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Hands on Samsung’s Gear Fit: The Most Beautiful Smartwatch is Intentionally Crippled

Samsung's Gear Fit smartwatch is one of the most beautiful pieces of technology we've ever seen. But it isn't perfect, and those flaws may just be enough to keep it[...]

Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit Review

Samsung's second stab at the wearables market consists of three devices: two new smartwatches, and a fitness band hybrid. They're all improvements over last year's Galaxy Gear, but does that[...]

LG G Watch R Hands-on Preview: Round and Round It Goes

Amid the bountiful sea of smartwatches presented at IFA, the LG G Watch R, that other round Android Wear smartwatch, grabbed the spotlight. Here's our hands-on preview.

You’ll Probably Own a Smartwatch Someday. Here’s Why

Whether it's Pebble, the Galaxy Gear, or the impending Apple iWatch, chances are you'll own a smartwatch in the next couple of years.

SteelSeries Stratus Review: High Comfort, High Cost

SteelSeries has come up with the first official wireless iOS game controller. But does high dollar mean high quality? Read on to find out.

An iPhone Charger for Your Keychain: ChargeKey Review

The Chargekey from Nomad is designed to fit on a keychain, giving users a Lightning cable charger wherever they go. It's a great companion for travelers and is convenient when[...]

Intel Announces Edison, the SD Card-Sized Computer

Intel announced at CES 2014 in Las Vegas that it has developed a computer the size of an SD card, dubbed the Edison development board.

Pebble Announces Pebble Steel, A Classier Kind of Smartwatch

Pebble announced the Pebble Steel this week at CES, an attempt to take its smartwatch to another level.

Hands on: New TREWGrip Adds QWERTY Keyboards to Any Mobile Device

Cincinnati-based TREWGrip showed off a new kind of mobile keyboard at CES this year, promising full-sized keyboard speed without ever needing to sit down.

Razer Announces the Nabu Smartband with OLED Display

Razer enters the emerging wearable market with its Nabu smartband.

Samsung Gear Live Review

Android Wear launches with the Samsung Gear Live, a smart watch and operating system combo that represents Google's foray into the wearables market. Can this Android Wear smart watch kickstart[...]

Steelseries Stratus iOS Gamepad is the First Wireless iPhone Controller

Despite the fact that Apple announced new APIs for game controllers with the launch of iOS 7, the efforts to date have been rather mediocre. The new Stratus controller from[...]

Should You Buy a Smartwatch this Holiday Season?

Wearable technology was all the rage this year, at least in terms of chatter. Many manufacturers produced, or at least announced, smartwatches, and now with the holidays upon us everyone[...]

Samsung Gear Live and Smartwatch Growing Pains: Readers React

Samsung's new Gear Live smartwatch is now available to the public, and our review prompted mixed reactions to the new device from all around. Here’s what you folks had to[...]