September 2002 SmartPhone Articles

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SmartPhone Articles for September of 2002

Below are the 50 SmartPhone articles for September of 2002

Turn your Palm OS PDA into a universal remote

Phillips has released software to turn any Palm OS PDA into a universal remote control. Sony has added remote control software to some of their more recent models, but this[...]

Sony to Release Their Bluetooth Memory Stick Accessory in Europe

According to a German news source, Heise News, Sony will release the much anticipated memory stick Bluetooth card in Europe this month. We have included a rough translation, thanks to[...]

Targus Foldable Keyboards for a Steal

It's a buyers market for Foldable PDA keyboards these days. With a $30 off rebate offer from Targus and a keyboard sale at, we've found some great keyboards[...]

Mad at Palm for lying about the m130? Get your money back!

In a shocking development, Palm has offered to refund the purchase price of the m130 including sales tax for those that would like to do so. may have a[...]

Dell Small Business 10% Off Coupon Code

Dell Small Business has a 10% off coupon code. That means savings on the new Clie SJ30 ($269.00) and SL10 ($134.00) view this article to get the coupon code,[...]

bSquare Power Handheld Reference Design

The BSQUARE Power Handheld Reference Design (Code name: Maui) is a new class of device that represents the next generation of wireless hand-helds. The Power Handheld Reference Design has been[...]

Nokia to boost offereings with a more hip Symbian offering

Nokia has been creating wonderful phones for years now as their most recent integrated device (9290) finally made it to the US. Well, soon there might be a smaller, more[...]

Remember those cool Casio calculator watches?

It looks like Casio's going to trim back some of their less profitable business units, including personal pocket pc devices. Watch calculators? We'll have to wait and see.

If you own any Astraware game, cash in on this free offer

If you own and have registered any of Astrware's popular games, they're giving away a freebie that you might be interesting. Free upgrades too for a number of games.

UPDATE – Sony Clie T615 for only $249.99!

Circuit City is selling its remaining stock of Sony T615Cs for $250 while supplies last. Add it to your cart to get the $250 price. B

Secure Digital Camera for PPC on it’s way

We've seen this more and more, but here's another instance of the SD slot becoming more versatile for PPC's. A new digital camera is being demo'd in Asia. We're hoping[...]

REVIEW: Rook’s Revenge for Palm OS

Astraware, one of the premier game software makers for PDAs, recently released four new games for the Palm: Rook's Revenge, Candy Cruncher, Link Letters and What Word? Brad[...]

Rumor Mill: New iPAQs are coming!

Pictures of rumored upcoming iPAQ models are just beginning to surface. Here's what we know so far.

REVIEW: Fossil Wrist PDA – Pocket PC Version

Fossil recently released a product called the Wrist PDA. There are two versions, one of which interfaces with Pocket PC devices the other Palm devices. The[...]

Can’t get enough of the Sony Ericsson P800?

If you're like me and can't wait to get your hands on the new P800, here's a link to a ton of pictures for you to drool over. A few[...]

OK, really can’t get enough? Here’s a three part review of the P800

It sounds like most people are crazy for the new SonyEricsson P800. Here's a great three part review that is translated pretty well. Enjoy.

REVIEW: Sony Clie SJ30

Sony has been working hard to make a Clie for everybody. This is readily apparent as the SJ30 marks their eighth, yes EIGHTH PDA this year. Don t think they[...]

Use SD Peripherals with Treo 90

Handspring has made available on its site an update which will allow the Treo 90 to use not just memory cards in its SD slot, but other peripherals too, including[...]

Handspring Springboard Expansion Replaced by SD/IO

With the introduction of this latest software patch from for the Treo 90, users can download the update to enable device compatibility with SD/IO (Secure Digital Input/Output) expansion cards.[...]

15% Off All PDAs at Small Business Small Business online store is running a special right now of 15% off ALL PDAs in stock. That'll get you the SJ30 for $254 and Free Ground Shipping[...]

UPDATE – Palm to release 3 new PDAs

We've added a new high res picture of the Tungsten model. We have also added all three to the system with all current specs.

Palm Zire

Stay organized with less effort. Small in size and price, the Palm Zire handheld helps keep all of your information organized and in one place. With the included rechargeable battery[...]

Palm Tungsten T

The Palm Tungsten T compact handheld offers a Texas Instruments ARM-based OMAP1510 processor so you can organize your work and your life. The Tungsten T’s new operating system, Palm OS[...]

Palm Tungsten W

The Palm Tungsten W handheld is a data-centric handheld providing a sophisticated combination of wireless email, SMS messaging, phone functionality, business applications, and Palm’s classic Personal Information Management (PIM) software.[...]

REVIEW: FatFinger by Avaion

Enter text quickly and accurately with finger-sized keyboards for your Palm OS handheld: no Graffiti, no extra hardware, not even a stylus!

Palm Announces New Sub-Brands, Zire and Tungsten

Palm today announced a new branding strategy that involves the creation of two sub-brands -- Tungsten and Zire. The Tungsten brand is aimed at enterprise and mobile professional customers while[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Toshiba Genio e550g

The first thing you notice about Toshiba’s Genio e550G handheld computer is its screen. It’s BIG, really BIG. At four inches diagonally, it’s easily the largest screen on any handheld[...]

My Sony Clie SJ30 Has a Button Failure. Now What?

For whatever reason, the power button on my SJ30 has stopped responding. I've had the unit for less than a month, so this is not good. A quick call to[...]

Palm debuts enterprise email serving software

Palm made two official announcements today. One, they have released Tungsten, their mobile information management solution. Two, they confirmed the release of the Zire and Tungsten handhelds.

Sony discontinues the NR70 series in Japan

It seems as if the end is near for the popular and powerful Clie NR70 series. Sony Japan has removed the device altogether from it's Web store.

Margi’s Presenter To Go Coming to a Clie Near You

Yesterday Margi announced they will release a memory stick form factor of their popular presenter to go hardware. It should be available in October for roughly $200.

Motorola to make a smaller, more affordable GPS chip

Moto is going to make it easier and cheaper for PDA and other electronics makers to integrate GPS chips into their new devices. New chips cost 25% of the old[...]

Sony Clie PEG-NX70V (Silver)

The new Palm Powered PEG-NX70V CLI handheld is our most powerful handheld yet, featuring the new Palm OS v. 5.0.*1 as well as an ARM-compliant 200 MHz CPU for enhanced[...]

Handspring Releases Support For OS X

Mac users have often be left to fend for themselves when it comes to syncing their PDA, especially for the new Mac OS's. Well, no longer, at least for Handspring[...]

Handspring announces a 20% layoff

Bad news for Handspring, 20% of their staff is now gone. The 80 or so staff members cut come mostly from marketing a legacy product teams.

Toshiba to release SD Bluetooth card soon!

Production on the Bluetooth SDIO card will begin in October. Samples are selling for around $100, but that may not be the final retail price.

Toshiba’s e310 successor, the e330 Pocket PC

Toshiba Germany's website lists an upcoming Pocket PC called the e330. Much like the ultra-thin e310, but with more memory and a faster processor, the e330 has yet to be[...]

Toshiba to Release Redesigned Bluetooth SD Card

Toshiba has announced that it will be releasing a Bluetooth SD card that is smaller and more energy efficient than its current one.

Handspring Focuses Marketing Efforts on Smartphones

In the future, Handspring will concentrate on getting wireless carriers to market and sell its Treo smartphones, rather than marketing them itself and selling them through retail.

RUMOR: Sony to release the Clie PEG-NX70V (pictures) – UPDATE

Sony's PR Firm, communications official and attorney have "requested" we remove the pictures and PDF we received via email. We have done so, as we had little choice. Make whatever[...]

Sony Clie PEG-NX70V (Metallic Grey)

The new Palm Powered PEG-NX70V CLI handheld is our most powerful handheld yet, featuring the new Palm OS v. 5.0.*1 as well as an ARM-compliant 200 MHz CPU for enhanced[...]

Nokia to release video phone, yes, video (pictures)

We will likely not see this device in the US any time soon, but Nokia is going beyond low res digital cameras and will include video recording in its latest[...]

REVIEW: e310, Light in Your Hand and on Your Wallet

The Toshiba e310 has been around for a few months now, but the recent drop in price and rebate offerings from Amazon made us decide to revisit this PDA and[...]

This Weekend Only, Stackable Dell Coupons! – EXPIRED

In addition to 10% PDA's or 15% off Dell system upgrades and free shipping, take another $30 off your order. The catch? It expires today.

ViewSonic announces sub-$300 Pocket PC

Leading display maker, ViewSonic, announced today that it has become Microsoft's 29th Pocket PC licensee and will release a sub-$300 model, the V35 Pocket PC, on November 1.

BrightBytes™: iSync, BMW MINI, WeSync

Apple has released a beta of its synchronization app, BMW will integrate the iPaq into future MINIs, and WeSync is no longer accepting new subscribers.

ViewSonic V35 Pocket PC

The Pocket PC with the emphasis on Pocket.ViewSonic’s new Pocket PC V35 is the THINNEST, LIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL Pocket PC in its class. The Pocket PC V35 keeps you[...]

UPDATE – ViewSonic to release a $299 Pocket PC (Picture)

We have obtained the internal PDF that ViewSonic has produced to showcase the V35 and its specs. Don't worry, they gave us this one, so no angry attorneys...this time!

New Toshiba e330 Released in Germany

The new Toshiba e330 was released in Germany today. This release came from out of the blue, and we don't know if Toshiba plans to offer the e330 worldwide.[...]

UPDATE – T-Mobile to release the anticipated Sidekick tomorrow

The Sidekick was released at approximately noon today est. It seems there is only one rate plan that is $39.99. I'm not sure how this impacts people with an existing[...]