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Popular Android Articles for 2002

Nokia trying to communicate better Set to release the 9310 Communicator today

In late May, Nokia released the Communicator 9290 in the US with limited success. While the large clamshell design opened to reveal a very nice, wide color screen and large[...]

iBIZ’s Xela Combines Keyboard & Case

The Xela clips onto a handheld, where it acts as a flip case but opens to reveal a keyboard. When fully open, the keyboard is wider than it is[...]

Review: The Straight Story Behind a Bendable Stylus

When the ComfortStylus showed up at my house, it was packed in a small bubble envelope. Not really expecting a delivery I had no idea what was in the package.[...]

PalmSource Open House

Recently, PalmSource held an open house for its new Sunnyvale headquarters. Part news conference, part ribbon-cutting, all wrapped in a miniature PalmSource expo.

Sony releases 2 new PDA’s in Tokyo, US models to follow

Both devices, the Clie PEG-NR70V and PEG-NR70, run on the Palm operating system, and flip open to reveal a 320-pixel-by-480-pixel color screen and a keyboard.

Power in the palm of your hand

Microsoft introduces three new Pocket PC units with cellular functionality, while Sharp woos the open-source crowd by unveiling a Linux-powered handheld. And more hardware turns up for DataPlay's dirt-cheap 500MB[...]

Royal announces low-cost Linux PDA

Royal Lin@x aims to bring colour handheld computers to a lower price point using open source software