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Popular Android Articles for 2008

T-Mobile G1 Review

The T-Mobile G1 is the first smartphone with Android, Google's new operating system for mobile devices. Brighthand's Editor-in-Chief brings us a review.

iPhone vs. Android: a Study in Contrasts

Apple's iPhone OS and Google's Android OS have a great deal in common; both are Linux-based operating systems for smartphones. But Ed Hardy's latest editorial discusses the dramatic differences[...]

HTC Diamond Coming Next Month?

HTC plans to show off some of its upcoming smartphones next month, and the device many are guessing will be unveiled is the replacement for the very popular HTC Touch.[...]

Android 1.0 Will Have Bluetooth, Won’t Have GoogleTalk

Google and the Open Handset Alliance, the group behind the Android OS, have given a status update on two features in this upcoming mobile operating system.

T-Mobile G1 Preview

T-Mobile took the wraps off the first Android-powered smartphone yesterday, and Brighthand's Ed Hardy was at the press conference to get a first-hand look at this device.

Touchscreen Next?

New technologies like projection displays have the potential to revolutionize mobile computers, and Antoine Wright has been thinking hard about the future of touch-based user interfaces.

Google Demonstrates Android’s Look and Feel

The Google I/O conference was this week, and the team working on Android took the opportunity to show off this upcoming mobile operating system.

T-Mobile G1 Update Will Add On-Screen Keyboard

A system software update expected soon should add to Android and the T-Mobile G1 one of the most requested features: an on-screen keyboard. This will allow users to enter text[...]

It’s the Web Browser, Stupid

Brighthand's Ed Hardy uses his latest editorial to take the makers of most mobile devices to task for the lame web browsers included with their devices.

T-Mobile May Launch the HTC Dream in Mid-September

An unconfirmed report gives the date T-Mobile will launch the HTC Dream, the very first smartphone running Google's Android operating system.

HTC’s Second Android Model Might Come in Q1 2009

HTC designed and manufactured the first smartphone running Google's Android OS, and it is reportedly hard at work on its second model running this operating system.

Android Can Not Run Applications from a Memory Card

The first Android-based smartphone debuted this week, and users have discovered what many will consider a significant flaw: all applications have to be stored in internal memory.

Will the Recession Affect Smartphone Sales? Yes

In his latest editorial, Brighthand's Editor-In-Chief gives his predictions on how the smartphone market will fare during the current economic downturn in the United States.

Android-Based HTC Dream Available Unlocked

Many who are interested in Google's Android OS have been blocked from using it because it's currently available only on the T-Mobile G1. Fortunately for these people, there's now a[...]

T-Mobile Has Already Sold 1.5 Million Android-Powered Smartphones

Demand for the T-Mobile G1 is high enough that 1.5 million of them have already been pre-ordered, sight unseen. The only other smartphone has seen so many units sold so[...]

MailShadowG Brings Microsoft Exchange Synchronization to Android

Cemaphore has released MailShadowG, which allows users of Android-based smartphones such as the T-Mobile to synchronize their email, calendars, and contacts with a Microsoft Exchange server, albeit indirectly.

T-Mobile G1 Now Available in White

T-Mobile USA is now offering the G1 in a new color: white. Previously, this smartphone was available only in black and bronze.

Dell May Unveil Its First Smartphone Next Month

According to unconfirmed reports, Dell will soon announce plans to release a smartphone. However, this supposedly won't run the operating system most people would expect.

Consumer Reports Makes Smartphone Recommendations

Consumer Reports has published a list of its recommended smartphones. This will likely please some, but leave many others scratching their heads.

A Look Ahead at Smartphones Coming this Quarter

October is the beginning of a new quarter, and there are a number of smartphones scheduled to be released in the next three months.