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SmartPhone Articles for August of 2009

Below are the 96 SmartPhone articles for August of 2009

Microsoft Is Not Dropping the ”Windows Mobile” Name

Recently, there have been news reports that said Microsoft is going to change the name of its operating system for smartphones from "Windows Mobile" to "Windows phone". This is a[...]

Motorola Promises Plenty of Android Phones in the Next Six Months

Motorola's CEO Sanjay Jha has promised that his company will have two smartphones running Google's Android OS on the market by the end of the year, and more in early[...]

HTC Snap Review

The HTC Snap is a messaging-oriented Windows phone. Jen Edwards brings us a review of this device with an attractive design featuring a QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung Solstice

This consumer-oriented smartphone has a 3-inch touchscreen and uses Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. It comes with social networking, messaging and multimedia software. Other feastures include support for AT&T’s 3G network,[...]

Most Popular Smartphones of July 2009

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones and other mobile devices that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Samsung Solstice First Impressions Review

The Samsung Solstice has just been released by AT&T. Jen Edwards brings us a review of this low-cost, consumer-oriented smartphone, which emphasizes social networking, messaging. and multimedia. Starts Offering the Palm Pre, While Has It for Half Price

Palm's latest smartphone debuted in Sprint and Best Buy retail stores in June, and since then has gradually gone on sale at other places. The latest of these is[...]

Replacement for the T-Mobile G1 Could Debut in Late October

One of the Android-based smartphones reportedly on T-Mobile's docket is the replacement for the G1: a Motorola device code-named the Morrison. This upcoming model will reportedly hit the market in[...]

TeleNav GPS Navigator Will Be Available for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G At Launch

TeleNav GPS Navigator will be available for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G when it launches tomorrow. Users will be able to try out this turn-by-turn GPS navigation service with a free[...]

Palm Pre Will Launch in Canada This Month

It's official, the Palm Pre is scheduled to debut in Canada on August 27. This will be the first time Palm's latest smartphone has been released outside of the U.S.

BlackBerry Storm 2 Might Not Debut in the U.S. Until Black Friday

With details, images, and even video of the Blackberry Storm2 leaking out for months now, it's not surprising that some are expecting this smartphone to debut any day now. However,[...]

Nokia N97 Review

Antoine RJ Wright has taken an extended look at the Nokia N97 -- a constantly-connected, flagship Symbian smartphone which shows the future direction of Nokia's mobile devices.

HTC Hero Appears Destined for Sprint

Evidence is mounting that Sprint will release in the coming months the HTC Hero, a smartphone shaping up to be one of this wireless phone company's first with Google's Android[...]

T-Mobile myTouch 3G

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G features a 3.2-inch touch screen with a trackball and tablet shape. It runs Google’s Android OS and includes mobile broadband support, a multimedia player, built-in 3.2[...]

BlackBerry Curve 8520

The new BlackBerry Curve 8520 feature a QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry OS 5.0, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It include RIM’s standard suite of software, including push email and video and audio players.[...]

New Information Emerges on the Nokia N97 Mini

In the wake of pictures of a smaller, slightly lower-speced version of the Nokia N97 that appeared recently, more information about the N97 Mini is coming forward.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Hits Store Shelves Today

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G -- this wireless carrier's second smartphone running Google's Android -- is now available. It offers customers a slimmer option than last year's the T-Mobile G1.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Now Available from T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile USA has just released the BlackBerry Curve 8520, a new model in this popular series of smartphones. Its hardware and software has been updated, and it offers a greater[...]

Sprint Unveils a Pair of Portable 3G/4G Wi-Fi Routers

Sprint is now offering two new mobile hotspots. These allow users to connect to the Internet wherever they go by bridging Wi-Fi devices to Sprint's 3G and 4G mobile broadband[...]

Apple Replacing Entry-Level iPhone with a New Version of the iPhone 3G S

When the new iPhone 3G S debuted in June, Apple took an unusual step: it held on to the previous version and offered it at $100. However, this won't be[...]

Sony Unveils Two New E-Book Readers

Sony is bringing out a pair of additions to its Reader series. One of these will be smaller and less expensive, while the other will be the latest in this[...]

HTC Touch Pro2 for Verizon Shows Up in a Leaked Picture, Video

Verizon has yet to officially announce that it's going to offer the HTC Touch Pro2, but there can be little doubt its going to happen at some point. As evidence,[...]

Pharos Traveler 137 Review

The Pharos Traveler 137 is a Windows Mobile smartphone with an emphasis on GPS-related tasks. Antoine Wright brings us a review of this device, which offers a WVGA touchscreen and[...]

Sprint Will Soon Release Its First Phone with an OLED Display

Sprint says it will soon join the small group of wireless carriers offering phones with AM-OLED displays. Its first device using this technology will be made by Samsung, and will[...]

Opera Mobile Coming to Google’s Android OS

Opera Software is working on a version of its flagship web browser for smartphones running Google's Android operating system.

Verizon XV6975 May Debut in Early to Mid Fall

Verizon's version of the HTC Whitestone could be available as early as next month, if a new report is correct. This Windows phone -- the successor to the HTC Touch[...]

Details on the HTC Mega Leak Out

An overview of the HTC Mega has leaked out. This upcoming smartphone will apparently be one of the first to debut with Windows Mobile 6.5, the next version of this[...]

Android-Based HTC Fiesta Still on the Way

A few more details have surfaced on the HTC Fiesta, one of many upcoming smartphones running Google's Android OS. However, at this point, information is still very sketchy.

Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro2 Could Launch Early Next Month

There is little room for doubt that Sprint will release the HTC Touch Pro2 in the near future, but exactly when remains unknown. Still, according to the latest unconfirmed report,[...]

AT&T’s HTC Touch Pro2 May Be Called the Tilt2

According to information leaking out of AT&T, this wireless carrier intends to call its version of the HTC Touch Pro2the Tilt2, showing that this upcoming Windows phone is a successor[...]

More Details Emerge on T-Mobile’s Next Android-Based Phone

Information on the Motorola Morrison -- the replacement for the T-Mobile G1 -- has been trickling out for months, but a full list of specifications hasn't been available... until now.

Samsung Solstice Review

The Samsung Solstice is a consumer-oriented smartphone with 3-inch touchscreen that uses Samsung's TouchWiz user interface. Jen Edwards brings us this review.

YouTube’s Mobile Site Gets Updated

YouTube has updated the version of its web site for smartphones, adding to the functionality.

Palm Pre Commercials Are Effective, If Odd

Many people find the TV commercials for the Palm Pre a bit odd, but HCD Research says these ads are effective.

New Version of Documents To Go for Android Includes a Free Microsoft Office File Viewer

DataViz has just released a new version of its software that lets users of Android-based phones work with Microsoft Office files. Documents To Go 2.0 adds support for Microsoft PowerPoint[...]

A Bit More More Info on the Samsung Instinct s50 Comes to Light

The first reports of the Samsung Instinct s50 emerged recently, but at this point little is known about this device. Still, an image has shown up on the Web, and[...]

Nokia Surge First Impressions Review

The Nokia Surge is a messaging-oriented slider smartphone that's available now on the AT&T network. Antoine RJ Wright offers his first impressions of this low-cost, Symbian S60 device.

HTC Touch Pro2 Now Available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA has just begun offering HTC's latest high-end Windows phone, the Touch Pro2. This device offers a WVGA screen, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, GPS, and much more.

Nokia and Microsoft Announce Global Alliance

Nokia and Microsoft have announced a new global alliance which will bring Office Communicator Mobile, Office Mobile, and other future services to Nokia devices.

Palm Denies that the Palm Pre Violates User Privacy

Palm, Inc. has responded to a flurry of reports and forum posts that said the Palm Pre violates its users privacy.

The HTC Leo Shaping Up To Be a Super High-End Smartphone

The first image and a set of specifications of the HTC Leo have appeared on he Web, showing that this model will be well supplied with high-end features.

HTC Magic Sales Have Passed the One Million Mark

The HTC Magic, this company's second Android-powered smartphone, has passed a significant milestone: 1,000,000 units sold.

Third-Party Developers Bringing an On-Screen Keyboard to the Palm Pre

The Palm Pre comes with a sliding, physicalkeyboard, but not an on-screen one. A group of developers is working to change that.

Apple’s Super-Sized iPhone May Not Be Out Until Early 2010

Apple may not be able to get its tablet PC -- a device that will supposedly be something of a merger of an iPhone and a Mac notebook -- on[...]

Video Preview of the BlackBerry Storm 2 Leaks Out

The BlackBerry Storm 2 has yet to be officially unveiled, but there's no room for doubt that it's coming soon -- especially in the wake of the latest leak: an[...]

Dell’s Android-Based Smartphone Officially Unveiled

The "Dellphone" is no longer just a rumor. The mini3i will be an Android-based smartphone with an entry-level feature set. However, it's not clear if many Westerners will get the[...]

GPush Pushes Gmail Messages to iPhones

Tiverias Apps has just released GPush, which brings push email to iPhone users. This app immediately notifies users when a Gmail message is sent to them.

HTC Mega and HTC Click Could Debut by Year’s End

Two smartphones that have appeared in recent rumors -- the HTC Mega and HTC Click -- might be released as early as next month.

T-Mobile Promises To Keep Updating the G1

Despite reports to the contrary, the T-Mobile G1 will continue to receive system software updates. This is good news for owners of this device who are looking forward to trying[...]

Samsung Releases a TouchWiz Widget SDK

Samsung Mobile has introduced a widget software developer kit (SDK) for the many smartphones that employ the TouchWiz user interface. This allow developers to create widgets for a wide variety[...]

Palm’s App Catalog Will Soon Include Paid Software

The Palm Pre's on-device software store currently only allows free apps, but that's about to change. Palm, Inc. has just begun a beta of its system to allow developers to[...]

Second webOS-Based Smartphone May Be Delayed

The Palm Eos, which unconfirmed reports say will be the second smartphone running the webOS, might not be released by AT&T until next year, missing this holiday shopping season. UPDATED

BlackBerry Tour 9630 Review

The BlackBerry Tour is RIM's latest smartphone from Sprint and Verizon. This mid-range model offers a full QWERTY keyboard and support for both CDMA and GSM networks -- including EV-DO[...]

Garmin Nuvifone M20

The Garmin Nuvifone M20 is a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone with fully integrated GPS. It features a 2.8 inch touch screen, WiFi connectivity with full HTML web browser, and 4[...]

Garmin Nuvifone G60

The Garmin Nuvifone G60 is a touch screen smartphone with fully integrated GPS. This is a quad-band GSM device with 3.5G data connectivity, a Webkit-based internet browser, personal messaging, Wi-Fi,[...]

New Report Says Palm Eos Is On Schedule for this Fall

A market analyst made news yesterday with a prediction that the second smartphone running Palm's webOS will be significantly delayed. Today, however, a leak from the manufacturer says that the[...]

A Roadmap of Future Windows Mobile Releases Surfaces

A timetable of Microsoft's plans for the next couple of versions of Windows Mobile has leaked out, giving a rough idea of when upgrades and major updates will be available.

First Images of the Android-Based Samsung InstinctQ Come To Light

There have been rumors of the Samsung InstinctQ for some time, but no pictures had emerged showing this Android-based smartphone supposedly on its way to Sprint. This has now changed.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Now Available in RadioShack Stores

The new T-Mobile myTouch 3G with with Google's Android OS, as well as a broad assortment of T-Mobile products and services, are available in more than 4,000 RadioShack stores across[...]

Pre-Review of Nokia’s Unannounced N900 Published

A website has reviewed a pre-production version of Nokia's upcoming N900 Internet Tablet, giving a look at where Nokia sees the Maemo platform for upcoming devices.

Verizon XV6975 Gets FCC Approval

Verizon's version of the HTC Whitestone has been approved by the FCC, a major milestone on the way to release. This high-end smartphone may be in customer hands as early[...]

AT&T’s First Phone Running Google’s Android OS May Have Been Canceled

AT&T may not release the Android-based smartphone that has come up in several unconfirmed reports. This device, the HTC Lancaster, has supposedly run into enough problems that it could have[...]

HTC Hero Now Virtually Confirmed for Sprint

The FCC has approved a CDMA version of the HTC Hero, adding to the large amount of evidence that this smartphone will be one of Sprint's first with Google's Android[...]

DroidSecurity Launches Anti-Virus Suite for Google’s Android

The newly-released DroidSecurity Internet Security Suite protects against viruses and spam, and can also help users find their lost phone.

Nokia N97 Mini Approved by the FCC

The Nokia N97 Mini -- an unannounced version of the N97 -- recently appeared on the FCC website. This Symbian S60 smartphone will have much in common with its big[...]

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition Announced

Nokia has unveiled a new variant of its 5800 XpressMusic touchscreen smartphone. The Navigation Edition of this Symbian S60 device comes with a lifetime subscription to Ovi Maps.

Smartphone Buyer’s Guide: Back to School 2009

Most people going off to college these days take a laptop, but for many of them a smartphone would be at least as useful. Students are perpetually on the go,[...]

Listen to Google’s Free Podcast Player for Android

Google Labs has released Listen, a free podcast app for Android-powered devices. This helps users find and play podcasts and web audio.

AT&T Will Soon Require Smartphone Buyers to Get a Smartphone Data Plan

Starting early next month, AT&T will require all its customers who are buying a smartphone to sign up for an "appropriate" data plan.

Apple May Be Considering Two Different Tablet Designs

Until now, the rumors about Apple's upcoming super-sized iPod touch have said it will have a 10-inch touchscreen. However, the latest unconfirmed report says this isn't set in stone. [...]

Samsung Instinct HD Revealed by Best Buy

An unannounced smartphone -- the Samsung Instinct HD -- now appears on Best Buy's website, giving the world its best look so far at this upcoming model.

T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 Review

The latest version of T-Mobile's Sidekick LX is the first in this series with high-end features, like mobile broadband service and a very high-resolution screen. Jen Edwards brings us a[...]

BlackBerry Users Now Have Access to Google Enterprise Software

The Google Apps Enterprise team has released Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which lets those with a BlackBerry smartphone use many of the built-in applications with Google's own[...]

RIM Acquires Torch Mobile, Developer of Advanced Web Browsers

Torch Mobile has been acquired by Research In Motion (RIM), and its expertise in WebKit-based mobile web browsers will be included in future BlackBerrys.

BlackBerry Storm 2 May Launch Earlier than Expected

A document has leaked out of Verizon Wireless, showing when this carrier expects to release a number of smartphones in the coming months. This shows that the highly-anticipated BlackBerry Storm[...]

Nokia Unveils the Booklet 3G, Its First Netbook

Nokia has just taken the wraps off the Nokia Booklet 3G, the company's first netbook. This small and light laptop will run Microsoft Windows, not Maemo or Symbian.

Newly-Announced Sony Daily Edition Reader Will Go Head-To-Head with the Kindle

Sony has just announced a new model in its e-book line. The Sony Daily Edition Reader's 7-inch touchscreen will be larger than the displays on its predecessors, and this device[...]

Rhapsody Player Coming to the iPhone and Android

Real Networks is working to bring its streaing music service to Apple's iPhone and devices running Google's Android OS.

Samsung Omnia II Getting Closer to Release by Verizon

Verizon has made no secret of its plans to release the Samsung Omnia II, but hasn't said when this will happen. That date is apparently getting close, as Samsung has[...]

AT&T Updating the BlackBerry Bold with Visual Voicemail

AT&T is sending a system software update to users of the BlackBerry Bold that brings Visual Voicemail to this smartphone.

Nokia Money Will Make It Easy To Make Purchases with a Phone

Nokia has announced Nokia Money, a mobile financial service that will offer consumers with mobile devices access to basic financial services.

Google Maps Mobile Now Has More Complete Traffic Reports

Google is expanding the traffic information available in Google Maps Mobile to cover all U.S. highways and arterial roads when data is available.

Apple Dropping Palm OS Support from OS X

Unconfirmed reports say that the next version of Apple's Mac OS X will no longer have support for devices running the Palm OS.

One of T-Mobile’s Upcoming Android Models Gets FCC Approval

The FCC has approved a device that is possibly the U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy, one of the three Android-based smartphones T-Mobile is expected to release by the end[...]

Palm Pre Now Available in Canada

The Palm Prehas just been released by Bell Canada, the first time this smartphone has been available outside of the U.S.

Nokia N900 Officially Unveiled

Nokia has officially announced the Nokia N900, which tries to deliver a PC-like experience on a handset-sized device. This is the first of this company's Internet Tablet series to offer[...]

SPB TV Hits the Android Market

SPB Software has released a version of SPB TV for Android phones. This is a subscription-free mobile IPTV viewer, which gives users access to over a hundred publicly available digital[...]

FCC Warns Carriers It’s Looking Into Their Business

The FCC has just launched an investigation into the competitiveness of the wireless marketplace. This announcement is very, very light on specifics, giving the FCC freedom to look into virtually[...]

Switching from Symbian to Android: One User’s Experience

After many years as a Symbian UIQ user, one of Brighthand's moderators has switched to using the Android-based T-Mobile G1. Magellan (AKA Mark Shryock) shares his reasons for the change,[...]

Apple’s Tablet Could Be Larger than Expected

There have been numerous rumors saying that Apple is prepping a tablet with a 10-inch screen, but a new report says this device could be much larger than this.

Facebook App for the iPhone Updated

Facebook 3.0 for the the Apple iPhone has been released. The latest version of this free app includes a lengthy list of enhancements.

Android Software Award Winners Named

The Android Network -- a collection of generally small websites dedicated to Google's Android operating system -- has named the winners of its first software awards.

Verizon Drops the BlackBerry Storm to $50, Cuts Prices on Other RIM Models, Too

Verizon has cut the purchase price of the BlackBerry Storm in half. It has also cut the prices of a pair of other recently-released RIM models, the BlackBerry Tour and[...]

Analyst Predicts the iPhone Will Soon Be Available from Multiple U.S. Carriers

The Apple iPhone has been exclusively available from AT&T in the U.S. since it launched back in 2007. But if a market analyst is correct, that could change in the[...]

Future Palm Smartphones Showing Up in Verizon, Sprint Inventory Systems

There's good news for those who are looking forward to seeing more webOS-based smartphones: mentions of several upcoming models have shown up in both Sprint's and Verizon's inventory systems.

Sprint Will Launch the HTC Touch Pro2 Next Week

Sprint has just officially revealed the details of its plans to introduce its latest very high-end Windows phone, the HTC Touch Pro2. This will sport a large WVGA screen, sliding[...]