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Popular Android Articles for 2007

An Initial Glimpse of HTC’s First Android Smartphone

HTC says it has tentative plans to make one of the Android smartphone prototypes into a commercial product next year. This device will include a large screen and a keyboard.

An Initial Overview of the Android User Interface

Google and the Open Handset Alliance have released a video showing prototype devices running the new Android open-source operating system for smartphones. The company has also announced it is giving[...]

Why Google’s Android OS Matters

Although some might be tempted to dismiss Google's new Android operating system for smartphones as just another latecomer to an already crowded field, Brighthand's Ed Hardy says it has the[...]

HTC Commits to Multiple Android Smartphones Next Year

After years of a strong commitment to making Windows Mobile smartphones, HTC is clearly intent on broadening its product line with multiple models running the Linux-based operating system Android, which[...]

Google Announces Android, an Open Source Operating System for Smartphones

After months of rumors and speculation, Google has officially announced Android, an operating system for mobile devices it is developing in partnership with a wide variety of companies.

Crafting the Relevant Mobile Web

Developers have had problems making mobile Web access something that is embraced by the casual user, but Antoine Wright says there is at least one company that is doing this[...]

Microsoft Offering Beta of Deepfish Mobile Browser

Microsoft Live Labs has opened a semi-public beta of a new web browser for Windows Mobile devices. The goal of this application -- code-named Deepfish -- is to bring desktop-like[...]

iambic Introduces a New Application Launcher for Palm OS

iambic's new Propel application allows users to find and open virtually anything on a Palm OS device using a keyword search.

Intel Debuts Ultra-Small Solid State Drive

Intel has released a tiny solid-state drive for portable products like smartphones and mobile Internet devices. It is smaller than a penny and weighs less than a drop of water,[...]

Is Built-In Storage Important?

Ed Hardy uses his latest editorial to ask Brighthand's readers how much internal storage capacity they expect in a mobile device.

Palm Opens Research and Development Center in China

Palm, Inc. has opened its first Research & Development and Operations Centre in the Asia Pacific region.

Google Commits to 700 MHz Wireless Spectrum Auction

Google has announced that it will participate is a closely-watched auction of a portion of the wireless spectrum that will soon become available. This opens the possibility that the[...]

Companies Working to Improve Compatibility of Mobile Linux Applications

The Linux Phone Standards Forum (LiPS) has completed work on a standard that it hopes will bring cross compatibility to applications and services deployed on Linux-based phones.

Verizon Announces Plans to Support the Android OS

The U.S.'s second largest wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless, has announced plans to carry devices using the upcoming Google-backed Android software platform.