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Popular Android Articles for 2005

Nokia E60, E61 and E70 First Thoughts

While the names aren't very interesting and far too similar, this new set of Smartphones from Nokia still manages to stand out, largely because of their design. The Nokia E61[...]

PDA Buyers Guide: Fall 2005 Edition

It's that time of year again, when wallets open and traffic increases to meet the needs for the next few months of work and holidays. Here at BargainPDA, we want[...]

Sprint PCS Launches the PPC-6700 Smartphone

Sprint PCS has quietly launched the PPC-6700. It's available now to business customers at $480, which is an aggressive price considering alternatives. The Sprint PCS PPC-6700 is their branded version[...]

Brighthand Reviews SharkCache

SharkCache was created to help deal with the the infamous "Lag" -- the delay that happens when the LifeDrive opens an application.

Nintendo DS Takes a Step Toward Becoming a PDA

One of Nintendo's portable gaming consoles will soon have far more robust text entry capabilities, opening up the possibility that professionally-oriented applications could be developed for it.

Colligan Says Palm Very Committed to Palm OS

In an attempt to quell lingering doubts, Palm's CEO has released an open letter expressing his company's strong support for the Palm OS.

SharkCache Speeds Up the LifeDrive (Updated)

SharkCache is a new application designed specifically to increase the speed at which the palmOne LifeDrive opens applications.

palmOne Opening European Center for Smartphone Development

palmOne is going to open an engineering center focused on speeding up the process of getting palmOne's smartphones certified for use on the networks of European wireless carriers.

Software Store Opens Just for Fossil Wrist PDA

Motricity has opened a store exclusively for applications that work with Fossil's Palm Powered Wrist PDA.

Beiks Launches New Software Store for Fossil Abacus Wrist PDAs

Beiks has opened a new section of its Web site devoted to software compatible with Fossil?s new Abacus Wrist PDA. Launches PDA Game Software Resource – has opened a software store that will offer games for devices running Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, BlackBerry, and Symbian.

Palm Opens Retail Store at Stanford Shopping Center

Palm has opened another store to sell it's handhelds, smartphones, and accessories directly to the public. This latest one is in Palo Alto, Calif.

Nokia Developing New Series 60 Web Browser with Help from Apple

Nokia is using open source software as the basis of a new web browser for Series 60.

BoxWave Releases Active Case for the Dell Axim X50/X50v

The Active Case line provides the protection of a crystal-clear hard shell, and the ability to view calendar and contacts without opening the case.

PDA News – Sprint launches EVDO, Man arrested for WiFi use, Palm dead?

Sprint activates EVDO network Man arrested for using open WiFi Editorial: PalmSource dead, platform next?

Smartphone Summit 2005 Coming in September

If you're interested in Smartphones, especially for business use, you'll want to check out the upcoming Smartphone Summit in San Francisco on September 26th. The event opens right before the[...]

Hitachi to Make Hard Drive Integration in Consumer Electronics Easier

If Hitachi has their way, consumer electronics like PDAs will offer small integrated hard disk drives for storage. Hitachi will be opening five design studios around the world to help[...]