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SmartPhone Articles for August of 2007

Below are the 85 SmartPhone articles for August of 2007


The HTC TyTN II is an updated version of the original TyTN featuring integrated GPS, 3.0 megapixel camera, sliding design with full QWERTY keyboard, a 2.8″ touch screen, and web[...]

Apple Fixes iPhone Security Problems with System Update

Apple has released the first system software update for the iPhone. This takes care of a number of security problems and bugs.

Next-Generation Motorola Q Could Debut this Month

According to separate reports, both the GSM and CDMA versions of the long-awaited replacement for the Motorola Q might be released in the very near future.

Samsung i760 May Finally Be Nearing Release

In January of this year, Samsung first began showing off the i760, a slim Windows Mobile smartphone. Nearly half a year later, there's good evidence that this model might finally[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of July 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Verizon Getting New High-End Windows Mobile Smartphone This Month?

Verizon Wireless has been expected to release a replacement for the XV6700 for some time. If a new report is correct, this new device will debut in late August.

First BlackBerry Smartphone with Wi-Fi Will Debut Shortly

RIM recently took the wraps off the first BlackBerry smartphone with integrated Wi-Fi, but so far this device is not available. According to an unconfirmed report, though, it will be[...]

Sprint HTC Mogul PPC-6800 Review

Brighthand's Adama Brown takes a look at the HTC Mogul PPC-6800, now available from Sprint. This device offers a number of high-end features, including support for one of the fastest[...]

PDA and Smartphone Deals – 8/3/07

Free BlackBerry Pearl, Hack around on a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet for $144, Samsung BlackJack free after rebate, Refurbished BlackBerry 8800 for $40, [...]

Documents To Go Gets Windows Vista Support

Thanks to a new version of the Palm Desktop, those with the Documents To Go suite of applications can now synchronize their Microsoft Office files with a computer running Windows[...]

Google May Be Prepping Smartphone with Free Service

Google is reportedly in the process of developing a phone that can make voice calls and access the Web without requiring the user to pay a monthly service charge.

Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade Imminent

Palm, Inc. is apparently set to release an operating system upgrade for the Treo 750 in the next few days.

Windows Mobile 6 Support Added to The Missing Sync

Mark/Space has introduced a new version of The Missing Sync that is the first Mac OS X synchronization software to support devices running Windows Mobile 6.

Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade Released for HTC TyTN

HTC has introduced an operating system upgrade for the TyTN that will bring this smartphone up to the latest version of Windows Mobile.

Survey Shows Americans Are Increasingly Addicted to Mobile Email

Email use on portable devices has nearly doubled in the last few years, and people are sending and receiving email virtually everywhere they go, from their vacation or the bathroom.

More Pictures of the Palm Gandolf Emerge

Earlier this summer, the first reports began to surface of what is supposed to be Palm, Inc.'s next Treo. Now, what appear to be several new images of this device[...]

BlackBerry Pearl 2 May Be Coming Next Month

Recent rumors indicate that the followup to the BlackBerry Pearl will be launched in both Europe and the United States in September.

Apple Could Add More Gesture Controls to the iPhone

Apple has filed for a patent that describes a new feature it might add to the iPhone. This describes a method that would make it easier for users to control[...]

U.S. Trade Rep Says Ban on Qualcomm’s 3G Chips Stays

The U.S. Trade Representative announced yesterday that she is upholding an earlier decision that prevents any phone that uses Qualcomm 3G chips from being imported into the U.S.

Mobile Tech News — Bejeweled for the iPhone, FolderMirror, Learn Chinese, and More

Bejeweled Now Available Free for the iPhone Stay Connected to Outlook Calendar or Contacts Folders with Chapura FolderMirror Learn Mandarin Chinese on a WM Smartphone [...]

Palm Foleo Will Offer Remote Desktop Control

LogMeIn has just announced that it will bring remote PC access capabilities to the Palm Foleo, helping to close the gap between this upcoming device and similar laptops running Windows.

AT&T Drops the Price of the Nokia N75

AT&T has reduced the price it is charging for the Nokia N75, an S60 smartphone with 3G, a clamshell design, and an emphasis on multimedia.

Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for AT&T’s Treo 750 Coming Next Month

Although Palm is releasing an operating system upgrade for the Treo 750 to some users of this smartphone, worldwide availability won't happen for several more weeks.

Palm Making Behind-the-Scene Changes to the Foleo

Palm, Inc. has announced that it will be working with Wind River to improve the version of the Linux operating system that is at the heart of the Foleo Mobile[...]

Do Recent Devices Address Mobile Need or Convenience?

In his latest editorial, Antoine Wright wonders whether the most recent crop of smartphones and handhelds are really giving us what we need.

Companies Rushing to Release iPhone Accessories

Apple's iPhone is selling well, and quite a few companies have jumped on the bandwagon to offer accessories, including cases, charging solutions, and headsets.

N. American Version of Nokia N95 May Be in the Offing *UPDATED*

If an unconfirmed report is correct, Nokia will soon release a version of the N95 with support for the frequencies U.S. users need to access 3G cellular-wireless networks in their[...]

Palm Releases New Information on the Foleo

Palm, Inc. is currently demonstrating the Foleo to developers at the LinuxWorld conference, and as part of this process has officially revealed some additional details on this upcoming model.

T-Mobile Wing Review

The T-Mobile Wing is a Pocket PC phone with Wi-Fi and a slide-out keyboard. Ed Hardy brings us a review of this high-end device loaded with features designed to appeal[...]

Palm Foleo Not Coming Until September?

Although Palm isn't willing to be specific about when the Foleo debut, a new report indicates that this device won't debut until next month.

Nokia N800 with WiMax in Development

Sprint reportedly plans to release next year a version of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with the 4G cellular-wireless networking standard Mobile WiMAX.

New Report Offers Good News, Bad News on the BlackBerry Pearl 2

According to an unconfirmed report, along other improvements, one version of the next-generation BlackBerry Pearl will get Wi-Fi, and another will have a GPS receiver, but no single model will[...]

Palm Removes Treo Updates from Web Site

The on again, off again Treo 700p firmware update for Verizon Wireless customers has been removed from the Palm Support web site. It has also pulled down a recent software[...]

HTC Kaiser May Be Released by AT&T as the Tilt

A new report indicates that AT&T is getting close to releasing a new high-end Windows Mobile smartphone that will replace the popular 8525.

HTC Shift Will Run Windows Mobile and Windows Vista

Early this year, HTC announced plans to release its first UMPC running Windows Vista. A new report confirms that this model -- to be called the HTC Shift -- will[...]

Access Gives an Overview of ALP’s User Interface

Access Systems has launched a new web site devoted to ALP -- its upcoming Linux-based operating system for handhelds and smartphones. This includes a series of images showing ALP's user[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook U810 First Thoughts

The Fujitsu LifeBook U810 is an upcoming UMPC that has attracted a great deal of attention for its very small size and ability to function in both tablet and laptop[...]

FCC Gives a Sneak Peek at the HTC Iris

Thanks to the Federal Communications Commission, it seems likely that a new smartphone from HTC will soon launch on either Sprint or Verizon.

T-Mobile May Launch BlackBerry Curve with Wi-Fi in Late September

Early this summer, RIM introduced the BlackBerry Curve. Now there's word that an enhanced version of this smartphone might debut from T-Mobile USA in September.

BlackBerry 8820

This cellular-wireless device is RIM’s first BlackBerry smartphone with integrated Wi-Fi. Aside from this, though, it uses a standard design. It is one of RIM’s first models to include significant[...]

Fujitsu-Siemens Dropping the Pocket Loox Line

Because of strong competition from smartphones, Fujitsu-Siemens has decided to stop offering new Windows Mobile devices.

Mobile Tech News — Adobe Reader LE, YourCall, and Astraware Sudoku Updated, Treo 750 in Turkey

Adobe Reader LE 2.5 Brings Enhanced PDF Support to S60 Smartphones iambic Now Offering YourCall 2.0 Updated Version of Astraware Sudoku Released Treo 750 Launched[...]

Qualcomm Ban Does Not Affect Already Shipping Smartphones

People in the market for a high-end smartphone might be relieved to know that a ban on importing 3G devices with Qualcomm chips only affects new models, not ones already[...]

How Would You Design Palm’s Next Handheld?

In this editorial, Ed Hardy challenges the Brighthand community to come up with suggested designs for Palm's next handheld.

Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e Available for T-Mobile Customers

The Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e are two Windows Mobile devices available to T-Mobile subscribers who are looking for a GPS-enabled smartphone.

i-mate Not Canceling Many of Its “Ultimate” Line of Smartphones

Despite what a recent report says, i-mate will will release all of its much anticipated Ultimate line of Windows Mobile phones.

Verizon May Be Getting a Version of the HTC Vox

According to an unconfirmed report, this fall Verizon Wireless will launch a Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone with a built-in sliding keyboard.

Treo 755p Might Not Come to Verizon Until Late Fall

Even since Sprint began offering the Treo 755p back in May, Verizon customers have been wondering when they would get a crack at this smartphone. Unfortunately, there's bad news for[...]

Palm Pre-Announces the Centro Smartphone

Palm has just given the world its first official glimpse of the Centro, a smartphone it will release in the near future.

Sprint Reveals More Details on Its WiMax Service

The day when Sprint will launch its Mobile WiMax service is drawing closer, and this carrier has recently announced more details on its plans to roll out this high-speed wireless[...]

Mobile Tech News — Pocket WiFi Radar and wmRingToneMaker Released, Papyrus for Symbian Updated

Pocket WiFi Radar Introduced by Makayama for Windows Mobile Devices wmRingToneMaker by Gx5 Released Papyrus for Symbian Updated to Version 1.3

Sprint Commits to Releasing iPhone-Like Windows Mobile Smartphone

Sprint's roster of upcoming devices contains a model code-named the HTC Vogue, a smartphone that -- like its sister model the Touch -- invites comparison with Apple's iPhone.

Motorola Q9m Expected Later this Week

There has not yet been an official announcement, but the successor to the Motorola Q is expected to debut on Wednesday from Verizon Wireless.

Installing Native Third-Party Apps on the iPhone Getting Easier

Apple has tried to greatly limit the types of third-party software that can be installed on its iPhone, but those who aren't satisfied with these limitations have been working hard[...]

Nokia Introduces Mail for Exchange 2.0

Nokia's popular Mail for Exchange application, which offers connectivity to Microsoft Exchange servers to some of its Symbian OS/S60 devices, has been updated to version 2.0.

Palm Centro Coming in October; Treo 800w Delayed?

A new report claims to have the dates that two upcoming smartphones from Palm, Inc. will be released by Sprint.

Nokia’s 8 GB N95 Getting Closer

The first official confirmation of Nokia's plan to release an upgraded version of its N95 Multimedia Smartphone has emerged.

AT&T Might Be Sneaking BlackBerry 8820 Out

A new report indicates that RIM's first smartphone with Wi-Fi has begun to arrive at AT&T warehouses, but that doesn't mean this device will immediately be shipped to stores.

Motorola Q9m

This smartphone is the successor to the popular Motorola Q. This smartphone includes a number of improvements over the earlier model, including an updated operating system. With a name like[...]

Asus Eee PC Price Hike, Limited Launch Next Month

Asus will reportedly begin selling a small, Linux-based laptop next month, but it won't be quite as inexpensive as first advertised.

Apple Introduces Second iPhone Software Update

A second system software update has been released for Apple's smartphone. This is apparently a simple "bug fix" update, without any new features.

Verizon Launches the Motorola Q music 9m

As expected, the successor to the Motorola Q has just been released Verizon Wireless. This smartphone includes a number of improvements over the current model, including an updated operating system.

The Case For Separation

Is there any reason why a person who uses a smartphone can't also use a handheld? Not according to Adama Brown.

European Carriers Will Have to Share iPhone Service Revenue with Apple

Three carriers in Europe are reportedly close to announcing deals with Apple to offer the iPhone. What they're unlikely to brag about is what they needed to do to get[...]

Foleo May Be Delayed Until Mid-Fall

It now appears likely that, because of software problems, the release for Palm, Inc.'s upcoming Foleo Mobile Companion will come several weeks after what was first promised.

Palm May Release Linux-Based Smartphone in October

Palm could much closer to launching a smartphone that runs the operating system being called "Palm OS II" than had been previously thought, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

Apple iPhone Now Available for $400

The Apple iPhone is now available for $400, well below the regular selling price. There's a catch, of course: this is the price for a refurbished unit.

Date Set for 700 MHz Auction, Google May Still Be Participating

The FCC has set the date it will hold a closely watched auction for a soon to be available portion of the wireless spectrum, and Google's CEO has said his[...]

JAVOedge Cradle for the Treo 680/750 Review

Most Treos don't come with a cradle, but JAVOedge makes one that is small enough to be usable at home or on the go. Antoine Wright brings us this review.

New Picture of the Palm Centro Leaked

An image that will likely be used to market the upcoming Palm Centro has appeared on the Web.

Mozilla’s Joey Seeks To Merge the Mobile Web with the Desktop Web

Joey is a Firefox extension that can take snippets of a web page from the desktop and make the text or media available in a mobile friendly and usable way.

Toshiba Prepping 32 GB SDHC Card, 8 GB microSDHC Card

Toshiba has announced plans to release some very small memory cards with some very high capacities.

gPhone Release Almost Here?

There have been rumors for many months that Google is going to release a mobile phone. If a new report is correct, this is going to happen much sooner than[...]

Palm Denies Report of Foleo Delay

Palm, has categorically denied a report that said that the Foleo Mobile Companion will be released several weeks after what was first promised. Also, some information on what's going on[...]

Mobile Tech News — Jaiku Client, Business Pack, Treo 755p in Canada

Jaiku Releases Second Beta of Mobile Social Networking Application Spb Business Pack Offers Features Windows Mobile Business Users Need Palm and Telus Announce Exclusive Canadian Availability[...]

HTC Kaiser Launching as TyTN II

Wireless carriers in Europe will soon begin offering the HTC TyTN II, a new high-end Windows Mobile phone.The unlocked version of this device is also available for Pre-order in the[...]

Carriers Know What’s Best

Wireless carriers seem intent on controlling everything about their customers' mobile phone experience. But in his latest editorial, Antoine Wright wonders if this is really in the best interest[...]

Nokia Intellisync Boosts Device Management

Nokia has released updates to its device management portfolio that stem from its 2005 acquisition of Intellisync.

iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard Review

For many, a smartphone or handheld is he center of a mobile office. Ed Hardy says a lot of these people could benefit from an iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard.

Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for Treo 750 Debuts in Europe

Palm, Inc. has just released an operating system upgrade for Vodafone's version of the Treo 750. A U.S. launch is expected in the near future.

N. American Version of Nokia N95 Coming Next Month

Nokia has announced plans to release a version of the N95 with support for the frequencies U.S. users need to access 3G cellular-wireless networks in their home country.

A Primer On The Coming FCC Auction

Many people are aware of the upcoming auction of radio "spectrum" to be held by the FCC. What these people might not know is why this is going to be[...]

Nokia Re-Launching N-Gage Gaming Service

Nokia has announced a new online service called Ovi that will allow users to download both games and music to their smartphones. This will be part of a group of[...]

HTC Shift Almost Here?

One of HTC's top executives says his company will release a highly anticipated UMPC early next month..

You Say Potato, I Say Wireless Potato

In his latest editorial, Adama Brown takes on the debate of what makes a smartphone a smartphone, instead of a wireless handheld.