Accessories 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Accessories Articles for 2003

New Treo 600 Cases Available Soon

Vaja Cases and Covertec are taking preorders for cases for the Treo 600 smart phone.

BrightBytes™: UX50 Cases, Stowaway, and More

Xigma is now offering two cases for Sony's UX series; there's a new Windows Mobile 2003 driver for the Stowaway folding keyboard; and more.

BrightBytes™: Sony Cases, Pocket PC Book, and More

Proporta is now offering leather cases for Sony's UX50, NX73V, and NX80V; the third edition of How To Do Everything With Your Pocket PC is now available; and more.

BrightBytes™: New Cases, Wi-Fi, and Apps

Handango has announced the winners of its Champion Awards for outstanding software; Covertec is offering new leather cases for a variety of smart phones, and more.

Review – Tungsten T Slipper Case by Bellagio

Don't get me wrong I love my Palm Tungsten T but finding the proper protection for my 'baby' has been my personal quest since the day[...]

BrightBytes™: Security Patch, h2210 Case, and More

palmOne has issued a security patch for the Zire 71 and Tungsten T2; Vaja Cases is now offering a Billfold Leather Case for the iPAQ h2210; and more.

PDA News – SD FM Radio, Sena Cases, Astraware Updates

iBIZ is very close to releasing their SD FM radio Sena has announced new leather cases for the iPAQ h1910 and Clie NZ90 Astraware is updating a few[...]

BrightBytes™: New Hardcases, Lots of New Software

Rhinoskin is now offering six new aluminium cases for a variety of models; Clickgamer has released another Pocket PC game; and more.

BrightBytes™: PPP for Palm, Axim Case, Off-Road Maps, and More

Softick PPP allows Palm users to access the Web on their handheld from the cradle, VajaCases has a new case for the Axim X5 series, Maptech has a set of[...]

Good Deals Now Available on Web Stores

Several retailers are offering low prices on a variety of handhelds and handheld-related products, like memory cards, cases, and more.

A Variety of Cases for Palm OS Models Coming on Market

Several companies have recently put cases on the market for new Palm OS handhelds, including the Tungsten T3 and Clie UX series.

New Cases for Tungsten E, Samsung SPH-i500

A variety of new cases are available from Innopocket and Covertec. This includes cases for the recently released palmOne Tungsten E and Samsung's SPH-i500 smart phone.

BrightBytes™: h5400 ROM Update, New Cases, eWallet, and More

HP has posted on its support site a ROM Update for the iPAQ h5400 series; Sena has new leather cases for the h1910 and NZ90; and there are new[...]

REVIEW: Covertec Dell Axim X5 Leather Case

For high-class style, it's hard to beat a leather case. Covertec has been making cases since before the birth of the original Palm Pilot, and given their quality it's not[...]

Review – Vaja I-Volution Aptus HP iPaq 2215 / iPaq 2210 Case

There's nothing like the smell or feel of good leather, whether it be on a couch, baseball glove -- or a case for your HP iPaq 2215 PDA. When[...]

Review – Proporta Hard Case for the Palm Tungsten C

Proporta, known for their innovative hardware, software and cases, brings us a real let me see that thing case for the Tungsten C. Like their other hard cases,[...]

New Accessories For iPAQ 2200 Series is offering two new cases and a replacement stylus for iPAQ 2200 Series handhelds.

Free T-665 Cases from Rhino Skin

That's right...I have three of Rhino Skin's latest cases that I'm going to give away to someone. Here's the deal...if you take the time to write a well done and[...]

Review – Grinder Gear Basecamp Universal PDA Case

If you are planning to take a PDA or digital camera while camping, hiking, or climbing this fall, you will need a protective, yet accessible case that will withstand bumps,[...]

PDA News – Axim case giveaway, MPx200 for FREE

AximCases and AximSite give away 6 Axim cases Motorola MPx200 smartphone for FREE with activation Sync/charge cables for $11 shipped