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SmartPhone Articles for September of 2011

Below are the 112 SmartPhone articles for September of 2011

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Updates Might Be Delayed

System software upgrades are supposed to start going out today that will move already released smartphones to the next version of Microsoft Windows Phone. However, these are apparently not going[...]

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note; A Super Smartphone?

Samsung has added a new size for portable mobile devices to its Galaxy lineup with its latest gadget, the Galaxy Note. This model will sport a 5.3-inch display, skirting the[...]

BlackBerry Bold 9930 Review: The Best BlackBerry Yet

The new BlackBerry OS 7 is here in the form of the BlackBerry Bold 9930. Is RIM showing us something new and different, or are you better off waiting for[...]

HTC Titan Will Sport 4.7-inch Screen, Windows Phone 7.5

HTC has taken the wraps off the HTC Titan at an event in London. This upcoming model will have a very large screen for a smartphone, almost 5 inches, and[...]

Samsung Has No Plans to Buy the webOS

Samsung's CEO has flat-out denied a recent rumor that his company is planning to buy the webOS from HP, who recently stopped producing smartphones and tablets with this operating system.

Nokia 703 Could Be Nokia’s Initial Smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5

A recent leak of what's apparently a marketing image of an upcoming Nokia smartphone could confirm several specs for this company's first handset running Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

Madden NFL 12 Hits Android and iOS

The latest version of the Madden NFL football game franchise has been released for Android, iPhone and iPad. These versions of this classic game cost considerably less that ones for[...]

iPhone 5 Design Accidentally Revealed by Apple

Buried in the next version of Apple's mobile operating system is an icon which apparently shows what the iPhone 5 is going to look like. There's not a lot of[...]

Verizon Promises Motorola Droid Bionic Launching Next Week

Verizon has officially confirmed what was previously only a rumor: the Motorola Droid Bionic is going to start reaching consumers on Thursday. This Android phone will offer an array of[...]

Netflix Losing Some of Its Most Popular Streaming Movies and Shows

Netflix was unable to reach a new agreement with Starz, a company that provides a significant percentage of the content Netflix offers in its streaming video service. This may reduce[...]

AT&T Introduces LG Thrill 4G with 3D Display

Today is the launch of the LG Thrill 4G, the first smartphone from AT&T with a glasses-free 3D display. This Android-based device also packs a dual-core processor and dual 5MP[...]

Most Popular Smartphones for August 2011

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. Four new devices made the list for the[...]

TK-421 iPhone Case With Flip-Out Keyboard from ThinkGeek Review

If you're an iPhone user who finds the virtual keyboard a little too, well, little, or otherwise unsatisfying, you might want to try ThinkGeek's TK-421 iPhone Case With Flip-Out Keyboard.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Available for Pre-Order, But Not Through Sprint

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is set to debut from Sprint soon, and Wirefly, an online electronic retailer, is already taking pre-orders for this cutting-edge smartphone for $50 less than[...]

IFA Tradeshow Focused on Tablets Not Smartphones

The IFA tradeshow is starting to wrap up in Berlin, and those who were hoping for some new smartphones to be announced were disappointed. The focus was on tablets this[...]

Verizon Debuting BlackBerry Torch 9850, Sort of Brings Back the Storm

Verizon has just made it official: it's going to release BlackBerry Torch 9850 later this week. This smartphone is RIM's first to be built around a 3.7-inch touchscreen, and can[...]

AT&T Introducing Affordable Impulse 4G

AT&T customers who are looking for an inexpensive but still capable smartphone should take a look at the Impulse 4G. This Android smartphone is going to sell for just $30[...]

Samsung Confirms Nexus Prime as Next Google Phone

Samsung may have just confirmed the next Google Phone will be named the Nexus Prime. This goes against a recent rumor that this cutting-edge model would be dubbed the Droid[...]

Sprint Files Suit Against AT&T’s Takeover of T-Mobile

Sprint Nextel, the nation's third-largest wireless carrier, filed a complaint in federal court yesterday aiming to block AT&T's $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile.

Samsung Conquer 4G Review: A Smartphone for the Rest of Us

The Samsung Conquer 4G is a mid-range model from Sprint. Brighthand's reviewer found a lot to like in this Android smartphone, as it offers outstanding voice quality and decent performance.

Google CEO Promises Android OS 4.0 on Schedule for Fall Debut

The CEO of Google says that the next version of the Android OS is going to be released in October or November. This is the most specific timetable yet for[...]

Motorola Droid Bionic

This is Motorola’s latest flagship smartphone, and is well-supplied with cutting-edge features such as a big, high-res touchscreen, and Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) running on a 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra[...]

Motorola Droid Bionic Released at Long Last

The long-awaited Motorola Droid Bionic has finally been released by Verizon. Even though this smartphone was first announced in January, it still has an impressive set of features, like 4G,[...]

AT&T Getting Its Game On, Launching Xperia Play 4G on Sept. 18

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G will no longer be exclusive to Verizon Wireless, as AT&T will launch the gaming-centric Android smartphone on Sept.18.

GoToMeeting App Now Available for Android Smartphones

Now all Android smartphone owners can down Citrix GoToMeeting , an app that allows users to check in and participate in online meetings, for free via the Android Market.

iPhone 5 Already in Heavy Production, Ready to Meet Heavy Demand

Apple has yet to announce its next-generation smartphone, but it's supposedly going to be released released in just under a month from today. To get ready, several companies in Asia[...]

Sprint’s Kyocera Milano Targets First-Time Smartphone Buyers

The Kyocera Milano, an entry-level Android smartphone with a sliding keyboard, is now available from Sprint. It was created to appeal to those looking to upgrade from a featurephone.

Apple Completely Dominates J.D. Power’s Smartphone Satisfaction Study

The more someone spends on a smartphone, the more likely they are to be happy with it -- that's the overall result of J.D. Power and Associates most recent survey[...]

BlackBerry Curve 9350 Launch Delayed in Another Blow to RIM

Originally set to release today at Sprint, the BlackBerry Curve 9350 will not be coming to the nation's third largest carrier until October. This seems to indicate a problem with[...]

Who Will Win the Patent War?

It seems that virtually every smartphone maker is either being sued for patent infringement, is suing a rival, or both. Brighthand's European correspondent Dragan Petric tries to sort out the[...]

Smartphones… in… Space!

The last space shuttle was a momentous event for many reasons and especially for the evolution of the smartphone. On board Atlantis was a trio of Samsung Nexus S handsets,[...]

Adobe Makes Streaming Flash Video to the iPhone a Snap

Plenty of iPhone users complain that their smartphone can't play many of the Flash videos embedded in web sites. Adobe has now taken a big step toward fixing this problem.

Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano Flow Review: Take Your TV Everywhere

Vulkano Flow allows you to watch everything from your home TV on your smartphone or tablet, whether it's iOS or Android. Read an in-depth review of this accessory that's a[...]

Netflix App Now Fully Supports Android OS 2.2 and 2.3 Smartphones

Netflix has introduced a new version of its app that brings support to all smartphones running Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) and OS 2.3 (Gingerbread). This means that far more devices[...]

And the Code-name for Google’s Next Android Version Is…

Google has assigned a candy-coated codename to most of the versions of the Android OS, from Cupcake to Ice Cream Sandwich. Those who like to look ahead will be interested[...]

AT&T Takes the Wraps Off Two Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphones from Samsung

AT&T has pre-announced two upcoming smartphones from Samsung, dubbed the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash, which will feature Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5. These will be follow-up to last year's[...]

U.S. Cellular Shocks Customers with the Motorola Electrify

U.S. Cellular has just announced the addition of the Motorola Electrify to its smartphone repertoire. This will be a cutting-edge Android smartphone with a large display, dual-core processor, and 8MP[...]

HTC Titan Bringing Its Massive Display to AT&T

AT&T customers will soon be able to get their hands on the HTC Titan. This recently-announced model will have a display that's almost 5 inches, as well as the latest[...]

HTC Might Buy HP’s webOS

HTC's Chairwoman says her company might purchase an operating system for its smartphones and tablets. The name at the top of the list is almost certainly webOS, which HP is[...]

No Surprise, There’s Huge Pent-Up Demand for the iPhone 5

According to a survey conducted by an industry analyst, demand for the iPhone 5 is very high -- significantly higher than it was for last year's iPhone 4. This is[...]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Shrinks Down in Bold 9790

It appears RIM will be releasing a smaller version of the BlackBerry Bold 9700, dubbed the BlackBerry Bold 9790. This will have almost the same features, just in a smaller[...]

How To Get a Good Deal on the Hot New Motorola Droid Bionic

The Motorola Droid Bionic is one of the hottest smartphones going, but some have choked a bit on its high price: $300 with contract. Fortunately, a bit of shopping around[...]

Android OS To Be Optimized for Intel Atom Processors

Google said today that it going to add support for Intel's Atom processors to the Android OS. Until now, all Android-based smartphones and tablets have run on chips designed by[...]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch First Look Review

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch will be Sprint's latest cutting-edge device. It is going to pack a 4.5-inch display, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 8MP camera, and a whole lot more.[...]

HTC Runnymede Super-Size Smartphone Image Surfaces

Information about the HTC Runnymede has been leaking out for some time, but the first picture of this upcoming Android smartphone has just leaked out. The stand-out feature of this[...]

HTC Sensation XE Brings the Beats

HTC has announced its first smartphone to integrate Beats audio technology, dubbed the Sensation XE. This Android model is also going to boast a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and a powerful[...]

Sprint’s LG Marquee with Nova Screen Appearing at New York Fashion Week

Sprint and LG Mobile have announced the upcoming arrival of the LG Marquee, a sleek Android smartphone that will be launched in partnership with the non-profit design collective MADE.

Google Translate Review: A Global Language Translator on Your Phone

Google Translate is aimed at accurate translation from one human language to another, directly on your phone or tablet. How well does it work? Read the full review of this[...]

Sprint Briefs Employees for iPhone October Rush

Amid news that Sprint Nextel will be offering the iPhone 5 in mid-October, the carrier has begun briefing employees on an imminent Sprint iPhone 4 launch.

Android OS 4.0 May Go Down To Just One Hardware Button

A tipster who got a preview of the first smartphone running Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) claims that this device will have only one button, rather than the four[...]

First 64GB microSDXC Card Debuts from SanDisk

SanDisk has just introduced a 64GB memory card designed for smartphones and tablets. It's available now, but devices that support it are few and few between, and the price is[...]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is Sprint’s version of the very popular Galaxy S II. As such, it has a large display, dual-core processor, 8MP camera, and 4G. Its touchscreen[...]

HTC Titan and HTC Radar Hands-on Preview

The first two smartphones unveiled with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) are the Titan and HTC Radar. The Radar is a mid-range device, but the Titan is shaping up to be[...]

Accessory Makers Leak New iPhone 5 Design

Apple has yet to breathe a word about the iPhone 5, but makers of accessories for this upcoming smartphone are much less close-mouthed. Images of cases and screen protectors that[...]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Launches from Sprint

Sprint has just become the first U.S. carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy S II. This version, re-named the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, has a 4.5-inch display, 1.2 GHz dual-core[...]

Qualcomm Prepping 2.5GHz Snapdragon Processors for Next-Generation Smartphones

Qualcomm, chip provider for HTC and BlackBerry smartphones, has revealed some of the details on its next-generation processors. The Snapdragon S4 line will be significantly faster than the current version.

LG Marquee Hands-On Preview

When Sprint and LG previewed the upcoming Marquee smartphone during Fashion Week, Jacqueline Emigh was there in NYC to see how to judge the Nova screen-enabled device by more than[...]

What Women Want: Facebook. What Men Want: Directions

A new study has revealed some insight on the usage patterns of Android apps among men and women users. Women prefer social networking while men want driving directions.

Hands On with the Kyocera Milano and DuraMax

Kyocera showed off four new Sprint phones at a press event in New York City this week. These range from an Android OS 2.3-enabled mini-smartphone economy device to an upcoming[...]

Production Problems Could Delay iPhone 5 Launch

For weeks there has been mounting evidence that Apple plans to introduce the iPhone 5 early next month. Now, however, a new report says that this highly-anticipated device is running[...]

Mobile Internet Users Will Soon Outnumber PC Users in the U.S.

The market-analysis firm IDC predicts that by 2015 more people in the U.S. will access the Internet through a phone or a tablet than through a desktop or laptop.

AT&T’s 4G LTE Network Finally Available

Today is the debut of AT&T's long-awaited 4G LTE network, which will bring a significant boost to to speed this carrier can offer its wireless customers. However, there are no[...]

10 Ways Apple Can Improve the iPhone

Apple's iPhone and iPad are wildly popular, but there's still plenty of room for improvement to the iOS, the operating system that powers both these devices. Brighthand's Site Editor brings[...]

AT&T Introduces Xperia PLAY 4G, Mobile Gamers Rejoice

AT&T has just begun offering the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY 4G, which could be best described as a PlayStation Phone. This gaming-centric Android device is coming in at a surprisingly[...]

Verizon Has Begun Throttling Connections of Heaviest Users

Verizon Wireless has begun slowing down the connection speeds of its customers who use much more data than average. This is intended to reduce congestion on heavily used cell towers.

Motorola Photon 4G Review: Powerful and Versatile

The Motorola Photon 4G packs in a dizzying array of features, including a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 4.3 inch high-res screen, 4G wireless internet, worldwide roaming, and a lot of[...]

Apple To Release Two iPhones this Fall, says Analyst

Mark Moskowitz, an analyst with JP Morgan, is the latest to say that Apple is about to introduce not just one new iPhone model, but two. These will be targeted[...]

Google Urges App Developers To Get Ready for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google used a blog post today to remind developers that the next version of the Android OS is going to be released soon, and some of them need to take[...]

Google Wallet Debuts, Replaces Your Credit Card with Your Phone

The first version of Google Wallet has been released. This app allows users to pay for purchases with their Android smartphone.

Verizon Makes 4G LTE More Affordable with a Breakout Release

Verizon Wireless is adding a more affordable smartphone to its LTE 4G network, with the addition of the Pantech Breakout. Unlike Pantech's typical offerings, this is fairly advanced model with[...]

iPhone 5 Not Headed for T-Mobile

Even though a recent report indicated that T-Mobile USA will be offering the iPhone 5 when it debuts next month, it appears that's not actually going to happen. An internal[...]

HTC Rhyme to Reach Verizon Sept. 29, Offers a Feminine Touch

HTC has just unveiled its latest mid-range Android smartphone for Verizon Wireless, dubbed the HTC Rhyme. This phone has been designed to appeal to women, with features like an optional[...]

HP Lays Off Hundreds of Former Palm Employees

In the wake of HP's controversial decision to stop production of webOS-based devices, the company is now giving pink slips to its employees who developed these smartphones and tablets.

New iPod touch Won’t Resemble the iPhone 5

Apple has traditionally launched a new version of the iPod touch each fall, but this year will apparently be something of an exeption. There will be a new model, but[...]

Hulu Plus for Android App Adds Nine New Devices

A recent update to Hulu Plus brings the TV streaming service to nine additional Android devices. This more than doubles the number of smartphones that can access this video service.

iPhone 5 Might Not Debut Until Late October

Apple is reportedly going to take the wraps off the long-overdue iPhone 5 at a media event in early October, and then launch this device a few weeks later. Previous[...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Landing at AT&T Oct. 2

The Samsung Galaxy S II from AT&T will be available starting Oct. 2. This carrier's version of the high-end model will be slimmer than the ones offered by its rivals,[...]

T-Mobile First to Commit to BlackBerry Curve 9360

T-Mobile has just announced its latest RIM BlackBerry device, with the Curve 9360 smartphone. The handset is available for presale today to T-Mobile's business customers, and will retail for $80[...]

LG Enlighten

An inexpensive option for those looking for their first smartphone. The LG Enlighten has a basic featureset, but sports a useful sliding QWERTY keyboard. This device is available now from[...]

Microsoft Promises Windows Phone 7.5 Updates Coming Soon

A member of Microsoft's Windows Phone team says that current models will be receiving upgrades to the "Mango" version of this operating before too much longer. He also urges users[...]

Surprise, Verizon Backs AT&T’s Merger with T-Mobile

AT&T has found an unlikely supporter of its proposed merger with T-Mobile in its biggest rival, Verizon Wireless.Verizon Communications CEO, Lowell McAdam, suggested that the $39 billion acquisition should be[...]

Sprint Ending Unlimited Smartphone Wi-Fi Tethering

Sprint has confirmed that it will begin to cap mobile hotspot data usage for smartphones beginning Oct. 2. The policy change will end unlimited tethering on Sprint and will enforce[...]

Pantech Breakout

The Pantech Breakout is “breakout” in that it is both more powerful than Pantech’s usual offerings, and it is Verizon Wireless’ first reasonably priced 4G LTE smartphone. It has a[...]

Apple’s iPhone 5 Display Defect Detected, Could Delay Shipments

A defect detected in some iPhone 5 touch panels could result in a short supply when Apple launches the next generation smartphone in October. The "delayed bubble" defect involves a[...]

Could ZTE be the Next Smartphone Star?

Every now and then, a company that used to work quietly in the background decides to step out into the limelight. Brighthand's European correspondent Dragan Petric says that[...]

Apple iPhone Owners Show Much More Loyalty than Android, BlackBerry Users

Findings from a new study of smartphone owners show 89 percent of iPhone users saying they would purchase an iPhone as their next smartphone, with only 6% indicating they intended[...]

Verizon Wireless Now Offers 4G LTE Affordability with Pantech Breakout

The Pantech Breakout, Verizon Wireless' first reasonably priced 4G LTE smartphone, is now available. The Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread-based device retails for $100, and has an unusually powerful set of[...]

T-Mobile Offers All Smartphones at $100 or Less in One-Day Super Sale

T-Mobile is cleaning out its inventory by having a one-day in-store sale today where no smartphone costs more than $100. Some of the most impressive smartphones that received a price[...]

HTC EVO 3D Review: Brings 4G and 3D Together

The HTC EVO 3D offers a big 3D display and a 3D video camera, as well as 4G wireless networking. Read on for Jen Edwards' full review of this cutting-edge[...]

Apple iOS 5 Might Be Headed for the iPhone 4 and iPad on Oct. 10

Evidence suggests that current smartphones and tablets from Apple might get a major system software upgrade on Oct. 9. This will apparently be the day that iOS 5 is released.

Motorola Droid Bionic Review: Better, Stronger, Faster

The Motorola Droid Bionic is one of the most powerful and capable smartphones available today, and the flagship device from Motorola. It can even be converted into a netbook or[...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Pass 10 Million

Samsung is clearly happy to brag that it has now sold over 10 million units of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S II. The model debuted in Europe in the[...]

Samsung Omnia W to Debut with Windows Phone 7.5

Samsung has just officially announced the Omnia W, which will be the company's first handset to debut with Windows Phone 7.5. The device will include Microsoft apps like the Phone[...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Will Debut from T-Mobile in Mid-October

T-Mobile has just announced the release date and price for its version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S II. This model will have a 4.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen, dual-core processor, and[...]

T-Mobile’s HTC Amaze 4G Will Focus on its Camera

One of T-Mobile's next Android smartphones, the HTC Amaze 4G, is no longer a rumor thanks to an official announcment this afternoon. The device will have a 4.3-inch display and[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player Mini-Tablet Headed for the U.S. in Two Sizes

Samsung has just announced that it's going to release two versions of the Galaxy Player in the U.S. next month. This device won't be a smartphone, instead it is going[...]

Sprint Still Committed to Unlimited Data Plans

Sprint's Chief Technology Officer told the attendees at a technology conference yesterday that his company is going to continue to offer unlimited data plans to its customers for the foreseeable[...]

Nokia N9 MeeGo-based Smartphone Ships Out Today

Nokia announced that it has shipped the N9, the first (and possibly last), MeeGo-based smartphone the company will make. Nokia scrapped the MeeGo OS in February when it announced plans[...]

T-Mobile Scans in the HTC Radar 4G, Its First Windows Phone 7.5 Handset

T-Mobile has announced its first Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone that will run on the carrier's 4G HSPA+ network. The Windows-based handset includes a suite of software from Microsoft, offering users[...]

Microsoft Finally Rolling Out Windows Phone 7.5 Upgrades

Microsoft has finally begun rolling out Windows Phone 7.5, though not all Windows Phone owners will be getting the update right away. Customers should check Microsoft's web page to verify[...]

Samsung Galaxy Player Previewed, But Galaxy Note Smartphone in Limbo

Two new Galaxy Player versions are headed for the U.S. Yet while Jacqueline Emigh caught a first-hand look at the Wi-Fi-only media players, she learned that Samsung has no[...]

HTC ThunderBolt Gets Android OS 2.3 Upgrade at Long Last

The HTC ThunderBolt was one of the last models to debut with Android OS 2.2 (Froyo), but an upgrade to OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) is finally available. Verizon made this announcement[...]

Next-Gen iPhone To Be Unveiled Oct. 4: It’s Official

Apple has sent out an invite to select members of the press to a special "Let's talk iPhone" event on Oct. 4. It is thought the unveiling of the highly-anticipated[...]

BlackBerry Torch 9850 Review: No Keyboard? No Problem

With the BlackBerry Torch 9850, RIM is reaching out to smartphone buyers who prefer large screens instead of physical keyboards. Grant Hatchimonji reviews this mid-range model, which is offered by[...]

HTC Rhyme

The Rhyme is a petite plum-colored phone that has been designed to appeal to women. Part of this is a collection of accessories, including a “Charm Indicator,” which is a[...]

Skype for Android Update Adds More Smartphones, Tap-to-Zoom Capabilities

Skype has recently released an update to its Skype for Android app, adding support for several new Android devices. Some of the new smartphone additions include the Motorola Droid Bionic,[...]

Take a First Look at Android OS 4.0 Running on a Smartphone

A video showing the next version Google's Android OS has appeared on the web, giving the world it's first look at what this version, code-named Ice Cream Sandwich, running on[...]

Verizon’s New HTC Rhyme Smartphone Developed with Women in Mind

Verizon's latest mid-range smartphone is the HTC Rhyme, which offers some features calculated to appeal to women. This includes a small charm intended to be hung on a purse that[...]

HTC Holiday Takes a Step Closer to AT&T, 4G LTE in Tow

The HTC Holiday is shaping up to be one of the first, if not the first smartphone that can connect to AT&T's new super-fast 4G LTE network. A device matching[...]

Amazon Might Buy the webOS from HP

Ever since HP announced that it was abruptly ending production of smartphones and tablets running webOS, there have been a series of unconfirmed reports saying that this company or that[...]

AT&T Already Holding iPhone 5 Cases in Storage

A collection of Case-Mate cases for the redesigned iPhone 5 have popped up in AT&T's inventory database. The cases appear to show a tapered design and indicate that the mute[...]

Smartphones Moving Above the $200 Barrier

For several years now, the standard price for a high-end smartphone was $200 with contract. Recently, however, several models have debuted at $300, and more are coming soon, signaling the[...]