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SmartPhone Articles for September of 2003

Below are the 143 SmartPhone articles for September of 2003

Investor Buys 1.2 Million Shares of Palm

Palm sells another 1.2 million shares of its stock to an unamed institutional investor.

Motorola Leaving Symbian Partnership

Motorola plans to sell its share of the company that makes the Symbian OS to Nokia and Psion. However, it will continue to use the operating system in future smart[...]

Dell Axim X3 Details Leaked (Picture), a Polish website, is reporting some details on the upcoming Dell Axim X3. They have also posted a vector based graphic of the Axim X3, we can only[...]

Lawsuits Plague Handheld Industry

Patent and trademark lawsuits have plagued the handheld industry for the past decade. So who's having a bigger impact on the industry, engineers or lawyers?

RumorMill™: Picture of upcoming Dell Axim X3?

A web site based in Poland has what it claims is a picture and some additional details of Dell's upcoming Axim X3 series of Pocket PCs.

RumorMill™: More about the Tungsten E and Zire 21

Some additional details have surfaced on two of the three handhelds palmOne is expected to release next month.

IEEE Seeks to Improve Batteries

An IEEE working group has completed the first draft of a standard that should help improve the reliability of the next generation of rechargeable lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer batteries.

SD GPS Receiver Coming in November

An online retailer has announced that the first SD GPS receiver will be available in about two months. It will be compatible with both Palm OS and Pocket PC[...]

GPS in the Secure Digital (SD) Form Factor Available in October

iGolf Technologies has announced a GPS unit that will support any Palm or Pocket PC PDA that offers SDIO. This covers almost all of the latest PDA releases and could[...]

PalmGear Acquires Palm Digital Media

As part of a new alliance, PalmGear has acquired PalmSource's e-book publishing subsidiary Palm Digital Media, and will power a new PalmSource online store.

BrightBytes™: Spb Finance, Mobile Agenda, and More

Spb Software House has released a new financial management application for the Pocket PC; Mobile Agenda combines the functionality of the To-Do List, Datebook, and Memo Pad into a single[...]

PDA News – New Palm release details, Earthlink to end CDPD service, More Palm equity

New specs on upcoming Palms Earthlink phasing out CDPD service, old Palms affected Palm issues 1.2 million more shares New 2.2 gigabyte Microdrives for $255

REVIEW: Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 from Dynamism

The new Zaurus SL-C750 from Sharp is a versatile, linux-based PDA incorporating an XScale (PXA255) CPU at 400 MHz. I admit that the other PDA designs have come a long[...]

BrightBytes™: 128 MB h2210, Mobile Access, and More

Pocket PC Techs can upgrade iPAQ h2200 series models to 128 MB of memory; Mobile Systems has released a Palm OS database application; and more.

Future iPAQs May Be Able to Translate Street Signs

Researchers are developing systems that will allow handhelds with digital cameras to take pictures of signs in foreign languages and have the text translated into English.

Attention Gamers: Zodiac is coming

Attention adult gamers: Your life will soon change. In less than two weeks, Tapwave will unveil its highly anticipated Zodiac gaming handheld at the DEMOmobile conference in La Jolla, CA.

Radixs to Debut New Handheld OS at DEMOmobile

Later this month, a Singapore-based company will take the wraps off a client/server based operating system that will allow users to access desktop applications on a handheld.

PDA News – PalmGear buys Palm Digital Media, 128 MB RAM on iPaq 2210, iPaq 5600 on eBay?

PalmGear, PalmSource partner; PDM transferred PocketPCTechs offers 128 MB memory on iPaq 2210/2215 iPaq 5600 offered on eBay TealSafe released, PasswordsPlus updated

Hands On – 30 Minutes With the Treo 600

I got to spend 30 minutes with a Treo 600 today. Not long enough to write a full review, but long enough to know that palmOne/Handspring has got it right.[...]

Review – Universal Tracking System from (Palm)

UTS is a hierarchical database, set up to allow people to track numbers and trends for just about anything. Its claim to fame is that it is the only[...]

Dell Ships Fix to Axim Owners

This week Dell finally began shipping CDs that contain a fix to a nagging performance problem to select Axim X5 Pocket PC owners.

PDA News – PocketPC Magazine, Vaja case for v37, SDIO WiFi

PocketPC Magazine unveils new website look Leather Vaja case for Viewsonic V37 SDIO WiFi finally available? BargainPDA Slashdotted Pocket Google?

Review Sugatris Version 1.0 from Industry Entertainment (Multi-Platform)

When Alexey Pazhitnov first developed Tetris back in 1985, I wonder if he ever thought we'd still be talking about his game almost 20 years later? That's a long time[...]

Yopy YP 3700

The Yopy products bring a heavy Linux feel to PDAs. They feature an integrated keyboard, TFT screen and a huge battery. The YP 3500 features a smaller battery and has[...]

Yopy YP 3500

The Yopy products bring a heavy Linux feel to PDAs. They feature an integrated keyboard, TFT screen and a huge battery. The YP 3500 features a smaller battery and has[...]

G.Mate YOPY YP-3700 Linux PDA Quick Look

The YOPY YP-3700 is a new flip-top PDA based around the StrongARM SA-1110 CPU and running a version of Linux. Rumours of a new YOPY release in the US have[...]

Review iGo Mobility Juice 70

Mobile professionals know how important a good charge is before leaving on a sales call, meeting, or gasp, a vacation. If you re going somewhere for an extended period of[...]

BrightBytes™: Wi-Fi, TealSafe, and More

Intel is sponsoring a day of free Wi-Fi access; TealSafe can protect a Palm OS user's data from prying eyes; and more.

Update – Delays in Executing Dell Axim Patch

Owners of Dell Axim X5s with the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system will have to wait a few more weeks to get a patch that addresses poor performance issues.

Sharp Zaurus SL-C750

Sharp has just updated their white-hot SL-C700 series with two new models: the SL-C750 and SL-C760. The new models use the latest Intel XScale PXA255 400MHz processor, so applications launch[...]

Sharp Zaurus SL-C760

Sharp has just updated their white-hot SL-C700 series with two new models: the SL-C750 and SL-C760. The new models use the latest Intel XScale PXA255 400MHz processor, so applications launch[...]

Sony Announces Video Recorder for Handhelds

Sony plans to release a device that can record TV shows onto a Memory Stick in a format suitable for playing on a Clie handheld.

Smaller, Cheaper Wi-Fi Chips Coming

New low-power and less expensive Wi-Fi chipsets have to potential to bring high-speed wireless networking up to more handhelds and other portable devices, too.

Sony to Release TV Recorder/Tuner for Clies – PEGA-VR100K Video Recorder

Sony is going to release a very interesting product. The PEGA-VR100K video recorder essentially will record television straight to your memory stick in Clie-ready format and viewable size. Asian release[...]

Review – Worldmate Professional Edition 1.1 (Multi-Platform)

Several years ago when I got my first handheld and was experimenting with all of the new software options, Worldmate was one of the first applications I purchased. [...]

Brighthand Reviews the Nokia 3650 phone

The Nokia 3650 is more than just the phone with the funny-looking keypad. It's an excellent tri-band phone with most of the features found in today?s high-end cell phones, including[...]

BrightBytes™: Tungsten W, PlanMaker, and More

Tungsten W users should download a significant update from palmOne; the company that makes TextMaker is soon going to release an equally-capable spreadsheet application; and more.

Sony’s UX50 Now Available… Sort Of

Some lucky people in the U.S. have already been able to get their hands on a UX50, either from SonyStyle or at a CompUSA. It’s expected to be widely[...]

AlphaSmart Shipping Dana Wireless

A version of the Dana is now available with built-in Wi-Fi. It also includes a version of DataViz’s Documents To Go Professional which supports its extra-wide screen.

Study: Wireless Handhelds Will Soon Outsell Traditional Ones

A study by ABI predicts that in a few years handhelds with built-in wireless capabilities will dominate sales.

PDA News – Tungsten W update, Tapwave video, iPaq 5400/5500 WLAN update

ROM update for Palm Tungsten W Video of Tapwave Zodiac WLAN driver update for WinMobile '03 iPaqs Expansion pack for Crazy Kart from Int13 SDIO WiFi:[...]

PDA Sales Forecasted to Grow Into 2008 Thanks to Connected PDAs Like the Treo 600

ABI Research has released a report with a little bit of optimism in it for PDA manufacturers. Contrary to most of the "research" reports that show PDAs to be declining[...]

Barnes & Stops Selling Ebooks

Though its mission is selling books online, Barnes & has given up on selling them in electronic formats.

BrightBytes™: 2 GB SD Card, iQue 3600, and More

There's an unconfirmed report that a 2 GB SD card will be announced soon; Garmin's iQue 3600 can now HotSync with Mac OS X; and more.

MyPal A620 with Bluetooth Gets FCC Approval

A version of the MyPal A620 Pocket PC with integrated Bluetooth wireless networking now has permission from the FCC to be released in the U.S.

Worldwide T.V. on your Pocket PC

Access worldwide LIVE T.V. on your Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC for free!

Review Aggression Version 1.08 u6 from BliT Games

Risk, the classic war strategy board game developed by the French and first brought to market by the Parker Brothers back in 1959, is still selling strong (move over X-Box!)[...]

RumorMill™: Treo 600 Coming to Europe Next Week?

Reportedly, Handspring’s Treo 600 will debut in Europe very soon, possibly as early as next week. It isn’t expected in the U.S. until next month, though.

RumorMill™: J&R Leaks Details on Upcoming Toshiba e405

An online retailer has leaked details on the Toshiba e405, an mid-range Pocket PC that is expected to be available before the holiday shopping season.

RumorMill™: First Picture of the palmOne Tungsten E?

A German online retail has posted a picture showing what might be the rumored Tungsten E. It also has pictures of what appear to be other unannounced products from palmOne.

BrightBytes™: $320 e750, FoneDB, and More is offering the Toshiba e755 for just $320 after a mail-in rebate; there’s a new freeware expense tracking applications for Smartphones; and more.

RumorMill™: Toshiba Planning New Pocket PC with Wi-Fi, Large Screen

It appears the Toshiba is preparing to release a new high-end model. Supposedly, the e805 will have a 4” screen, Wi-Fi, and dual slots.

PDA News – 2 GB SD card, BN ebooks discontinued, DLink beta drivers

Sandisk rumored to be prepping 2 GB SD memory card Barnes & Noble halts ebook sales, phases out downloads Beta drivers for DLink under WinMobile '03 6[...]

Treo 600 To Be Released Next Week – In Europe

The Register is reporting that Orange will begin selling its branded version of the Treo 600 as early as next week. This news can't sit well for US customers considering[...]

Audiovox Showing Off Their PPC5050 – Successor to Their Thera PPC Phone

MobileMag has obtained pictures of the new Audiovox PPC5050 being shown off at the 5th Annual Wireless Internet Conference. It looks very similar to the second generation XDA by O2[...]

Pictures Leak of the New palmOne Tungsten E and Tungsten 3

Pictures of the new palmOne Tungsten E and T3 that seem to have originated in Germany are now being widely circulated on the web. The designs are sleek, some even[...]

Rumor: Toshiba e405 and e805

Earlier today the electronics retailer J&R was featuring a Toshiba e405 and Toshiba e805 devices in their PDA category. Since that time the products have mysteriously disappeared from J&[...]

Tapwave Zodiac Gets FCC Approval

Documentation filed with the FCC brings to light additional information about this gaming-oriented handheld. The Zodiac is expected to go on sale later this month.

Audiovox Demos Prototype Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC

Audiovox has demonstrated this week a prototype of its upcoming PPC5050, a wireless handheld that will use the Phone Edition of Windows Mobile 2003.

Will E-Books Survive?

Will e-books do to publishing what digital music is doing to the recording industry and digital pictures is doing to photography? Maybe not, says Brighthand founder Steven Bush.

BrightBytes™: Axim X5 Case, Warfare Inc., and More

A titanium hardcase for the Dell Axim X5 series will be available soon from Rhinoskin; a strategic war game called Warfare Incorporated is now available; and more.

First Thoughts – Sony Clie UX50

After less than 24 hours with the UX50 I have to report that this device is simply stunning. The UX50 is the closest thing to the "perfect PDA" that I've[...]

PDA News – A620 with Bluetooth, Warfare Inc., 10% off Handango

Asus A620 varient with Bluetooth Warfare Inc. real-time-strategy for Palm and PocketPC 10% off code for Handango Fidelity acquires 11% of Palm Inc.

Astraware Gem Drop Review

Bejeweled meets Tetris? Gem Drop from Astraware takes the fun of both classics and wraps it into a colorful new game!

Microsoft’s Smart Phone OS Finally Coming to the U.S.

Motorola has announced the MPx200, a clamshell handset that will run Microsoft's Smartphone OS. Available in the U.S. before the end of the year, the MPx200 will be the[...]

Brighthand’s First Impressions of Sony’s PEG-UX50

The UX50 offers two types of wireless networking, a high-resolution screen, and a large keyboard. But is it worth the high price?

Motorola Plans to Make Pocket PCs

Motorola has announced an agreement under which it will release both Pocket PCs and smart phones running Microsoft mobile operating systems.

Documents To Go Goes Native

The latest version of DataViz's Documents To Go offers native Microsoft Word and Excel support, password protection, spell-check, word count, and more.

Review – TrueTip Styli

TrueTip makes a range of replacement styli in the form of pen caps and finger styli. The point of either accessory can also be fitted with SVT caps designed to[...]

Motorola to Release First Smartphone in the US – MPx200, Also Announce Plans to Make Pocket PC Devices

Today Motorola has announced their MPx200, based on the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 operating system. This is the first MS-based Smartphone to be released in the US and the first created[...]

Motorola MPx200

The Motorola MPx200 combines the power of the desktop with Windows Mobile and the “always at hand” convenience and quality of the Motorola mobile phone to make life simpler, smarter[...]

Palm Announces New Keyboard, Camera, More

Palm will release an infrared keyboard, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, and numerous other new accessories. Most of these will be available next month.

RumorMill™: First Picture of the iPAQ h4350?

Some additional information has surfaced on one of HP’s upcoming Pocket PC models, including a picture. Supposedly the iPAQ h4350 will have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and include a built-in[...]

BrightBytes™: Dose-A-Day, Phone Support, and More

Dataviz is now offering calendars with daily Dilbert comics or golf tips; palmOne will soon offer an extended phone support program; and more.

Live From TechXNY — New York

Living in New York has its perks when shows like TechXNY take place (Sept. 16 - 18) and I can jump on the subway to go and talk to all[...]

HP iPAQ h4350 h4355

The 4000 series from HP will feature dual wireless options (WiFi and Bluetooth) along with HP’s first integrated keyboard. Release is expected in time for the Holidays this year.

HP iPAQ h4350 – Bluetooth, WiFi and HP’s First Integrated Keyboard

We know the h4000 series is coming, HP told us so a few weeks back at CeBit America. Last night at the TechXNY show they were hush hush, but that[...]

PDA News – Documents To Go 6, Leather UX50 cases, New Intermec CK30

Documents To Go 6 supports native Office files Two Proporta leather cases for UX40/UX50 New Intermec CK30 rugged enterprise handheld

Tapwave Now Taking Pre-orders for the Zodiac

The Zodiac, a gaming-oriented handheld that runs Palm OS 5, can now be pre-ordered. This device offers a high-resolution screen, two SD slots, and Bluetooth.

Treo 600 Launched in Europe

A European wireless carrier has announced that it will soon begin offering the Treo 600 from Handspring. This smart phone is also expected to be released in the U.S.[...]

Sony Gives Sneak Peek of New Clie

Sony giving the world an advance look at an upcoming handheld. However, this isn't an official announcement and details on this device are very sketchy. It is also showing off[...]

RumorMill™: Toshiba e805 Will Have VGA Screen

A picture and some additional information has surfaced about an upcoming Toshiba model, including that it will supposedly have a 640-by-480 pixel screen.

In Depth – Tapwave Zodiac

Tapwave's Palm-powered gaming device, the Zodiac, goes on sale today. We bring you a full preview of its design and specifications.

Sony Shows Off New Clie (picture)

Sony has taken the wraps off a new line of Clie's at the WPC 2003 show in Japan. It's said to come in a variety of colors, looks very slim[...]

Tapwave Zodiac 1

Take the fun of a gaming console, cross it with the power of a high-end PDA, integrate with MP3 player, photo viewer and videos and you ve got Zodiac. It[...]

Tapwave Zodiac 2

Take the fun of a gaming console, cross it with the power of a high-end PDA, integrate with MP3 player, photo viewer and videos and you ve got Zodiac. It[...]

Possible images, specs of Toshiba e800

An alledged internal Toshiba presentation has surfaced, offering what may be additional specifications on the upcoming e800 PocketPC, most notably a 480 x 640 pixel full-VGA screen.

RumorMill™: An Overview of the iPAQ h4000 Series

Thanks to numerous leaks of information, fairly complete descriptions are now available of Hewlett-Packard's upcoming iPAQ h4155 and iPAQ h4355, two models that will include fast processors and two kinds[...]

Intel Previews Upcoming XScale Processors

The next generation of XScale processors is being designed to allow handhelds and mobile phones to have longer battery lives, greater multimedia capabilities, and take better pictures.

Palm Quarterly Revenues Up

Palm's revenues were up during its most recent financial quarter, but not enough to raise the company out of the red.

HP iPaq 4150 Rumored Device

Pocket PC Italia has posted more news about rumored upcoming iPaq devices from HP. This time they have a picture of what is being dubbed the 4150. The[...]

Royal Developing Linux-Powered Handheld

Royal, known for its low-cost PDAs, will release before the end of this year a mid-range handheld running the Qtopia application platform.

How Low Can PDA Prices Go?

Brighthand editor-in-chief Ed Hardy explores the trend towards plunging prices in the handheld industry, which began when Dell entered the market a year ago.

Microsoft Bringing Voice Control to Pocket PCs

Microsoft is looking for beta testers for an application that will allow Pocket PC and Smartphone users to control their devices with just their voice.

RumorMill™: Additional Info on Upcoming Sony Models

Updated Reportedly, Sony plans to launch the TJ series this fall, consisting of two low-cost handhelds running Palm OS 5.2.

PDA News – Future XScale processors, Palm Earnings, Free PocketWiNc

Intel previews future XScales Palm announces Q4 earnings Free version of PocketWiNc WiFi sniffer

Dueling Reviews of SplashPhoto from SplashData – Palm and Pocket PC Versions

So many software packages are now being made in both Pocket PC and Palm versions. This poses a unique problem for us, as sometimes an application is great on one[...]

RumorMill™: New Axim Models Coming Thursday

Dell is expected to announce two new Pocket PCs this week, one of which will have built-in Wi-Fi.

Survey Shows Most IT Professionals Want a Handheld surveyed its readers and found that most of them already have a handheld and almost all the rest want one.

Huge PDA Sale at is running a big sale (up to 33% off) on all PDAs until September 28, here's a listing of what's on sale and a link to our bargainPDA /[...]

BrightBytes™: Sony Cases, Pocket PC Book, and More

Proporta is now offering leather cases for Sony's UX50, NX73V, and NX80V; the third edition of How To Do Everything With Your Pocket PC is now available; and more.

Palm Tungsten E Review and Pictures

Matt Kitchen of has a Palm Tungsten E unit with a review and pictures. The quick specs on the Tungsten E are as follows: 32 MB of RAM[...]

Review Vaja Leather Case for HP iPAQ h2215

When you drop $400 on a new PDA, it s usually a good idea to get a case of some sort to protect it. Once you ve determined leather is[...]

A Recap of the New Summer Handhelds

It was a summer we won't soon forget. From the introduction of Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC to the merger of rivals Palm and Handspring, and the release of[...]

RumorMill™: First Details on Pocket Loox with Windows Mobile 2004

Though plenty of new handhelds are coming before the end of this year, some information has leaked out of Fujitsu-Siemens on a Pocket PC that it will release in mid-2004.

Michael Dell to Announce New Axims on Thursday

Dell is rolling out the red carpet for their Axim X3 line and a new MP3 player later this week. InfoWorld is reporting that a source has claimed Dell will[...]

FCC Approves ASUSTeK GPRS CompactFlash Card

The Federal Communications Commission has given ASUSTeK permission to release a CompactFlash card that offers GPRS wireless service.

Sony’s Video Recorder for Handhelds Released in U.S.

The VR100K is now available in the United States. This can record TV programs onto a Memory Stick in a format suitable for playing on a Sony handheld.

NVIDIA Unveils New Handheld Graphics Processor

NVIDIA's new GoForce 2150 graphics processor has been designed to improve the multimedia performance of upcoming handhelds and smart phones.

Palm OS 6 Ready This Year

PalmSource reveals details about the next version of its popular handheld operating system and says it will have the final version in the hands of its licensees on December 29.[...]

Palm Tungsten E and Palm Tungsten T3 Speculation

More news is buzzing that the official release of the Palm Tungsten T3 and additional models such as the Palm Tungsten E is just around the corner. Check out[...]

Palm Tungsten T3

Unrivaled Display Breakthrough 320×480 Stretch Display rotates from portrait to landscape with the tap of a button for optimum viewing of spreadsheets, web pages and more. 50% more viewing area[...]

Palm Tungsten E

Sleek and powerful, affordably priced. The Tungsten E comes packed with business-savvy features to keep you on top of your game: a sharp high-resolution color screen, 32MB* of memory, a[...]

Palm Zire 21

Replace bulky paper planners, to-do lists and sticky notes with a convenient Palm Zire handheld. Well known for being easy to learn and use, Palm handhelds are the most popular[...]

Sony Clie PEG-TJ25

The new PEG-TJ25 CLI handheld provides everything you need to stay organized and entertained. The high-resolution color screen shows images in full details and color with amazing clarity. The super-slim[...]

Sony Clie PEG-TJ35

Stay organized and entertained – at home or on the road with the new PEG-TJ35 CLI handheld. Listen to your favorite tunes on the road with the integrated MP3 audio[...]

Tiny Bluetooth-Enabled Printer Now Available

Brother has created a portable printer that can print 300 dpi documents but weighs only 10.6 ounces.

Brighthand Reviews the Samsung i500

Combining a cell phone and a PDA into a modern-day uber device is no simple task. The result is often either a clunky, oversized phone or a svelte handheld with[...]

FCC Approves Toshiba e800 and e805

The FCC has given Toshiba permission to release two new high-end Pocket PCs. These will offer a number of new features, but won't have the VGA screens previously rumored.

Smart Phone Version of Palm OS 5 Coming Next Year

Even after the release of its replacement, PalmSource will continue development of Palm OS 5. A version especially suited to smart phones is being developed.

Review Handmark s Tetris Classic Game Pak (Multi-Platform)

Tetris is one of the most popular video/computer games ever produced, and for good reason. You can pick up the basics of the game in about five seconds,[...]

PDA News – Over 30 Million Palms Sold, No VGA on Toshiba e800, Bluetooth printer

Sales of Palm-powered devices reach 30 million Toshiba e800 approved by FCC; will not include VGA screen Mobile Bluetooth printer for sale Palm OS 6 to be[...]

BrightBytes™: Free Wi-Fi, Oxford Dictionary, and More

Hotspots are giving away free Wi-Fi service all across the U.S. today; the handheld edition of the Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus offers more than 100,000 entries and definitions; and[...]

Axim X3 Series Officially Announced

Though details are still somewhat sketchy, Dell has said it will release later this year the Axim X3 line, which will be made up of three models that are smaller[...]

Sony Aims To Put TV Tuners in Handhelds

Companies will soon have the option of including in their handhelds and mobile phones a small module that acts as a TV tuner.

Dell Press Release – Limited Axim X3 News

Dell confirmed its entry into the consumer electronics category today, announcing the planned introduction of a series of Dell digital entertainment products including digital music players, an online music service[...]

Dell Axim X3 – First Look With High Res Images

**Update** Dell will not release the specs on the X3 today. Here they are, be patient as the photos are high res and will take a little time to load.

Fossil Wrist PDA Significantly Delayed

Updated Fossil's wristwatch with Palm OS 4 won't be available at the end of this month, after all. Production problems have pushed back the release.

Axim X3 Series Gets FCC Approval

Updated The FCC has given Dell approval to release a new series of Pocket PCs in the US, bringing to light new information about these devices.

If You’re Not a Member of the Media You Missed Dell’s Call Yesterday…But You Can Listen Today!

Yesterday Michael Dell addressed the press on the release of new consumer devices to be released by Dell, including the Axim X3. Michael also discussed the new redesign[...]

Dell Axim X3 Specs, Pictures and User Guide (Pics, Specs)

The Dell Axim X3 specs were a mystery yesterday. Today we have the user guide and pictures of the Axim X3 inside, outside, upside, rightside...well you get the idea.[...]

Treo 600 Coming to Four U.S. Wireless Carriers

Handspring held a launch party in New York this week for the Treo 600. Amidst all the hoopla, four wireless service providers announced they would begin carrying this smart[...]

PDA News – Palm OS Phone Edition, Fossil watch delayed, GPRS CompactFlash card

PalmSource plans OS 5 Phone Edition Fossil PDA watch delayed indefinitely New GPRS CF card from Asus Wireless multiplayer RifleSlugs

Release Dates and Carriers Confirmed for the Treo 600

Just a few hours after the Dell press call and an insiders only Palm call on Thursday, Handspring held a private launch party for the Treo 600 in New York.[...]

Review – Garmin iQue 3600 (Palm OS)

So what do you get when you cross a mid-to-high end Palm OS PDA with a Global Positioning System (GPS)? One answer is a surprising new offering from Garmin --[...]

Brighthand Reviews the Sony PEG-UX50

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief finds a lot to like in Sony's latest high-end handheld... but a lot to dislike as well.

BrightBytes™: UX50 Cases, Stowaway, and More

Xigma is now offering two cases for Sony's UX series; there's a new Windows Mobile 2003 driver for the Stowaway folding keyboard; and more.

Last Week Belonged to Dell, This Time Around Palm Will Steal the Show

Dell hyped their big conference call last week then told the public nothing about their new X3. Well, just a few hours after that call concluded, Palm held one that[...]

Sony Preparing for Release of Entry-Level Handhelds

Sony has dropped the price of one of its entry-level handhelds and may have discontinued another. This comes as rumors are circulating the company is about to announce a[...]

Sony Clie UX40 Available

The latest member of Sony's UX series can now be purchased on the Web. This is a high-end Palm OS handheld that offers a high-resolution screen, Bluetooth, and a large[...]

Handango Announces Software Award Winners

Handango’s People's Choice awards honor the applications that users decide are the best ones available.

New Accessories For iPAQ 2200 Series is offering two new cases and a replacement stylus for iPAQ 2200 Series handhelds.

N-Gage Gaming Cell Phone Debuting Next Week

While all smart phones can play games, gaming is the N-Gage's primary focus. The worldwide launch of this device is set for a week from today.