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Sony PSP Go Review

The PSP Go is the latest in the PlayStation Portable family. This mobile gaming device is smaller than its predecessors, and has a sliding design. It forgoes the UMD drive[...]

Amazon Kindle 2 Review

The Kindle 2 is Amazon's second attempt to bring e-books to the masses. The new version brings a number of improvements to the line, with a higher contrast screen, a[...]

Barnes & Noble nook Review

The Barnes & Noble nook is a new e-book reader that competes directly with Kindle. It offers most of the same features as its rival, plus some additional ones,[...]

How To Upgrade Your Smartphone in 1 Minute or Less

Rather than going to the trouble and expense of getting a new model, there's a simple thing most smartphone users can do that's amazingly easy, relatively cheap, and can really[...]

OtterBox Armor, Impact, and Defender Cases for the iPod touch Review

Apple's iPod touch can take a huge beating in an ordinary day, and the best defense is a case. OtterBox offers a variety of these, and Kevin O'Brien brings us[...]

Microsoft Zune HD First Impressions Review

The next-generation Zune launched today, and Kevin O'Brien brings us his first thoughts on this device. The Zune HD is much more than a simple MP3 player -- rivaling the[...]

Barnes & Noble nook Preview

Barnes & Noble's nook e-book reader isn't available yet, but Brighthand's Jen Edwards managed to get some time with this device. Based on her preliminary use, she says it stands[...]

Ten One Design Pogo Capacitive Stylus Review

The Ten One Design Pogo Stylus is a pen-input device designed for use with the latest capacitive touch displays, including the nes found on the iPhone, iPod touch, T-Mobile G1,[...]

Amazon Kindle 2 Preliminary Review

The Kindle 2 is the second generation of's ebook reader. J. R. Nelson brings us a preliminary review of this device, which he says is a worthy addition[...]

SlingPlayer Coming Soon to the Palm Pre

Those who get a Palm Pre may be able to watch video streamed from their home TV thanks to a version of SlingPlayer Mobile.

LG Versa Modular Phone May Be Coming in March

An unconfirmed report says that an LG smartphone with an unusual, modular design based on detachable accessories will hit the market next month. *UPDATED*

Celio Redfly for BlackBerry Review

The Celio Redfly is an accessory that turns a smartphone into a netbook by giving the phone a large external screen and keyboard. Software released today allows this to work[...]

Barnes & Noble Seeing Heavy Demand for Nook E-Book Reader

When Barnes & Noble unveiled its electronic book reader, it said the Nook was scheduled for a late November release. The company is apparently going to make that deadline, but[...]

Dell Wasabi Ultramobile Photo Printer Review

The Dell Wasabi is a tiny portable printer that can receive images from a variety of devices -- from smartphones to cameras to laptops -- and print them out at[...]

Barnes & Noble’s Android-Based E-Book Reader Could Debut Very Soon

The launch of Barnes & Noble's e-book reader is reportedly right around the corner, and many of the details of this Android-based device have slipped out in the last few[...]

Teksoft BlueInput for Windows Mobile Review

Teksoft makes a useful application for those people who want to use their smartphone as a laptop alternative. BlueInput lets Windows Mobile devices connect to standard Bluetooth-enabled keyboards and mice.

Barnes & Noble’s E-Book Reader Will Run Google’s Android

A new report says that the e-book reader that Barnes & Noble's is expected to release later this year will run Google's Android operating system.

Newly-Announced Sony Daily Edition Reader Will Go Head-To-Head with the Kindle

Sony has just announced a new model in its e-book line. The Sony Daily Edition Reader's 7-inch touchscreen will be larger than the displays on its predecessors, and this device[...]

Verizon Introduces Its First Femtocell: the Network Extender

Verizon Wireless has just begun offering the Network Extender, an accessory that acts as a personal cell phone tower, allowing the user to make calls in locations where the general[...]

Touchstone Dock for Palm Pre Could Be a Pricey Option

The Palm Pre won't come with a cradle, but users will have the option of getting the Touchstone docking station. The downside of this is it's starting to look like[...]