Android 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular Android Articles for 2003

Sanyo Shows Off Cell Phone With Integrated Television Tuner

For the second time in almost as many weeks, a Japanese company has been showing off a handheld device with built-in television tuner. This one is a phone with TV,[...]

Opie Gives Linux Handhelds an Alternative

Opie 1.0 -- a Linux-based open-source graphical user environment for handhelds -- is now available free of charge. It can be run on an HP iPAQ or Sharp Zaurus.

Review – Tungsten T Slipper Case by Bellagio

Don't get me wrong I love my Palm Tungsten T but finding the proper protection for my 'baby' has been my personal quest since the day[...]

Adobe Opens Ebook Store

Adobe Systems Incorporated today opened the Adobe Digital Media Store, an online retail site that offers a wide variety of content in PDF format, including books, magazines, and newspapers.

Sony Urges Customers to Not Remove Batteries

Though most Sony models have a small removable panel which can allow access to the battery, the company urges customers to not open this themselves for any reason.

Review – Tungsten T Case by Surplus PDA

So which PDA case is right for you? I think it all depends on how you actually use your PDA. Every case has its strengths and weaknesses the[...]

Axim X3 rumors, Clie pre-orders, AOL ditches RIM for Sidekick

Dell's Axim X3 based on Samsung chip, sub-$150? Clie NX-73 and NX-80 available for pre-order AOL severs ties to RIM, offers rebate on Sidekick[...]

In Depth – AMD Demonstrates Alchemy-Based Linux PDA

AMD has chosen to showcase their Alchemy Au1100 CPU using a linux-based PDA. The device, which was demonstrated at Linux World on August 5th, runs Metrowerks' OpenPDA, an evolved version[...]

PDA News – Lands of Shadowgate, Lexar Ships 2GB CF Cards, Mazingo on Palms, Palm Buy One Get One Free, Two New Palm Licensees

Lands of Shadowgate will be out very soon for Pocket PCs and some Smartphones Lexar has begun shipping their new 2GB CF cards Mazingo has announced support for[...]

Live From Pocket PC Summit/CTIA Las Vegas 2003

Our own Barry Doyle is patrolling the floor at the CTIA/Pocket PC Summit in Las Vegas. The doors open today at 11am local time and we expect him to file[...]

Palm Releases Audio Patch for Tungsten T Owners

I've had the unofficial version for a few days, but now everyone can get into the act. Palm has officially released the fix for a number of audio problems and[...]