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SmartPhone Articles for August of 2008

Below are the 108 SmartPhone articles for August of 2008

Mantis Bible Reader Released for iPhone/iPod Touch

Mantis Bible is a new offline Bible reader for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

MWg Zinc II Gets a Big Price Reduction

MWg America has cut the price on its latest Windows Mobile smartphone, the Zinc II. This device -- which offers a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a new finger-friendly[...]

Most Popular Smartphones and Handhelds of July

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the handhelds and smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

i-mate Ultimate 9502

The i-mate Ultimate 9502 is equipped with Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional and Internet Explorer Mobile to make this device a work-friendly smartphone. It sports a 2.8″ touch screen, 3.0 megapixel[...]

Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications Unveils e-Ink Phones

Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications has unveiled three flip model phones that use 2.7-inch e-Ink displays on their exterior.

Astraware Announces Summer Sale

Astraware has announced a summer sale where 25 games are going to be reduced up to 50% off their normal prices.

Skype Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro Support

Skype has released a new version of its VoIP software that supports that latest version of Windows Mobile.

HTC Touch Diamond Coming to Sprint this Month?

A news report in China says that the U.S. wireless carrier Sprint will launch HTC's latest consumer-oriented Windows Mobile smartphone in August.

More Versions of Google Maps Mobile Get Public Transportation Directions

Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 users can now download versions of Google Maps for Mobile with a new feature: turn-by-turn directions that make use of public transportation.

AT&T Has an Exclusive on the iPhone Until 2010

According to a new report, AT&T's contract that makes it the one and only provider of the iPhone in the U.S. will last until 2010, at least.

Android Still on Course to Debut this Year

Getting a new mobile operating system on the market isn't a simple task, as Google and its partners are learning. Still, despite problems HTC says the first device based on[...]

eReader for iPhone/iPod Touch Updated to v1.1

Earlier comments from Steve Jobs that electronic book readers will not be successful has not stopped Fictionwise from releasing an update of its eReader application for the iPhone and iPod[...]

Apple Continues Blocking StyleTap Palm OS Emulator for iPhone

Apple won't let StyleTap offer its Palm OS emulator through the official iPhone App Store, but the company isn't giving up.

MWg Zinc II Review

Antoine Wright brings us a "first thoughts" review of the MWg Zinc II, a new Windows Mobile smartphone with a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a proprietary fingertip-friendly user[...]

Apple Releases iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update

A new version of the system software for Apple's smartphone is now available through iTunes.

Low-Cost iPhone nano Coming for Christmas?

The feature that has attracted the most attention to the new iPhone 3G is its $200 price tag. While this is fairly low, Apple is supposedly working on a version[...]

Samsung InnoV8 Will Push Multimedia Smartphones to a Higher Level

Samsung's next smartphone, the S60-powered InnoV8, will take direct aim at Nokia's N95/N96 models by having the most features that can be packed in a device and still be made[...]

Asus Eee PC 901 Review

The Eee PC 901 is the latest in Asus' subnotebook line, and includes a larger screen, larger keyboard... and larger price tag. Jerry Jackson brings us a review.

New Details on Sprint’s and Verizon’s Versions of the Latest HTC Smartphones *UPDATED*

A new leak gives detailed information on the versions of the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro that will be released by Sprint and Verizon.

Synchronize a Symbian Smartphone with Mac OS X Thanks to Missing Sync

Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Symbian allows both S60 and UIQ device to synchronize with a computer running Mac OS X.

Jobs Acknowledges Problems with MobileMe

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has admitted publicly that his company's MobileMe service has significant problems, and discussed what the plans are to fix them.

Delta Bringing Wi-Fi Service to All Domestic Flights

Delta Air Lines customers traveling throughout the continental United States will soon have the option of Wi-Fi access on their flight.

Olive Tree’s BibleReader for BlackBerry Updated

Olive Tree has released a new beta of its BibleReader 4.0 for BlackBerry. This brings a few software and usability enhancements.

HTC Touch Diamond Nearing the 1 Million Mark

HTC CEO's was proud to announce that his company is close to shipping its millionth Touch Diamond, a smartphone that debuted less than three months ago.

T-Mobile Launches 3G Network in Las Vegas

T-Mobile U.S.A.'s 3G network has been a long time coming, but now customers in Las Vegas will have the opportunity to use this long-awaited wireless network speed and quality enhancement.

MobiTV Now Has 4 Million+ Subscribers

MobiTV's network for mobile television and radio has surpassed the four million subscriber mark.

A First Glimpse of the Motorola Alexander

Motorola is reportedly working on a new Windows Mobile smartphone with a strong emphasis on multimedia.

Access Sets Its Sights on Mobile Internet Devices

Access Co. Ltd. is positioning its Linux-based operating system -- one of the successors to the Palm OS -- as an option for the emerging Mobile Internet Device (MID) market.

Kensington LiquidAUX Bluetooth Car Kit Review

The Kensington LiquidAUX Bluetooth Car Kit allows you to connect your phone to your car stereo to play music or make hands-free calls. Sarah Meyer brings us a review of[...]

Apple May Have the Ability to Remotely Squash iPhone Apps *UPDATED*

According to an unconfirmed report from an iPhone expert, Apple can remotely disable select third-party applications on its smartphone.

Nokia N85 Gets FCC Approval, U.S. 3G Compatibility

New information from the FCC not only confirms the existence of the Nokia N85, but shows that it will also pack compatibility with AT&T's 3G networks.

Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8330 Now Available in Pink

Verizon Wireless has just begun offering the BlackBerry Curve 8330 in a pink casing.

Follow the Olympics on Your Phone

The 2008 Summer Olympic games have begun. These may be happening in a far off country, but even people who aren't in Beijing can follow the results wherever they go,[...]

Astraware Releases Insaniquarium Deluxe for Windows Mobile and Palm OS

Astraware has continued its pace of releasing high-quality mobile gaming titles with the introduction of Insaniquarium Deluxe.

Samsung Omnia Available Through Grey Marketeers in the U.S.

People in the United States who can't wait for Samsung's latest high-end Windows Mobile smartphone can turn to retailers who buy devices in one country and sell them in another.[...]

Sidekick Slide No Longer Available

In what may be a response to the newly released Sidekick, T-Mobile has reportedly discontinued the Sidekick Slide.

The Peter Principle Strikes Back

In general, the quality of online journalism is surprisingly high. That's why Adama Brown was so disappointed when a recent opinion piece from CNET's Executive Editor was so poorly researched.

Camera Phone Sales to Double by 2012

Research firm InfoTrends has published findings that suggest the number of camera phones sold will nearly double by 2012.

Mobbler Player for S60 Updated

In the latest update to Mobbler, this application gains the ability to become a radio player for content.

60 Million iPhone Apps Downloaded in 30 Days

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in an interview that over 60 million applications were downloaded in the first month the iPhone App Store was available. In addition, he confirmed [...]

Small System Software Update Released for Nokia Internet Tablets

Nokia has introduced a small "bug fix" update for the software on its Internet Tablet line.

Is This the HTC Dream?

A video has appeared that supposedly shows the HTC Dream -- the upcoming smartphone that will be the first running the Android OS.

GTS World Racing Debutes for iPhone/iPod Touch

Astraware has launched its first arcade-style title for the iPhone with the release of GTS World Racing. This is one of the first third-party applications to utilize the accelerometer as[...]

What’s Delaying the Garmin nuvifone?

Last month, Garmin admitted that the release of its nvifone had been pushed back until 2009. The company has given a rather innocuous reason for this delay, but an unconfirmed[...]

Nokia Email Preview

Nokia recently released a beta of a new Push email service for its S60 smartphones, and Antoine Wright brings us an early hands-on preview.

Leaked Image Shows Motorola ”Atila” Touchscreen Phone

For the second time in recent days, a leaked photo has revealed an upcoming Windows Mobile phone by Motorola. Described as the "Atila," the newest device appears positioned as an[...]

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T-Mobile May Launch the HTC Dream in Mid-September

An unconfirmed report gives the date T-Mobile will launch the HTC Dream, the very first smartphone running Google's Android operating system.

Celio Redfly Price Dropped 20%

Celio Corp. has reduced the price of the Redfly by $100, putting this powerful accessory in the range of more people.

Palm Orders 5 Million Smartphones for 2009

Palm, Inc. is reportedly placed orders with Taiwan's Compal Communications for as many as 5 million Windows Mobile smartphones. These devices will be manufactured and delivered in 2009.

Multilingual Talking Dictionaries Available for iPhone/iPod Touch

Paragon Software Group has launched a series of multilingual dictionaries for iPhone and iPod Touch. This includes dictionaries for English, French, and Italian.

Sprint May Release the HTC Touch Diamond in Red

By this point, reports that Sprint is going to introduce a version of the HTC Touch Diamond is old news. But there's a new twist to it: several images showing[...]

Redfly Now Compatible with a Dozen More Smartphones

Celio Corp has released drivers for its Redfly that allows this laptop-like device to be used with 12 additional smartphones, growing the compatibility list to 19 of the most popular[...]

PhoneFace Photo Dialer Introduced for BlackBerries

PhoneFace is a new photo dialer for RIM BlackBerry devices that allows users to launch calls, text messages, and emails by clicking on the photos of their most commonly called[...]

Palm Treo Pro Revealed

A slip-up by Palm, Inc. may have given the world an advance look at this company's next smartphone, the Treo Pro.

iPhone Encryption Is a Must for the Security-Conscious Enterprise

Although the latest version of the iPhone has most of the features corporate smartphone users need, for many companies the lack of full device encryption is a deal breaker.

HSBC Might Buy 200,000 iPhones

Recently, Apple has been emphasizing the features that have been added to its smartphone to appeal to business users. One very large company that might switch to iPhones is HSBC.

Subnotebook Sales Could Reach 50 Million by 2012

The market for subnotebooks -- small, low-cost devices running Windows or Linux -- only really got off the ground last year, but shipments are poised to almost double annually for[...]

BlackBerry 8350i May Be Coming to Sprint’s iDEN Network

When Sprint acquired Nextel, it also acquired its iDEN network. This carrier has continued to introduce new iDEN devices, but usually long after it has released similar models for its[...]

FindMe Location Tagger Released for Symbian S60

Electric Pocket has released a version of its FindMe location and tagging application for Symbian S60. This allows mobile device users to tag and share locations with others via Facebook.

Nokia Looking Ahead to AMOLED Screens

Nokia is already planning for the days when its products will include active matrix OLED displays, instead of LED ones.

Motorola Q9h Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Update

Motorola has finally made official the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the AT&T version of its Q9h smartphone.

New Details Emerge on the HTC Dream

The launch of the HTC Dream is getting closer, and new information is coming fast and quick on this smartphone, which will be the first running Google's Android operating system.

More Complete Picture of Palm’s Treo Pro Coming Together

The first images of the Treo Pro appeared late last week, and now these have been followed by a number of pictures and details taken from a prototype.

Apple Releases iPhone 2.0.2 Software Update

The second minor update for the system software for Apple's smartphones is now available through iTunes.

HTC Touch Pro

The Touch Pro is a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone with TouchFLO 3D, HTC’s alternate user interface that makes Windows Mobile devices easier to use with a fingertip. It has a[...]

HTC Touch Pro Comes to Some U.S. Retailers

Although no wireless carrier in the United States is officially offering the HTC Touch Pro, it's possible for U.S. consumers to get this device now, thanks to grey retailers. [...]

GPSToday Brings Location Information to Windows Mobile Users

Drawing on the idea that the Today Screen is the ideal place for interacting with dynamic information, GPSToday uses it to display accurate address, direction, and speed information.

Apple Giving Away Another 60 Days of MobileMe

Apple is working to improve its troubled MobileMe service, but in the mean time it's trying to keep subscribers happy by waiving the fees for using it.

First Clamshell BlackBerries Now Available for Pre-Order

The mere fact that RIM hasn't announced the BlackBerry 8210 and 8220 -- this company's first smartphones with a clamshell shape -- isn't stopping the online retailer eXpansys from taking[...]

Joikusoft and FON Planning Wi-Fi Hotspot Software

A new agreement between Joikusoft and the Wi-Fi community FON has been announced which will lead to software allowing users to securely share their wireless connection.

U.S. Smartphones Sales Way Up; Standard Mobile Phone Sales Way Down

The number of mobile phones bought by U.S. consumers declined 13% last quarter, but sales of smartphones rose sharply.

Palm Makes the Treo Pro Official

Palm, Inc. has taken the wraps off its next Windows Mobile smartphone, the Treo Pro. This device will have 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and more.

Palringo for iPhone Adds Push-to-Talk Messaging

The latest version of Palringo for iPhone includes Push-to-Talk -- walkie-talkie style voice instant messaging.

Nokia’s Beta Labs Releases Enhanced Calculator for S60

In a recent release, Beta Labs made available an Enhanced Calculator for Symbian S60 which is based on the Symbian S40 calculator.

Palm Dropping Numbers from Its Product Names

The Treo 800w may be Palm's last device with a number in its name. The company is dropping the practice of assigning numbers to its products, according to a new[...]

Apple Working to Fix iPhone 3G Connection Problems

Earlier this week, Apple released an update for the system software on the iPhone 3G. The company has admitted this was created to help alleviate connection problems its smartphone is[...]

American Airlines Now Offering In-Flight Wi-Fi

American Airlines is now offering Wi-Fi service to passengers on some of its trans-continental flights.

Streaming TV Service Comes to Nokia Internet Tablets

Monsoon Multimedia has released a version of the HAVA Player for the Nokia N800 and N810. This allows those with a HAVA box to watch and control their home TV[...]

Intel Making Significant Progress in Wireless Power

Everyone is used to wirelessly exchanging data , but Intel is well on its way to allowing people to wireless exchange electricity.

Archos Launching Line of Multimedia-Oriented MIDs

Archos has unveiled a line of Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) with a strong emphasis on playing audio and video. These will have 5 to 7-inch displays and up to 320[...]

Sprint Drops Price for Phone-as-Modem Plan

Sprint has dropped the price for its phone-as-a-modem (PAM) plan to just $15 a month, down from $50. However, the carrier has added new restrictions to this plan.

Lonely Planet Content Now Available on Nokia Maps

A new partnership with Nokia now brings Lonely Planet content to the Nokia Maps application.

Is This Windows Mobile 10?

A new science-fiction series includes one of the characters using a very advanced smartphone running someone's concept of a future version of Windows Mobile.

HTC Is Manufacturing the Palm Treo Pro

Palm is turning to one of its rivals to produce its latest smartphone. HTC, which produces and sells mobile devices under its own brand, is going to be manufacturing the[...]

Google’s Orkut Updated with More S60 Support

This latest version of Orkut adds an optimized experience for Symbian Series 60 (3rd Edition) phones.

Acer Cuts Price of Aspire one Subnotebook

Acer has lowered the price of its recently-released Aspire one subnotebook by $50, making this device, which was already inexpensive, even more affordable.

Palm Treo Pro Unboxing and Comparison Video

Palm, Inc. recently unveiled the Treo Pro, its next Windows Mobile smartphone. Brighthand's Antoine Wright has put together a preliminary video demonstrating this device's hardware, and comparing it to other[...]

Exact Size of the HTC Dream Revealed

Another nugget of information has emerged about the upcoming HTC Dream, which will be the first device running Google's Android operating system. A new document on the FCC website gives[...]

Find and Play Online Audio and Video with the New Kinoma Play

Kinoma Play is a new video and audio application that offers media browsing, search, and playback. The goal of its developers is to turn any Windows Mobile smartphone into a[...]

Google Makes U.S. Election Coverage More Mobile

Election season is in full swing in the U.S. To help mobile users stay up to date on the latest news, Google has created a special section on its website.

Nokia Unveils N79 and N85 Smartphones

Nokia has released two new smartphones which take many of the features from recent top-end devices and bring them down to the mid-range arena.

Nokia Promises N. American Version of N96

The Nokia N96 has already been announced as an upcoming model for European and Asian markets, but Nokia has now stated that there will be a version of its next[...]

HTC Surprises the World with the S740

HTC has just taken the wraps off the S740, a Windows Mobile Standard smartphone with both a QWERTY keyboard and a numberpad.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Comes to the AT&T Tilt

HTC and AT&T have just released a free upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft's smartphone operating system for the AT&T Tilt.

Could There Be a CDMA Version of Palm’s Treo Pro?

An unconfirmed report indicates there will be a CDMA version of Palm's upcoming Treo Pro, to go with the GSM version that's already been announced. But where does that leave[...]

Android 1.0 Will Have Bluetooth, Won’t Have GoogleTalk

Google and the Open Handset Alliance, the group behind the Android OS, have given a status update on two features in this upcoming mobile operating system.

Verizon XV6800 Gets EV-DO Speed Upgrade, Windows Mobile 6.1

Even though the Verizon XV6800 debuted last year, a new operating system upgrade pushes this model back to the leading edge.

Palm Treo Pro Review

Palm's latest smartphone runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro and offers 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and more. Antoine Wright brings us this review.

Documents To Go Now Available for Windows Mobile Pro

DataViz is best known as the maker of the company behind Documents To Go, the most widely used Office suite for Palm OS-based devices. Now this company has released[...]

Verizon Getting the Touchscreen-Based BlackBerry Storm

New information has emerged on what will be the first BlackBerry smartphone with a touchscreen, including its official name. This also indicates this device will be a world phone.

RIP Text Messaging: 1992-2017

Despite the current popularity of text messaging, Ed Hardy uses his latest editorial to look ahead to its inevitable decline.

Android Will Get Its Own App Store

The OHA -- the Google-led group of companies responsible for the Android OS -- has unveiled plans for an online store to help users find, purchase, download, and install various[...]

Many AT&T Customers Can Get Pocket Express for Free

BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphone users who are also AT&T subscribers can get a free premium subscription of Pocket Express, which offers movie showtimes, flight status, mapping, and much more.

Demand Growing for HP Mini-Note Subnotebook

HP's Mini-Note hit the market this spring, and a new report indicates that demand for it is growing dramatically.

Soon You May Charge Your Phone Just by Carrying It Around

M2E Power has announced the development of an external charger for mobile devices that will use kinetic energy as its source.

Pocket Player 3.7 Brings Many Small Enhancements

Pocket Player aims to increase the ability to enjoy multimedia on Windows Mobile devices. It has recently been updated, bringing several improvements and new features.

Programmable Matter Could Transform Mobile Computers

Scientists are seeking to create programmable matter -- a sort of electronic clay that can be easily formed into a computer of any shape and wide-ranging capabilities.