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SmartPhone Articles for September of 2001

Below are the 73 SmartPhone articles for September of 2001

Does size really matter?

When Jeff Hawkins began his quest to develop the first commercially successful PDA--one that millions of people would use to help manage their increasingly hectic lives--he was convinced that ergonomics[...]

International Mobile Gaming with the Palm OS

GIC-Software, a Los Gatos, CA based entertainment software development company, announced Wednesday a new game system for devices running the Palm OS. The games are multi-player Internet games designed for[...]

Palm’s first new handheld with built-in wireless

The Palm i705 will be Palm's first new handheld with built-in wireless functionality since it released the Palm VII in 1999. Palm has not committed to a release date for[...]

BlackBerry maker RIM cultivates focus

When asked to discuss his management mistakes--and what he learned from them--Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of wireless highflier Research In Motion, thought for a bit and then declined the invitation[...]

HP, Compaq to Merge in $25 Billion Deal

Sending shockwaves throughout the computing industry, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer announced late Monday plans to merge in a deal valued at almost $25 billion. The resulting company, 64% owned by[...]

Palm preps successor to m505

Palm is upgrading its m505 PDA and will announce its succesor next March at CeBit, if the latest whisperings about the company's product plans are to be believed.

New PDAs promise big changes

If you've been considering buying a new personal digital assistant (PDA) or wireless phone either for the first time or as an upgrade you might want[...]

Microsoft puts the boot into Palm

Hot on the heels of cautious statements and radical restructuring at Palm, Microsoft has leaked its plans for an all out assault on the PDA marketplace. Contest Winners, Answers Revealed!

Congratulations to Alan Budden of Bristol, UK and Jongbok Kim of Seoul, South Korea for winning last months contest!

Steve, Don’t Give Palm a Hand

The last thing Apple needs right now is a foray into the ruthlessly competitive handheld market. That would be like sticking your face under the lawn mower while it's still[...]

HP and Compaq: iPAQ spells end of Jornada

Compaq's handheld computer will oust HP's weak equivalent during the merger of the two companies, according to Simon Nelson, head of wireless mobile services at Compaq.

Pocket PC Upgrade Brings Handhelds Into Their Own

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT - news) will launch a new Pocket PC operating system on Thursday in a bid to vault into the top spot in the[...]

“Merlin” charms its way into HP handhelds

Hewlett-Packard looks to cast a deeper spell on the corporate handheld market with new devices that incorporate Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 operating system.

Digital Music Now Playing on Palm m100 and m105 Handhelds

New Package Offers Shinei MP3 Player, Palm Co-branded Liquid Player Plus Software and Song-download Website -- Everything Needed for Music On the Go [...]

Pocket PC Upgrade Brings Handhelds Into Their Own

Microsoft Corp. launched a new Pocket PC operating system on Thursday in a bid to vault into the top spot in the handheld computing market as those devices become more[...]

HP Unveils Handheld with Upgraded Chip, Software

LA JOLLA, Calif. (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co. unveiled a handheld 'computer on Thursday featuring a combination of Intel components and Microsoft software that the company says makes the pocket-sized device[...]

Amazon Drops Price on m500 to $314.99 is running an amazing deal on the Palm m500 right now, the price has been dropped to $329.99, use a $15 coupon (code AMZNAMEXBMVD) to get the price down[...]

Palm quietly cuts price of m500

Palm quietly cuts price of m500 By Ian Fried Staff Writer, CNET [...]

CyberBoy: The Multitalented Handheld

Pack a personal digital assistant, a digital camera, an MP3 player, an FM radio, and a voice recorder into one device, and you get CMC Magnetics' CyberBoy. This sleek--albeit slightly[...]

Black-and-white PDAs lose their luster

Buyers willing to spend a wad of greenbacks on a handheld are increasingly opting for color models--pushing monochrome devices to the low-end of the market.

Compaq Announces Free Upgrade to Pocket PC 2002 for iPAQ Pocket PCs Purchased Between September 6th and November 30th 2001

Compaq today announced a free* upgrade to Pocket PC 2002, the newest handheld PC software from Microsoft, for Compaq s award-winning iPAQ Pocket PC.

New Clie in the US as early as Setpember 17th!

The PEG-N760C could be announced as early as 17 September in the US, with features such as MP3 and ATRAC3 playback, and an upgraded Palm OS 4.1 operating system. The[...]

Sony Clie PEG-N760C

A Palm OS handheld with built-in MP3 support, 8MB of internal RAM and 6MB of flash memory, a sharp 16-bit color display, and a Memory Stick slot. Technically, this is[...]

More confirmation: Palm m125 release upcoming!

Dell appears to have announced Palm's upcoming m125 PDA before Palm itself has had a chance to do so.

Motorola to take on BlackBerry: Company to invade RIM s space with new device

Motorola Inc. is poised to launch a product that could deal a deadly blow to Research In Motion Ltd. s position as the sole maker of an always on, e-mail[...]

HP to bring printing to BlackBerry

Research In Motion and Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday plan to demonstrate software that will let RIM BlackBerry users print files to any printer within their company's computer networks.

Seiko claims handheld accessory will improve PDAs

Seiko has unveiled a new gadget that can transfer scribbled notes and drawings on to personal digital assistants. The SmartPad is an electronic writing tablet that digitises[...]

Free leather case offer from Handspring about to expire

You only have a few more days to grab a FREE leather case with the purchase of a Visor Platinum handheld or a Visor Deluxe handheld.

Palm m125 shipping this week

My Palm "leak" has informed me that the m125 was sent to distribution today. In addition, the official launch is slated for October 4th. Sept./Oct. Contest! is running another contest, this time we want to give away the upcoming Palm m125.

Next-gen iPAQ is wild thing!

That's right, get your drool bucket out: Compaq's says its new iPAQ is capable of browsing the net, managing e-mail wirelessly, and has full mobile phone capabilities!

New Handspring model doubles memory

Handspring plans on Monday to announce two new handhelds, one of which features 16MB of built-in memory--a first for a device using the Palm operating system.

Handspring Visor Neo – Smoke

One hip handheld.It’s time to trade in the paper address book, calendar, and sticky notes for a Visor Neo handheld. With this hip Palm OS handheld you’ll have unlimited organizing[...]

Handspring Visor Neo – Red

One hip handheld.It’s time to trade in the paper address book, calendar, and sticky notes for a Visor Neo handheld. With this hip Palm OS handheld you’ll have unlimited organizing[...]

New Coupons

Amazon is running a special on the HP 548 and Palm Vx!

Microsoft SmartPhone: Impressive Bridge Between Current Handsets and PC Functionality

Microsoft's data-enabled phone, called Stinger in the early stages of development, will now be known as the Microsoft SmartPhone. A beta build of the phone was demonstrated at M bius[...]

Affordable new Visors in sight

Handspring is set to introduce two new midrange handhelds. But analysts say it's a crowded segment of the market that's increasingly losing its luster.

New Visors Released!

Visit now to see the new Visor handhelds that premier today, Monday September 17!

Guide to buying a color PDA

A color PDA is just like a color TV. Once you look at the colorful world on your screen, you'll never want to go back to the drab universe of[...]

Compaq denies new wireless PDA’s

Remember the wireless iPAQ that was supposed to be launched at Gitex? Compaq now says no new products will be shown at Gitex at all, so it seems an apology[...]

Conflicting reports: Compaq readies release of new iPaq

Compaq Computer will announce Oct. 4 that it will begin shipping two new iPaq handhelds using the new version of Microsoft's Pocket PC software and will offer a wireless communications[...]

Viking 128 MB Flash for $55

Amazon has the Viking name brand 128MB Compactflash memory for $89.99 - $10 coupon - $25 rebate = $54.99.

Sony updates Clie handheld

Sony on Tuesday announced a new Clie handheld computer and an add-on digital audio player.

Vendor Offers PDA Security, Memory Tools

With better performance and security for wireless devices at the top of many peoples' wish lists these days, software maker DATA BECKER Corp. Monday drew the curtain on new tools[...]

Compaq iPAQ H3850/H3835

You want to do more with life? The iPAQ Pocket PC H3850 is designed to ride along on the voyage of life in your pocket or mounted to your mountain[...]

Compaq iPAQ H3760/H3765

You want to do more with life? The iPAQ Pocket PC H3760 is designed to ride along on the voyage of life in your pocket or mounted to your mountain[...]

Early peek at the new iPAQ Specs!

We've been able to garner a few pieces of info on the latest offerings from Compaq. The plan is to release two new units, the H3700 and H3800 series PDA's.[...]

New iPaqs to support Pocket PC software

Compaq's devices will take advantage of the momentum the new version of Microsoft's PocketPC software is gaining in the corporate market for handheld computers.

Palm m525 to boast built-in Bluetooth

Palm's follow-up to its m505 PDA, the m525, will connect to the outside world through a Bluetooth wireless link.

Palm releases the new m125!

Investors will get a chance to see whether Palm is on more solid footing when the company releases a new handheld and its latest quarterly earnings on Thursday.

Palm Unveils m125 Hand-Held Aimed at Young

Cook said Palm's new hand-held computer is intended to capitalize on an audience of younger, first-time buyers that perhaps are looking to upgrade.

Sanyo Readies 3G Video for PDAs

'We see PDAs as a natural step in the evolution of video applications. Wireless video will first be implemented in PDAs before it can be utilized by mid-range mobile phones.'

New Visors Have Buyers Hunting High and Low

Handspring has done something about the confusing array of hand-held computers on the market: they've added to it.

A Screen That Thwarts Those Prying Eyes

Say you're on an airplane, and you don't want those Nosy Parkers around you to see that important e-mail message you're reading on your hand-held.

Analysts trounce Palm for wireless delay

Although analysts were dismayed Thursday to see Palm cut its sales forecast for the current quarter, some were more alarmed that the company appears to be retreating from its efforts[...]

Sony unveils new handheld at Live 2001

Sony has unveiled a new handheld computer at the Live 2001 consumer electronic fair in Birmingham. Its new Clie PEG-N770C promises enhanced video capabilities on a colour[...]

New Visors Add Memory and Colorful Cases

Handspring has refreshed its popular Visor line with two new models, including the first personal digital assistant based on the Palm operating system to ship with 16MB of memory.

Branch Banking Coming Soon to a PDA Near You

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a bank in your hand?

Palm’s wireless i705 inches closer to release

Palm is inching closer to releasing its long-promised, next-generation integrated wireless PDA.

Adobe Acrobat Does New Tricks with PDAs

Acrobat Reader, a recognized industry standard for transferring Web content to desktop PCs and other Internet-enabled devices, is now available in a beta version for Pocket PC users

Handspring licenses microbrowser to Sprint

Handspring announced Monday that it has struck a deal with wireless carrier Sprint PCS to license the handheld device maker's Web microbrowser.

Get ‘Smarter’ get yourself a SmarterCase

The first accessory every PDA buyer should consider purchasing is a nice hard case for their device. I can t imagine spending upwards of $500 on something and not protecting[...]

Intel, Red-M Play Cupid for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Intel (Nasdaq: INTC - news) dug into its pockets and pulled out some cash for wireless networking company Red-M.

Panasonic gets tough with handhelds

Panasonic is extending the concept of rugged computing to handhelds.

1000 Handspring Deluxe’s, only $119 each!

Unique Opportunity Act Fast! has a supply of 1000 reconditioned Visor Deluxe handhelds in green, orange, and ice. They're selling for only $119, so act fast before[...]

Palm Introduces ‘Powered Up Awards’

Palm, Inc., provider of handheld computers, today announced the Powered Up Awards program.

Intel unveils new flash memory chip

Continuing its wireless push, Intel on Wednesday showed off a chip that promises to reduce the time it takes to get information from cell phones and handhelds.

Commentary: Handspring’s big decision

As Handspring targets big business, its big dilemma is whether to stick exclusively with the Palm platform.

Handspring stepping into corporate market

Handspring is known for making colorful handhelds for consumers, but the company has been quietly gearing up for an attack on the corporate market.

Silicon Insights: Palm Vs. Microsoft

Consumers could be ultimate winners in the PDA war between Palm and Microsoft.

Midway plays arcade games on Palm

Palm OS handheld users can now turn their PDAs into gaming machines with the release of a suite of classic arcade games for the platform.

Sega Brews Wireless Game Plans

Those who dabble in the wireless space know there is a huge market for games: not for boring Pong-like games stuck in two dimensions, but for vivid games with interesting[...]

Good challenges RIM’s BlackBerry

Good Technology is counting on solid industry connections to pay off as it looks to take on Research In Motion and its BlackBerry device in the wireless e-mail arena.