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Popular Accessories Articles for 2004

PDA News – Treo 650 WiFi, Verizon announces XV6600, PalmOne earnings

WiFi card drivers for Treo 650 Verizon announces XV6600 EVDO PocketPC phone PalmOne reports earnings; stock drops heavily New cases from Innopocket

iPaq 2210 / 2215 Active Armor Case Review

Just when you thought you'd seen it all in terms of selection of cases for your HP iPaq 2210, from leather to metal to vinyl, Active Armor brings you a[...]

PDA News – Treo 610, ROM updates, New cases

Treo 610 rumored for March 12th SDIO driver for G1000 PocketPC phone; Bugfix update for Tungsten|C New cases for X3i, h4100, e800, XDA II Soccer via cell[...]

Rubberized Cases For Zire 21 and iPAQ 1900 Now Shipping

SkinTight rubberized cases are now available for the palmOne Zire 21 and all HP iPAQ 1900 series models.

The Best PDA Software Gifts are Free (Or, Cost Little)

In this season of giving, we at BargainPDA would like to highlight a few websites that offer free and low cost software to deck your handheld with. Whether you use[...]

Numerous New Handheld Cases Coming on the Market

Stylus Central, Covertec, and Sena are offering new cases for a wide variety of handheld models. These companies are also offering other new peripherals, too.

New Cases and Accessories Available Soon for Dell Axim, Sony UX50, Others

Covertec has a new line of aluminum hard cases; Xigma has announced two new cases for the Sony CLIE UX50; and more.

PDA News – CompactFlash on TH55, ‘Alu-leather’, iPaq 5550 discontinued?

Hack a Sony CF sled for the TH55 Aluminum/leather hybrid cases from Proporta Rumor: iPaq 5550 reclassified as 'end of life' NavMan rebadges Mio 168 for sale[...]

PDA News – palmOne denies upgrade rumors, Palm Desktop update, UX cases

palmOne denies OS6 upgrade rumors Palm Desktop software update for T3, TE, Z21 Clie UX series Xigma leather cases

Brando Offers New Cases, iPAQ Battery, Wi-Fi SDIO Card

Brando Workshop now has cases for the TH55, TJ27/TJ37, and Toshiba e400/e405, as well as iPAQ batteries and a low-power Wi-Fi SDIO card for Pocket PCs.

JAVOedge Creates Leather Cases for Sony TH55, TJ27/37

JAVOedge has released two new leather cases for Sony CLIE handhelds, one for the TH55, and the other for the TJ27/37.

Accessories for Your New PDA

HP, palmOne and Dell have got you getting a new PDA for the holiday season, and you re hip to the idea. Your only issue is that you[...]

Sena Announces Several New Clie, Toshiba Cases

Sena Cases is taking pre-orders for new carrying cases for several handhelds, including the Sony Clie TJ27, TJ37, TH55, and the Toshiba e800 Series.

JAVOedge Debuts Tungsten T3, iPAQ h4155 Cases

JAVOedge has announced two new models in its ClearCase line of transparent plastic hard cases.

Toshiba e800 and e805 Get Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 2003 SE Updates

Toshiba has released the new e800 BT in many European countries which includes Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (in most cases). They have also subtly made available for[...]

InnoPocket Announces TiPro Premium Cases for palmOne Tungsten, HP iPAQ

A new line of premium hard cases from InnoPocket is made of titanium and features neoprene linings.

Xigma Style Japan Releases New TH55 Cases

A company based in Japan has introduced two new leather cases for the Sony Clie TH55 that allows this handheld's camera to be used without removing it from the case.

PDA News – Treo 600 re-release, Bluetooth Axim, XDA with BlackBerry

Treo 600 re-release in April to lack camera Bluetooth Axims still coming to U.S. XDA II to add BlackBerry technology Cases for TH55, TJ37, e400, e800

Proporta Announces Aluminium-Lined Leather Cases and an Advanced Screen Protector for the Tungsten T5

Proporta is now offering a pair of aluminium-lined leather cases for palmOne's latest handheld, plus a screen protector for the same model.

Review Proporta’s Alu-Leather TM PDA Cases for the Tungsten T3

Upon opening the shipping box from Proporta I noticed two PDA review cases, as expected, plus a small package of Whoppers candy. I recognize a small bribe when I see[...]