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Nintendo 3DS Review

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest handheld offering from the Big N, and with it comes a first for gaming: glasses-free 3D. Is there more to this portable device that[...]

Motorola Atrix 4G Lapdock and HD Multimedia Dock Review

Along with the introduction of the Motorola Atrix 4G came the debut of the Lapdock, a docking station that promises to turn your smartphone into a fully-featured laptop. Can your[...]

Jawbone ERA Review

Jawbone makes some of the best Bluetooth headsets available, and the Jawbone ERA comes with not just amazing noise cancellation capabilities, but also spoken status messages, and even an accelerometer.[...]

Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display from Review

The Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID lets users see who is calling them without looking at their phone... in theory, anyway. Check out a review of this accessory to see[...]

Great Add-On Gadgets for Any Android Smartphone

Whether you're getting ready to accessorize a new smartphone, or you're shopping for a great holiday gift, finding the right add-on gadget for an Android OS phone can be particularly[...]

PowerSkin for iPhone 4S Review: Double Your Battery Life

The PowerSkin for the iPhone 4S promises to double the phone's battery life, thanks to a built-in 2,000 mAh battery. So is this a clever marketing gimmick by PowerSkin or[...]

Next-Gen Apple Peel Makes an iPhone 4 Out of Your iPod touch

There is now only a fine line between the iPod touch and the iPhone, what with the recently unveiled next-generation Apple Peel 520 bridging the gap between the two devices.

iPhone 4S Won’t Fit in Many iPhone 4 Cases

The shape and size of the Apple iPhone 4S is very close to that of its predecessor, but it's not exactly the same. This means that many cases that were[...]

Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano Flow Review: Take Your TV Everywhere

Vulkano Flow allows you to watch everything from your home TV on your smartphone or tablet, whether it's iOS or Android. Read an in-depth review of this accessory that's a[...]

Are Smartphone Cases Really Necessary?

Brighthand's Site Editor has always carried his smartphone around without any kind of a case, but a recent mishap has caused him to reconsider this. So he's looking for reader[...]

TK-421 iPhone Case With Flip-Out Keyboard from ThinkGeek Review

If you're an iPhone user who finds the virtual keyboard a little too, well, little, or otherwise unsatisfying, you might want to try ThinkGeek's TK-421 iPhone Case With Flip-Out Keyboard.

Low-Priced iPhone Accessories Are Great as Holiday Gifts, or Any Time

While doing your holiday shopping this year, take a look at some fun and/or practical camera accessories, docking stations, chargers, and other iPhone add-ons, each priced $15 to $130.[...]

Aluratek Bump Review

The built-in speakers make listening to music or any kind of audio on your smartphone or tablet a bad experience. Ed Hardy brings us a review of the Aluratek Bump[...]

25 Top Gadget Add-Ons for iPhones, iPads, PCs, and Android Devices

Still doing last-minute shopping? Technology Guide has put together 25 gift suggestions for accessories you can get for someone on your list who has a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

OnLive Gaming App Now Available for Android Smartphones and Tablets

OnLive, the cloud gaming company, has launched a free app that brings gamers access to top-tier console games on their Android smartphones and tablets over a Wi-Fi or 4G LTE[...]

Kingston Delivers 32 GB Class 10 microSD Card

Kingston has upped the ante on its super-fast Class 10 line of microSD cards, releasing a new card that features not only 10 MB/s data transfer rates, but can also[...]

StarTech 2-in-1 Mini-USB/Micro-USB Combo Cable Review

If you're like me, when you travel you carry several different devices and/or associated accessories but don't want to load yourself down with gear. That's why I like the StarTech[...]

Innergie mCube Slim Universal Adapter Review

The mCube Slim from Innergie is designed to be a universal charger for computers and smartphones. It has good intentions, but falls short in the most important category: compatibility. Read[...]

Vulkano Flow First to Allow Direct Recording of TV Programs to Smartphones

Vulkano Flow is an accessory that allows users to stream TV shows and movies to their smartphone or tablet. A new software update has added a significant feature: the ability[...]

Kensington PowerLift Back-Up Battery, Dock and Stand for iPhone Review

The Kensington PowerLift does a great job of providing extra battery life for an iPhone or iPod, but some of its features keep it from being a five-star product.