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SmartPhone Articles for September of 2009

Below are the 136 SmartPhone articles for September of 2009

Nokia E66

The Nokia E66, successor to the E65, is a sliding form-factor device with an accelerometer. It features Symbian 9.2 operating system, web browsing with S60 OSS browser, and support for[...]

Smartphones Running Windows Mobile 6.5 Will Launch in Early October

Microsoft has just announced that the first models running Windows Mobile 6.5 will hit store shelves on October 6. A list of which carriers around the world will be offering[...]

Sprint’s HTC Hero Could Be a Chin-less Wonder

The evidence that Sprint is going to release the Android-based HTC Hero is almost overwhelming, but a new report says the version this wireless carrier is going to offer will[...]

HTC Desire Could Be Verizon’s Second Android-Based Model

Word of a second Verizon smartphone running Google Android has just emerged. This HTC model will apparently be the follow-up to the Motorola model this carrier is rumored to have[...]

AT&T Customers Will Soon Get Free Access to Wi-Fi with their Windows Mobile Smartphone

Windows phone users who are AT&T subscribers will get free access to this carrier's Wi-Fi network beginning in a few weeks.

Most Popular Smartphones of August 2009

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones and other mobile devices that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks.

Android Market Redesign Will Put More Emphasis on Paid Apps

Google is apparently answering some of the complaints of Android developers by re-designing the on-device store to put more emphasis on paid software.

Nokia Pushes Back U.S. Release of ”Comes with Music”

Nokia has postponed the introduction of its subscription-based Comes with Music service to U.S. audiences until next year.

Nokia N97 Mini Announced: Tastes Great, Less Filling

After weeks of leaks and rumors, the Nokia N97 Mini is now official. This will be a redesigned version of Nokia's flagship smartphone, with a smaller screen and keyboard.

HTC Touch2 With Windows Mobile 6.5 Coming Next Month

The HTC Touch2 has just been unveiled. This entry-level Windows phone will be among this company's first running Windows Mobile 6.5.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Officially Unveiled, Launching in October

Sony Ericsson has just announced the Xperia X2, its second high-end smartphone running Microsoft Windows Mobile. This will have a WVGA display, sliding keyboard, mobile broadband, and much more.

First Music-Oriented Nokia X-Series Phones Announced

The wraps have just been taken off the Nokia X6 and Nokia X3, the first in a new series of music-oriented smartphones. The X6 will be a high-end S60 model[...]

Redfly Support for BlackBerry and Android Could Come Any Day Now

Early last month, Celio announced that it expects to bring support for the Redfly Mobile Companion to two new platforms in 30-60 days. As 30 days have now passed, these[...]

HTC Hero Will Be Released by Sprint on October 11

Sprint has made it official: it will release its first smartphone running Google's Android OS next month. This carrier's version of the HTC Hero won't look at all like the[...]

LG Promises 13 Windows Mobile Phones by the End of Next Year

LG clearly intends to become a big player in the Windows Mobile market. Today it promised to release three smartphones running Microsoft's operating system in the next few weeks, and[...]

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Review

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 is a recently-released smartphone from T-Mobile USA. As the latest device in the Curve series, its hardware and software has been updated, and it offers a[...]

Toshiba TG01 Getting an Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5

Toshiba has committed to releasing an operating system upgrade for its TG01 -- a very high-end smartphone now available in Europe and expected to debut soon in the U.S.

Apple iPhone Finally Getting MMS Service Late this Month

AT&T and Apple plan to release an update that will bring support for MMS (multimedia Messaging Service) to the most recent iPhone models.

Nokia N900 Now Available for Pre-Order

Nokia has begun taking pre-orders in the U.S. for its first Linux-based smartphone, the Nokia N900. This model will have a large, high-resolution screen, a sliding keyboard, and a variety[...]

Nokia Will Use a Three Operating System Strategy

The devices Nokia has unveiled in the last week are an indication of its strategy going forward. It intends to make products running Symbian, Maemo, and Windows -- with each[...]

HTC Hero Review

The HTC Hero is a smartphone running Google's Android. Jen Edwards brings a review of this device which has features for both work and play.

Verizon May Launch the HTC Touch Pro2 Next Week

Verizon will become the third U.S. carrier to offer the HTC HTC Touch Pro2, if an unconfirmed report is correct. This same report says Verizon will ask significantly less for[...]

Progress Being Made on Firefox for Windows Mobile

A third alpha version of the Firefox web browser for Windows Mobile has been released, improving the performance and fixing bugs.

Full Details Now Available on the Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia unveiled its first netbook, the Booklet 3G, several weeks ago, but didn't give many details on it at that time. This week it revealed all the specifications for this[...]

Best Buy Will Make Purchasing the HTC Hero Easier than Sprint Does

The HTC Hero will be is Sprint stores on October 11. Best Buy will begin offering this device on that same day, but this retailer will save its customers some[...]

Nokia Introduces Ovi SDK Beta

Nokia launches a new software development kit called the Ovi SDK which will enable developers to create applications on top of Nokia's Ovi Maps product.

HTC Touch HD 2 Might Run Android, Not Windows Mobile

HTC is reportedly prepping a new version of the Touch HD. But instead of being based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile like the original, this upcoming model will supposedly have Google's[...]

AT&T Stops Sending Software Update to BlackBerry Bold Users

AT&T recently began updating its version of the BlackBerry Bold with Visual Voicemail. However, this carrier has discovered a problem, and has stopped the update process.

Details on Palm’s WebOS 1.2 Leak Out

Palm has accidentally leaked an early edition of WebOS 1.2 to a few lucky users, giving the world a sneak peek at the next version of this smartphone operating system.[...]

Bluetooth Headset Usage in the U.S. Plummets

Owners of Bluetooth headsets in the U.S. are using them less frequently. Only 26% of wireless headset owners use their devices every day, which is down from 43% in 2008,[...]

Palm Pre Will Soon Drop to $150 *UPDATED*

Sprint's price for the Palm Pre is going to drop by $50 tomorrow, if a new report is correct. This will be the first reduction in the cost of this[...]

Next-Generation iPod touch Expected on Wednesday

Apple has scheduled a press event for Sept. 9 where it will almost certainly release a new version of the iPod touch. It's possible the much-rumored Apple tablet will also[...]

HTC Touch Pro2 Now Available from Sprint

Sprint has just begun offering the HTC Touch Pro2, a high-end Windows phone with a large WVGA screen, sliding keyboard, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, and worldphone capabilities.

HTC Tattoo Will Be a Low-Cost Android Smartphone

The HTC Tattoo has just been unveiled. This upcoming smartphone will run Google's Android OS, and is expected to be available next month at an entry-level price.

LG Demos Mysterious Android Smartphone

LG has given the world a glimpse of its first Android-based smartphone, which will have a sliding landscape-oriented keyboard. Details on this model -- code named the LG Etna --[...]

Video Preview of the Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite Leaks Out

A video preview of an upcoming Android model should interest T-Mobile USA customers, as this carrier is expected to release the Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite this fall. This will apparently[...]

Sprint Makes the Palm Pre $100 Cheaper for New Customers *UPDATE*

Sprint hasn't changed its price for the Palm Pre, but it is offering (select) customers who are switching from one of its rivals $100 off service when they get this[...]

Palm Eos Could Be Announced this Week

The second WebOS-powered smartphone, the Palm Eos, could be unveiled any day now, if a new report is correct. This model is expected to be less expensive than the current[...]

Facebook App Released for Android

Android is the latest mobile platform to get an application dedicated to the wildly popular social networking site Facebook.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Coming to HTC ‘s Latest Models, but What About the Older Ones?

It probably won't surprise anyone that HTC is promising to release upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.5 for its most recent smartphones. But the question remains open about slightly older models[...]

Sprint Drops the Palm Pre to $150… for Real

Sprint's price for the Palm Pre has just dropped by $50. This is the first reduction in the cost of this WebOS-based smartphone since it debuted early this summer.

Palm Pixi Coming To Sprint for the Holidays

Palm has just taken the wraps off the second WebOS-powered smartphone, the Palm Palm Pixi. This model will be a less expensive option than the current Palm Pre.

HTC Touch Pro2 for T-Mobile Review

The Touch Pro2 was recently released by T-Mobile USA. Ed Hardy brings us a review if this high-end Windows phone with a WVGA screen, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, GPS, and much[...]

iPhone 3.1 and iTunes 9 Released

Apple has just released a new version of its operating system for its smartphones and handhelds. iPhone 3.1 has a few new features, including the ability to suggest apps users[...]

Apple Makes the iPod touch More Powerful, More Affordable

Apple refreshed its iPod touch line today, introducing two models that are faster and have higher storage capacity. In addition, it has started offering a third model at just $200.

Sprint’s New Unlimited Service Plan Costs Just $70

Sprint has significantly cut the cost of its service plan that includes essentially unlimited voice, data, text, and MMS. Starting today, this plan is going for just $70 a month.

Verizon Will Launch the HTC Touch Pro2 Tomorrow

Verizon has just announced that it will introduce HTC's flagship Windows phone tomorrow. This will make it the third U.S. carrier to offer the HTC Touch Pro2, but Verizon is[...]

Pandora Streaming Music Service Now Available for Android

A version of the Pandora free streaming music service has been released for smartphones running Google's Android OS.

Motorola Cliq Coming Soon to T-Mobile

Motorola just announced the Cliq, an Android-based smartphone coming to T-Mobile later this year. It will have a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, and a 5 MPx camera, and will be[...]

Special on the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Reduces Price to $100

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G is temporarily available for half price, thanks to a spacial deal cooked up between T-Mobile and Oprah Winfrey. For a limited time, this Android-based smartphone is[...]

Verizon Is Now Offering the HTC Touch Pro2

Verizon Wireless has become the third U.S. carrier to offer the HTC Touch Pro2, a high-end Windows phone with a WVGA touchscreen, sliding keyboard, mobile broadband, and much more. Verizon[...]

Microsoft Confirms ”Chassis” Strategy for Windows Mobile 7

A Microsoft executive has confirmed a rumor: it's creating a series of reference designs for Windows Mobile devices. These chassis will give device makers templates to follow when creating new[...]

More webOS Software Added to the App Catalog

The Palm Pre has an on-device software store, but this is still a beta and there are only a few apps available. However, a few more have been added.

Analyst Predicts AT&T Will Stay the Exclusive Provider of the iPhone

Despite well-publicized predictions that Apple will eventually allow multiple U.S. wireless carriers to offer the iPhone, an industry analyst is making the opposite prediction: that AT&T will remain the exclusive[...]

Motorola Cliq Preview

Ed Hardy brings us his first thoughts on the Motorola Cliq, a newly-announced Android-based smartphone. This will have a sliding keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, and a 5 MPx camera, and will[...]

Palm Pre’s European Debut Scheduled for Tomorrow

The Palm Pre will make its European debut on Tuesday, finally giving people in the U.K. a chance to try out the WebOS. It's not clear yet when the actual[...]

LG Unveils Its First Android Smartphone

LG has just taken the wraps off the GW620, its first model based on Google's Android OS. This consumer-focused smartphone will have a 3-inch touchscreen and a sliding keyboard when[...]

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Gets a Small System Software Update

A minor system software update has been released for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. This includes a new version of Ovi Maps and other improvements.

New Images of the HTC Leo Come to Light

The HTC Leo has yet to be announced, but rumors about this Windows phone with a 4.3-inch screen and 1 GHz processor have been circulating for months. The latest of[...]

Sprint and T-Mobile May Merge

Deutsche Telekom, who owns T-Mobile USA, is reportedly considering making a buyout offer for Sprint. This would create a carrier with nearly as many subscribers as AT&T.

Nokia N900 May Debut in the U.S. Late this Month

The Nokia N900 -- the first Maemo-based smartphone -- is scheduled to be released in October, but it might come out just a little bit before that, if the distribution[...]

Microsoft Zune HD

With its OLED touchscreen and NVIDIA Tegra HD processor, the Zune HD is more than a simple MP3 player — it sports a web browser and support for mobile gaming,[...]

What Happened to the Camera on the New iPod touch?

Last week, Apple released the latest iPod touch. This started a minor mystery: why does this model not include the built-in camera it was supposed to?

Microsoft Zune HD Has Just Launched

Microsoft has introduced the new Zune HD. With its OLED touchscreen and NVIDIA Tegra HD processor, this is more than a simple MP3 player -- it sports a web browser[...]

Apple Tablet Now Expected in February from AT&T

New evidence has emerged that AT&T will introduce its first Apple tablet computer early next year. Some pricing information and other details have also leaked out.

Microsoft Zune HD First Impressions Review

The next-generation Zune launched today, and Kevin O'Brien brings us his first thoughts on this device. The Zune HD is much more than a simple MP3 player -- rivaling the[...]

Smartphones Running Android 1.6 Will Launch Next Month

Google has released the Android 1.6 SDK , paving the way for the release of the next version of this mobile operating system. Code-named Donut, this will bring some new[...]

Google Fast Flip Released for Android and iPhone

Google Labs has introduced Google Fast Flip for iPhone, and Android-powered devices. The goal of this app is to combine some of the best features of reading articles in print[...]

BlackBerrys Will Be Able to Use the Redfly Mobile Companion in Mid-Q4

Celio Corp has announced that it will soon release the software necessary to allow several BlackBerry models to use the Redfly Mobile Companion, an accessory that turns a smartphone into[...]

Microsoft’s Software Store Will Debut at Launch of Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has confirmed that its upcoming software store will be on devices running Windows Mobile 6.5 when they launch next month. It has also revealed that Microsoft will be able[...]

Opera Mini 5 Now Available as a Public Beta

Opera Software has just released Opera Mini 5 beta, an update to its popular Web browser for mobile phones. This version is the first to offer tabbed browsing, among other[...]

Video Demo of the HTC Leo Leaks Out

A short video of HTC Leo demonstrates some of the capabilities of this as-yet-unannounced Windows phone, including that its large display will have support for multi-touch.

HTC Hero’s System Software Update Improves Its Speed

HTC has released a software update for the Android-based HTC Hero. This update is primarily intended to improve the performance of this smartphone, rather than bring new features.

T-Mobile G1 Drops to $130

The replacement for the T-Mobile G1 has been announced, and this carrier is apparently trying to clear out its remaining stock by dropping the cost of this Android-based smartphone.

Motorola Cliq Pre-Orders Will Start in Mid-October

T-Mobile announced the Motorola Cliq last week, but this carrier apparently won't even start taking pre-orders for this Android-based smartphone for more than a month. Still, it seems on-track for[...]

Acer Tempo M900 Review

The M900 is a slider with a 3.8-inch WVGA touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard, while an embedded fingerprint sensor helps set this model apart from its competitors. Adama D. Brown[...]

Palm Sold 810,000 Smartphones Last Quarter

Palm has partially answered one of the mysteries of the smartphone market: how many Palm Pre units it has sold. The company has just reported that during it's most recent[...]

Palm Will Make No More Windows Mobile Devices

Palm, Inc. has announced that it is going to stop making devices based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile, and will instead focus entirely on webOS-based smartphones like the Palm Pre.

Verizon’s HTC Imagio Could Be Just Weeks Away

The HTC Imagio, Verizon's version of the HTC Whitestone, is reportedly scheduled to launch on Oct. 6. This high-end Windows phone will have a tablet shape centered on its 3.6-inch,[...]

Motorola Cliq Might Launch in Mid-November

T-Mobile has announced the Motorola Cliq, but isn't saying exactly when this Android-based smartphone will be released. Fortunately, leaks have revealed when the debut is going to be.

Kinoma Play Now Available for Symbian S60

Kinoma has released a a version of its flagship product, Kinoma Play, for smartphones running Symbian S60. This app has been designed to help users find, play, and share audio[...]

T-Mobile Upgrading Its 3G Network to HSPA+

The head of engineering at T-Mobile USA has promised that his company is in the process of dramatically upgrading the speed of its mobile broadband network.

Sprint May Be Prepping an Android Phone with WiMAX

Sprint plans to release a smartphone that supports its 4G network next year, and this WiMAX-powered device might run Google's Android operating system.

AT&T Tilt2 Not Expected on October 6

The first phones running Windows Mobile 6.5 are going to launch on Oct. 6. Until recently, it was thought that one of these would be the AT&T Tilt2, but it[...]

Palm Pixi Preview

The second webOS-powered smartphone, the Palm Pixi, will be released by Sprint later this year. Ed Hardy has already had a chance to try out this upcoming device, and brings[...]

Microsoft Will Reportedly Launch Two Smartphones in January

An new unconfirmed report indicates that Microsoft is working on a pair of smartphones that will be released under its own brand name. These devices, developed in conjunction with Danger,[...]

HTC Hero for Sprint Preview

Sprint is getting a specially-modified version of the HTC Hero on October 11. Ed Hardy was able to spend some time with a prototype, and brings us a video overview[...]

Pricing Info Leaks Out for AT&T Tilt2 and Pure

AT&T is expected to offer two of HTC's newest smartphones, the Touch Pro2 and the Touch Diamond2, in the near future, but with different names. A new unconfirmed report gives[...]

Two of AT&T’s Samsung Models Will Get Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrades

Two smartphones available from AT&T -- the Samsung Epix and the Samsung Jack -- will apparently get upgrades to the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.

AT&T May Launch the LG Monaco and HP Obsidian in Q4

According to an roadmap that has leaked out of AT&T showing upcoming Windows phones, this carrier plans to offer the LG Monaco and HP Obsidian in mid- to late Q4.

Barnes & Noble’s E-Book Reader Gets Closer to Release

Barnes & Noble appears poised to go up against in another product category. The two have competed in books for many years, and soon they will be offering competing[...]

Verizon Getting a Redesigned Samsung Omnia II

Verizon announced months ago that it will be offering the Samsung Omnia II, and some people are wondering what the delay is. Apparently, at least part of it was a[...]

Is This the AT&T Pure?

Unconfirmed reports of the AT&T Pure have surfaced recently, and for the first time an image of this upcoming Windows phone has come to light. The Pure will supposedly be[...]

Sprint’s Samsung InstinctQ Gets FCC Approval

One of Sprint's upcoming Android-based smartphones has moved a step closer to release. The Samsung InstinctQ has passed through the FCC approval process, which means it could debut in the[...]

Google Sync Adds Push Gmail Support

Google has just added a significant new feature to Google Sync, email support. This allows Gmail users to have their messages pushed to their smartphone, as long as the device[...]

HTC Touch Pro2 for Sprint Review

Sprint is now offering the HTC Touch Pro2, a high-end Windows phone well supplied with features, including a large touchscreen and keyboard, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, GPS, and much more. Jen[...]

Microsoft Promises 30 Windows Mobile 6.5 Devices this Year

Windows Mobile 6.5 will debut on October 6, and it's going to quickly be available on a wide variety of smartphones. A Microsoft executive has promised the new version of[...]

USB Industry Group Says It’s Fine for iTunes to Block Palm Pre

The USB Implementers Forum has approved Apple modifying its iTunes desktop software so that the rival Palm Pre is unable to synchronize with it.

Microsoft Courier Concept Will Be a Dual-Screen, Folding Tablet PC

Microsoft is reportedly working on an innovative concept for tablet PCs. The Courier project will create devices that have two screens, and are capable of folding like a book.

HTC Leo Could Be on the Market by the End of this Year

The HTC Leo has yet to be officially unveiled, but there has been a steady stream of leaks about this upcoming high-end Windows phone, and the latest gives quite a[...]

AT&T Once Again Updating the BlackBerry Bold with Visual Voicemail

AT&T has resumed sending a system software update to users of the BlackBerry Bold that brings Visual Voicemail to this smartphone.

Images of Two Upcoming Microsoft-Branded Smartphones Appear

Details are continuing to leak out about the two phones Microsoft is supposedly going to release under its own brand. This includes the first pictures of these devices.

Sprint Unveils the Samsung Instinct HD

Sprint has taken the wraps off the latest member of its Instinct line of consumer-oriented smartphones. The Samsung Instinct HD will put a greater emphasis on multimedia, with a high-resolution[...]

Palm Pre Will Officially Debut in Europe in Mid-October

Palm, Inc.has revealed that O2 will be the exclusive provider of the Palm Pre when it debuts in several European countries around the middle of next month. This will be[...]

New Details Emerge on Upcoming Microsoft-Branded Smartphones

Rumors have been flying for the last few days about Microsoft's plans to release a pair of smartphones under its own brand name. The latest unconfirmed report sheds more light[...]

Google Search App for Windows Mobile Gets Updated with My Location

Naturally, Windows mobile users can access Google's search engine with their web browsers, but this company also offers a stand-alone app that offers extra features. This app has just been[...]

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Drops to $150

T-Mobile has cut $30 off the price of its second Android-based smartphone. This brings the cost of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G down to $150, just about 6 weeks after its[...]

Nokia Surge Review

The Nokia Surge, available from AT&T, offers an advanced smartphone experience at a very accessible price-point. This messaging-oriented slider has 3G, a QWERTY keyboard, and social networking software. Our S60[...]

Verizon Might Not Get the Palm Pre

Earlier this year, Verizon Wireless was showing strong interest in the Palm Pre. That interest may have waned, as a new report says that this carrier has dropped its plans[...]

Nokia N97 Mini Gets FCC Approval

The FCC has signed off on the Nokia N97 Mini, a slider with a keyboard that's a less-expensive version of this company's current flagship phone. When the U.S. release[...]

Palm Pre Now Available for $100

The official price for for the Palm Pre is $150, but the online retailer is offering this smartphone -- the first with Palm's webOS -- for just $100.

BlackBerry Maker’s Quarterly Report Displeases Wall Street

During its most recent financial quarter, Research In Motion (RIM) experienced a 37% increase in revenue, but investors have begun dumping the stock because they expected better -- and the[...]

Microsoft CEO Wishes Windows Mobile 7 Were Out Now

Steve Ballmer has added himself to a long list -- the list of people who wish Windows Mobile 7 was already available. Still, Microsoft's CEO has promised that changes have[...]

Maybe Verizon Will Get the Palm Pre After All

Yesterday, an unconfirmed report stating the Verizon may have dropped its plans to offer the Palm Pre made headlines. Today came several responses that say the first report was incorrect.

Apple iPhone Finally Gets MMS Service

AT&T and Apple have released an update that brings support for MMS (multimedia Messaging Service) to the most recent iPhone models. Those who are interested can install it now.

Two New Role-Playing Games Come to the Palm Pre

Moblyng has released a pair of fantasy role-playing games for webOS-based devices like the Palm Pre. These are two of the 14 games that debuted this week on the App[...]

Take a Look at the New Version of TouchFLO that Will Be on the HTC Leo

HTC doesn't ship its Windows Mobile devices with Microsoft's standard user interface, but has created an alternate one called TouchFLO. A newer version of this will ship on the upcoming[...]

Samsung Instinct HD

The Samsung Instinct HD is the latest member of this line of consumer-oriented smartphones from Sprint. It puts a greater emphasis on multimedia than its predecessors, with a high-resolution camera[...]

Palm Pre Available for $80 to New Sprint Subscribers

Although the official price for the Palm Pre remains at $150, this smartphone can be found for much less. Possibly the best deal available now is from the online retailer[...]

The Android-Based Acer A1 Will Have a WVGA Display, Fast Processor

A description of the Android-powered Acer A1 that has come out ahead of the formal unveiling shows that this model will have a better screen and processor than any current[...]

Verizon’s First Android-Based Smartphone Moving Closer to Release

A Motorola model that's widely believed to be on its way to Verizon's has been approved by the FCC. The smartphone -- code-named the Sholes -- will apparently be this[...]

Palm’s webOS 1.2 Expected Later this Week

A new version of the webOS is reportedly going to be introduced in a few days, bringing support for paid third-party software, enhancements to the web browser and email apps,[...]

HTC Desire Now Cleared for Release by Verizon

The FCC has approved what could be Verizon's second Android-based smartphone, the HTC Desire. Remarkably little is known about this upcoming device, considering how close it appears to be to[...]

Palm Pre Gets Updated to webOS 1.2

Palm has released webOS 1.2, a new version of the system software for the Palm Pre. This includes a long list of new features, including support for paying for third-party[...]

Downloads from Apple’s App Store Top Two Billion

Apple has announced that more than two billion apps have been downloaded from its App Store since it launched in mid-2008.

AT&T Will Launch the Long-Awaited Garmin nuvifone G60 Next Week

The oft-delayed Garmin nuvifone G60 is finally drawing close to release. AT&T announced today that it will launch this navigation-oriented smartphone in early October.

Verizon May Get an Enhanced Version of the Palm Pre

Despite last week's rumor to the contrary, many source agree that the Verizon will begin offering the Palm Pre early next year. A new new report even says this will[...]

Motorola Cliq Will Debut in Early November

T-Mobile has just revealed that it's going to start taking pre-orders for the Motorola Cliq in the middle of October, and launch it a few weeks later. This carrier has[...]

Android 1.6 Now Available for Developers’ Phone

An unlocked version of the HTC Dream created for developers can now be upgraded to Android 1.6 (Donut), allowing programmers to test their software before the upgrade is available to[...]

Apple’s Tablet Will Be a Super-Sized iPhone or iPod touch

One of the most significant open questions about Apple's much-rumored tablet may have been settled -- which operating system it will run. According to a new report, this device will[...]

Samsung Behold2 a Step Closer to T-Mobile?

The FCC has approved the Samsung T939, which unconfirmed reports say will be released by T-Mobile USA as the Samsung Behold2. This is apparently one of several Android-powered smartphones on[...]

SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile Goes 3D

Spb Software has updated SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile with new 3D effects, and also added support for gravity sensors.

Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro2 Is NOT Getting a Price Cut

A rumor that Sprint is about to cut the price of its version of the HTC Touch Pro2 is getting a great deal of publicity today. However, an official spokesperson[...]

HTC Leo Will Be Sold as the HTC HD2

The real name for one of the most highly-anticipated smartphones of this season has leaked out. The device code-named the HTC Leo will be sold as the HTC HD2 when[...]

HTC Hero for Sprint Review

The HTC Hero is going to be Sprint's first model running Google's Android OS. It will have a tablet shape with an HVGA touchscreen, wireless broadband, and Wi-Fi. Jen Edwards[...]

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Coming on Friday

After many years of being available only for Windows, RIM announced today that a version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Apple's Mac OS X will be released on Friday.