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Palm Foleo First Thoughts

Brighthand's Ed Hardy recently spent some time with a prototype of the Palm Foleo, and shares his first impressions and a video of this upcoming clamshell device with a 10-inch[...]

iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard Review

For many, a smartphone or handheld is he center of a mobile office. Ed Hardy says a lot of these people could benefit from an iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard.

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Review

A Bluetooth-enabled headset is a nice addition to any smartphone, and Brighthand's Antoine Wright has found one he likes a lot: Aliph's Jawbone headset.

Energizer Energi To Go Cell Phone Charger Review

Tiffany Boggs brings us a review of the Energizer Energi To Go cell phone charger, a little gadget that comes in handy when traveling, especially at airports where there are[...]

Brando Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Brando has just the thing for those who want a very small add-on keyboard to work with their handheld or smartphone. Ed Hardy brings us this review.

Freedom Keychain GPS Receiver Review

Ed Hardy has a review of an accessory that can bring access to the Global Positioning System to most handhelds, smartphones, or UMPCs. According to him, the Freedom Keychain GPS[...]

Slingbox Solo Review

Sling Media's Slingbox lets users watch shows on a laptop or smartphone on the road, at work, or even while driving. Kevin O'Brien has this review. *UPDATED*

Nintendo DS Web Browser Now Available in the U.S.

A version of Opera Software's eponymous web browser for the Nintendo DS is now available in N. America.

Palm Officially Announces Foleo Mobile Companion with 10-Inch Screen, Wi-Fi

Palm, Inc. has just formally unveiled the Foleo, the first in a class of devices it is calling Mobile Companions. This model, when available, will resemble a small laptop[...]

micro-USB Will Replace mini-USB in Many Devices

The USB Implementers Forum has announced the completion of the micro-USB specification, a new connector technology that, because of its smaller size, it expects to replace many of the mini-USB[...]

Proporta USB Mobile Charger Review

Proporta is offering a portable battery recharger that works with a wide variety of handhelds, smartphones, and other portable electronics. Brighthand Forum moderator holvoetn brings us a review of this[...]

SanDisk Launching 8 GB microSD Card Later in the Year

SanDisk's development of 6 GB and 8 GB microSDHC cards has reached the point where it has begun giving samples of them to smartphone makers for testing and evaluation.

Palm Now Offering New Bluetooth Keyboard

Palm has released a new Bluetooth wireless keyboard that can be used with a variety of this company's handhelds and smartphones.

Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth Review

Antoine Wright brings us a review of one of Palm's latest accessories, a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that can be used with a variety of this company's handhelds and smartphones. [...]

Just Mobile RoKy Portable Keyboard Review

The RoKy is an unusual keyboard made out of fabric that uses Bluetooth to work with a wide variety of handhelds and smartphones. Brighthand Forum Moderator BAB2000 brings[...]

Proporta Gadget Bag Review

Brighthand moderator headcronie brings us this review of the Proporta Gadget Bag, a multi part bag made of a scuff resistant, tear resistant, abrasion resistant, and waterproof nylon fabric.

Why I Like the Mobile Companion Concept

There can be no doubt that Palm's new "Mobile Companion" category of devices has proved to be controversial, but Brighthand's Ed Hardy thinks this class of devices has a[...]

Replacement CompactFlash Card Greatly Improves the LifeDrive

The Palm LifeDrive was discontinued early this year, but a new upgrade service can breathe new life into this handheld.

Sound ID SM100 Bluetooth Headset Review

The Sound ID SM100 is Bluetooth headset which mixes some noise cancellation with an environmental mode to help users listen to outside sounds without removing the earpiece. However, when reviewing[...]

Was Palm Right After All?

i-mate is reportedly coming out with a device that has a certain amount in common with the Palm Foleo, and this has Antoine Wright thinking maybe Palm was on the[...]