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Popular Analysis Articles for 2013

Do the Carriers Care if Your Phone is Stolen?

Though some would have you believe that the situation is much bleaker, the fact is that there are plenty of ways to recover your phone if it's lost or stolen.

Smartphones Sales Overtake Feature Phone Sales in Q1 2013

Smartphone sales outpaced feature phone sales globally for the first time ever in Q1 2013, according to a recent IDC report.

Smartphones and Cancer: The New Relationship

The old fear, that cell phones cause cancer, is busted. The new hotness is that cell phones can detect cancer.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. LG Optimus G

The LG Optimus G and the Samsung Galaxy S III both promise a high-end experience, HD screen, and are available on multiple carriers. But how to they really stack up?

MWC 2013: Android vs. Windows Phone, Firefox, Ubuntu, Tizen, Sailfish

Android will be sharing some of the limelight in Barcelona with a range of mobile device platforms.

Don’t Buy A Samsung Galaxy S III…Yet

With Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S IV, on the horizon, it's imperative that customers avoid purchasing a Galaxy S III right now.

Apple Must Release a 5-Inch iPhone

In this editorial, Brighthand's Site Editor argues that it's critical for Apple to introduce a version of the iPhone with a 5-inch screen.

MWC 2013: What Won’t Be Announced at MWC?

Despite all the hubbub about what is expected to come out of MWC 2013, there's also quite a bit on the smartphone front that we won't be seeing.

Your Guide to Upcoming Smartphone Features

Need a primer on some of the new features or technology that manufacturers are beginning to work into our smartphones? We can help with that.

Is HTC in Serious Trouble?

When all you make are smartphones, you stand or fall on that market. HTC is teetering.

And the Survey Says: Consumers Prefer Larger Smartphone Displays

The people have spoken, and a recent survey indicates that consumers prefer larger smartphone displays, explaining why smartphones are only getting bigger.

Report: Apple Top OEM, Android Most Popular OS

A recent comScore report has revealed that Apple has the highest share of smartphone subscribers, while Android takes the cake for the most widely adopted OS.

Are Flexible Screens Just Three Years Away?

The latest word from Corning, the makers of Gorilla Glass, is that flexible displays are closer to becoming a reality than we think.

New Data Shows Holiday App Downloads Still Growing, But Market’s Slowing

New data from analytics company Flurry suggests that holiday smartphone growth may be slowing down a bit.

Windows Phone Market Share Increases in Q1, iPhone Slips Slightly

The first quarter of 2013 saw increased Windows Phone sales year over year, while Android continued its dominance as the iPhone market share slipped a marginal amount.

NSA Call Data Collection Not Limited to Verizon Wireless

Not long after news broke that the NSA has been collecting call records from Verizon, the WSJ now reports that data is also being collected from AT&T, Sprint, and other[...]

ComScore Shows Apple Topping Samsung, but iOS Trails Android

The latest comScore numbers show that Apple is still smartphone OEM, though its iOS software still trails behind Android.