony has announced plans to introduce a small wireless device that will allow users to exchange instant messages, browse the Internet, listen to music, send emails, and view photos.

Handheld Shipments Continue Slow but Steady Growth

Shipments of handheld computers continued to grow during the second quarter of this year, but at relatively slow rate of 2.7 percent. Still, it was the best second quarter for[...]

Socket Launches 802.11g SDIO Card

Socket Communications has taken the wraps off the Go Wi-Fi! P300, an 802.11g SDIO card for Windows Mobile devices.

Sprint Plans Nationwide WiMAX Rollout

Sprint has announced plans to create a fourth generation (4G) wireless network. This will use the mobile WiMAX standard and bring broadband-like speeds to mobile devices across the U.S.

Mobile Tech News — Software Sale, New Palm OS and Windows Mobile Software, and More

Brighhand Two-Week Summer Software Sale RightMenu Released for Windows Mobile BlackBorder Introduced for Some Palm OS Devices SCOTTEVEST's Unveils the New SeV Performance T-Shirt [...]

HP May Be Leaving the Mobile Market — But It Doesn’t Really Matter

Although he's seen abundant signs that HP's interest in creating handhelds and smartphones is waning, Ed Hardy finds he's having a hard time caring.

Possible First Pictures of the Treo 750

The first images have been leaked of what appears to be a one of the upcoming smartphones from Palm, Inc. These go a long way toward corroborating numerous rumors that[...]

T-Mobile USA Working to Offer 3G Service

An auction currently being held by the FCC could allow T-Mobile USA to finally deliver third-generation wireless services to its customers.

Cornice Introduces Tiny 12 GB Hard Drive

There's good news for those hoping for handhelds and smartphones that are capable of storing very large amounts of data: Cornice is now offering a hard drive with a[...]

New Images of the Palm Treo ”Nitro”

For those who just can't get enough of the Treo Nitro, a couple of new pictures of this upcoming smartphone have appeared.

Nokia N93

The N93 features a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, DVD-like video capture, and 3x optical zoom. Users can connect this smartphone directly to a TV (PAL/NTSC) or upload[...]

The Scoop on the Next BlackBerry Smartphone

Rumors have been circulating for some time about RIM's plans to finally introduce a smartphone with multimedia support, but now the official release announcement has been leaked over a month[...]

Windows Mobile Treo 700 May Finally Be Coming to Sprint

There is very good evidence that Sprint will soon release the Treo 700wx, a souped-up version of a smartphone that debuted early this year.

Don’t Lock Me In

Antoine Wright makes a call for mobile developers to base their applications on open standards, not closed ones.

Palm Treo Gets Cameo in Snakes on a Plane

In the upcoming thriller Snakes on a Plane, Palm's Treo 650 makes a small but pivotal appearance. Palm has done well to getting Hollywood to feature its products, as Snakes[...]

Apple’s WWDC Is Over, but Rumors of the iPhone Persist

Although the event where many expected a combination phone and iPod to be announced is over, a fresh round of rumors about this device is starting up.

Mobile Tech News — Treo 650 Update, TypePad Mobile, Yelp Mobile, and More

Small Update Released for Sprint Treo 650 TypePad Releases TypePad Mobile Palm and Yelp Announce Yelp Mobile Take a Cell Phone Tour of Philadelphia

MVOX MV900 Bluetooth Speakerphone Review

Brighthand's chief reviewer, Adama D. Brown, takes a look a the MV900, a portable high-end speakerphone that's usable with virtually any device featuring Bluetooth or USB.

Sony mylo Runs Linux

Those hoping to add additional applications to Sony's latest gadget should be pleased to learn that this handheld device runs a version of Linux.

PalmSource Launches Access Developer Network

PalmSource has announced a collection of tools designed to help develop and market applications for the next generation of the Palm OS.

Asus P525 Gets FCC Approval

The Federal Communications Commission has puts its stamp of approval on the Asus P525, one of the few Pocket PC phones with a built-in numberpad.

Survey Shows Little Interest in Mobile TV

Wireless carriers and device makers are working hard to bring video to users of mobile devices, but a recent survey turned up little enthusiasm for the idea.

Some Networks Open to Attack Through BlackBerries

According to an IT risk management firm, BlackBerries can be used to hack into a corporate network, but RIM points out that this is only possible in situations where security[...]

Get Ready for Some Big Changes in the Way Your Mobile Device Looks and Acts

In this editorial, Ed Hardy warns long-time Palm OS and Windows Mobile users that their favorite mobile operating system is undergoing a significant redesign.

Mobile Tech News — New GPS Product, Treo Lawsuit Settled, and More

Palm Introduces New GPS Setup Early Treo Class-Action Lawsuit Settled MotionApps Updates mVoice

FCC Confirms BlackBerry Pearl

Until now RIM's first smartphone with multimedia support has only been a thing of rumors, but many details of it have now been confirmed by a U.S. government agency.

SplashID for Released for Blackberries and Desktop PCs

SplashData has released a version of its secure password manager for BlackBerry handhelds and smartphones.

Qtopia Greenphone Announced by Trolltech to Spur Mobile Linux Development

Trolltech, maker of the Qtopia mobile Linux interface, has announced a device and SDK called Greenphone to aid Linux developers in bringing mobile Linux devices to market faster.

System Update for Motorola Q Posted Then Pulled

Recently, Motorola released a significant software update for its Motorola Q smartphone, but this was withdrawn shortly thereafter. Days later, it has not yet re-appeared.

How To Replace the CD That Came With Your Handheld or Smartphone

A guide to replacing the synchronization software for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.

Handy-PC Seeks to Bridge the Gap Between Laptops and PDAs

An upcoming mobile device will combine the features of a laptop, PDA, and smartphone.

T-Mobile May Be Rolling Out UMA Service Next Month

According to an unconfirmed report, T-Mobile USA will soon begin offering a service that lets devices make use of cellular networks through Wi-Fi.

When the Smartphone Tips

Antoine Wright has some suggestions on how to get more mobile phone and non-cellular PDA users leaning toward smartphones.

Palm Treo 750

The 750 greatly resembles previous smartphones from Palm, but, unlike its predecessors, it does not need an external antenna. It has a tablet design, with a 240-by-240-pixel touchscreen above an[...]

Treo 750 Announcement Coming September 12

There have been rumors for quite some time that Palm, Inc. is going to announce its next smartphone next month, and this has now been officially confirmed by the company.

Roadmaster VRFM8 FM Modulator Review

Ed Hardy brings us this review of the Roadmaster VRFM8, an adapter that lets users play music and podcasts stored on a handheld, smartphone, iPod, or USB drive over[...]

Q-like Smartphone from Inventec Coming to i-Mate

The i-Mate JAQ will have a form-factor becoming familiar from other recent smartphones: a thin, tablet design with a keyboard below its display.

The Latest on the Treo 700wx

Sprint is expected to begin offering its first Windows Mobile Treo next week, and information on this device is leaking out all over, including a copy of its official data[...]

New Details Emerge on the Palm OS Replacement

A report from PalmSource's mini developers conference brings some new information on how work is progressing on the replacement for the Palm OS.

SlingPlayer Mobile Now Available for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Sling Media has just introduced the full version of SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Mobile Smartphones. This means that Pocket PC and Smartphone users can now watch everything they could on[...]

HTC Excalibur Scores FCC Approval

The Federal Communications Commission has puts its stamp of approval on one of the upcoming Windows Mobile smartphones with a built-in keyboard.

Mobile Tech News – Less Expensive Treo 700s, New RPG, BugMe! Updated, and More

$100 Mail-In Rebate on Verizon Treo 700 Models Redshift Introduces New Role Playing Game for Pocket PCs BugMe! Mobile 5.0 for Windows Mobile 5.0[...]

Nokia E61 Review

In this guest review, long-time smartphone user Perry Longinotti shares his thoughts on a new business-oriented devices from Nokia. The E61 offers an impressive list of features, including a built-in[...]

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Treo 700w and 700wx

A video comparing Sprint's upcoming Windows Mobile Treo and the one currently being offered by Verizon Wireless has appeared on the Web.

Dancing with the Devil

Brighthand's Adama D. Brown warns smartphone makers that giving too much power to the cellular service providers is a recipe for long-term disaster.

Videos of the BlackBerry Pearl in Action

The latest leak on RIM's first smartphone with multimedia support takes the form of several videos of this device being put through its paces.

How To Speed Up Your Mobile Web Surfing

Step-by-step instructions for how to change the DNS server on your Palm, Pocket PC, or Smartphone -- a simple process that can decrease the time it takes many devices to[...]

Samsung Q1

The Q1 is Samsung’s first entry into a new category of devices, the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC). Naturally, it runs the special version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition that[...]

Samsung, Asus Make UMPC Announcements

Samsung took the wraps of an updated version of the Q1 this week, while Asus gave more details on a model it first began showing off months ago. [...]

Companies May Be Liable for Addicting Employees to Mobile Technology

Companies that encourage their employees to be constantly connected to their office may wind up being liable for encouraging addiction among their staff.

Motorola Gets Serious About Linux

Motorola is working to have over 50 percent of the handsets it releases in the future run Linux.

Best Pictures of the Treo 750 So Far

An otherwise unknown web site has posted what are supposedly several pictures of the Treo 750, an upcoming smartphone from Palm, Inc. Although these aren't the first images of this[...]

Tech Companies Ranked By Environmental Friendliness

Greenpeace has ranked the makers of all types of electronics by how friendly they are to the environment, and two companies that produce mobile devices -- Nokia and Dell --[...]

Fresh Details on the Upcoming Windows Mobile Treo

Vodafone has revealed what at least one iteration of the Treo 750 will be called, and a less-reliable source has leaked some additional information about it.

Let’s Talk File Synchronization

In this editorial, Ed Hardy points out that there's a crying need for a simple application that can keep folders synchronized between a PC and a mobile device.

Mobile Tech News — Palm OS VoIP, Earthcomber On-demand, Iambic Games, and More

Hampton Software Releases Palm OS VoIP Client Earthcomber Adds On-demand Maps and Data Six New Games from Iambic SlingPlayer Mobile TV Software Available Free [...]

Executives Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Mobile Tech

According to a recent survey, a majority of executives think mobile communications devices enhance their lives, but at the same time these people say they use them too much.

BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS Treos Finally Available in the U.S. (Updated)

Almost three years after it was originally announced, the BlackBerry Connect client for the Palm OS is finally available on some Treo smartphones in the U.S.

Microsoft Looking for Feedback on One-Handed Navigation

A recent post on the Windows Mobile Team Blog asks for suggestions on how to improve one-handed navigation on future Pocket PCs.

The Final Round of Treo 700wx Rumors

Sprint may announce its first Windows Mobile Treo as early as tomorrow, but there's still time for one last leak about this device: the documents that will accompany the launch.

Push Email Update Released for Motorola Q

Motorola just released a long-awaited system software update for the Verizon Wireless version of the Motorola Q, bringing support for Microsoft's push email system to this Windows Mobile Smartphone.

The King is Dead. Long Live The King!

CompactFlash is dead. Bluetooth is dead. Wi-Fi is dead. And mobile computing in general is dead. So say the pundits... right before they get eaten by the undead horde.

Mobile Tech News — mVoiceMail, Battery Pack Pro, and More

mVoiceMail 5 Released by MotionApps Omega One Updates Battery Pack Pro and 1-Calc for Pocket PC Spb Software House releases Spb Diary 2.0 Treo 650[...]

Pretec Announces 8 GB SDHC Card

Pretec is continuing to hold onto bragging rights as the source for the world's highest capacity flash memory cards.

Cingular 8525 Release Getting Closer

Cingular Wireless has only been offering the 8125 Pocket PC phone for a few months, but a replacement is already waiting in the wings.