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SmartPhone Articles for September of 2005

Below are the 137 SmartPhone articles for September of 2005

What Does Apple Have Planned for Sept. 7?

The technology world is abuzz with speculation after Apple invited a group of journalists to a press event next week.

HP Offering Free Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades for Some iPAQs

HP is now giving away Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrades to those who purchase a new iPAQ hx2000 series model.

PDA News – Axim X51v photos, SonyEricsson P950 pics & specs, i-mate launches Universal

User purports photos of Axim X51v Leaked pics, specs of SE P950 i-mate offers HTC Universal

Wireless Networking Will Change Your Life

In this editorial, Brighthand's Ed Hardy talks about how all our lives will be different once we have a high-speed connection to the Internet wherever we go.

Wireless Networking Will Change Your Life — Part II

This is Part II of this editorial. Part I should be read first. A Day in the Life So, once everyone has constant, high-speed access to the Internet, how will[...]

MASTER KICK for Palm OS Devices Released

MASTER KICK is a new Palm OS game that simulates playing table soccer.

Philips Readius – Handheld with Rollable Screen

Philips has produced a concept design handheld with a rollable screen. Dubbed Readius, the design brings to the table a large lightweight display that's easy on the battery. The 5"[...]

Buy an Apple Newton, Help Hurricane Victims

An eBay seller is offering five Apple Newton MP2100 PDAs. The near mint units are being sold to benefit those affected by Hurricane Katrina. So pick up an old-school PDA,[...]

HTC To Emphasize Music, Drop Infrared

One of the biggest smartphone makers in the world plans to make its future devices better music players. At the same time, HTC is going to phase out putting Infrared[...]

Nokia 770 Gets FCC Approval

The FCC has given Nokia permission to release in the U.S. this company's first Internet Tablet.

Orneta to Restart Windows Mobile Development

The assets of Orneta, a developer of software for Windows Mobile based Smartphones and Pocket PC's, have been acquired by a U.S. firm for an undisclosed amount.

PDA News – iPaq OS upgrades, 4G wireless broadband, Motorola brings mobile WiMax

HP promises new buyers free OS upgrade 100 megabit mobile broadband--in Japan Motorola to produce mobile WiMax hardware

HTC Wizard Will Have Bluetooth 2.0

An upcoming cellular-wireless Pocket PC will be one of the first mobile devices of any kind to have Bluetooth 2.0.

Hitachi Now Shipping 8 GB Microdrive

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has announced that it has started shipping its first 6 GB and 8 GB microdrives.

Samsung SCH-i730 Review

Samsung's SCH-i730 is Samsung's current entry into the PDA/Phone category. What sets this model apart from its Windows Mobile/Palm competitors? EVDO data capability, for one. The i730[...]

PDA News – Minimo roadmap, T-Mobile EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0

Minimo developers issue roadmap T-Mobile offers EDGE data nationwide Bluetooth 2.0 makes mobile debut on HTC Wizard

Relax and Give Your Mind a Workout with Astraware Sudoku

Astraware has released a Palm OS version of the popular game Sudoku, as well as a web site where new puzzles can be downloaded for free.

Find Your Way Around Europe with iDrive Navigator

iDrive Navigator turns a Pocket PC into an on-board navigation device. It features turn-by-turn guidance, detailed maps, thousands of POIs, and much more.

Order a Pizza, Get a Free BlackBerry Smartphone

Papa John's and RIM are offering a free BlackBerry 7100G to anyone who orders a pizza and some side items online.

Take a Trip, Get a Free Palm Smartphone

For the rest of the year, qualifying United Airlines customers can get a free Treo 650 smartphone.

Palm Shares Rise on Analyst Upgrade

Noting that shipments of Palm's smartphones are exceeding expectations, an influential analyst has upgraded his rating of this company's stock.

Cingular Offering First iTunes Phone (Updated)

Cingular Wireless is now offering the Motorola ROKR E1, the world's first mobile phone with iTunes. However, many are unhappy that this device can only hold about 100 songs.

iPods Take Another Step Towards Becoming PDAs

iTunes 5, released today, lets Windows users synchronize some of their PIM data with an iPod.

PDA News – Treo giveaway, Buy pizza–get a Blackberry, HTC Blizzard?

United Airlines offers free Treo with $500 in airfare Free Blackberry 7100g with pizza, side order, and beverages Rumor: HTC Blizzard candy-bar PPC phone iTunes 5 syncs[...]

Palm Devices and Large-Capacity SD Cards

Palm, Inc. engineers have tested whether many of their company's recent handhelds and smartphones can use 1 GB and 2 GB SD cards.

Nokia 9300 Communicator Coming to Cingular

A popular cellular-wireless handheld is finally going to be available from a major U.S. cellular provider.

Bad News for iPAQ hw6500 Fans (Updated)

Many people have been eagerly awaiting the U.S. release of HP's latest smartphones, the iPAQ hw6500 series. However, some unofficial reports indicate that these Pocket PCs might have some problems.

LeapFrog Enterprises Appoints David Nagel to Its Board of Directors

The former head of PalmSource is now on the board of LeapFrog, a company that makes electronic educational products for children.

Diary of a PDA Journalist 3: Modeling Convergence

It's been a good while since I took time to make another one of these journal entries. One of the reasons is that I have been somewhat bored with the[...]

LifeDrive ROM Update May Be Coming By Year’s End

According to an unconfirmed report, Palm will release a system update that will fix the bugs in the LifeDrive before New Years.

New HP Exec Hires an Old Friend from Palm

HP has hired Satjiv Chahil to be the senior vice president of marketing for the division that makes the iPAQ line. This means he is once again working for[...]

iPAQs Used in Hurricane Relief

Military medics are using iPAQ Pocket PCs when treating victims of Hurricane Katrina.

PalmSource Acquired… but Not by Palm

The company responsible for developing and licensing the Palm OS has been bought by Access, a software company based in Japan.

Good News for iPAQ hw6500 Fans

A spokesperson for HP has revealed that the rumors of problems with the iPAQ hw6500 series are untrue, and this smartphone will get an operating system upgrade.

PalmSource’s Acquisition Isn’t the End of the Palm OS

A spokesperson for Access, the company that is acquiring PalmSource, moved quickly today to allay fears that his company will cut off development work on future versions of the Palm[...]

NEWSFLASH: PalmSource to be acquired by Access, Inc.

In a breaking story, Access Inc, a Japanese mobile internet software company, has announced plans to acquire PalmSource, maker of the Palm Operating System.

T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard)

The MDA features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and all the wireless goodies you’d expect, including WiFi, Bluetooth and EDGE. This version is very similar to the Sprint PPC 6700, but[...]

Palm OS is business as usual, for now, says Access

In the few days since Access Inc. announced that it was going to acquire PalmSource, maker of the Palm OS, speculation has been flying over what plans the new owner[...]

Microsoft Money 2006 for Pocket PC Now Available

Microsoft has posted on its web site a free Pocket PC version of its latest financial-tracking application.

Samsung Says 32 GB Memory Cards Could Be Out Next Year

Samsung announced today that it has developed the technology needed to make 32 MB memory cards.

Palm and Movistar Launch Treo 650 Smartphone on Movistar Network in Mexico

Movistar is now offering its latest corporate solution, Oficina movistar, on the Palm Treo 650.

NEW Version 1.5 REALTRACK Mobile Tracking System for Pocket PC and Nokia S60

RealTrack Mobile allows the user to remotely track any person or object carrying a mobile device.

eBay to Acquire Skype

eBay has agreed to acquire Skype Technologies, which makes VoIP software for Pocket PCs.

Sony Bringing Out Less Expensive 2 GB Memory Sticks

At the end of this month, Sony will start offering a pair of 2 GB Memory Sticks for about $200 or less.

PDA News – iPaq rumors, 16 GB CompactFlash card, eBay acquires Skype

Alleged new iPaq models; Conflicting rumors about iPaq hw6500 Samsung produces 16 GB CompactFlash card eBay acquires Skype

Technology Auction Benefits Hurricane Victims

Several technology web sites are holding a charity auction to benefit the Red Cross as it tries to help the many thousands of people who were victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Treo Smartphones to See Greater Expansion Among Carriers and MVNOs Through CellStar’s Vast Network

CellStar has signed a distribution agreement with Palm, Inc. to distribute Treo smartphones throughout the U.S.

Mysterious iPAQ Gets FCC Approval (Updated)

The FCC has approved a device that may -- or may not -- be the iPAQ rx1950.

Fossil Leaving SPOT Watch Market

Reportedly, Fossil has stopped making watches that use Microsoft's SPOT technology to display snippets of information they receive wirelessly.

Get an Advanced Look at NetFront 3.3

Anyone who is interested can get an advanced look at the next version of the NetFront web browser for Pocket PC.

Palm Drops Price of Unlocked Treo 650

Today, Palm cut the price for the version of its latest smartphone that isn't locked to any specific wireless carrier.

Sirius Music Service Debuts on Sprint

Sprint customers will be the first to be able to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio programming that is being streamed wirelessly to their multimedia-capable mobile phones.

Software Store Opens Just for Fossil Wrist PDA

Motricity has opened a store exclusively for applications that work with Fossil's Palm Powered Wrist PDA.

Nokia Takes on RIM with Push Email System

Nokia has become the latest company to challenge RIM's dominance of the push email market.

iPAQ hx2400 Series 128 MB RAM Upgrade Available

Pocket PC Techs can now upgrade an HP iPAQ hx2400 series model from 64 MB of RAM to 128 MB.

Palm Opens Retail Store at Stanford Shopping Center

Palm has opened another store to sell it's handhelds, smartphones, and accessories directly to the public. This latest one is in Palo Alto, Calif.

Fossil Is NOT Leaving SPOT Watch Market

Fossil says that there is no truth in a recent report which indicated that it has stopped making watches with Microsoft's SPOT technology.

Motorola Q, RAZRWIRE and Nokia 770 Internet Tablet on Display

We attended a press event that is usually filled with PDAs and Smartphones, this time around though it was much more quiet. That doesn't mean there was nothing to see[...]

What Does Palm Have Up Its Sleeve for this Fall?

By all indications, Palm, Inc. is going to have a busy season, as it is almost certain to release at least one new high-end handheld, and several more devices look[...]

BlackBerry Smartphone Involved in Patent Lawsuit

Eatoni Ergonomics has filed a lawsuit against Research in Motion, claiming that the BlackBerry 7100 series of smartphones violates one of its patents

iPAQ hw6500 Will/Won’t Get a Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade

Those interested in getting HP's newest smartphone are once again left wondering if an upgrade to the latest version of Windows Mobile will be released.

Palm Hires New Head of Engineering

Palm, Inc. has appointed a man with extensive experience developing mobile phones to be responsible for all its engineering programs associated with new product development.

Don’t Forget About Brighthand’s RSS Feeds

Brighthand offers several RSS feeds with links to its recent news stories, reviews, and editorials.

Voq Smartphone Selling for $165

The Voq smartphone from Sierra Wireless can now be purchased for the bargain-basement price of $165. It originally sold for around $500.

AbsoluteWord’s Comprehensive Handheld Glossary of Insurance Terms

The Insurance Dictionary is a glossary of terms compiled to foster a better understanding of the sometimes confusing world of insurance.

PDA News – Loox upgrade delayed, Treo TV, iPaq rx1950 approved

Fujitsu Loox OS upgrade delayed Live TV on a Treo 650 iPaq rx1950 approved by FCC Palm lowers Treo 650 price

Why the Handheld Computing Market Isn’t Dying

The handheld computer market is dead. Sales of traditional PDAs are tanking, the market is shrinking, and smartphones are the wave of the future. Well, not quite.

Teen Who Hacked Paris Hilton’s Sidekick Gets Jail Time

A teenager who supposedly stole the information from Paris Hilton's Sidekick II and posted it on the Web has been sentenced to almost a year in juvenile detention.

Live Television Comes to the Treo 650

MobiTV is now offering live television service to users of the Palm Treo 650. Launches Its Affiliate Program

From now on everyone with a web site can earn money by referring customers to

Mobilizing IBM Lotus Notes Just Got Better

Among other new features, the latest version of mNotes -- part of CommonTime's mSuite -- offers Lotus Instant Messaging support.

Sprint PCS Launches the PPC-6700 Smartphone

Sprint PCS has quietly launched the PPC-6700. It's available now to business customers at $480, which is an aggressive price considering alternatives. The Sprint PCS PPC-6700 is their branded version[...]

Sprint PPC-6700 (HTC Apache)

Experience the powerful and feature-rich Sprint PCS Vision Smart Device PPC-6700, the first Pocket PC Phone Edition device on Windows Mobile 5.0 Software available in the U.S. It s the[...]

Weekend PDA and Tech Deals (9/17/05 – 9/18/05)

Dell Home: Dell Axim X50 520MHz QVGA Handheld $255 shippedPalmOne LifeDrive $405Samsung i730 at for $449PalmOne Tungsten E2 Refurb for $180more...

Sprint Launches First Pocket PC Phone with Windows Mobile 5.0

Sprint has launched the PPC-6700, the first cellular-wireless handheld in the U.S. with Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0.

The Schwan Food Company Chooses Treo 650 to Extend Mobile Work Force

Up to 200 Schwan executives will be using Treo 650 smartphones to accelerate decision-making and better serve customers while away from the office.

The Latest on Palm’s Upcoming Handhelds

An anonymous source has leaked to Brighthand a few more details on the Tungsten and Zire models expected to debut next month.

Astraware Celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Monday, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and the Astraware Team has decided to embrace the theme wholeheartedly by offering two pirate-themed titles available with a special[...]

Review – Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

It's the autumn release season, and new devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 have begun to hit the market. We bring you a hands-on, in-depth look at the next-generation OS.

Dell Axim X51v

The Dell Axim X51 series brings Windows Mobile 5.0 and a more robust software bundle into the same sleek package.

Dell Introduces Axim X51 Series

Dell has updated its X50 series with Windows Mobile 5.0 and more memory.

Dell Phases Out Axim X50 and X30 Series

Dell introduced a new series of handhelds today which has completely replaced two previous series.

Astraware Announces Windows Mobile 5.0 Support for Several Games

Eleven of Astraware's games have been updated to support Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC, with four of these also supporting Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices.

Bachmann Software Announces Wireless Remote File Access for Palm OS

FilePoint 4.0 for Palm OS is the latest version of Bachmann Software's file manager and networking software product which enables wireless remote desktop file access from a wireless handheld[...]

Palm Tried to Buy PalmSource

Before PalmSource was acquired by Access, Palm tried to buy it but was outbid.

Dell Axim X51

The Dell Axim X51 series brings Windows Mobile 5.0 and a more robust software bundle into the same sleek package.

Review – Dell Axim X51v

For nearly a year, Dell's Axim X50v has reigned supreme as the most powerful and affordable high-end Pocket PC on the market. Now, Dell has updated their existing design with[...]

Microsoft Reorganizes, Moves Mobile Device Division

Microsoft has merged the group that is in charge of the Windows Mobile operating system with the group responsible for the Xbox to create a new division.

iambic Unveils Agendus for Palm OS v10

iambic has released Agendus for Palm OS v10, a new version of its personal information manager for handhelds and smartphones.

BackupBuddy 2 Released for Mac OS X

Blue Nomad has introduced the first Mac OS X version of BackupBuddy 2 for Palm OS.

Dell Gets it Right With New PDAs

We're so quick to beat the heck out of companies when they screw things up. We bashed Gateway when they almost launched a surefire disaster of a PDA. We jump[...]

Access May Be Planning a New Kind of Smartphone

In this editorial, Ed Hardy tries to explain why Access would want PalmSource, and how it might hope to recoup the large amount of money it paid for the Palm[...]

Voq Smartphone Still Selling for About $165

It is still possible to get the Voq Windows Mobile Smartphone for a bargain basement price.

Fujitsu-Siemens Readying High-End Pocket PCs

The first word has leaked out of Fujitsu-Siemens on some new Windows Mobile 5.0 handhelds, the Pocket Loox N500 series.

Palm Rumors Out of Left Field

In the weeks before new handhelds are introduced, it's quite normal for rumors about them to fly around. Some of these seem quite plausible, others less so.

Palm Treo 700w

The Palm Treo 700w is the first Pocket PC phone ever released by Palm, Inc. It is available exclusivly from Verizon Wireless in the U.S. It has a lower-resolution screen[...]

Palm Treo 700w

Engadget has managed to get their hands on a fully functional Palm Treo 700w that runs Windows Mobile 5. The Treo 700w also includes EVDO, Bluetooth, megapixel camera and 64MB[...]

Windows Mobile Treo Confirmed (Updated)

Any remaining doubts that Palm is going to put out its first Pocket PC should now be gone, as a technology-oriented web site has been able to spent several hours[...]

Spb Full Screen Keyboard 3.0 Debuts

As its name implies, Spb Full Screen Keyboard covers the whole screen of a Pocket PC, letting users type with their thumbs.

Palm Treo 650 Smartphone Now Available on Vodafone Spain Network

Palm's latest smartphone is now available with the Real Mail solution for business services clients on the Vodafone Spain network.

Palm Continues String of Profitable Quarters

During its most recent financial quarter, Palm's revenue was up for the ninth-consecutive time. However, executives warned that revenues for the current quarter will be below analysts' expectations.

PalmSource Reports Rocky Results Last Quarter

PalmSource, Inc. has announced the results for one of its last financial quarters as an independent company. These make it clear why the company felt the need to be acquired.

PDA News – Palm companies’ quarterly results, Palm sued over Treos, Palm outbid for PalmSource

Palm, PSRC report quarterly financials Palm sued over defective Treos Palm outbid in PSRC buyout Dell offers pre-orders for X50 upgrade

Palm, Microsoft and Verizon to Hold Press Conference Monday

Two days before the start of the fall CTIA show, Palm, Microsoft and Verizon will be on stage talking about future growth together. The press conference is closed to the[...]

iPAQ rx1950 Appears on HP Web Site (Updated)

HP has officially announced the iPAQ rx1950 series, but it has done so rather quietly by simply listing it on its web site.

Palm, Microsoft Announce Windows Mobile Treo

Palm CEO Ed Colligan and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates have officially unveiled the first Treo running Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades Available for hx2000 Series Models

HP is now offering the long-awaited upgrades for its iPAQ hx2110, hx2410, and hx2750 models. HP has also listed its recent models that won't be getting operating system upgrades.

HP Debuts Three New iPAQ Models

HP is now taking pre-orders for three new Pocket PCs in its business-oriented hx2000 series. Despite their new names, though, these are essentially upgraded versions of devices that were introduced[...]

HP iPAQ rx1950

The HP iPAQ rx1950 Pocket PC with integrated wireless1 allows you to stay connected to your world. With Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0 software, you will have an integrated Personal[...]

Palm Confirms Windows Mobile Treo 700w

Palm has confirmed their first Windows Mobile device, the Treo 700w. The Treo 700w will run Windows Mobile 5.0 and will be available in early 2006 on the Verizon network.[...]

HP Officially Releases a Bunch of iPAQs – rx1950, hx2190, hx2490 and hx2790

HP has quietly updated their hx2000 line of iPAQs and released the new rx1950. The hx2000's all get Windows Mobile 5.0 and will start at $349, while the rx1950 is[...]

HP iPAQ hx2190

The hx2190 is the low end of the hx2000 family. The hx2190 provides 64MB more memory than the hx2110 that it replaces.

HP iPAQ hx2490

The hx2490 is the medium level model in the hx220 family. Like the hx2190, the hx2490 offers 64MB more memory than the model it replaces

HP iPAQ hx2790

The hx2790 is the high end unit in the hx200 series. The total memory of the unit has not changed, though it has been re-allocated so there is more available[...]

Gartner Bullish on PalmSource Acquisition

A pair of analysts for market-research firm Gartner have given their opinions on what Access' acquiring PalmSource means for the Palm OS.

OQO Updates model 1 Pocketable PC

OQO has released the model 1+, an improved version of its tiny computer that runs Windows XP. In addition to other changes, it offers more memory and a higher-capacity hard[...]

Travelers’ Health for Pocket PC Released

International Travel and Health is a World Health Organization publication that offers guidance on health risks likely to be encountered in various countries.

SplashBlog Photoblogging App Now Available for Windows Mobile, Symbian

SplashBlog is a free application that lets users publish their pictures on their personal photoblogs quickly and easily.

More on Fujitsu-Siemens’ Upcoming Pocket PCs

More information has surfaced on a pair of GPS-enabled Pocket Loox handhelds being developed by Fujitsu-Siemens.

Sprint PCS PPC-6700 First Thoughts

We got our hands on a demo PPC-6700 today and it's a pretty impressive device. The 6700 is a little smaller than I expected, it actually pockets pretty well, but[...]

Palm Should Not Reject the Idea of Windows Mobile Handhelds

In this editorial, Ed Hardy discusses why he thinks Palm's decision to not make Windows Mobile handhelds is a mistake.

SanDisk Hopes to End the Use of Microdrives

SanDisk has introduced a new flash storage device that it hopes will replace the use of embedded miniature hard drives in mobile devices.

Sprint Finally Debuts First iDEN Smartphone

Sprint has announced plans to offer the Motorola i930, the first Windows Mobile smartphone that is compatible with its iDEN network.

RIM Will Use XScale Chips in Next-Generation BlackBerries

Research In Motion (RIM) has announced that it will use Intel XScale processors in future BlackBerry devices.

Developers Jump to Promise Support for Windows Mobile Treo

Numerous third-party software developers have promised to release versions of their applications that are compatible with the first Treo smartphone running Windows Mobile.

Of Course, RIM Had Another Profitable Quarter

In its most recent financial quarter, RIM's revenue and net income were significantly higher than in the same period of last year.

RIM Preparing Important New BlackBerry

Information leaking out of Research In Motion indicates that this company is preparing to release its most important new product since the debut of the first BlackBerry smartphone last year.

Cingular Plans to Roll-Out Nokia 9300 Communicator

A major U.S. cellular provider is finally going to release a very popular cellular-wireless handheld.

Documents To Go, RoadSync Coming to Nokia Communicators

DataViz has announced it will release versions of its mobile ActiveSync client, RoadSync, and mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, for the Nokia 9300 and 9500 Communicator running Symbian OS-based[...]

Palm to Host Annual Shareholder Meeting

Palm's annual meeting of shareholders is September 29. The agenda is to elect directors and ratify the company's independent auditors.

Apple Smartphone ”Only a Matter of Time”

The CEO of Motorola today said that it isn't a question of if, but when Apple will release its first smartphone.

PDA News – iPaq hw6500 gets stiffed, iDEN Smartphone, Pocket iTunes?

iPaq hw6500 denied OS upgrade Sprint-Nextel debuts Moto i930 Alleged images of iTunes on Windows Mobile 5

Memory Stick Micro: Yet Another Tiny New Card Format

SanDisk and Sony have announced the Memory Stick Micro format, which has been designed for highly compact, multi-functional mobile phones.

Dell Selling Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades

The long wait is almost over for users of the Axim X50 series who would like to upgrade their handheld to Windows Mobile 5.0. Dell has begun pre-selling upgrade CDs[...]

Spb Software Introduces Numerous Free Pocket PC Themes

Spb Software House has introduced Spb UniThemes. Each of these is a complete set of skins for all the standard Pocket PC applications that are skinnable, as well as Spb's[...]

First Thoughts – Garmin M3 GPS PocketPC

Based on the design of the Garmin M5, the M3 is a cheaper variation on the older device. With a suggested retail price of $533, and a street price near[...]

CTIA – Smartphones Galore, Which One is the Best?

At the CTIA show this week, Smartphones and software geared toward these devices took center stage. The Sprint PPC-6700, Motorola Q, Motorola i930, Palm Treo 700w, HTC Universal, Samsung i300,[...]