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SmartPhone Articles for September of 2004

Below are the 151 SmartPhone articles for September of 2004

Tapwave Zodiac Coming to the U.K. for Christmas

Starting this holiday season, consumers in the U.K. will be able to purchase a Tapwave Zodiac. The company plans to eventually expand sales of this gaming-oriented Palm OS handheld to[...]

Nokia Preparing a Treo Killer?

News that one of palmOne's competitors may be putting together a smartphone with many of the same features as the Treo 600 was enough to spook investors.

Editorial: Back to School with Handheld Flair

Back to school time means one thing, gotta make a good first impression. Of course, looking good should not have to cost as much as the books that you will[...]

Airport Stores Let Travelers Shop For palmOne Products

New palmOne stores are now open at Hartsfield Atlanta and other airports across the country.

Nokia N-Gage Passes the One Million Mark

Nokia has shipped one million N-Gage units worldwide since sales of this gaming-oriented smartphone started eleven months ago.

PDA News – More X50 info, Tungsten T5 a hoax, City of WiFi

More reported X50 pics, specs Tungsten T5 picture a hoax Philadelphia to cover 135 square miles with WiFi SPOT news update

Very Small Smartphone May Be Available in the U.S.

The FCC has given its approval to another Windows Mobile smartphone, the Audiovox SMT5600. When this device debuted in Europe over the summer, it created quite a stir because of[...]

HTC Prepping New Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC

An Italian web site has turned up the details on an upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC from HTC. So far, what has attracted the most attention to this model is its[...]

PDA News – Verizon Bluetooth update, Mobile Opera, New Pocket PC Phone

v710 Bluetooth status update Opera ports to MS Smartphone New HTC lightweight Pocket PC Phone Toshiba e830 sighting

Brighthand Reviews the Samsung SCH-i600

Brighthand takes a look at a Windows Mobile smartphone available from Verizon. This clamshell device offers most of the features you'd expect in a handheld, plus it functions as a[...]

palmOne Releases PIM Support Update for Recent Models

palmOne has posted on its support web site a PIM Support Update for four of its handhelds.

HP iPaq 6315 / iPaq 6310 Review

The HP iPaq 6300 series Pocket PC Phone is HP's first dive into the integrated phone and PDA market. The HP iPaq 6315 unit being sold in the U.S. includes[...]

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Dell’s First Cellular-Wireless Device Expected Next Year

Dell will reportedly release a device similar to the Treo 600 early in 2005.

Spb Software House Is Giving Away an iPAQ hx4705

Spb Software House has created a survey to learn how Pocket PC owners use their Pocket PCs, what they like and dislike, etc.

BlackBerry 7750 Now Available Through EarthLink

EarthLink, one of the nation's leading ISPs, today announced that it is now offering the BlackBerry 7750, with wireless email and voice service.

HP iPaq rx3715 Preview

Over the past few weeks, there has been a flurry of devices released by HP. Today continues our look at those devices by previewing the HP iPaq rx3715. The rx3715[...]

Nokia Takes the Wraps off the 9300 Communicator

Nokia has just announced the 9300 Communicator, a scaled-down version of the company's already-announced 9500 Communicator.

First BlackBerry Smartphone Debuting Next Month

RIM has just announced the BlackBerry 7100t, a device it hopes will interest the man on the street in getting a BlackBerry.

PocketSensei Introduces Nexus English Super Dictionary

PocketSensei announced today the release of version 1.0 of the Nexus English Super Dictionary for Palm Powered handhelds and smartphones.

PhatWare, WebIS Add PhatNotes Lite To Pocket Informant

PhatWare's PhatNotes Lite Edition is now available for free with Pocket Informant 5.2, the latest version of WebIS' Personal Information Manager (PIM) for Pocket PCs.

New Version of VITO SoundExplorer Released

VITO Technology has announced a major update of its MP3 player and recorder for Pocket PCs.

Bluetooth Shipments Reach Three Million per Week

Each week, more than three million products that include Bluetooth short-range wireless networking ship worldwide.

Research in Motion (RIM) Announces BlackBerry 7100t

Today RIM has announced a new breed of BlackBerry device that looks and feels much more like a phone than prior efforts. The 7100t is a full featured phone, with[...]

BlackBerry 7100t

BlackBerry 7100t keeps you connected whether you’re in the office or not, and it fits perfectly into your lifestyle. And your pocket. Full-featured phone This is one sweet phone, with[...]

Chapura Updates KeySuite Outlook Synchronization Software

Chapura Inc. has just released KeySuite 3.2, an update to its suite of Outlook synchronization and information management software for Palm Powered handhelds and smartphones.

TealPhone Adds Enhanced Support for New Palm OS Handhelds

TealPoint Software announced today the release of TealPhone version 4.00 for Palm OS handhelds.

Free Team Schedules for Professional Football

Infuzer has launched a service to allow users of Outlook, Palm Desktop, and Lotus Notes to receive a free schedule download for the 2004 Professional Football Season on their PC[...]

Pre-orders Being Taken for Solar eVEST

SCOTTeVEST is now taking pre-orders for a jacket with solar panels built into its back.

First Smartphone with a Hard Drive Announced

Samsung has announced the SPH-V5400, the first smartphone with a built-in hard drive. This will be available only in South Korea, but it is expected to be just the first[...]

Motorola MPx Expected in Q4 (Updated)

Motorola is reportedly having problems with the MPx cellular-wireless Pocket PC, forcing it to push the release of this model back to late this year.

Nokia Expects To Exceed its Previous Third-Quarter 2004 Guidance

Nokia has raised its prediction for how much money it will make during its current financial quarter.

Voq Smartphone Now Available through AT&T Wireless

Sierra Wireless announced today that its Voq smartphone is now available. This is the first Windows Mobile smartphone to include a built-in, miniature QWERTY keyboard.

PDA and Tech Deals 9/9/2004 – 9/11/2004

Dell Axim X30 624MHz 15% Off Coupon Code (expires 9/15)HP iPaq h2215 Pocket PC $310 With Free Shipping From Amazon.comNavman PiN GPS Pocket PC Device $430 With Free[...]

PDA News – New O2 XDAs, PalmOne stock dips, Nokia Communicator

Report: O2 to launch two new XDA models PalmOne stock sinks on Blackberry news Nokia reveals new Communicator 9300

Skype for Pocket PC Allows Free VoIP Phone Calls

Skype Technologies has launched Skype for Pocket PC Version 1.0, which allows users to make Skype voice calls for free using Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Turn Your Palm into a Universal Remote Control with NoviiRemote Blaster

NoviiRemote Blaster is the first-ever universal remote control on an SD card.

PDA News – New i-Mates, Software updates, Black Box Voting

Two new i-Mate Pocket PC phones Software updates from TealPoint, Chapura, more Windows CE tablets control fate of world

Editorial: How to Choose a Handheld

One question that appears on a regular basis within the BargainPDA forums is, what PDA do I buy? For many people, choosing a PDA is worse than looking[...]

“HP iPod” Shows up at COMPUSA?!

...I thought that HP has always been about innovation. In the past I believe that they truly were. Now? I think it's all about the money. [...]

PocketSensei Releases 2005 VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever

PocketSensei announced today the release of version 1.5 of the VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever for Palm Powered handhelds and smartphones.

Axim X50 Release Pushed Back to November

Dell originally asked the FCC to withhold much of the information about its first Pocket PC with a VGA screen until late September. Dell has submitted an updated confidentiality request[...]

palmOne Offers Schools Extra Savings

palmOne today announced a back-to-school offer for educators.

Is This the Dell Axim X50?

While no official pictures of the Axim X50 are available yet, a couple of versions of an unofficial one have been in circulation on the Web.

Treo 650 Now in Production

Reportedly, a Taiwanese company has begun producing and shipping the Treo 650 smartphone to palmOne.

Skype for Palm OS Expected Next Month

Skype Technologies plans to release in October a Palm OS version of its application that allows users to make Skype voice calls for free using Wi-Fi wireless networking.

OQO Mini PC Coming in Mid-October

OQO has sent an email out saying its expects to launch its model 01 ultra personal computer (uPC) on October 14 in San Fransisco.

PDA and Tech Deals for 9/13/2004 – 9/16/2004

Dell Axim X30 624MHz 15% Off Coupon Code (expires 9/15)Madden 2005 for Palm OS $29.99Netgear 802.11b Wireless Router / PC Card Kit $29.99 stocking new iPaq rx3715, rx3115, iPaq[...]

Shipments of the palmOne Treo 650 Begin – Release in October

HTC has begun shipping Treo 650 units to palmOne and will churn out mass shipments in October. The Treo 650 is the much anticipated follow-up to the Treo 600. The[...]

Sony Debuts First Japan-Only Clie

Sony has announced the Clie PEG-VZ90, a multimedia-oriented handheld. This model will not officially be available outside of Japan.

Nokia Commits to Using SD Cards

Nokia today announced that it has applied for membership in the SD Card Association and has signed a licensing agreement for enabling the use of SD memory cards in its[...]

Microsoft and Sendo Settle Smartphone Lawsuit

Microsoft and Sendo have agreed to settle a lawsuit related to the production of devices using Microsoft's operating system for Smartphones.

Toshiba e830 Introduced, but Not in U.S.

Toshiba has introduced an updated version of its Pocket PC with a VGA screen in Europe, but not in the United States.

Spb Software House Helps Enterprises to Control Their Pocket PCs with Spb Kiosk 3.0

Spb Software House announces the release of Spb Kiosk 3, a new version of this company-oriented application.

Leonard Maltin’s 2005 Movie Guide Now Available

LandWare has announced the immediate availability of Leonard Maltin?s 2005 Movie Guide for Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds and smartphones.

Treo 600 Bluetooth Bounty a Bust

TreoCentral has called off a contest that would have awarded over $5,000 to the first developer to create a driver to allow the palmOne Treo 600 to use a Bluetooth[...]

Sony Now Mass Producing OLED Displays

Starting this month, Sony will mass produce a relatively large, full-color OLED display. This is being used in the Clie PEG-VZ90, a handheld that was announced in Japan today. [...]

Sony Announces the Clie PEG VZ90

Sony has announced a Japan-only Clie, the VZ90. THe PDA features a bright 480 x 320 pixel display (3.8"), WiFi, Memory Stick and CF card slots, a huge battery and[...]

VITO Remote to Support Latest Pocket PC Generation

VITO Remote is now compatible with the latest generation of Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

HTC Cellular-Wireless Pocket PC a Bit Larger than Expected

A device that was previously known only by its code-name, the Magician, has been announced by T-Mobile in Europe. The official specifications on this cellular-wireless Pocket PC show it is[...]

Some Handheld Makers Snub the U.S.

Sony, Toshiba, and Fujitsu-Siemens have all recently announced new models that won't be available in the U.S. There are several theories why, but no one knows for sure.

ImpactRx Chooses Treo 600 Smartphones From palmOne

ImpactRx has purchased several hundred Treo 600 smartphones from palmOne for its longitudinal physician network.

ogo Mobile Communicator Expected Soon

AT&T Wireless is expected to announce the ogo in the near future. This is a clamshell-shaped device that will allow the user to do instant messaging and email.

Better Pictures of Dell Axim X50 Appear on Web

Some new pictures have been posted on a Russian web site that confirm that Dell's upcoming Pocket PC with a VGA screen will look like the leaked pictures that have[...]

PDA News – Toshiba e830, T-Mobile PPC Phone, Verizon PPC phone delayed?

Toshiba e830 not being released in U.S. T-Mobile Europe to carry HTC Magician Report: Verizon PocketPC phone possibly delayed Win a trip to the Pro Bowl, courtesy[...]

Socket Improves the Software for its Wireless Networking Cards

Socket Communications has released new software drivers for its Wi-Fi CompactFlash card and Wi-Fi SD Card for Pocket PCs.

HP iPAQ hx4705 Finally Arriving Next Week?

Although the release date for HP's first Pocket PC with a VGA screen has been pushed back several times, it now appears that the wait may be almost over.

Varibyte Releases tNotes for Treo 600

tNotes was created to address the need of mobile professionals to quickly record handwritten notes on their handheld.

SanDisk SD Card Breaks Through the $10 Mark

SanDisk has dropped the prices on its Shoot & Store SD cards to the point where one of them costs less than $10.

The Latest on the Tungsten T5

A Brighthand reader reports finding a listing in the inventory database of a major electronics retailer for a Tungsten T5.

PDA News – Axim X50 photos, 5 GB Microdrives, Sony masses OLEDs

New photos of Dell Axim X50 5 GB CompactFlash microdrives hit streets Sony initiating mass-production of OLED displays Introduces New Aluminum Case for Samsung SPH-i700

StylusCentral's new deluxe aluminum case is designed to protect the consumers' investment in their SPH-i700 while making the device even more functional.

Verizon Delays Releasing XDA III Pocket PC Phone

Verizon Wireless is having problems deploying a new form of high-speed wireless networking, which means it may delay the release of a cellular-wireless Pocket PC designed to run on this[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 9/17/2004 – 9/20/2004

SanDisk 512MB SD Card $34.98 After Rebates and Free Shipping palmOne Treo 600 $200 on AT&T NetworkDell Outlet $50 Off Refurbished Axim HandheldsBlackBerry 7230 $100 on T-Mobile NetworkT-Mobile Color[...]

PDA News – Motorola smartphones, iPaq 4700 release date, Pocket Duke Nukem

Report: Motorola MPx, MPx220 release dates iPaq 4700 release date slips yet again Pocket PC port of Duke Nukem 3D Another photo of the Axim X50

palmOne Confirms Treo 650, Tungsten T5…Sort Of

It's far from an official product listing with full specs, but at least palmOne has given PDA buyers a reason to believe. They've listed the Treo 650 and Tungsten T5[...]

Palm Store Accidentally Confirms Upcoming palmOne Models

The Palm Store, palmOne's official web store, has accidentally confirmed that the Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650 will be announced soon.

palmOne Unveils Its First Cross-platform Wireless Keyboard

palmOne today introduced three accessories for fall, including palmOne's first cross- platform-compatible Universal Wireless Keyboard.

Handango Releases Mobile Download Stats for August 2004

Handango has released the August 2004 edition of the Handango Yardstick, a monthly compendium of statistics on the mobile downloads economy.

No Skype for Palm OS Next Month After All

Despite what a report said earlier this month, Skype Technologies does not plan to release in October a Palm OS version of its VoIP application.

Release Date for iPAQ hx4705 Pushed Back Yet Again (Updated)

Last week, it seemed likely that HP's first Pocket PC with a VGA screen would be released tomorrow. Unfortunately, over the weekend the release date slipped back at least another[...]

palmOne Reports Very Profitable Quarter

palmOne has just reported a significant profit for its most recent financial quarter. The company also saw its revenues increase substantially.

TextMaker for Zaurus in Public Beta Testing

TextMaker, the word processor from German software manufacturer SoftMaker, has been ported to a new platform.

JAVOedge Releases HP iPAQ h6300 Series Leather Case

JAVOedge has just released a new leather case for the HP iPAQ h6300 Pocket PC Phone featuring its latest innovation, the detachable belt clip.

Announcing TealBackup, Your PDA’s Complete Backup, Copy, and Restore System

TealPoint Software announced today the release of TealBackup for Palm OS handhelds. TealBackup is a complete backup, copy, and restore system.

PDA and Tech Deals for 9/20/2004 – 9/22/2004

Toshiba E400 Pocket PC $174 Get Half a Pi (1.5708%) Discount at Just by Using the Search Engine. Palm Tungsten C Price Drop to $333SanDisk[...]

Samsung Introduces 667 MHz Mobile Processor

Samsung Electronics has announced a 667 MHz mobile processor. This makes it the fastest chip available for future handhelds and smartphones.

Sena Cases Announces Its New Cases for HP iPAQ h6300 and rz1700

Santa Ana, Calif. — Sena Cases, manufacturer of popular, trendy, slim, and functional leather cases, announced the release of new cases for Hewlett-Packard’s iPAQ h6300 and rz1700 series. “Our iPAQ[...]

Palm OS Cobalt Gets Bluetooth 1.2 Approval

The Bluetooth Qualification Program has given its approval to PalmSource's Bluetooth Stack for Palm OS Cobalt (6.x).

Several Companies Holding Software Sales

For a short time, Clickgamer, iambic, and PDAmill are offering some of their software titles at significant discounts. Many of these are games, but there are some productivity applications on[...]

Kingston Introduces Two and Four Gigabyte CompactFlash Cards

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of 2 GB and 4 GB CompactFlash Elite Pro cards.

Sidekick II Now Available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile is now offering the Sidekick II, the latest version of Danger Inc.'s cellular-wireless handheld. T-Mobile is the first carrier to offer this device.

Toshiba e830 Will Not be Released in the US – And Neither Will Anything Else

We report this with a heavy heart, but in a meeting with, Toshiba has confirmed they have no plans to release the e830 or any other PDAs in the[...]

PDA News – Bittersweet PalmOne profits, 667 MHz processor, PDAmill sale

PalmOne reports higher profits, lower forecast New 667 MHz processor from Samsung 50% off all PDAmill games for Palm OS New cases, screen protectors

ThunderHawk 2.0 Pocket PC Edition Now Available

Bitstream has released a new version of its web browser, which offers several improvements over the previous one.

Survey Shows Handheld Users Want It All

The results of the AvantGo 2004 Mobile Lifestyle survey reveal that when it comes to device functionality, early technology adopters want a combination of "bells and whistles" and standard options.

Police Fight Crime with Samsung Smartphones

A version of Info-Cop is now available for Microsoft's Windows Mobile for Smartphones OS. Info-Cop is an on-the-street tool that provides immediate access to vital criminal background information.

Latest Tungsten T5 Documents Likely Fake (Updated)

At least one fake picture of the Tungsten T5 has successfully fooled a lot of people, and now it looks like someone else has attempted to do the same thing.[...]

Sprint Launches First Windows Mobile Smartphone

For the first time, Sprint is offering a smartphone that runs Microsoft's Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. The SP-i600 is a slight variation on a device that Verizon began offering[...]

Opera Mobile Reaches One Million Downloads

Opera Software has announced its one millionth download of Opera Mobile from its corporate Web site

Madden 2005 Arrives for Palm and Pocket PC PDAs

EA Sports is well known for its extensive sports game library available for most video game systems. Never have we seen an EA Sports game title on the Palm[...]

Battle of the Very Tiny VGA Screens

Although several companies have shown off prototype VGA screens that are less than 3 inches when measured diagonally, Casio now has bragging rights for creating the smallest of them all.

Laridian Releases the NIV Study Bible for PDA Users

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA — Laridian, Inc., a leading publisher of Bible-related software for mobile devices, today announced the release of the NIV Study Bible in a format compatible with Laridian’s[...]

Chapura Releases PocketCopy 2.0 Software

Chapura today released PocketCopy 2.0, an update to its solution for copying Palm Desktop Software records to Microsoft Outlook.

HP iPAQ hx4700 Now Shipping

One of the most eagerly anticipated new devices of the season is now reaching customers' hands, albeit in limited quantities.

Nokia Announces 6670 Smartphone, GPS Receiver

Nokia today announced its latest addition to its collection of megapixel imaging smartphones. It also announced its first Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Toshiba Confirms It’s Leaving U.S. Handheld Market

Toshiba has confirmed that the e830 won't ever be released in the United States, and in fact this company won't be releasing any more handhelds in this country.

Higher Revenues for PalmSource, but No Profits

PalmSource today reported the results of its most recent financial quarter. Revenue was up slightly, but still not enough to make the company profitable.

First Thoughts RIM BlackBerry 7100t

We were fortunate enough to demo a near-production BlackBerry 7100t earlier this week. RIM has seen the success of the palmOne Treo 600 and has taken aim at that device[...]

Verizon Wireless Expands BroadbandAccess 3G Network to Cover 14 Markets From Coast to Coast

Verizon Wireless has announced that BroadbandAccess will be available in more than 14 major metropolitan areas beginning September 27.

Rick Steves’ Railpass Guide Released

MainStreet Technologies announces the release of Rick Steves' Railpass Guide for iVia Guides.

Bye-Bye Toshiba! We’ll Miss You!

Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief shares his thoughts on Toshiba's departure from the U.S. handheld market, and what this could mean for future Pocket PCs.

PDA News – Treo mystery, Verizon Ev-DO, PalmOne “Angus”?

PalmOne snapping up Treo domain names Verizon launches Ev-DO in 11 more cities, refers to future Ev-DO handheld Report: Tungsten T5, codename 'Angus'

Can a Smartphone Work for You (One Device or Two)?

So you are now a new junior executive and your company tells you that you have to be accessible when away from the office. They tell you that you can[...]

Treo 600 May Stick Around Awhile (Updated)

Although palmOne is expected to announce a replacement for the Treo 600 in the near future, there's a possibility that its current smartphone model may not be discontinued. [...]

Bluetooth-Only ASUS A730 Now Shipping

ASUS first announced the MyPal A730 back in March, but one version of this model is just now hitting hitting the market. Several companies are now shipping the Bluetooth-only version[...]

Empower Technologies To Launch LinuxDA Embedded O/S (LEOs)

Empower Technologies has announced it will introduce an embedded version of LinuxDA, its operating system for handheld devices.

Three Companies Sign Up to Help Design Palm OS Devices

PalmSource has just announced that three companies have licensed the Palm OS so they can help other licensees develop handhelds and smartphones.

RIM to Offer BlackBerry Connect Directly to Palm OS Users

Research In Motion today announced plans to offer a version of its BlackBerry Connect software directly to consumers. With it, users of Palm OS wireless devices will be able[...]

PDA and Tech Deals for 9/27/2004 – 9/29/2004

Dell Axim X30 624MHz Pocket PC With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth $297 + Free ShippingpalmOne Zire 72 $199 with Free Shipping at Staples.comMadden 2005 for Palm OS and Pocket PC Pre-OrderMicrosoft[...]

PalmSource Announces Three New ODMs – GSPDA, Inventec Appliances Corp. and PiTech

As part of their goal to get more Palm OS powered Smartphones to market more quickly, PalmSource has signed on three new ODMs that will make Smartphones using the Garnet[...]

PDA News – iPaqs shipping, PalmSource stock slides, Verizon Treo

Some iPaq 4700s shipping PalmSource stock slides Rumor: Verizon to carry Treo 650 in November Asus A730 with Bluetooth available

First Megapixel Palm OS Cameraphone Announced

Qool Labs has just announced its first Palm Powered smartphone, the Qool QDA-700. This will be the first Palm OS smartphone with a 1.3-megapixel camera.

fun communications Launches funSMS 5 PDA for Palm Powered Mobile Devices

fun communications today announced the new text messages manager for Palm Powered handhelds and smartphones: funSMS 5 PDA.

PalmSource Takes the Wraps Off Palm OS Cobalt 6.1

For the first time, PalmSource is showing off Palm OS Cobalt 6.1, the latest version of its operating system. A lot of what has been added is for smartphones, but[...]

New Version of PalmSource Web Browser Announced

PalmSource today announced a new version of the default web browser for the Palm OS. This has been specifically optimized for smartphones and other wireless mobile devices.

PalmSource Installer Makes Wirelessly Installing Software Easier

PalmSource has released a beta version of PalmSource Installer, which has been designed to streamline the online and over-the-air download and installation of Palm OS applications.

Palm OS Developer Suite 1.0 Now Available

PalmSource has release Palm OS Developer Suite 1.0, designed to allow developers to create the next generation multimedia and wireless applications for ARM- and 68K-based Palm Powered devices.

PalmSource Euro DevCon 2004 Brings Big Announcements

PalmSource's European developer conference is going on now, and many companies are using this opportunity to make a slew of announcements.

New Online Tools Available for Palm OS User Groups

An official Palm OS User Group (PUG) area was launched to day on the PalmSource web site. In addition, PalmSource is launching three new tools to help PUG leaders manage[...]

Alien Terrain for Palm OS Now Free

Intorine has released a new version of its action game for Palm OS -- Alien Terrain 2.1.

PalmSource Stretches Its Legs with New Announcements

For the past year, we have seen the growth of palmOne, the hardware end of what used to be Palm Inc. to be the premier Palm OS player. With three[...]

Bluetooth-Enabled BlackBerry Handheld Coming to U.S., Europe

Research In Motion announced today that its newest cellular-wireless handheld, the BlackBerry 7290, will debut next month on Cingular Wireless, and in Europe later in the year.

Audacity Audio Launches AudioMail on the Treo 600

Audacity Audio has released a new version of the Audacity PDA-based dictation software that allows the user of a Palm Treo 600 SmartPhone to dictate on their cellular phone and[...]

Electric Pocket Releases Ringo Pro Ringtone Manager for Treo 600

The new version of Electric Pocket's Ringo features the new ability to play MP3 ringtones.

SplashWallet Suite Localized for French, German, Italian and Spanish

SplashData has announced the release of localized versions of its SplashWallet applications for Palm Powered smart mobile devices.

Amazon Accidentally Leaks Tungsten T5 Picture

In the days before a new handheld is announced, it isn't unusual for online retailers to accidentally leak information about it. This has happened with palmOne's upcoming high-end handheld.

Handango Ships Palm OS Version of Handango InHand

Handango has released Handango InHand for Palm OS. This is a device-resident download client for smartphones and wireless handhelds.

Handango Launches Program to Nurture Emerging Mobile Software Developers

Handango has launched a program is to identify and promote promising small or new developers.

iNDUSTRY Entertainment Presents Master Kick for Palm OS

Master Kick for Palm OS is a brand new arcade sports game based on the real life game of foosball, or table soccer.

Textware Solutions announces Dom Perignon IV Speed Contest

Textware Solutions announces the Dom Perignon IV Speed Contest, which seeks those who can enter data the fastest on a Palm or Pocket PC, using a stylus.

palmOne Tungsten T5 Emerges on Amazon

Amazon is selling a palmOne PDA case that just happens to have what looks like a Tungsten T5 nestled inside. Based on leaked images I've seen to date, this looks[...]

BlackBerry 7290

The BlackBerry 7290 has a color screen, 32MB of flash memory and 4MB of SRAM storage space. The quad-band phone operates in 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies and can be Bluetooth-enabled to[...]

PDA News – Bluetooth headphones, iPaq patch, Symbol attacks WiFi

HP, Logitech collaborate on Bluetooth headphones for iPaq Forthcoming iPaq 6300 patch? Symbol claims ownership of WiFi RIM 7100T gets FCC approval

SanDisk Announces Surprisingly Affordable 2 GB SD Card

SanDisk says that it will put 2 GB SD card on the market before the end of the year. This will be the first time a SD card of this[...]

Toshiba .85-Inch Microdrive Going into Production

Toshiba says its .85-inch microdrive is going into volume production by the end of this year.

eZiText Now Integrated into Series 60

Zi Corporation's predictive text method has been integrated into Nokia's Series 60 smartphone platform.

The Latest on the Treo 650

Someone who was given a brief opportunity to try out the Sprint PCS version of the Treo 650 has released a large number of pictures of it. These confirm some[...]

RemoteAmp 2.0 for Pocket PC Released

RemoteAmp began as a Pocket PC remote control for Winamp, but the new version also works with Apple's iTunes.

First Glimpse of Another Nokia Handheld, the 7710

Nokia is rumored to be putting the finishing touches on the 7710, a cellular-wireless handheld that will be the first Series 90 device to actually reach the market.

PiTech Palm OS Smartphone Revealed (pictures)

Earlier in the week we brought you news that PalmSource had announced three new ODMs. One of those was PiTech, who already has a working phone ready for sale.