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First 32 GB microSD Cards Now Available from SanDisk

Flash memory device maker SanDisk has released a 32 GB microSD card, which currently is the highest capacity removable memory card available for smartphones and other mobile devices.

For iPod Touch-to-iPhone Conversion, Find a Peel or a tPhone

At least two Chinese companies have created some very special accessories for owners of an iPod Touch who can't afford an iPhone: cases that turn their handheld into a smartphone.

SDXC Will Replace SDHC, Offer Up to 2 Terabytes of Data Storage

In the very near future, users will be able to store more than 100 HD movies on a single SD card, movies they can then watch on their smartphone. That[...]

OtterBox Introduces Sliding Cases for the Motorola Droid, Palm Pre

Slider phones like the Motorola Droid and Palm Pre present unique problems for case designers. OtterBox now offers cases that protect these models without interfering with their sliding keyboards.

Teksoft BlueInput Lets Android OS Smartphones Use Bluetooth Keyboards

Teksoft has released a Bluetooth driver that allows users to connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to their Android-powered device. BlueInput is relatively inexpensive and works with a variety of smartphones and[...]

OtterBox’s Tandem Series Will Protect Slider Phones

Slider phones like the Motorola Droid, Nokia N900, and many other present special problems for case designers. OtterBox has announced its new Tandem series, which has been designed with protect[...]

Kensington Travel Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod touch Review

Those who often travel Apple smartphone or handheld when they are on the move should consider the Kensington Travel Battery Pack and Charger. Reviewer Kevin O'Brien says it is, "The[...]

Give an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Access to a 4G Network with Clear’s iSpot

Clear is now offering the iSpot, a relatively inexpensive mobile Wi-Fi router that can share a WiMAX connection with a number of devices... all of which run Apple's iOS.

Idapt I3 Review

The I3 is a universal charging station that allows users to charge multiple devices at once thanks to a range of interchangeable tips. Does this all-in-one charging solution offer enough[...]

Future Versions of SlingPlayer Will Be Based on Adobe Flash

SlingPlayer lets users watch their home TV from around the world, and there are versions of this for PCs, smartphones, and more. Sling Media has announced plans to use Adobe[...]

Readers’ Dilemma: The Kindle or the iPad

Anyone in the market for an e-book reader has a tough choice to make: do they get an Amazon Kindle, an Apple iPad, or one of the other eReaders on[...]

magicJack’s Controversial Femtocell Will Offer Cheap Wireless Phone Service

magicJack has announced a plan to release a small accessory that will act like a small cell tower, letting any GSM phone use their home Internet connection to make phone[...]

Android OS Version of SlingPlayer Streaming TV App Nearing Release

An app that will let Android OS users watch programs streamed from their home TV will be available soon. SlingPlayer Mobile won't come with a monthly service fee, but it[...]

First 32 GB microSD Card Coming Out Next Month

Samsung Electronics has announced a 32 GB microSD card, and will apparently be the first company to release a microSD card of this capacity. It will mark a significant increase[...]

HP’s New Printers Will Support Printing from Smartphones, Tablets, PDAs

Although smartphones have become quite advanced, there is one area they are very weak: printing. HP is hoping to change that with a line of printers that will allow virtually[...]

Google Offering a Car Dock for the Nexus One

A highly-anticipated accessory for the Google Nexus One is now available: the Car Dock. It does more than just hold the Android-powered smartphone in place, it also has a set[...]

Turn an iPod touch into an iPhone with the ZTE Peel

Apple iPod touch owners will soon be able to get a case that basically turns their device into a smartphone. The ZTE Peel is a clip-on portable wireless router that[...]

SlingPlayer for iPhone Now Runs Over AT&T’s 3G Network

Al launch, the iPhone version of the SlingPlayer streaming TV app would work only over Wi-Fi, but AT&T announced today that this service can now run over 3G connections, too.

Kindle for BlackBerry Brings Amazon’s E-Book Store to Millions More Smartphone Users has just introduced a beta version of Kindle for BlackBerry, a free application that lets customers shop for and read e-books from this online retailer's collection. It gives smartphones[...]

Kingston Ships Fast but Pricey 32 GB microSDHC Phone Card

For users who like to store lots of music, video and photos on to their smartphones, Kingston has started shipment of a new 32 GB microSDHC card, making it the[...]